Mixed Success - Winning and Losing in Tabletop Roleplaying Games - Extra Credits

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Tabletop roleplaying games don't have an overall "win" or "loss" condition, but they do have individual moments of wins and losses that can be exaggerated and customized for more engaging gameplay.
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  1. Extra Credits

    Extra CreditsMonth ago

    Do you have any epic "yes/no, and/but" stories from your tabletop RPG experiences? We want to read them!

  2. Lunar's Tales

    Lunar's Tales17 days ago

    This was a couple months ago, but I ended up fighting the rest of my party over the fate of two gold dragon eggs. I was tasked with destroying them in exchange for my freedom from a binding oath, while the rest of the party needed the eggs to save a npc who directly stole from the party. I ended up destroying one of the eggs and putting a pretty big dent into the other- which allowed my patron to corrupt the sleeping wyrmling. My character won that battle and managed to avoid death, though in so doing I caused major losses for not only the party but the world at large.

  3. Daniel Brooks

    Daniel BrooksMonth ago

    "Untold: Adventures Await" uses these techniques explicitly. www.storycubes.com/shop/untold-adventures-await

  4. JiPo 557

    JiPo 557Month ago

    Yeah, we were playing homebrewed dnd and this happened. I poisoned the enemy while he attacked me, causing me to get knocked out and captured while the enemy got poisoned and died.Safe to say I didnt get captured and waited 4 turns to get revived

  5. Katrina Payne

    Katrina PayneMonth ago

    I don't have any... but I feel like I need to direct you to Ben from Puffin Forest. Have one of his videos [ uswork.info/videos/ov01ROeTRvE-video.html ] Wait... you said "yes/no, and/but"... not... "OH DEAR SWEET GOD NO/WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?! WHHHYYYY?!?!?/But of course, why would I expect differently?"

  6. Munchkin of Pern

    Munchkin of PernMonth ago

    My favourite RPG Fox Magic, created by my friend Kit and published by Fool’s Moon, is actually full of these kinds of things, and uses all six. Every time you face a problem you need to roll for, a ‘Challenge’, you get to roll a number of d12’s and take the highest roll.1-2 is a ‘No, and’, 3-4 is a ‘No’, 5-6 is a ‘No, but’, etc etc.

  7. Camo Cat

    Camo Cat25 days ago

    I've had a No And (or possibly No But, though it definitely looked like we were screwed), become a Yes And. It's my favorite D&D story.

  8. Carewolf

    Carewolf28 days ago

    Rolemaster: Natural 100 - Some strange but good happens Absolute success Sucess Partial Success Natural 66 - Some odd happens Partial Failure Failure Absolute Failure.

  9. kindoflame

    kindoflame29 days ago

    I really like all of the table top episodes! Hopefully, a lot more are in the pipeline.

  10. Simple Kohai

    Simple KohaiMonth ago

    Rogue managed to climb his way into an antimagic tower, so he could open the door for the party from the inside. He opened the door, then walked through it so the door closed behind him...setting the party right back to sqaure 1.

  11. FishTeeth

    FishTeethMonth ago

    Blades in the Dark, a steampunk crime game, has an built-in mechanic for a "mixed success" which can lead to harm, reduced effect, or an added complication. At one point it lead one of the players I was running to angle a lightning pylon at a giant sea monster closing in on their ship, by conducting the current through his own frickin' body!

  12. ice checksolvea

    ice checksolveaMonth ago

    love the drawings on this one. :3

  13. The J.A.P

    The J.A.PMonth ago

    Faster than traditional methods just take a look at these flights able to commit to 65% less fat than traditional fine

  14. Tom Jackal

    Tom JackalMonth ago

    Two prevideo ads, woop

  15. Shadow Bread

    Shadow BreadMonth ago

    In session 1 of my friend's star wars themed campaign, I nearly killed all of us in a huge explosion by throwing an energy grenade into an entire crate of energy grenades. The dm had to make a rule on the spot to save us and my character went unconscious and got a shard of his beak blown off. was pretty great.

  16. Sparkle8205

    Sparkle8205Month ago

    I really wanna play D&D. But I have no friends :(

  17. Altorin

    AltorinMonth ago

    The best win/loss combo I saw was in a game of exalted Exalted is mostly about building huge dice pools and accumulating successes. One of the characters was building a dice pool to take a swing at the big baddy. He collected 24 dice, rolled them and got 3 successes. Worst roll ever It ended up playing out that he missed the swing, collided his weapon against the wall, exploded the wall which dealt some small damage to the enemy but he also opened up a new avenue of escape and let more forces into the room

  18. alissa donatello

    alissa donatelloMonth ago

    During a D&D session yesterday we beat this giant robot wyvern. It was great

  19. Mr Freddo Renton

    Mr Freddo RentonMonth ago

    thanks eddy

  20. MagusAndrus

    MagusAndrusMonth ago

    Surprised no mention of Shadowrun with this. After all, Shadowrun has a Glitch system to your rolls that can still trigger WHILE you still succeed. Shadowrun rolls off of an entire d6 dice pool where you are rolling for a number of successful "hits" of a 5 or 6. Each action has a set number of hits you need to aim for for the action to succeed. A glitch, however, happens if half or more of those dice you rolled landed as a 1. So, say you do a check that asks for 2 hits and you roll a 1, 1, 1, 3, 6, 6. You still succeeded in the action you were aiming to do, but since you rolled half 1s, your action still Glitches with a bit of a quirk happening despite said success.

  21. Carsten Germer

    Carsten GermerMonth ago

    Rather long and sophisticated advertisement. Still appreciated though...

  22. PlebNC

    PlebNCMonth ago

    I've only had one D&D experience and it was everyone including the GM's first time playing D&D. Our 2 man party arrived at a town and we went to a local elderly shopkeeper to get information. She wanted a job done in exchange for the information and I wanted to skip that job by strong-arming her into telling me because she was elderly and I was a morally flexible rogue. Turned out she was actually extremely strong and chopped my hand off. This created a new priority of getting money so the shopkeeper could heal my hand. We went looking for work and found a scientist who needed test subjects in exchange for money. We then intentionally walked down an alley intent on getting ambushed and capturing someone. We were ambushed by a group of goblins which we defended against. After some fighting a giant goblin showed up to back up its friends. I, not wanting to fight him as I was low level, convinced the giant goblin kill his friends in exchange for some money and the promise of more once he was done. With the little goblins killed, we took the giant goblin to the scientist, who paid us extra because the goblin was big and told the goblin he'd be paid after being experimented on. The goblin didn't ask for the money for killing his friends and we were certain the goblin was going to be a corpse by the time the scientist was done so we walked off significantly richer and my hand was healed.

  23. Excellsion

    ExcellsionMonth ago

    Playing Dnd: Yes: Succeeded my disguise check. And: I slide a magic inhibitor band around the arm of the evil sorceress mid flirt. But: I failed to throw the sorceress at the kid Wizard. But: Sorceress just thinks I'm drunk. And: I successfully Stab the kid wizard with my rapier. And: Knock him down. And: Signal to the bois Combat officially started: Yes: My boi the Blue Man successfully suspends the sorceress against the ceiling. And: She fails to break loose the whole time. And: We beat the snot out of the Kid wizard. And: My boi the Black Dragonborn Successfully gets revenge on Kid Wizard by breaking a lute over his head. And: Kid Wizard dies. And: Blue man and I pummel the Sorceress to death with spells and arrows while the Dragonborn like, throws bottles or something. We win Yes: We go turn in the bodies and collect the bounties. BUT: We forgot to take the magic inhibitor band off the corpse. And: We can't go back to go get it because the bodies were tossed into a magic incinerator. AND: The next arc will have us face off with a more powerful sorceress. But: I could finally go shopping for supplies. Clinax of first arc of my first D&D campaign btw.

  24. Greg Pohlman

    Greg PohlmanMonth ago

    wow, this episode posted a couple days before I saw you all at GenCon and asked you if you were going to do any more TRPG-centric episodes, lol.

  25. Trevor The Trilby

    Trevor The TrilbyMonth ago

    "Failing Forward" is just "Plan B"

  26. Jesse Harlan

    Jesse HarlanMonth ago

    and then there is 7th Sea second edition where you can never fail (unless you choose to, which gives you advantage later) but instead succeed heroically with consequences. It makes for an extremely cinematic gameplay (but admittedly can be a little challenging for the person running the game)

  27. Giancarlo Paniccia

    Giancarlo PanicciaMonth ago

    Titansgrave has a similar system. If you crit, you can basically do anything you want as long as the GM feels that it fits. You're given license to be cinematic and awesome.

  28. drewguardo

    drewguardoMonth ago

    this almost seems like a ad

  29. Morgan R

    Morgan RMonth ago

    I will say some of the most fun and memorable moments in D&D and other tabletop games I've played happened when one character failed in a spectacular manner. This isn't always due to dice rolls, though bad rolling can certainly exacerbate bad decisions. I find this works best when the character is then put in a position that they or the rest of the party have to really step up their game to solve. Though also one of my favorite moments was still in a Pathfinder game where I punched out a soldier who, while surprised to see us, was not on guard, immediately after I uttered the line "You know, I really should have come up with a plan."

  30. Fae B.

    Fae B.Month ago

    i snuck past a magical alarm by throwing a sword enchanted with dispel magic at it. the but comes when te guard comes, takes the sword, but doesnt notice the alarm is gone. we have our rogue sneak up, slit his throat, and and take it back. we repeat this for all subsequent alarms.

  31. Borker Borkington

    Borker BorkingtonMonth ago

    this has got to be my favorite video, at least artwise

  32. Luci Fox

    Luci FoxMonth ago

    hey this was uploaded on my bday

  33. Thomas Riley

    Thomas RileyMonth ago

    Ultimately, whether or not the players win on the whole is determined by two factors: 1. How much fun did everyone have 2. How good was the story which was told

  34. Mem Demen

    Mem DemenMonth ago

    Straight up Darkest Dungeon. You can beat the game, but who did you lose along the way?

  35. anxez

    anxezMonth ago

    I've had more than a few "Yes/but" moments with my play group. My favorite one is when they nailed a concert but their costume choice seduced a serial killer.

  36. Alchemist

    AlchemistMonth ago

    After this, can the next one about the concept of playing to lose? (especially in RPG/larp setting, it's quite common to fail intentionally for the story to move a different direction)

  37. Divanté Malachi

    Divanté MalachiMonth ago

    When my fighter noble met with the party he was pickpocketed and left penniless leaving him unable to pay for anything, he also rejects all offers of charity, this has left him sleeping in the stables with his horse

  38. Ian Cody

    Ian CodyMonth ago


  39. Frisco Cruise

    Frisco CruiseMonth ago

    The Powered by The Apocalypse system really tackles the narrative structure of success and failure in tabletop roleplaying games very very well, and I think the system really deserves a nice good look as less of a new creation, and more of a codification of best practices that good GMs have been doing for a long time

  40. Mohsen Waheed Elsisi

    Mohsen Waheed ElsisiMonth ago

    More table top

  41. JN Baker

    JN BakerMonth ago

    Zoe makes the best assistant when it comes to playing out examples.

  42. Chris East

    Chris EastMonth ago

    For something more Video game, Darkest Dungeon. A stressed out hero found new "Courageous" to fight on. The treasure is nice, but you didn't have a key to the hidden stash, so you sprung a trap and attracted "Syphilis" and at the end of a dungeon, did you actually gain more then you lost?

  43. Chris East

    Chris EastMonth ago

    Recently had a one off Pathfinder session where we were graduating dragon hunters on our way to bag each our first kill. After some bumbling around on the way, with some standard encounters and a clever talk out of getting us selves into a tough midway battle, we finally reached the layer. We surveyed our surroundings engaged our young unfortunate prey, had a tough, even close fight and it was all a success. But the town who hired us had stated one dragon menace and we killed 4 young ones... Hey, even after the town was iced halfway to oblivion by the raging mother, we did manage to sort off sort out a sub plot evolving some corrupt bards guild who had managed to use the dragon. Oh and as we ended we all decided our heroes would go clear out the layer for abandoned loot in pursuit of the mother and then go correct our failure, by gaining some levels and getting that mother.

  44. kitten is a Kitten

    kitten is a KittenMonth ago

    Great lets turn something that was meant to be non competitive and turn it into competitive winning culture

  45. ShadowMatter

    ShadowMatterMonth ago

    From years of playing tabletop D&D because of the character I'm about to tell you about that I discovered this simple truth Every individual character you make and play has their own luck somewhere around 15 Years ago I was playing D&D the old ad&d AKA second edition I had a character that was completely built around luck his name was Chance he was a compulsive gambler human fighter/ Rogue he was partially inspired by Setzer from Final Fantasy and Gambit from the X-Men He fought with a staff and had a weaponized deck of magical throwing cards with random effects it was fairly high level with really good stats boosted by magical equipment he had a particularly good strength and dexterity roasting a 25 in each which in 2nd edition is the best you can have while playing this character I rolled natural 20s like they were going out of style the thing is he would also roll natural ones at the most inopportune times the combination of these two things set up for some ridiculousness One time in particular we were fighting a extremely large purple worm it had a breath weapon and a large venomous Stinger at the end of its tail when my initiative came up I went to attack this creature with my staff and wouldn't you know it Nat 1 at this point my DM would roll a 10 sided dice against a custom chart that decided exactly what went wrong did I fling my weapon into the distance did I trip and fall on my face mid swing or slew of other outcomes This particular time I had a chance to hit myself so he has me roll to see if I hit Nat 20 in these cases you roll a six-sided dice to determine where you hit yourself of course he hit himself in the balls hard enough to launch him 20 feet in the air But that's not all one of my teammates was flying above the purple worm roughly 20 feet in the air and invisible so the DM has me roll to see if I hit him Nat 20 The DM then has me roll a dexterity check to see if I can salvage this mess Nat 1 So now instead of ball vaulting over the purple worm he collides with thin air above the purple worm and falls straight down straddling its back racking his nuts a second time So the DM has me role a constitution save Nat 1 Now he's able to hit notes that make Mariah Carey jealous but he can't do anything else this round Then it's the purple worms initiative so of course it attacks Chance with its venomous stinger Nat 20 The DM tells me to Make a constitution save versus death Nat 1 He died but he was resurrected later The good news is this entire scene held the attention of the purple worm Long enough for the caster in the party to nuke it after his death they made short work of the worm Several times through this ordeal I checked the dice to see if there were other numbers besides 20 or 1 on it LOL there were chance was one of a kind I have never even seen any other character that had the type of luck he did but it's a perfect example of winning at losing so I thought I'd share it here

  46. Black Mage Anolis

    Black Mage AnolisMonth ago

    i love those doggos so much please bring eddie into more videos

  47. Yitzhak Kornbluth

    Yitzhak KornbluthMonth ago

    In addition to "no, but" and "no, and", you can also have "no, and...but", where you failed, and it had further consequences, but something good came out as well, and the same applies to "yes".

  48. Praise_The_Moon

    Praise_The_MoonMonth ago

    Wait, the moto is 'because learning matters?', what ever happened to 'because games matter?'.

  49. Mason Silvers

    Mason SilversMonth ago

    I have an idea for the jail scenario. So you bribe them and then instead of letting you go they yell bribery is a federal offense and now you're in supermax. Oops.

  50. Jon Doe

    Jon DoeMonth ago

    Outward is one of the few video game RPGs I've ever seen take the "no, but/and" design fully to heart.

  51. Jason Italiano

    Jason ItalianoMonth ago

    Zoey the Footpad, (Shadow Block) is appreciated but who are the good Dogs in the video?

  52. EloquentTroll

    EloquentTrollMonth ago

    Apocalypse World does this very well. I would love to see you guys cover Powered by the Apocalypse games, the system is wonderful. It runs so smoothly, it's minimalist without feeling as empty as most minimalist systems. And there are so many great games that use the "engine".

  53. jamcdonald120

    jamcdonald120Month ago

    Well, at least Dog Meat isn't Roof Rabat

  54. jamcdonald120

    jamcdonald120Month ago

    dog meat? sounds like Zoe had a hand writing the episode

  55. kitty cat

    kitty catMonth ago

    Okay the dragon drawing is cute

  56. Super Ryan14

    Super Ryan14Month ago

    What I got from this video was that there are 6 outcomes, but two outcomes when it comes to the dice. The die may still be a passing or failing roll but there are three courses of events for either outcome, The And, The But, and The Standard.

  57. Funny Penguin

    Funny PenguinMonth ago

    You beat the elite four👉but you come out with no potions or revives You win and loss, at least that’s what came to mind 🤷‍♀️

  58. Chris East

    Chris EastMonth ago

    The kinda loss players fear the most, not having the thing you might need later, even if there is no later.

  59. Matthew Steiner

    Matthew SteinerMonth ago

    Reminds me of Genesys RPG. In that system, in addition to symbols that help you succeed or fail, there are also symbols that determine advantages or threats, creating yes/no-buts all the time. What's interesting is that because there's never more than 2 symbols on any given side a good roll for success is less likely to give you a yes-and or a no-and than an or roll.

  60. Matthew Steiner

    Matthew SteinerMonth ago

    Reminds me of Genesys RPG. In that system, in addition to symbols that help you succeed or fail, there are also symbols that determine advantages or threats, creating yes/no-buts all the time. What's interesting is that because there's never more than 2 symbols on any given side a good roll for success is less likely to give you a yes-and or a no-and than an or roll.

  61. Greg Howe

    Greg HoweMonth ago

    So I must have been very lucky with gm's mine have always had a fail forward philosophy. The concept of killing off a game became a relatively minor occurrence doesn't make sense. If we botch the final fight and everybody dies fine, but failing against a single event shutting down the game just doesn't make sense. I'm not amazingly great at it but you need to come up with some stuff on the fly as a gm

  62. Luka Filipović

    Luka FilipovićMonth ago

    Is that a Kennel Block Blues reference at 6:04. Very Nice

  63. Ag silver Radio

    Ag silver RadioMonth ago

    If you think people never brag about the times they LOST in TTRPGs, then you've never seen a Puffin Forrest vidio!

  64. Aadrian1234

    Aadrian1234Month ago

    My ongoing D&D campaign with friends had a situation like this. We ran into a mummy lord in a crypt at low levels during a small quest and had the choice of running, or attempting to incapacitate it. I, the Monk, managed to shove it down a well since the mummy lord rolled very low on the save, and we later found out the well is a straight drop to the underdark and the mummy lord survived the fall, and the mummy lord was a previous lord of netheril and had somehow been unsealed and awakened from his tomb. It was very bad news despite the personal victory of surviving against a mummy lord at such low levels, and our entire campaign has changed due to that one moment. Our entire party has been tasked by several gods, deities, liches, and other very powerful people and creatures to prevent the mummy lord from enacting his plan. Our personal victory became an issue that we only have a limited amount of time to finish before the mummy lord succeeds on his plans and kills many, many people in the process of bringing his kingdom back.

  65. SomeThrillingHeroics

    SomeThrillingHeroicsMonth ago

    We had one moment from my Dark Heresy group that immediately went from "No, and the daemon prince has just possessed the fresh corpse of your team mate" to "Yes, and Ernst (our cleric) has successfully grappled the now manifest daemon, beaten its obnoxious Unnatural Strength modifier, and bodily thrown it into a plasma reactor. Start running, you don't want to be around when reality decides what it's supposed to do next". Ernst was a walking manifestation of such moments. There was also the time we went from "... and the crowd you're in has turned into a panicked stampede in response to the attempted assassination of the Duke" to "Ernst somehow rolls well enough to try to clear a path through the crowd that they've collectively had a brief vision of a vast golden armoured figure stood over him and fallen to their knees in awe". For the record, that was the *second* time he turned a rioting mob into a pious congregation. ~~~~~ On a more general level, this got me thinking about the general point of "No, but" and "No, and", which fundamentally are about making losing fun... or at least entertaining. In that respect, the less common PvP-type RPGs can actually do pretty well if you've got players with the right mindset (the "I'm here to play my characters" rather than the "I'm here to win") and players aren't penalised too much for losing. I've got some very fond memories of games of "Inquisitor" (GW's part-skirmish/part-RPG offering from 2001) that I technically lost - when it's not an omniscient and omnipotent GM defeating you, you can far more marvel at the creative strategies the other players use. (For similar reasons, I also love GMing for Inquisitor, as the players working against each other makes it far more unpredictable, rather than the going into the game with the knowledge that it's probably going to turn out roughly as your notes say. The 13-player game I once ran managed to end with the characters turning two of the four tables into slag, and I'm still not entirely sure how).

  66. chris soto

    chris sotoMonth ago

    I play a warlock In DnD and my gimmick is that I keep my class and race a secret. It drives people crazy since I take spells that make me look like a different character class 😂