Most Amazing DIY HACKS You Need To Try !


  1. Pamela Jean

    Pamela JeanHour ago

    My grandma uses the drinks on the side of a cart hack she always has

  2. Kat D

    Kat D4 hours ago

    No! Ramen guy used glue over it!

  3. Taylor White

    Taylor White13 hours ago

    The button hack is to stop it braking off ure shirt

  4. James DeShong

    James DeShong13 hours ago

    Your a USwork teacher mrs.azzy

  5. CreepertheGrifer CTG

    CreepertheGrifer CTG14 hours ago

    I love you yoo azzy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️Keep up the good work! And we will always support you! Your the best youtuber ive ever met in my whole entire life we love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Lemon Boy

    Lemon Boy17 hours ago

    Me I like stale chips

  7. Halloween Potato

    Halloween PotatoDay ago

    I like stale foods :P

  8. Hamzas Asoufyjb

    Hamzas AsoufyjbDay ago

    If u like azzy then like this comment fast

  9. michael Zhang

    michael ZhangDay ago

    COOL 😎😎😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩cccccccoooooooooooooolllllllllllllll

  10. kelly castleton

    kelly castletonDay ago

    Azzy the hack with the posted notes I thought at first it was cheese 🍪(close enough to cheese but don't tell dem it's crackers) hehehe

  11. Yasmine Simpson

    Yasmine Simpson2 days ago

    The dog with the toilet paper is more useful then just the bathroom

  12. michelle munee

    michelle munee2 days ago

    Nice job

  13. Random Squido

    Random Squido2 days ago

    i already do the can one

  14. Maiquel Martinez

    Maiquel Martinez2 days ago

    5:43 My mom does that already so..... ;-;

  15. Katarzyna Strzelecka

    Katarzyna Strzelecka2 days ago

    I FRICKIN LOVE U AZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Carmela Hobro

    Carmela Hobro2 days ago

    If you love azzy💕💕💕 👇# love u azzy

  17. Cynthia Veronica

    Cynthia Veronica2 days ago

    I love you so much Azzy😍😍❤️❤️❤️ Ps: 4:21 What happened if everyone use this hack and put it in the same direction 😱😱

  18. Oli Frian

    Oli Frian2 days ago

    There is one more hack! If you have a big iPad then get some kind of jacket put the iPad in the way you want it and voíla you can play and you don't need 3 arms!

  19. Emma-Lee Kerner

    Emma-Lee Kerner2 days ago

    Azzy plz be me teacher plzzzz!!!😀😩

  20. Savannah Tohannie

    Savannah Tohannie2 days ago

    Me my family did it first puting the drink on the side😐

  21. Sophia Gaspard (Student)

    Sophia Gaspard (Student)2 days ago

    Where is my money

  22. Lynda Kavanagh

    Lynda Kavanagh2 days ago

    My cat follows me to the bathroom......

  23. Emma Laine

    Emma Laine2 days ago

    Was anyone else annoyed by azzy saying cupcake "wrapper" instead of cupcake "liner"?

  24. Matthew Boyz

    Matthew Boyz3 days ago

    My kitty was watching this

  25. Universal fox And ROBLOX

    Universal fox And ROBLOX3 days ago

    4:42 I need that collar for my cat! Literally, I cannot go to the toilet without my cat barging in

  26. Universal fox And ROBLOX

    Universal fox And ROBLOX3 days ago

    1:42 I need that cover, not because of my pets, just cause of my baby brother, he pushes it, on my Xbox 360

  27. Kate Jones

    Kate Jones3 days ago

    No ice cream Poler a cupcake wrapper

  28. Kate Jones

    Kate Jones3 days ago

    I don’t need to you to the cupcake when you peel owhen you peel off the

  29. gerardo lopez

    gerardo lopez3 days ago

    I do

  30. paityn hammond

    paityn hammond3 days ago

    well my dad takes off the cap off the coca cola bottle

  31. Jadyn Kibble

    Jadyn Kibble3 days ago

    I re-created the first one and it works pretty nicely

  32. Hannah Paterniti

    Hannah Paterniti3 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I love Assy and you do to

  33. Noah Small

    Noah Small3 days ago

    Eat your airpods

  34. Claudia Gonzalez

    Claudia Gonzalez3 days ago

    They are called cupcake liners

  35. peppy

    peppy4 days ago

    I do the soda can hack too :) 4:20

  36. Cortney Groves

    Cortney Groves4 days ago

    6:25 there legit watching Frozen

  37. Bunda RafaNahlaDhita

    Bunda RafaNahlaDhita4 days ago

    Utterly 6

  38. Samantha Sims

    Samantha Sims4 days ago


  39. Xụi le

    Xụi le4 days ago

    Wow vietnam

  40. Mimi the art girl

    Mimi the art girl4 days ago

    One time- well i did this 2 times.. i put a sppon of nutella in a little cup of ice cream, stired it up, and the nutella froze and when i put it in my mouth, the nutella melted it was so good i had to fo it again wich is why i did it twice :> Edit: sice there was like 2 sppons left of nutella i took it all :> (muhahaha)

  41. Lydia Markrud

    Lydia Markrud4 days ago

    Until someone need it

  42. Carrie Campbell

    Carrie Campbell4 days ago

    When your dad does the WOW meme Me: ..........................

  43. Courtney Farmer

    Courtney Farmer4 days ago

    You are a genius

  44. Gacha Angel Xox

    Gacha Angel Xox4 days ago

    On the sofa can I just pull the tab off

  45. Itz_hachimitsu_playz

    Itz_hachimitsu_playz4 days ago

    The buttons will fall of the shirt

  46. Guadalupe Garcia

    Guadalupe Garcia4 days ago

    Me I like stale chips

  47. Darcey Dogs

    Darcey Dogs4 days ago

    I have a black cat tooooooooooo! Called Luna!

  48. kyriekitty Meows

    kyriekitty Meows5 days ago

    My cat follows me into the bathroom sometimes only sometimes

  49. Shelby Dummert

    Shelby Dummert5 days ago

    You say the Ramon hack is bad I say free food 😁

  50. DarkMagicLife2

    DarkMagicLife25 days ago

    Nice hey fan Fort

  51. Johnathan Pittman

    Johnathan Pittman5 days ago

    my dog will fallo me

  52. Gacha Eve

    Gacha Eve5 days ago

    My cat follows me into the bathroom

  53. PinkSabre

    PinkSabre5 days ago

    If he fixes the sink with noodles ot can cause roaches and it could also form in to noodles again

  54. Morgan Anderson films

    Morgan Anderson films5 days ago

    Azzy :if your hair is to ur shoulders don’t add me Me:R.I.P me lol Azzy:jk Me:thank u azzy thank u!

  55. Bre Featherston

    Bre Featherston6 days ago

    I just dent my can in the front so i know where to grab it without looking and it wont spill and so i know which one is mine

  56. Anum Usman

    Anum Usman6 days ago

    If you do make a video with him

  57. Anum Usman

    Anum Usman6 days ago

    Do you have a cat

  58. Blahicy Unusual

    Blahicy Unusual6 days ago


  59. UniQ GaminG

    UniQ GaminG6 days ago

    This is how much azzy will gain subs and chocolate | and this is how much hate | | V V

  60. Miley Verdugo

    Miley Verdugo6 days ago

    If Azzy likes this I will die

  61. Sunstone Ocelot

    Sunstone Ocelot6 days ago

    I lick my can so if anyone drinks MY CAN they will get a taste of my Delicious spit

  62. Michael Suits

    Michael Suits6 days ago

    WhErE iS mY Access?!

  63. Kelsey Bolash

    Kelsey Bolash6 days ago

    5:49, Azzy: room for valuable things like COOKIES AND CHOCOLATE. Me: wow. U like sugar

  64. Hayley Thomas

    Hayley Thomas6 days ago

    the sink has resene on it

  65. Ernie Chambers

    Ernie Chambers6 days ago


  66. Natalie Lewis

    Natalie Lewis6 days ago

    Instead of turning the can lid l just take the lid off

  67. Laser heart Way

    Laser heart Way6 days ago

    Azzy loves chocolates 🍫 1 like=1chocolate I’ll put a chocolate for each like 🍫🍫

  68. LucaYT c

    LucaYT c6 days ago

    Laser heart Way can u put the chocolate now?

  69. Maika fun Time

    Maika fun Time6 days ago

    I speak a diff language and my language has accents and so I use them but only when I say one of my language words

  70. Mondher Sifi

    Mondher Sifi6 days ago

    I wanna be your srudent azzy pwease 😄😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  71. Verity plays Roblox boom 123

    Verity plays Roblox boom 1236 days ago

    This is how much people love azzy I'll start


    IMI_PLAYZ :ROBLOX2 days ago

    Verity plays Roblox boom 123 you just want likes

  73. Busy boo boo Bearz

    Busy boo boo Bearz6 days ago

    My mom does the gaydorade one all the time

  74. Jess Dog

    Jess Dog7 days ago

    I am coming to Canada soon so I hopefully will get to see you

  75. Sherbet YT

    Sherbet YT7 days ago

    8:42 I thought it was cheese.

  76. Dalton Coker

    Dalton Coker7 days ago

    Hey I like stale chips

  77. Jose Rosalino

    Jose Rosalino7 days ago

    My dad made me a baby rocker before XD it kept me asleep for a hole (whole hole wholejfjfjghfj idk ;-;) day

  78. jade#makes gacha

    jade#makes gacha7 days ago

    Igual yo ir muy grande con i broncas in á puño y? (Idk what i said it just autocorrected 🤣😂🤣😂)

  79. Marilyn Bojanowski

    Marilyn Bojanowski7 days ago

    I know it's a joke, but I still want that app...

  80. Emma Metcalf

    Emma Metcalf7 days ago

    1:43 that’s definitely what all my cats would do

  81. Andrew Muñoz

    Andrew Muñoz7 days ago

    I love stale chips

  82. MOHAMMAD QIZE XIO/Unknown pp. alabbadi alabbadi

    MOHAMMAD QIZE XIO/Unknown pp. alabbadi alabbadi8 days ago

    0:27 A GREAT WAY TO GET ANTS (maybe)

  83. Scott McKenzie

    Scott McKenzie8 days ago

    Everybody sub to asylum so she can get 1 mil rn

  84. Dusk Til Dawn Diamond

    Dusk Til Dawn Diamond8 days ago

    I like stale chips .....😬

  85. Lil Yeet

    Lil Yeet8 days ago

    If your washing your hands and you are hungry then eat your sink [only if it's made out of food]

  86. Aubree Driggars

    Aubree Driggars8 days ago

    I already do the Gatorade hack like if you do 2 V V V \/

  87. Chillboi

    Chillboi8 days ago

    Well actually about the password thing I don’t need to use an accent because I can just put something unexpected like uhh “chair” or “annoyed” “beef” and no one will know!

  88. Indiana Bell

    Indiana Bell8 days ago

    i like stale doritos

  89. Indiana Bell

    Indiana Bell8 days ago

    i can’t do that hair hack i have short hair :(

  90. Christian Navarro

    Christian Navarro8 days ago

    Cupcake liner

  91. Coco Dream 101009

    Coco Dream 1010098 days ago

    Omg I love the dog and toilet one! Because me mom does daycare. I was in the toilet and I had 4 toddlers staring at me XD

  92. Kiya Oltmanns

    Kiya Oltmanns8 days ago

    Azzy with the ramen noodles they put a glad over top of it so there can't de any water to it

  93. Monsta’ Gacha¡!¿?

    Monsta’ Gacha¡!¿?8 days ago

    7:29 WoT Edit: pause first

  94. Noah Acres

    Noah Acres8 days ago

    The dogs face tho

  95. Star_08

    Star_088 days ago

    I do the Gatorade one!!

  96. Jacki Simpson

    Jacki Simpson8 days ago

    Azzzzzzzzy your so cute I love u

  97. Toxic Sunshine and rainbows

    Toxic Sunshine and rainbows8 days ago

    The chip hack I already do

  98. L A BFF LOVE

    L A BFF LOVE8 days ago

    4:41 Azzy that is absolutely genius u will have something walking around and carrying toilet paper

  99. Erin Gosau

    Erin Gosau8 days ago

    Azzy be my teacher please! I will be a good student.I will be good. 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 😼💁🍫

  100. kelly castleton

    kelly castletonDay ago

    I would love it if she was my techer

  101. xXitz kawaiiGamingXx

    xXitz kawaiiGamingXx4 days ago

    U will be good for chocolate

  102. Fake Facts

    Fake Facts5 days ago

    You sound like you have a teacher fetish

  103. XxItsLeighxX :[

    XxItsLeighxX :[8 days ago

    My family already knew about the Gatorade “Hack”

  104. lps. heather

    lps. heather8 days ago

    My dog won’t touch the bathroom floors

  105. SNAKE LOVE20É

    SNAKE LOVE20É8 days ago

    Did you know that scientist have discovered that women actually have to have chocolate at least once a month.