Dance Battle Gone Wrong | Anwar Jibawi


  1. Anwar Jibawi

    Anwar Jibawi2 years ago

    Thanks for watching! Who wants a dance battle with Sammy?

  2. Crystal_mermaid play and Kylie

    Crystal_mermaid play and Kylie26 days ago


  3. Tristen Kallidas

    Tristen KallidasMonth ago

    You should do the dance from the video the "best dancer "ever. Watch he pop it like a pro

  4. Hasan Amin

    Hasan AminMonth ago


  5. Selena Cervantes

    Selena CervantesMonth ago


  6. Muce Khaaa

    Muce KhaaaMonth ago

    Oh man you are osom

  7. Badara Gaye

    Badara Gaye5 hours ago

    My gold fish Sebastian just died😂😂😂😂

  8. Rayan Kloub

    Rayan Kloub9 hours ago

    Last part was so funny

  9. Daniel Eliezer

    Daniel Eliezer16 hours ago

    Anwar going to spinebuster movement

  10. SH4D8W W0LF

    SH4D8W W0LF5 days ago

    That girl was kinda cringe 😂

  11. Øthmân Nõõ7

    Øthmân Nõõ76 days ago

    Im dead laughing hahaha

  12. Наталья Бойко

    Наталья Бойко10 days ago

    When you realize a short guy is better at dancing than you.

  13. BillyBingus

    BillyBingus10 days ago

    The part were the girl is "dancing" is so cringy.

  14. Tony Maxx

    Tony Maxx11 days ago

    No offense but i just dont think that young girl dances nice like what dance is she doing? That dance was creepy

  15. Martin King

    Martin King12 days ago

    The end was unpredictable😂

  16. The Starboy

    The Starboy13 days ago

    Anwar is trabble don't invite him 😂 😂

  17. Abdus Salam Abdool Satar

    Abdus Salam Abdool Satar13 days ago

    My Goldfish Sebastian just died,..!! Anwar: ohhh, fcuk you and your Goldfish,..!!!!

  18. iNR Znopes

    iNR Znopes16 days ago

    That girls dance skill is trash

  19. L U C I D D R E A M

    L U C I D D R E A M16 days ago

    Sammy looks like a retard when she dances

  20. Saif GAMING

    Saif GAMING18 days ago

    1:38 that guy got clapped

  21. Kaleem Ullah

    Kaleem Ullah19 days ago

    Bahut hard bahut hard

  22. ankit rawat

    ankit rawat20 days ago

    which song is playing on starting?

  23. Nicholas Walcott

    Nicholas Walcott22 days ago

    The thicky thou.... Just saying


    KING MOVIE23 days ago

    What song 0:00 - 0:30

  25. Musab Osman

    Musab Osman24 days ago

    Lol at the end was funny😆😆😆😆😆

  26. Isai Garcia

    Isai Garcia25 days ago

    The girl is so cringe

  27. Amr Alkhatib

    Amr Alkhatib25 days ago

    That’s girl is crazy

  28. ツSnOWZz

    ツSnOWZz25 days ago

    The little girl is cringe

  29. Aagyyn

    Aagyyn26 days ago

    I can't tell wether that was a hug or-

  30. Mr demon

    Mr demon27 days ago

    What that song's name

  31. TheRockhouse Project

    TheRockhouse Project29 days ago

    Omg that old lady

  32. RAHAT

    RAHATMonth ago

    I love Anwar 😍❤️❤️❤️


    GAMING POWERMonth ago

    They told me not to fight but today I fight

  34. Ismail Ali

    Ismail AliMonth ago

    Love you

  35. Tristen Kallidas

    Tristen KallidasMonth ago

    Do the dance from the video the best dancer ever. Watch he pop it like a pro 😎🎧🎵🎶🎶🎤🎸💿

  36. Silent_Wolf 66

    Silent_Wolf 66Month ago

    On 1:35 that guy looks so sad when anwar comes lol



    All cast name please ??

  38. Vaccine -NT

    Vaccine -NTMonth ago

    Whats the first song called

  39. WorldCreator

    WorldCreatorMonth ago

    lol anwar Jibawi so funny as hell best youtuber ever

  40. XR 1

    XR 1Month ago

    Thanks for the invite

  41. Anthony Mattina

    Anthony MattinaMonth ago

    The GOAT Anwar Jibawi🐐🐐

  42. hassan shah

    hassan shahMonth ago

    August 2019 again here only for sebastian....

  43. Abdikadir Jama

    Abdikadir JamaMonth ago

    the best pretender😂

  44. Fabiha Karim

    Fabiha KarimMonth ago

    3:15 pretty cringe bro

  45. Saved by Allah

    Saved by AllahMonth ago

    It’s not his fault. They forced him to bring it lol

  46. Sebastian Cavazos

    Sebastian CavazosMonth ago

    So sad it mad me cry so bad

  47. Sameep Hamal

    Sameep HamalMonth ago

    When the competition become crowded. Leave it

  48. Coolcash MVP

    Coolcash MVPMonth ago

    Your My favorite USworkR I don’t know it’s true but Leo’s stick together WE LIKE BLUE TO No homo man but Your the best

  49. Grace Friedman

    Grace FriedmanMonth ago

    2019 anyone?

  50. Music Staifi

    Music StaifiMonth ago

    رائع ❤️😁

  51. Skuxx Monster

    Skuxx MonsterMonth ago

    And they say women only want attention🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  52. Rawinia Te Rangipuawhe

    Rawinia Te RangipuawheMonth ago

    Why do you haven't to be a big man

  53. Alayjah Mcquilla

    Alayjah McquillaMonth ago

    I'm better.

  54. Mod Huntre

    Mod HuntreMonth ago

    I would've danced like star lord

  55. Vaibhav Kapoor

    Vaibhav KapoorMonth ago


  56. Daniel Alexander

    Daniel AlexanderMonth ago

    I wonder who that girl is... I wonder if shes actually a professional dancer.

  57. Karamtheboss201000 0

    Karamtheboss201000 0Month ago

    Sometimes I hate girls because they dance like zombies sometimes

  58. Adrian Lòpez

    Adrian LòpezMonth ago

    They told me il never dance again. And here I am dancing. Again

  59. Elsie broderick

    Elsie broderickMonth ago


  60. PishoOfficalFear

    PishoOfficalFearMonth ago

    I like how the little girl is aggressive but anwar is chill

  61. Selena Cervantes

    Selena CervantesMonth ago

    The way the little girl was dancing that is how I dance

  62. Solomon Brown

    Solomon BrownMonth ago

    Anwar speared that dude real good


    THE TRUTHMonth ago

    I know now that if the video is going one way it’s gonna completely change at the end 😂 love it

  64. Alle Lewis

    Alle LewisMonth ago

    When someone forced you out and you actually have fun.

  65. Ana Paula De Oliveira Rocha

    Ana Paula De Oliveira RochaMonth ago