Tombstone - Q+A


  1. Kelsey Von Black

    Kelsey Von Black4 days ago

    7:06 in and my reaction is the same Ryan! 😂💀

  2. Cole Pappadakis

    Cole Pappadakis17 days ago

    The swamper looks like that one zombie from Scooby-Doo

  3. Lord Hoth_09

    Lord Hoth_0920 days ago

    7:48 well Ryan the skinny jeans might’ve done it

  4. Moriartea

    Moriartea22 days ago


  5. Rebekah Sechler

    Rebekah Sechler24 days ago

    "if" ryan dies

  6. Lizzie K

    Lizzie KMonth ago

    11:17 *if* Ryan ever dies? Shane what do you know?

  7. Rachel Lynn

    Rachel LynnMonth ago

    9:19 she didn’t even use “ya’ll” right smh it’s “Y’ALL”

  8. charlotte

    charlotteMonth ago


  9. Sohini Dutta

    Sohini DuttaMonth ago

    "Be cool my babies" 😂😂😂

  10. Emily

    EmilyMonth ago


  11. Adrian Torgersen

    Adrian TorgersenMonth ago

    Return to the sallie house!!

  12. l l

    l lMonth ago

    i need a channel just of shane doing asmr

  13. Adrian Torgersen

    Adrian TorgersenMonth ago

    Shane loving kush at 4:17 but ryan not editing it to 4:20 ...

  14. Hannah Free

    Hannah FreeMonth ago

    For the post mortem: around 3:00 they slipped up like the new episode of Game of Thrones with the coffee cup on the table! I haven't actually seen the Game of Thrones episode myself but I have seen the news floating about :')

  15. Kenzz Alexa Maurice

    Kenzz Alexa MauriceMonth ago

    I know this is an old video, but I’m disappointed you haven’t made holiday merch that says “it’s the wheezin’ for the season”

  16. Mermaid MerSea

    Mermaid MerSeaMonth ago

    What's wrong with Shane ? 0:07 LOL

  17. littlewolfreads

    littlewolfreadsMonth ago

    “i’m not talking about my nipples, i’m showing you the art” me, flashing people my boobs

  18. SydneyMichelle94

    SydneyMichelle94Month ago

    “Be cool my babies” ❤️❤️❤️ lmfao

  19. Kiara Lewis

    Kiara LewisMonth ago

    Why are they literally middle aged dads trying to keep up with the millennials

  20. Casandra

    CasandraMonth ago

    0:06 okay now he's DEFINITELY doing it on purpose just to mess with us

  21. 야나민

    야나민Month ago

    I wish I had money to buy all their stuff.

  22. Kim Z24

    Kim Z242 months ago

    4:46 made me pee my pants in laughter

  23. nat p

    nat p2 months ago

    oh my god he really does sound like owen wilson

  24. Jamie Jai

    Jamie Jai2 months ago

    Theres an even creepier lookin girl at 2:16 on the left side she's got glowing eyes and a red light on her lol

  25. medusamary

    medusamary2 months ago

    11:17 if ryan ever dies? IF?

  26. Lara _LM

    Lara _LM2 months ago

    I saw that I thought it was a sculpture of a head

  27. Ted Sava

    Ted Sava2 months ago

    y'all need to put "weird bit" on a t-shit

  28. sorou

    sorou2 months ago

    this post mortem has some good good energy

  29. monpti koala

    monpti koala2 months ago

    like if youre a boogara

  30. hayley rae

    hayley rae2 months ago

    hey Ryan there's this place in Kenosha, Wisconsin called Andy's that has AMAZING rootbeer in my opinion. If u really like it that much I would highly recommend you try it someday

  31. Nicole Sim

    Nicole Sim2 months ago

    @0:06 I almost spat out my drink. This was probably one of Shane's craziest faces to date.

  32. Kayden Bonnell

    Kayden Bonnell2 months ago

    They should go back to the Sallie House

  33. SammIsAnAlien

    SammIsAnAlien2 months ago

    There are different kinds of Root beer??

  34. h p

    h p3 months ago

    god their contrasting personalities are SO good

  35. Bonnie

    Bonnie3 months ago

    Can you do an episode on the Macbeth curse? Like with the theories and everything?

  36. Xsinatra X

    Xsinatra X3 months ago

    {\_/} (•~•) />🍪 Here,have a cookie

  37. Sujiewan Suj

    Sujiewan Suj3 months ago


  38. hug annoy

    hug annoy3 months ago

    Ryan looks so cute when he gestures that he likes ASMR a little bit. "I got some sweet tingles, bro." 😂

  39. Natalie McKay

    Natalie McKay3 months ago

    wow buzzfeed rly lets u guys film high off your asses, huh?

  40. KaShoot Me

    KaShoot Me3 months ago

    I still can't see either of the "ghosts" people are seeing, even when they point it out.

  41. Amneet Sihota

    Amneet Sihota3 months ago

    if there isn't a episode of shane dawson' ryan and shane then i will consider my life a utter and complete faliure

  42. Lulu Joye

    Lulu Joye3 months ago

    be cool my babies these boys are my berry babies

  43. ツワブキ•ダイゴ

    ツワブキ•ダイゴ3 months ago

    shane's asmr sounds made me cringe so hard i astral projected

  44. Paige Sicker

    Paige Sicker3 months ago

    Petition to make them go back to Sallie House cause I really want to see that

  45. Paige Sicker

    Paige Sicker3 months ago

    The thing Shane did to show us how their mics work made me so uncomfortable.😫

  46. Yukinao Aethanne

    Yukinao Aethanne3 months ago

    7:00 I just closed my eyes on that and I feel dirty lol

  47. Coffee Fueled Artist

    Coffee Fueled Artist3 months ago

    Is Shane okay? He looked terrified during the intro.

  48. sweetriri90

    sweetriri904 months ago

    Slowing this video down to 0.25x the speed is scarier than accidentally catching Kanja in the background.

  49. peachyy galaxies

    peachyy galaxies4 months ago

    what was with Ryan almost passing out there lmao, is that what asmr is supposed to do???

  50. Patrick !!!

    Patrick !!!4 months ago

    Shane's ASMR brings me life!♡

  51. Letho of Gulet

    Letho of Gulet4 months ago


  52. itsmagz

    itsmagz4 months ago

    14:53 yup, i think it finally happened....they're possessed

  53. Suga.Kookie_Monster

    Suga.Kookie_Monster4 months ago

    "be cool my babies"

  54. Ashley Gibson

    Ashley Gibson4 months ago

    You should have gone to the BirdCage. That’s were all the haunts were that time of night.

  55. nait

    nait4 months ago

    come on ryan stop denying it, you guys have to go back to sallie house eventually

  56. G Roma

    G Roma4 months ago

    So no ghost?! *throws phone*

  57. Jake Hall

    Jake Hall4 months ago

    Ryan don’t be embarrassed about asmr!! We gotta stand strong man!

  58. Mariah Guerrero

    Mariah Guerrero4 months ago

    When they said Mariah I flipped out thinking it was me......... I’m not married though

  59. Harini Srinivasn

    Harini Srinivasn4 months ago

    Can we appreciate Shane's ASMR skills? That was actually good dude... #ghoulboysASMR

  60. Charlotte Skolasky

    Charlotte Skolasky4 months ago

    did you reference Barry glazer at 2:50?

  61. Buhat Ma Francesca

    Buhat Ma Francesca4 months ago

    We are called babies by Shaaaaane 💜

  62. Shipfantastic

    Shipfantastic4 months ago

    I love them!

  63. Kristy K.

    Kristy K.4 months ago

    Damn it! I was freaking out over the whole person in the background in 16:03. It's like the moving mannequin all over again. :/

  64. floraljasi

    floraljasi5 months ago

    the beard scratching asmr omg

  65. Beau Cheney

    Beau Cheney5 months ago

    "I got something for you, and you'll never guess who it's about" "Black Dahlia? That case was ten lifetimes ago"... Skip

  66. Johannah Stahl

    Johannah Stahl5 months ago

    Wasupppp Shane and Rayn

  67. Sophie Rahis

    Sophie Rahis5 months ago

    love shane's shirt

  68. TwistedLex

    TwistedLex5 months ago

    just bought some merchandise from ya bois

  69. SnapPea

    SnapPea5 months ago


  70. Nic Tyr

    Nic Tyr5 months ago

    shane: I thought it looked tight, let's take a look at that room *cuts to ryan camera silently capturing a disgusting hovel of a room* shane: pretty chill.

  71. Family Alcaraz

    Family Alcaraz5 months ago

    2:02-2:09 "be cool my babies"- Shane Madej

  72. Purple Yoshi

    Purple Yoshi5 months ago

    they both turn into grey vision at the end

  73. Small Yet Knowing Clown

    Small Yet Knowing Clown5 months ago


  74. Hannah Fuhlhage

    Hannah Fuhlhage5 months ago

    Okay but Ryan you KNOW that for the series finale you have to go back to the Sallie House

  75. Shannon T.

    Shannon T.5 months ago

    yo your merch doesn't ship to Perth, Western Australia :'( Amazon always does the Aussies dirty

  76. hey_there_ demons_its_me

    hey_there_ demons_its_me5 months ago


  77. Laura VanDyk

    Laura VanDyk5 months ago

    I never want to hear that ASMR again. O.o XD

  78. Sarah Gawle

    Sarah Gawle5 months ago

    Missed opportunity for the coffee thermos to say "it's ya brew".

  79. Alexis DWG

    Alexis DWG5 months ago

    Why do I feel like they were high when shooting this video😂😂😂

  80. Kenton Scott

    Kenton Scott5 months ago

    Pissing vinegar?....... read a book man! lol god I love Shane!

  81. Venetia Astrop

    Venetia Astrop5 months ago

    So when are the boys gonna make an asmr channel?

  82. PinkCloud

    PinkCloud5 months ago

    Thank you for not faking any footage!!! Continue being honest regarding the supernatural investigations - it’s just as entertaining!!

  83. Griffin Gurley

    Griffin Gurley5 months ago

    Thumbs up because there was no hotdaga

  84. Rue Ryuzaki

    Rue Ryuzaki5 months ago

    Sounds like they should change his mob name to “Root Beer Bergara”

  85. Monica v

    Monica v5 months ago

    Please! Don't ever do the asmr again!

  86. Jean Ey

    Jean Ey5 months ago

    I am here because I miss Ryan and Shane so baaaaad. :(

  87. Tom Ives

    Tom Ives6 months ago

    I always knew Shane was a stoner lmao a "good 'ole bag of kush",

  88. freddie witt

    freddie witt6 months ago

    since when does asmr make someone straight up pass out??

  89. Shannon-Alice Costelloe

    Shannon-Alice Costelloe6 months ago


  90. Mya Berry

    Mya Berry6 months ago

    Only a city slicker would buy those things

  91. Shannon-Alice Costelloe

    Shannon-Alice Costelloe6 months ago

    sometimes if i cba to watch an unsolved video, i wait until the postmortem to come out to figure out if i wanna fully commit or not

  92. Aditee Mishra

    Aditee Mishra6 months ago

    It's weird not having hot daga

  93. Halie

    Halie6 months ago

    Shane’s face at 010

  94. H 2hoe

    H 2hoe6 months ago

    We need more merch of you two, I completely ship.

  95. slkshewolf

    slkshewolf6 months ago

    It's weird, I started out as a #shaniac but I did believe in the possibility of ghosts...but I'm definitely a #boogera now.

  96. Olive D

    Olive D6 months ago

    Yess! Please go back to Waverly Hills!

  97. lululilly 5800

    lululilly 58006 months ago

    Did anybody else see Shane's face in the very beginning, or is that just me

  98. Gaby Dominguez

    Gaby Dominguez6 months ago

    “Be cool ma babies” that was great.

  99. Sarah Glover

    Sarah Glover6 months ago

    9:23 "I'm always for going back to a place to re-investigate..." They mentioned it, but what about actually going back to the Sallie House again and staying all night?

  100. Ash Cinis

    Ash Cinis6 months ago

    That is so disappointing