How Safe Is A Duct Tape Ladder?


  1. RP Lewis

    RP Lewis4 hours ago

    I mean if I was kidnapped and I had duck tape I would just make a rope and climb down. I feel like the latter is taking too long

  2. Girl world scal

    Girl world scal6 hours ago


  3. IMM -

    IMM -6 hours ago

    Do the beginning again and do it better please!😂😃😄

  4. Kristin DiBella

    Kristin DiBella7 hours ago


  5. LadyZubat

    LadyZubat19 hours ago

    Mythbusters beat you guys to the punch and didn't 4 episodes about duct tape and they even made a cannon with it xD

  6. Kannah Shalom

    Kannah Shalom22 hours ago

    I think I'd just settle for a few strips with knots tied in them, anyone else?

  7. Blackout03

    Blackout0323 hours ago

    nice how she left you camera man there for you!

  8. TerrariaMinecraftRobloxGamer Tenecroxgam

    TerrariaMinecraftRobloxGamer TenecroxgamDay ago

    Who knows what alien syndrome is? Look down to know It’s a disease that makes any body part shake violently for no reason

  9. ziffiny

    ziffiny2 days ago

    50 shades of cali XD

  10. Kanakjyoti Hariharan

    Kanakjyoti Hariharan2 days ago

    hey can you put galium in liquid nitrogyen and other experiments plssss

  11. Ahmed Sakr

    Ahmed Sakr2 days ago

    Is Nate married to Cally ??

  12. Ruby Black

    Ruby Black2 days ago

    Calli is a Dom👀

  13. Millie E73

    Millie E733 days ago

    If I got kidnapped I’d just jusp out window into the bush never mind make a duck tape ladder

  14. gameboy 10k

    gameboy 10k3 days ago

    The neighbors must be scared or amazed

  15. Rahat Uddin

    Rahat Uddin3 days ago

    She so werde

  16. LunaSe7en

    LunaSe7en3 days ago

    What do the neighbors think of all the crazy stuff you guys do? Also, having these videos up on USwork, how in the world did you manage to get homeowners insurance? Lol

  17. Arjun Tiwari

    Arjun Tiwari3 days ago

    Ha ha tricked you

  18. AngelAndDemon Dragon

    AngelAndDemon Dragon4 days ago

    9:00 is the best part

  19. August Mousel

    August Mousel4 days ago

    Ha ha

  20. Alyssa Harrod

    Alyssa Harrod4 days ago

    are they married?!

  21. A Rose From Concrete

    A Rose From Concrete5 days ago

    How much duct tape was used? Not trying to build my own, I'm just curious

  22. Sky faII

    Sky faII5 days ago

    Grand you’re meant to use a carabiner by attach the climbing rope to the harness

  23. chris wang

    chris wang6 days ago

    *Making A Duct Tape Ladder while being kidnapped* Kidnappers: Where did that Duct Tape sound come from?

  24. Ole Wilms

    Ole Wilms6 days ago

    just make a rope and slide down

  25. drew buck

    drew buck6 days ago

    Wait a minute. 2 stories is dangerous ive been jumping 2 and a half sense I was a kid

  26. * SID*

    * SID*6 days ago

    Where is the og king of random

  27. CrAzY Kids

    CrAzY Kids6 days ago

    They are saying that you will die if you fall of a ductape ladder that is 2 stories high. You will probably get a broken foot but not death.

  28. Daniel Akowuah

    Daniel Akowuah6 days ago

    Use a duct tape in hello neighbor

  29. Didier Jouan

    Didier Jouan7 days ago

    Yes please and try to put something on it and try to put a bunch together and put the lightest one on the helium matris and try to make them fly is it 👍or👎😛

  30. Xalexshi101 X

    Xalexshi101 X7 days ago

    If I was kidnapped I would just jump out the window lol

  31. Taycee Hargrave

    Taycee Hargrave7 days ago

    Make a duck tape bridge

  32. PhantomChimp 18

    PhantomChimp 187 days ago

    Lol I might try this xd

  33. Kcrazey Porhtal

    Kcrazey Porhtal7 days ago

    Can yoy make duct tape rope?

  34. RJ Gaming

    RJ Gaming7 days ago

    Use the power of Flex Tape

  35. Animations ain’t Easy

    Animations ain’t Easy7 days ago

    High five! 😄🙏😁

  36. moop foop boop poop

    moop foop boop poop7 days ago

    Use flex tape

  37. Left in The SmokeSD

    Left in The SmokeSD7 days ago

    I've jumped from a 20 ft bridge with literally only a rough foot feeling so yeah I think I'd prefer to just jump

  38. bananenkippie

    bananenkippie4 days ago


  39. Jiaru ._.

    Jiaru ._.7 days ago

    0:01 what happened to grand

  40. Howie Feltersnatch

    Howie Feltersnatch7 days ago

    10:06 get up come on get DOWN WITH THE FRICTION

  41. Oscar Hoad

    Oscar Hoad7 days ago

    It’s grant’s Chanel cally

  42. Joshua Cameron

    Joshua Cameron8 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I REALLY wish Calli would do to me what she did to Nate in the beginning! Only in a different context... 💯😘😍

  43. Cat Master

    Cat Master7 days ago


  44. Alex Loftus

    Alex Loftus8 days ago

    Or you could jump and roll

  45. DONT TOUCH ME I’m not safe

    DONT TOUCH ME I’m not safe8 days ago

    Please Put food coloring in gallium and slime in gallium

  46. Science Kid

    Science Kid8 days ago

    well if you fell that would be an epic fail but it's totally worth it

  47. Gavin Warren

    Gavin Warren8 days ago

    They say Duck tape fixes everything I guess it does

  48. Isabella Cook

    Isabella Cook8 days ago

    you should make a legit card board boat

  49. Muhammad Hamad

    Muhammad Hamad8 days ago

    Fill a air materesa with helium

  50. Carl Sehestedt

    Carl Sehestedt8 days ago

    Where is this house that nobody cares you just climb out windows and the things you do?

  51. Everything Crazy

    Everything Crazy8 days ago

    Why do they have a playground in their backyard

  52. Edward Jiang

    Edward Jiang8 days ago


  53. Brooke Stephens

    Brooke Stephens8 days ago

    Do a hot glue ladder

  54. Bendy

    Bendy8 days ago

    The comments about the intro lmaoo

  55. P004ME2 LicensePlate

    P004ME2 LicensePlate8 days ago

    What about them?

  56. Gordon Chen

    Gordon Chen8 days ago

    Make a parachute with duct tape

  57. InsertTackyCactusNow

    InsertTackyCactusNow8 days ago

    all i could think of in the first bit was "kInKy"

  58. Tim Weller

    Tim Weller8 days ago

    You can survive a two story jump

  59. Bailey DuBrasky

    Bailey DuBrasky8 days ago

    i am totally capable of jumping off one story of a building so i dont need to do this

  60. Leanne

    Leanne9 days ago

    Are They a couple?

  61. P004ME2 LicensePlate

    P004ME2 LicensePlate8 days ago

    When did "[t]hey" become a brand?

  62. J Slater

    J Slater9 days ago

    should've tried it with just one roll.

  63. TheNetflixGal

    TheNetflixGal9 days ago


  64. luke saxby

    luke saxby9 days ago

    Well someone has never seen mythbusters

  65. P004ME2 LicensePlate

    P004ME2 LicensePlate8 days ago

    Sure, someone in the world or your country, but you don't know which ones.

  66. bepis doge

    bepis doge9 days ago

    This is some weird Lili hentai

  67. Simon Møbjerg Nielsen

    Simon Møbjerg Nielsen9 days ago

    What do they use that anchor in the ceiling of the bedroom for, when not climbing down duct tape ladders???

  68. P004ME2 LicensePlate

    P004ME2 LicensePlate8 days ago

    +Simon Møbjerg Nielsen: How do you figure that something like that being that tight could mean it's been there for months? If anything, if it had been there for a while and then not maintained, it would be less secure, would it not?

  69. Simon Møbjerg Nielsen

    Simon Møbjerg Nielsen8 days ago

    +P004ME2 LicensePlate seems like it's pretty secured, like it has been there for months... 🤔

  70. P004ME2 LicensePlate

    P004ME2 LicensePlate8 days ago

    Um... he/they installed it just for this video.

  71. Blake Williams

    Blake Williams9 days ago

    jeez whats going on with that anchor setup?!

  72. P004ME2 LicensePlate

    P004ME2 LicensePlate8 days ago

    Maybe he he explains it right around the time you're seeing it!


    KRISPYKREMEFAN 49 days ago

    Goat scream lel

  74. Dean Grech

    Dean Grech9 days ago

    but what about flex tape it's waterproof?

  75. Razgriz85

    Razgriz859 days ago

    Mythbusters did it. They also made a hat, sandals, hammock, and a functioning sailboat with duct tape.

  76. Travis Lane

    Travis Lane9 days ago

    Can ramen noodles be used to fix furniture

  77. Hello Kitty Lover Man!

    Hello Kitty Lover Man!8 days ago

    Haha, yeah, if it's... WICKER!

  78. Nate Cooper

    Nate Cooper9 days ago

    make silicone straws

  79. Kylie D

    Kylie D9 days ago

    Please dehydrate and freeze dry frozen, and unfrozen popsicles, And well as putting it in the vacuum chamber

  80. Mihai Stroe

    Mihai Stroe10 days ago

    how tall can a human grow

  81. Yusuf Yıldırım

    Yusuf Yıldırım10 days ago

    00:01 Samanyolu oyunculuğundan daha iyi mk 😂😂

  82. Articss Foxx

    Articss Foxx10 days ago

    Try to make a ball move by it’s self. I’m subscribed and notifications and liked vid :)

  83. P004ME2 LicensePlate

    P004ME2 LicensePlate8 days ago

    What do you mean by "it is self"?

  84. Hayden H

    Hayden H10 days ago

    9:24 *"Weird flex, but okay."*

  85. Voldemort

    Voldemort10 days ago

    Duck tape.

  86. P004ME2 LicensePlate

    P004ME2 LicensePlate8 days ago

    There's a certain duct tape with that proper noun (I can't say the main word or my comment won't show up) sold in stores, yes. But what about it?

  87. Spuderdoge gamer

    Spuderdoge gamer10 days ago

    Am I the only one who read TKOR as THOR

  88. Rimi Doesn't know what to put ge re

    Rimi Doesn't know what to put ge re7 days ago


  89. Benson Li

    Benson Li10 days ago

    Your neighbors must be real confused every time you guys do a video

  90. Melanto

    Melanto10 days ago

    Millions of teenaged girls: "I had a dream that started like this..."

  91. Danielle Alvarez

    Danielle Alvarez10 days ago

    You guys should make an escape room and see who can get out the fastest.

  92. rey mysterio

    rey mysterio10 days ago

    Get some upper body strength

  93. Josue Tellez

    Josue Tellez10 days ago

    I fell off ma balcony I didn’t have enough duct tape!!... 🥺☠️☠️☠️☠️

  94. abouta thousandbabies

    abouta thousandbabies10 days ago

    What would happen if you dehydrated used coffee grounds and would you be able to use them again and if so how strong will the coffee be?

  95. Marty Mooney

    Marty Mooney10 days ago

    how many rolls of duct tape did you use?

  96. lorien reich

    lorien reich10 days ago




    Look at my package.

  98. CO2Vlad

    CO2Vlad11 days ago

    At 5:55 she did the woah

  99. Jeffrey Reimer

    Jeffrey Reimer11 days ago

    Hi guys love the videos I agree with the comment that says fill an air mattress with helium

  100. James Wheeler

    James Wheeler11 days ago

    Try using t-rex duct tape it's is the best I have ever used (but not in the bedroom 😉)

  101. DreyPlayz _

    DreyPlayz _11 days ago

    Phil Swift: **shocked pikachu face**


    AARON GORDON11 days ago

    I just saw the camera man


    AARON GORDON11 days ago

    His name is mark

  104. Samantha Savage

    Samantha Savage11 days ago

    HI!! :)

  105. Ella Ethredge

    Ella Ethredge11 days ago

    Nice thinking with the climbing rope I know those can be really sturdy

  106. fathead adolf barry

    fathead adolf barry11 days ago

    getting hog tied by a suspiciously strong jawed whamen impresses the commies and NO ONE else pull yourself together will you ! an Englishman.

  107. K.R. N.

    K.R. N.11 days ago

    You could actually do parkour. Just like nick or ronnie

  108. Hiccup Horrendous Haddoc the third

    Hiccup Horrendous Haddoc the third11 days ago

    Calli would make a horrible captor

  109. Ragnarok Galaxy

    Ragnarok Galaxy11 days ago

    Don't lie Nate. You enjoyed that.

  110. LysolPionex

    LysolPionex11 days ago

    I think I'd just make a rope

  111. wallace william

    wallace william11 days ago

    it must of hurt to take the duct tape on his mouth

  112. P004ME2 LicensePlate

    P004ME2 LicensePlate8 days ago

    What do you mean by the "of" in that?

  113. Theresa Pittman

    Theresa Pittman11 days ago

    *Getting down with the friction* ... and your bad self

  114. Trap

    Trap11 days ago

    Why dont you use a sticks for step on and duct tape as a rope?

  115. kill bill

    kill bill11 days ago

    Intro is callie's kinky dream.