Tombstone - Q+A


  1. Rissa Wilson

    Rissa WilsonDay ago

    I love y'all but I hate ASMR so much this was painful

  2. Tris Westland

    Tris Westland5 days ago

    Is that subreddit actually a home for serial killers?

  3. chloe x

    chloe x13 days ago

    petition for shane and ryan to make an asmr channel 😳

  4. cathy41463

    cathy4146314 days ago

    are they still doing this ?

  5. thatcrazygracie 123

    thatcrazygracie 12325 days ago

    The asmr bits made me UNCOMFY

  6. jaswoon

    jaswoon29 days ago

    Is shane okay? The begining was kind of sus

  7. Lamia T L

    Lamia T LMonth ago

    Hey, can you guys please go back to Waverly? To see whether it's active this time as well.

  8. Denita Arnold

    Denita ArnoldMonth ago

    I like root beer, too, Ryan 😊

  9. Moonfaced Enchantress

    Moonfaced EnchantressMonth ago

    6:48 asmr starts 7:04 asmr ends & Ryan wakes up ☠️ 14:40 the video ends with asmr

  10. taryn morris

    taryn morrisMonth ago


  11. sophia Hudson

    sophia HudsonMonth ago

    You need to go to the Washoe Club. I took a tour there and it has a pretty cool history.

  12. NYTMARE Beats

    NYTMARE BeatsMonth ago

    Mi llamo clanton

  13. Vale Retamal

    Vale RetamalMonth ago

    “be cool my babies”😍

  14. CataylaSun Andriel

    CataylaSun Andriel2 months ago

    Petition for RB for RB!!! Seriously tho give ryan some root beer.

  15. Danielle Fehr

    Danielle Fehr2 months ago

    Wow.... owen wilson

  16. sedona breeze

    sedona breeze2 months ago

    wow shane is so dang cute when he’s high

  17. Kanita Manning

    Kanita Manning2 months ago


  18. Honey

    Honey2 months ago

    we need some ShAneSMR

  19. youisverynofun

    youisverynofun2 months ago

    Free range grass

  20. dora harum

    dora harum2 months ago

    So this Shane likes root beer too, interesting 🤔

  21. Kelsey Von Black

    Kelsey Von Black3 months ago

    7:06 in and my reaction is the same Ryan! 😂💀

  22. Cole Pappadakis

    Cole Pappadakis3 months ago

    The swamper looks like that one zombie from Scooby-Doo

  23. Lord Hoth_09

    Lord Hoth_093 months ago

    7:48 well Ryan the skinny jeans might’ve done it

  24. Moriartea

    Moriartea3 months ago


  25. Rebekah Sechler

    Rebekah Sechler3 months ago

    "if" ryan dies

  26. Lizzie K

    Lizzie K3 months ago

    11:17 *if* Ryan ever dies? Shane what do you know?

  27. Rachel Lynn

    Rachel Lynn3 months ago

    9:19 she didn’t even use “ya’ll” right smh it’s “Y’ALL”

  28. charlotte !!

    charlotte !!4 months ago


  29. Sohini Dutta

    Sohini Dutta4 months ago

    "Be cool my babies" 😂😂😂

  30. Emily

    Emily4 months ago


  31. Adrian Torgersen

    Adrian Torgersen4 months ago

    Return to the sallie house!!

  32. l l

    l l4 months ago

    i need a channel just of shane doing asmr

  33. Adrian Torgersen

    Adrian Torgersen4 months ago

    Shane loving kush at 4:17 but ryan not editing it to 4:20 ...

  34. Hannah Free

    Hannah Free4 months ago

    For the post mortem: around 3:00 they slipped up like the new episode of Game of Thrones with the coffee cup on the table! I haven't actually seen the Game of Thrones episode myself but I have seen the news floating about :')

  35. Kenzz Alexa Maurice

    Kenzz Alexa Maurice4 months ago

    I know this is an old video, but I’m disappointed you haven’t made holiday merch that says “it’s the wheezin’ for the season”

  36. Mermaid MerSea

    Mermaid MerSea4 months ago

    What's wrong with Shane ? 0:07 LOL

  37. myonna reads

    myonna reads4 months ago

    “i’m not talking about my nipples, i’m showing you the art” me, flashing people my boobs

  38. SydneyMichelle94

    SydneyMichelle944 months ago

    “Be cool my babies” ❤️❤️❤️ lmfao

  39. Kiara Lewis

    Kiara Lewis4 months ago

    Why are they literally middle aged dads trying to keep up with the millennials

  40. Casandra

    Casandra4 months ago

    0:06 okay now he's DEFINITELY doing it on purpose just to mess with us

  41. 야나민

    야나민4 months ago

    I wish I had money to buy all their stuff.

  42. Kim Z24

    Kim Z244 months ago

    4:46 made me pee my pants in laughter

  43. nat p

    nat p4 months ago

    oh my god he really does sound like owen wilson

  44. Mrs.Alfred Nelson

    Mrs.Alfred Nelson4 months ago

    Theres an even creepier lookin girl at 2:16 on the left side she's got glowing eyes and a red light on her lol

  45. medusamary

    medusamary4 months ago

    11:17 if ryan ever dies? IF?

  46. Lara _LM

    Lara _LM5 months ago

    I saw that I thought it was a sculpture of a head

  47. Ted Sava

    Ted Sava5 months ago

    y'all need to put "weird bit" on a t-shit

  48. sorou

    sorou5 months ago

    this post mortem has some good good energy

  49. monpti koala

    monpti koala5 months ago

    like if youre a boogara

  50. hayley rae

    hayley rae5 months ago

    hey Ryan there's this place in Kenosha, Wisconsin called Andy's that has AMAZING rootbeer in my opinion. If u really like it that much I would highly recommend you try it someday

  51. Nicole Sim

    Nicole Sim5 months ago

    @0:06 I almost spat out my drink. This was probably one of Shane's craziest faces to date.

  52. Kayden Bonnell

    Kayden Bonnell5 months ago

    They should go back to the Sallie House

  53. SammIsAnAlien

    SammIsAnAlien5 months ago

    There are different kinds of Root beer??

  54. h p

    h p5 months ago

    god their contrasting personalities are SO good

  55. Bonnie

    Bonnie5 months ago

    Can you do an episode on the Macbeth curse? Like with the theories and everything?

  56. Xsinatra X

    Xsinatra X5 months ago

    {\_/} (•~•) />🍪 Here,have a cookie

  57. Tarah R

    Tarah RMonth ago

    🍪 /| |\ ( ;O; ) Thank frien

  58. Sujiewan Suj

    Sujiewan Suj6 months ago


  59. hug annoy

    hug annoy6 months ago

    Ryan looks so cute when he gestures that he likes ASMR a little bit. "I got some sweet tingles, bro." 😂

  60. Natalie McKay

    Natalie McKay6 months ago

    wow buzzfeed rly lets u guys film high off your asses, huh?

  61. KaShoot Me

    KaShoot Me6 months ago

    I still can't see either of the "ghosts" people are seeing, even when they point it out.