Sik World - No One Knows (feat. Axyl)


  1. Sik World

    Sik World4 months ago

    Here we are… damn, i present to you all my new video to “No One Knows”. i wrote this song after I hit the lowest point in my life. between dealing with a constant depression, an unfulfilled feeling of winning as an artist but not having a family to celebrate with & finding out my girlfriend, the only person who made me feel like I had a “family” between us two and my daughter, who I loved so much that I wanted to marry her (I still have the ring I never got to give her), wasn’t the person she pretended to be, she hurt me & severed our relationship…it caused me to fall into a deep level of depression. so much so that for the first time in my life I became suicidal… it’s hard for me to publicly admit that, especially in a song. I kept it to myself & didn’t tell anyone because my music is supposed to “help” people who feel this way yet i couldn’t “help” myself. so i made this song to let it all out, so here is my story that ’no one knows’, i love you & i hope this song gives you hope… PS. listen to this song on repeat on Spotify & add it to your playlist #SIKNATION ❤️ Link:

  2. sara wells

    sara wellsDay ago

    @Cullen Dinger very well said. It really sucks when you think a person is one person and have a family together to learn there someone else and become a broken family and single.

  3. sara wells

    sara wellsDay ago

    I absolutely love this song. I believe alot people can relate especially more and more people who are becoming single parents. It's really hard when you didnt or dont have your parents than even after you tried to give the "family" life to your child , you feel like you failed when it doesnt work out. I am grateful you put this song out, show deep feeling and believers such a huge meaning.

  4. Lindsey Salathiel

    Lindsey Salathiel3 days ago

    Sik World I have listened to this song on repeat for two days. I am in the middle of a divorce after 7 years with a man who turned out to be a monster. My head is so twisted up from the emotional abuse. I had no clue it was happening. I have a 3 year old daughter. He has temporary custody of her because his lawyer got to the judge before mine. I have to beg to see my little girl..: I was at home with her for most of her life. I am doing everything in my power to get her back now and I will but this is exhausting but thank you for your music it has really helped get me through and keep me sober the past two days I start out patient rehab tomorrow


    ALL CLUTCH3 days ago

    Same here big dog. I listen thi this close to 20x q day

  6. Bees Knees

    Bees Knees5 days ago

    Respect 💯💯💯💯 keep goin bro don’t stop u got this

  7. Dark Gamer10111

    Dark Gamer101116 hours ago

    This honestly kinda relates to what im going through love your music

  8. Rasheyd Killing

    Rasheyd Killing3 days ago

    Sik World & NF both the goats💯

  9. #ligmagang

    #ligmagang3 days ago

    We love you and your music bro. You are awesome!!

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  11. Gino Zuidam

    Gino Zuidam3 days ago

    sik world witt lowry collab please

  12. David Connolly

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  13. Erenyntrr -

    Erenyntrr -7 days ago

    You don’t just hear his pain but i can also feel his pain, He took all this pain and made a video about it. Your the man bro stay strong

  14. RebornOG

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    LIL HAWAIIAN SUN9 days ago

    I can relate to this 2:48 more than anything

  16. Pagal hain

    Pagal hain9 days ago

    2:26 NEVER LOSE FAITH 💓🔥

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  18. BuildRBlock

    BuildRBlock10 days ago

    Whatever you do, dont give up. you are on my top 5 artists, Witt Lowry, NF, Sik World, KAAN, and Phora. You guys are driving this emotional music back into our culture. Please dont give up on life, you are an inspiration to so many. trust, it gets better with time.

  19. jonovan strickland

    jonovan strickland11 days ago

    Bro this brought tears to my eyes this is long overdue good job Sik bro keep it up

  20. Raging Demon

    Raging Demon12 days ago

    Yeah, feels like I'm losing myself Feels like I'm losing myself Why am I dooming myself The fuck did I do to myself Should've been true to myself Dumb to think you would've helped Dumb to think you would've helped Feels like I'm brewing in Hell Feels like I'm brewing in Hell Can't be hard for you to tell, uh Stuck in a slump and I keep climbing up I just turned 25 feels like my time is up Feels like everyone's us and it's harder to trust And I can't shake the gut feeling I'm feeling like there's a knife in my gut And that's a gut feeling When you know deep down that the real person you love Is dooming you that's why I left No don't get upset when you see me ‘cause I didn't wanna give you up And it's fucked to think for you I wasn't enough I just wanted your love but you wanted There's some nights I wanna go and get hella drunk So everything I was feeling could turn into numb Addicted to you, you're my favorite drug I buy your lies, you're my favorite plug Sometimes at night I will stare up above And wish under a star that I wasn't so dumb Why does it even matter, shit I didn't matter I built up my hope just for it to get shattered I'm always alone with the thoughts that I gather I flip through my thoughts it's a terrible pattern As if flipping through ‘em will lead me to answers I try to move forward, but keep going backwards I hide all my pain behind smiles and laughter Where no one knows that I'm a wild disaster, fuck Give me all Oh, I wanna walk away I'm living like a ghost And no one ever knows See me fall Oh, I knew that I would break I'm living like a ghost But no one ever knows Always alone I wish someone could see me I lay in my bed staring up at the ceiling Talking to myself until I'm overthinking I'm home all alone no one knows that I'm weeping I swear my whole life is so fucking deceiving And I stand for broke with the checks I'm receiving My money can't buy the family I'm needing My money can't heal the agony I'm feeling I need someone to love to me, someone to hug me Someone to be there when my mind gets ugly I swear they really think my life is stunning Bro I come home to absolutely nothing I'm just a lonely guy loaded with money Nobody told me my days won't be sunny I'm bleeding on people who didn't cut me So when they leave me, they leave ‘cause they bloody I have issues with women, I'm so co-depended I can't love myself, so I need her to give it And that's always where my self-worth is depicted And that's why I date women so narcissistic My mind is a mess and it's always conflicted And lately it's been hard to make a decision And it pains me that I finally admit it I've been suicidal and trying not to end it, fuck Give my all Oh, I wanna walk away I'm living like a ghost And no one ever knows See me fall Oh, I knew that I would break I'm living like a ghost But no one ever knows I'm saddened to think people that think that I'm reaching And that is the reason I feel what I'm feeling I may have some fame, but it's pain that I'm reaping I been praying to God asking Him for a healing Man, I need my mom, I need my dad I need the family we never had Our family's broken, I'm feeling hopeless Nobody notice I'm in a trance All I have is my daughter I stare in her eyes And I break down all I do is provide How can I give her a family life When it's just me and her every night, fuck Yo, this shit is too much I'm single-handedly killing my buzz I don't make music ‘cause I'm in a rut And all of the stress of it is making me numb Why do I dream of a Grammy I'm winning When I don't have a family to celebrate with me Look there is no bullshit excuse that you could give me To make me feel like my damn life is worth living I swear loneliness is a cancer within me I'm searching for friends ‘cause my family's missing This shit is exhausting, I'm thinking of quitting And maybe the end for me is a new beginning Give my all Oh, I wanna walk away I'm living like a ghost And no one ever knows See me fall Oh, I knew that I would break I'm living like a ghost But no one ever knows

  21. caitlyn duncan

    caitlyn duncan12 days ago

    This is my all time favourite song

  22. Æyad Sumّood

    Æyad Sumّood15 days ago

    HE'S GOOD .. Does he have a song about not being dumbed tho

  23. RiftShotzYT

    RiftShotzYT9 days ago

    That's depression, sik world

  24. Yung War Vet

    Yung War Vet15 days ago

    Sad rappers - tom macdonald

  25. Christy Clevenger

    Christy Clevenger16 days ago

    I can’t wait for new Music 💯🍾🔥

  26. Nicole  Rosado

    Nicole Rosado17 days ago

    I appreciate this song. Cause i know how you exactly feel.

  27. CK SHEIK

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  28. Lisa Reges

    Lisa Reges19 days ago

    Me too😭

  29. Kimari Crump

    Kimari Crump20 days ago

    Hide the pain 😕

  30. William Cripps

    William Cripps20 days ago

    Damn man this is real everyday people go through this. Keep up the great work.

  31. Jonathan Angel

    Jonathan Angel21 day ago

    Its good but this beat was meant for a slow type of rap not rapid fast bars, but its still good

  32. Doaa Ali

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  33. Adrian Wood

    Adrian Wood23 days ago

    "Im home all alone no one knows that im weeping."

  34. Jonathan Rangel

    Jonathan Rangel23 days ago

    Your songs speak to me so much!!! Keep going bro!!! 🙏🏼

  35. FR33Z3C0N

    FR33Z3C0N26 days ago

    I’m so codependent I can’t love myself so I need her to give it damn that’s deep felt that shit

  36. Jens van heers

    Jens van heers27 days ago

    You know who needs to get a track togheter witt lowrey and sikworld i think they gonna be like a good team

  37. Taylah Bergin

    Taylah Bergin28 days ago

    Is he American? Australian? I can’t find it anywhere

  38. cearilin dubhlaoi

    cearilin dubhlaoi28 days ago

    Wow... Powerful i love how deep this is ❤️❤️👌👌

  39. Base Travel

    Base Travel29 days ago

    Your my only hope now my therapy has stopped working and I’m crashing I’m going down faster then a crashing star I wish I could tell someone but I feel it’s better locked away

  40. Base Travel

    Base Travel27 days ago

    Josh Mallory but it’s so much pain I just want it to stop to leave me I wanna to be the happy guy I was as a teen I want to not need to worry about anything I want to be free

  41. Josh Mallory

    Josh Mallory28 days ago

    Smile now cry later my friend still struggling havent reached a point in my life where i can stop and cry for all I have lost

  42. CIA

    CIAMonth ago

    Not to be rude but why is all the music I’ve been hearing lately about either a breakup or hooking up with someone?? I understand the message and needing to vent your frustrations and pain. But can we at least get some originality Because this copy and paste shit is getting annoying! Sik I’m not targeting you for making a song about your breakup or your becoming suicidal. Homie I love your music and i hope and pray that everything will only get better for you!

  43. CIA

    CIAMonth ago

    Another thing is I’d rather listen to coherent rap about a breakup or hook up with someone than all that mumble rap bullshit about sex drugs and booze

  44. cringe champion 10

    cringe champion 10Month ago

    My sister nows sik world

  45. Shawn Cooper

    Shawn CooperMonth ago

    Who’s been here since the beginning with him though I know I have

  46. Moz Heartt

    Moz HearttMonth ago

    Man sik world you speak to me on many different levels and inspire me as my own artist . would love for a like on this comment

  47. Zachary Danger

    Zachary DangerMonth ago

    This had me in tears in the middle of work. Apart from a few key details, there is so much I can relate to in this... Your rhymes are certainly hitting home for me right now...

  48. Dylan Rawr

    Dylan RawrMonth ago

    I remember listening to him in middle school song was called thats depression Did he make it?

  49. m cav

    m cavMonth ago

    This song hits home so so hard. Every single word is pure truth. "I'm living like a ghost, that nobody knows." "I'm searching for friends because my family's missing.". Honestly I've never heard of you but please don't stop being you, keep writing, you're going to change the lives of millions of people. Mine included.

  50. Nicholas Rancourt

    Nicholas RancourtMonth ago

    I need my mom I need my dad I need the family we never had- I felt that 😔😔😔

  51. gordon daisley

    gordon daisleyMonth ago

    It’s just mental It’s not an illness It’s life man it ain’t easy I’ve felt it. And you probably have too life’s tough Shit resonated with me 🔥

  52. lisa Moy

    lisa MoyMonth ago

    My favorite rap song

  53. Nate Kellogg

    Nate KelloggMonth ago

    Who ever disliked this is really fucked up tf wrong with y’all trashy ass people only dislike his songs tf y’all need to get a life all those people who disliked this video, back off maybe if you didn’t like it then turn the video off didn’t have to dislike this tf fuck off



    Wow this song hit deep....

  55. Shell Riccardi

    Shell RiccardiMonth ago

    Thank u word much for ur songs. Everyone even a artist is a human we can be depressed. I struggle with depression and anxiety and PTSD. It's a struggle every day but people like me make me feel like I'm not alone so thank you

  56. briana chiappetta

    briana chiappettaMonth ago

    Am I the only one who notice that’s tyler from teen mom or am I crazy .???

  57. Alec Keene

    Alec KeeneMonth ago

    I was looking for the QOTSA song. What is this insufferable conformity.

  58. Muna Ahmad

    Muna AhmadMonth ago

    Sik world + Phora + NF = 😩🤯😍

  59. David Connolly

    David ConnollyMonth ago

    RELATABLE 😭😭😭😭😭

  60. ExIL3Pvp_

    ExIL3Pvp_Month ago

    We should get Sik, NF, and Ryan Oaks on a track together. That would be amazing!

  61. Jonathan Veenhuizen

    Jonathan Veenhuizen12 days ago


  62. ExIL3Pvp_

    ExIL3Pvp_Month ago

    This guy is so underrated smh

  63. Jacob Marshall

    Jacob MarshallMonth ago

    I can relate to the pain when you say " Bro I come home to absolutely nothing".

  64. NuneZation Channel

    NuneZation ChannelMonth ago

    love this songgg . hit home hard

  65. Nicholas Rancourt

    Nicholas RancourtMonth ago

    I just turned 18 and I feel like I've had enough because I basically grew up without a mother and I can't keep a relationship and idk why I'm loving and loyal so I just don't understand why why I'm loosing everything

  66. LisaMarie Velez

    LisaMarie VelezMonth ago

    Stop pushing those who care away

  67. David Connolly

    David ConnollyMonth ago

    I can’t decide who better Sik world or NF

  68. David Connolly

    David ConnollyMonth ago

    #SIKNATION 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. Blessing Hampako

    Blessing HampakoMonth ago

    He is good

  70. MonstrocitaDayWalker

    MonstrocitaDayWalkerMonth ago

    You're amazing lyrically, life gives so much motivation to write. Keep fighting the depression for your daughter! Im fighting mine for my son. Never felt a song so deep that ive cried. ❤ your stories not over!