Q&A - Cosmetic Line, Anxiety, Kids & Collabs


  1. Ulianna Pavlova

    Ulianna PavlovaMonth ago

    So umm which color are you wearing?? ;) is this from the collection!?!

  2. Claudia Okyere-Fosu

    Claudia Okyere-Fosu3 months ago


  3. EricaYE6

    EricaYE65 months ago

    Wait 'til you're in your 30s to have kids, Jaclyn. Don't rush!

  4. Bath House Becky

    Bath House Becky8 months ago

    I know earthquakes are scary, but girl... Y’all have hurricanes.

  5. knuckles0813

    knuckles081311 months ago

    Where did you get the necklace you’re wearing?

  6. MusicLova

    MusicLovaYear ago

    Do you use anything in particular to help with your anxiety? Anything natural? You can PM me if youd prefer to answer there. Thanks !

  7. Kaylee Jay

    Kaylee JayYear ago


  8. Kaylee Jay

    Kaylee JayYear ago

    April Nicole Marshall thank youu

  9. April Nicole Marshall

    April Nicole MarshallYear ago

    Kaylee Jay you may want to ask jaclynhillscloset on IG she legit has everything Jacz has ever worn catalogued

  10. Lupita Sandoval

    Lupita SandovalYear ago

    When she says , “ you can love more than one person romantically “ after the divorce 😭

  11. Taylor Hambright

    Taylor HambrightYear ago

    Just now watching this. But I have been struggling with anxiety so bad and this helped so much. ❤️

  12. Cori Ottak

    Cori OttakYear ago

    Ahhhh you're sooo cute in this video love youuu

  13. Kristin Sato

    Kristin SatoYear ago

    I seriously appreciate your openness with your mental health issues. It means so much to hear someone else relate to you and even give amazing advice. You are such a bright light and the world is so lucky to have you.

  14. Cori Ottak

    Cori OttakYear ago

    I don't know how I never saw this video but watching this just made me adore you 10 billion times more!! You're so open honest amazing & just sooo beautiful inside & out i just wanted to hug you so hard because of your sweet answers to so many questions . I love u so much girl !!! Xoxoxoxo

  15. Cori Ottak

    Cori OttakYear ago

    Omg you look sooo cuuuttteeeeee

  16. Amanda Johnson

    Amanda JohnsonYear ago

    Hey love! First off, I know this is late, but I LOVE putting cheet-o's in my PB&J!!!!! OMG when you said that, my jaw hit the floor! Hahaha!! 😂😂 Anyways, I just love watching these vids that you have posted..actually, any of them are great but especially these get-to-know vids! I wish I could meet you I feel like we would be endearing souls and friends for life! You not only remind me of myself in so many ways, but you have taken it to a different and amazing direction that I have only dreamt of going in..you are following your dreams and making them happen! I am older now and have four children, with one on the way, so I feel as if it is too late for me! I am like a soccer mom now, so PLEASE keep following your desires because you are right, once kids are in your life, it changes everything! Take your time, you are still young! Anyway, sorry for the rambling but seriously, I love you to death so keep us updated and I will be here to enjoy!!!! ❤ Much love xoxo

  17. Megan Keeling

    Megan KeelingYear ago

    Omg. I have Cheetos with my pb&j. Its the best. I'm so glad I'm not alone 😂😂😂

  18. Meagan Shelton

    Meagan SheltonYear ago

    Love this video!

  19. Lady M

    Lady MYear ago

    I have LOVED JLo forever! Always JLo, but I love Bey, too.

  20. The Mystic With Lipstick

    The Mystic With LipstickYear ago

    OMG Beauty and the Beast is my fav too!!!!

  21. The Mystic With Lipstick

    The Mystic With LipstickYear ago

    By the way I put chips in my sandwiches too haha tuna sandwich with sour cream and chive lays chips...omg heaven!

  22. The Mystic With Lipstick

    The Mystic With LipstickYear ago

    Omg girl when you explained the anxiety... felt like you explained what goes on in my head. I recently got diagnosed with PTSD and the anxiety and depression is almost too much to bare but your videos always take my mind off of it. Sometimes I feel like when I watch these videos of yours, I feel like I'm talking with a sister

  23. Kim S

    Kim SYear ago

    Anyone else coming to check to make sure she's still on USwork on December 27th 2017?

  24. Melissa O'Brien

    Melissa O'BrienYear ago

    I forgot to ask where did you get that choker!!!!!!!! It's goraaaaaaas!

  25. Melissa O'Brien

    Melissa O'BrienYear ago

    I always appreciate your honesty. I have struggled with anxiety off and on for some time now and it seems to be getting worse this year. I have coping skills for it, but it doesn't always work. Also, Publix kicks a$$! Miss that grocery store!

  26. bridgette sellars

    bridgette sellarsYear ago

    "There is nothing special about me, that you don't have in you." -Jaclyn Hill 💜

  27. Eduardo Gold Valz Gen

    Eduardo Gold Valz GenYear ago

    I'd watch your reality show!!! good luck! xoxo

  28. Leah Susanna

    Leah SusannaYear ago

    Love this video❤️

  29. jodi coleman

    jodi colemanYear ago

    wow rewatching this video a year later and seeing how much has changed for you is so awesome!!! Literally, I couldn't be more proud to have you has a role model. It's so cool to see how succcessful your palette has become bc like you said in this video- it took wayyy longer than expected. Not to mention you finally got to take your family on vacation and you and Jon have calls dream house, it's just so incredible and I am so happy for you!!! I can't wait to see what these last few months of 2017 and the next year have in store for you because I know its gonna be great! I love you so much and just thank you for starting youtube and following your dreams because I know you've made a difference in my life.

  30. Morgan Elizabeth

    Morgan ElizabethYear ago

    I love listening to you talk! So relatable and I would soo read your book so please do!! 💓💓

  31. Kayla Forsythe

    Kayla ForsytheYear ago

    Please write a book!!!!!!!!!! Love you so much

  32. Mary Grace Felton

    Mary Grace FeltonYear ago

    I would totally read your autobiography/memoirs!

  33. Elizabeth Gregory

    Elizabeth GregoryYear ago

    OMG the talk over anxiety, girlfriend THANK YOU!!!! That's what I do with make up. Ugh its sucks, thank you!!! There's days I don't even get out of bed either, n have to make myself. N girrrrl grill cheese yes!!! I put my chips in my sammiches but I don't eat peanut butter n jelly. I love BLTs too!!!

  34. Elizabeth Gregory

    Elizabeth GregoryYear ago

    So did she ever do her own line? Or just with Becca, and morphe palette? Who's watching in 2017?

  35. Gabrielle Trevino

    Gabrielle TrevinoYear ago

    For the record - I would watch you when you're in your 50s... I'll still need tips! lol

  36. Trishhani Yogaretnam

    Trishhani YogaretnamYear ago

    thank you for everything Jaclyn. not sure what you did or am still doing but watching your videos makes me forget the things i want to forget, im not sure how but yeah 💕

  37. Zoë Thompson

    Zoë ThompsonYear ago

    'Thank you God, Thank you essential oils, thank you iPad." aint that the truth

  38. Hallie Alcantar

    Hallie AlcantarYear ago

    i want to see the line so bad

  39. Christian Arroyo

    Christian ArroyoYear ago

    I've watched the first 7 seconds 20 times 😂

  40. Eirin Oien

    Eirin OienYear ago

    I love the mental breakdown at the beginning

  41. Arizona Babe

    Arizona Babe2 years ago

    It's next year and I don't see a makeup line girl 🤧😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧

  42. Samanatha Benacquista

    Samanatha Benacquista2 years ago

    Never seen one of your videos before, watching you talk about your anxieties so honestly and being so strong, I totally see the way you think and how you act is why you are so successful and moving forward with your life. New subscriber for sure!

  43. Lainie Neve

    Lainie Neve2 years ago

    I love how she hinted at the morphe pallet

  44. Tiffani Ntanos

    Tiffani Ntanos2 years ago

    I'm a cancer too and I swear to God we are the same people! Every one of your answers in you Q&A's are the answers I would give for myself! So envious and proud of you

  45. Kacey O Donoghue

    Kacey O Donoghue2 years ago

    Please come to ireland please 😁😁

  46. Kacey O Donoghue

    Kacey O Donoghue2 years ago

    Tutorial on this look please! 😊 sending happy vibes and 💖

  47. Kiley Ritenour

    Kiley Ritenour2 years ago

    Omg I live in Florida toooo

  48. Gess

    Gess2 years ago

    santorini is awesome! gotta go! =)

  49. Charlie Mahon

    Charlie Mahon2 years ago

    watching this now, and you've got your house and your palette with morphe is SOLD OUT ALL THE TIME 💖💖💖

  50. Emily Rich

    Emily Rich2 years ago

    I used to eat pb&js with cheddar cheese, and bagels and cream cheese with doritos!! Suuuhhh goood!!! Try it!!

  51. Emilie Nicole

    Emilie Nicole2 years ago

    i LOVE your friends references! i'm on round four of rewatching it and no shame!!

  52. Madeline Grow

    Madeline Grow2 years ago

    I suffer from awful anxiety for so so long and I've heard so many ways to try and deal with it and you literally just made my cry talking about it because what you just said made so much sense and it's so awesome to know other people that have gone through it. I would completely recommend you to make a anxiety/depression video because I think you could impact a lot of people. Totally understand if you don't though, love you!