GameStop Girl be Playin' Games


  1. Foshow

    Foshow50 minutes ago

    She went from asking about the girls in his videos, to becoming one.

  2. Vash EV

    Vash EVHour ago

    When you are the only one in the server😎 when a girl joins( GIRL) heyy😏😏😏 (boy ) 😎😔😖😫😖😖😖

  3. bodhi tree

    bodhi tree2 hours ago

    Red flagggggggs

  4. send sleep

    send sleep2 hours ago

    theory: the girl touched his nuts/john. uhhhh, thats like sexual harassment man.

  5. Reymundo Canche

    Reymundo Canche2 hours ago

    Hey sWooZie how come you don’t talk about your time in WCG ultimate gamer.

  6. Garrison

    Garrison4 hours ago

    is she gonna sell some gamer girl bathwater by any chance?

  7. Alli

    Alli6 hours ago

    Husband: Yo you wanna play Smash? Swoozie: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  8. Typical Gucci

    Typical Gucci7 hours ago

    Love From Trinidad and Tobago

  9. ZAYVON Wright

    ZAYVON Wright7 hours ago


  10. Will T

    Will T8 hours ago

    This came out on my birthday yay

  11. Angel Larsen

    Angel Larsen8 hours ago

    yo swoozie, You are really funny and you are the highlight of my day!

  12. Peter Vlogs

    Peter Vlogs9 hours ago


  13. Izzy Fullbuster

    Izzy Fullbuster10 hours ago

    I don't know how to say this without offending you and/or you understanding me so I guess I'll put it like this... My Swooze dood, ya gotta let her husbando know that she be tryna chill wit chu, like what she do'in idn't oki, oki?

  14. isaac daniel

    isaac daniel11 hours ago

    nah nah nahh she gonna cheat on dis new dude too bruh i kid u not hoes gonna be hoes no matter what u do they ain't gonna change

  15. Yolo Lol

    Yolo Lol11 hours ago

    Eh...wasn't worth the time I spent watching this. I mean, he should've just said he fucked the girl. Come on now. Makes no fucking sense. Horrible video. Before you ask why I'm here or that I should leave, I did so shut the fuck up. If anybody is going to "No u", that's not a fucking comeback, dumbass. So still, shut the fuck up. If anybody says "Why don't you shut the fuck up?", I'll say "Back to you, bitch." So shut the fuck up, bitch.

  16. LIL GG

    LIL GG12 hours ago


  17. XxRainbowSkullxX

    XxRainbowSkullxX12 hours ago

    0:44 lol read dead redemption 2

  18. Jolly Arena

    Jolly Arena14 hours ago

    Wii games

  19. AnnoyedOtaku `

    AnnoyedOtaku `15 hours ago

    So basically, you were like the middle man in all of this shit and surprisingly, you got out of it clean too lol

  20. Melyrob Stefan

    Melyrob Stefan17 hours ago

    I have Xbox one but my parents can't afford video games I only have two can you give me your games that you don't won't anymore please

  21. HEX.VeCtor

    HEX.VeCtor18 hours ago

    Bruh this woman is Nasty as hell

  22. Hs Kn

    Hs Kn21 hour ago


  23. Roberto Blake

    Roberto Blake23 hours ago

    When in ATL check out a place called Battle and Brew. You’d probably like it, good food 🥘, drinks 🍹 and Games.

  24. the galaxy its self and friends 2314

    the galaxy its self and friends 231423 hours ago

    I saw that red dead redemption copy👀😏.


    SHELIA MCGEE23 hours ago

    Fam day girl is a thot

  26. CallMeElectrix

    CallMeElectrix23 hours ago

    Has anyone seen my virginity? I think I left it at my sister's house but I'm not sur... Oh nevermind, it was stuck in my cat's asshole. Oh well, I'll let him have it. I can always take someone else's. I think my grandma is in town...

  27. CallMeElectrix

    CallMeElectrix23 hours ago

    Dammit my grandma already got her virginity taken by a guy named Joeseph Stalin. Anyone has a spare virginity I can borrow? Just for one night. Actually I have to be in bed by 8:00 so I can't be there for the night. I guess I can always rely on my cat at times like these. Too bad he died 4 years ago.

  28. Mimi Morris

    Mimi MorrisDay ago

    Swoozie I hope you find a Love you don't have to question

  29. MisterR20 Clark

    MisterR20 ClarkDay ago

    Lol just me saying where was she at when I was working at gamestop

  30. Relo4dZ

    Relo4dZDay ago

    Girl joins the lobby: Everyone else: YoU gOt An InStAgRaM

  31. *DeathASUNA *

    *DeathASUNA *Day ago

    Majority of y’all came for the thumbnail, don’t @ me



    woah you cant go back? to jail >^< haha

  33. Pierre Artis

    Pierre ArtisDay ago

    I tell my room make a video of you marry a girl

  34. Pierre Artis

    Pierre ArtisDay ago

    Do a video of you and a girl Mary Ingle children and you married😂😂😂😂😂 a chicken head

  35. Roby xD

    Roby xDDay ago

    9:00 God damn girl LOOK WHILE YOU DRIVING

  36. yt MBHX

    yt MBHXDay ago

    Can we play fortnite

  37. Venus' Proportion

    Venus' Proportion14 hours ago

    @Danny the Uncanny we can talk about anything we want

  38. Danny the Uncanny

    Danny the Uncanny19 hours ago

    What a bunch of virgins

  39. Venus' Proportion

    Venus' ProportionDay ago

    My epic is БΞЯЯЯУ

  40. Venus' Proportion

    Venus' ProportionDay ago

    sure my epic is БΞЯЯЯУ

  41. Schlachten Gaming

    Schlachten GamingDay ago

    Oof, most my friends are like that. Be sitting there playing apex with the bros and then we get ina game with a female all their attention goes to her rather than the subject we were just talkin about

  42. SM0R3S

    SM0R3SDay ago

    I thought it was just me that BJ's quality dropped.

  43. SGB Productions

    SGB ProductionsDay ago

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The worst thing is that a lot of the time, boys think you are a boy or thing you are a TikTok ‘gamer girl’

  44. Yll Ibraimi

    Yll IbraimiDay ago

    Ey look dark raiden

  45. marvin wenn

    marvin wennDay ago

    Damn i hate girls like that damn .

  46. J Luxe

    J LuxeDay ago

    I'm glad she found what she truly wanted...eventually.

  47. Alissa Z.

    Alissa Z.Day ago

    why have you even spent time with this person. Dude the more im watching the more im just lost for words. You're a real piece of shit wow. Congrats.

  48. gamester1416

    gamester1416Day ago

    Lol that line 😂

  49. paul arocha

    paul arochaDay ago

    Lmaooooo this is a wild story

  50. Kyle Danner

    Kyle DannerDay ago

    Description of every marriage when you married under age 27 or so lol

  51. MisfitPanda

    MisfitPandaDay ago

    Nah if I didn't tell my husband I was out with some guy, he would not be happy and it would be the same thing for me if my husband did that.

  52. Kai Logan

    Kai LoganDay ago

    Girl walks in hwbbehjdhddjxkwksjedidjr

  53. Zanjuar HR

    Zanjuar HRDay ago

    3:17 my new rington

  54. Kile James

    Kile JamesDay ago

    That is a lie

  55. Alana Ash

    Alana AshDay ago

    oh gosh these videos are legit lol