Dance Battle Gone Wrong | Anwar Jibawi


  1. Anwar Jibawi

    Anwar JibawiYear ago

    Thanks for watching! Who wants a dance battle with Sammy?

  2. Dj Bless BW

    Dj Bless BW8 days ago

    Please I request the names of the Songs Anwar😭😭😭💛

  3. Kaidyn Tidmore

    Kaidyn Tidmore10 days ago


  4. Johnny Appleseed

    Johnny Appleseed13 days ago


  5. Eliaz- chan

    Eliaz- chan16 days ago


  6. Su tart

    Su tartMonth ago

    Anwar Jibawi why not

  7. M14theChannel

    M14theChannel3 hours ago

    3:52 when your asian and you come home at 8 :01

  8. Shanna Goodlow

    Shanna GoodlowDay ago

    The poor grandma looks so saddd. :(

  9. Minh Hoàng

    Minh HoàngDay ago

    Haha genius man

  10. Satbir Kenth

    Satbir Kenth2 days ago

    Anwar always has the best endings 😂😂

  11. CX부서진

    CX부서진3 days ago

    The girl looks possessed...

  12. JakulaithWolff

    JakulaithWolff4 days ago

    RIP goldfish Sebastian :(

  13. JakulaithWolff

    JakulaithWolff4 days ago

    The girl's instagram is officialjoellebetter if you're curious who she is.

  14. JakulaithWolff

    JakulaithWolff4 days ago

    0:28 I love that kind of character he plays xDD suits him best.

  15. Mr.PopDude

    Mr.PopDude5 days ago

    The first half is soooo fucking awkward 🤧🤧🤧

  16. Alma Lamas

    Alma Lamas6 days ago

    It's true white people don't know how to dance

  17. Angelica Punzalan

    Angelica Punzalan7 days ago

    Dude the kid got u good have loser super shorty

  18. can we get 10.000 subs, no vids

    can we get 10.000 subs, no vids9 days ago

    That girl was fkg cringy

  19. johnny tapueluelu

    johnny tapueluelu10 days ago

    Anwar is my favourite viner

  20. Justin Figueroa

    Justin Figueroa10 days ago

    3:26 the look on your face when your finished sniffing the whole brick of cocaine

  21. Maggie and Adriana

    Maggie and Adriana11 days ago

    Shetup 🤬

  22. Jin J

    Jin J11 days ago

    This is a live representation of my Instagram feed

  23. Azlaan Khan

    Azlaan Khan11 days ago

    Attention battle

  24. Fluffy Puppy

    Fluffy Puppy11 days ago

    An war in the first 30 seconds describes be at parties

  25. Ramazan Soltani

    Ramazan Soltani11 days ago

    Wooooow whenever I m sad I m watching Anwar ‘s videos it makes me really happy 😃 Alots of love ❤️ from Afghanistan

  26. Legends Never die

    Legends Never die11 days ago


  27. Habib

    Habib11 days ago

    صاحا انور

  28. Samoba Ba

    Samoba Ba12 days ago

    Haha. This was hilarious

  29. babybear 016

    babybear 01613 days ago

    The little girl dance bad

  30. Evander Holyfield

    Evander Holyfield13 days ago


  31. Aditya Thakur

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  32. Mubeen Muhammad

    Mubeen Muhammad14 days ago

    What is she doing 3:22

  33. Julio Dena

    Julio Dena14 days ago

    Ugky ass girl

  34. Ellen Arnold

    Ellen Arnold15 days ago

    lol they are always picking him up lol I know that struggle lol I'm 4.11

  35. N Life

    N Life16 days ago

    0:3 me

  36. ruuxi

    ruuxi16 days ago


  37. Juan Jantes

    Juan Jantes17 days ago

    Poor anwar

  38. Elizabeth Duncan

    Elizabeth Duncan22 days ago

    😂 well y'all wanted him to dance 😂

  39. احمد الجبوري

    احمد الجبوري22 days ago


  40. Mosa Banistani

    Mosa Banistani23 days ago

    4:21 I felt bad for the little girl

  41. Brandon Persaud

    Brandon Persaud23 days ago


  42. Temi's Topic YT

    Temi's Topic YT23 days ago

    the dances are so cringe

  43. Arianna’s Outlet

    Arianna’s Outlet23 days ago

    I really like your videos but I can easily beat you in a dance battle

  44. Qandeel Ahtasham

    Qandeel Ahtasham24 days ago

    The girl looks like she’s having a sesure


    KING KIMES24 days ago

    The faces she made while she was dancing were priceless, 🤣😅

  46. McWans

    McWans26 days ago

    still watch your old vids 👍

  47. YoItzFlicker lol

    YoItzFlicker lol26 days ago

    3:29 making it moan oh ah

  48. gamez 808

    gamez 80826 days ago


  49. Brams David

    Brams David27 days ago

    My gold fish Sebastian just was all...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Ashario

    Ashario28 days ago

    More like attention battle in the end LMAO

  51. Josue's Vlog's

    Josue's Vlog's28 days ago

    What’s the song 1:15

  52. Gloria Moran de Guzman

    Gloria Moran de Guzman29 days ago

    The girl is bad at dancing

  53. xXLilgoatXx Fortnite

    xXLilgoatXx Fortnite29 days ago

    If anwar doesn’t dance than why in his other video he was so good at dancing the video is -Best Dancer Ever btw

  54. Ankit Tiwari

    Ankit Tiwari29 days ago

    Who notice Joel better in this video

  55. Cool Boyy

    Cool BoyyMonth ago

    I loved the ending

  56. Darren Hilton

    Darren HiltonMonth ago

    'Black dress,' is top-notch. 👀

  57. الشيخ بعبع

    الشيخ بعبعMonth ago

    😂😂😂😂😂4:46 👌👌👌

  58. Ellis Kiwi

    Ellis KiwiMonth ago

    When everyone hypes you up tho

  59. ETHAN 360

    ETHAN 360Month ago

    His Friends are his 4m fans 🤪😱

  60. Ronald Torres

    Ronald TorresMonth ago

    Stupid but funny!

  61. pauliner100

    pauliner100Month ago


  62. abdi rage

    abdi rageMonth ago

    5k comments and nobody roasted that little girl

  63. Nashe Svova

    Nashe SvovaMonth ago

    hahaha whats up with the gold fish

  64. Madara Uchia

    Madara UchiaMonth ago

    What's the song at 3:19

  65. xXX Sharp_ Razor XXx delacruz

    xXX Sharp_ Razor XXx delacruzMonth ago

    3:15 she had a stroke

  66. xXX Sharp_ Razor XXx delacruz

    xXX Sharp_ Razor XXx delacruzMonth ago

    You beating your friend because they wink at your girl👧😤😤😠😠 4:42 LOL

  67. Jasmine Ortiz

    Jasmine OrtizMonth ago

    2:58 she looks like if she was Donald's Trump dad!CRINGE ALERT!

  68. Sher Shah

    Sher ShahMonth ago

    Legend has it that he’s still looking for attention.

  69. Ermin

    ErminMonth ago

    I meant 1:27

  70. Ermin

    ErminMonth ago

    anybody else watching in 2019

  71. Ermin

    ErminMonth ago

    camera exposed at 1:28

  72. Brailee Suli

    Brailee SuliMonth ago

    Me fk she suck

  73. Austin Bourgeois

    Austin BourgeoisMonth ago

    That ending tho

  74. Sabirin Iman

    Sabirin ImanMonth ago

    I’m a Muslim and something I don’t even think 💭 that you are a real Muslim at all bruh you be listening to music and dancing 🕺 and other things that are haram so I don’t even think that you are a Muslim 🙅🏽‍♀️

  75. : وحيد كل قمر :

    : وحيد كل قمر :Month ago

    انور كارثة 😂

  76. Bunker99

    Bunker99Month ago

    4:25 So . . . Either this is a sequel to Best Dancer Ever, or all of these videos are tied together. Also 2019 anyone?

  77. Freevbux Naji

    Freevbux NajiMonth ago


  78. Chris Escobedo

    Chris EscobedoMonth ago

    I feel bad for the old granny😟😟😟

  79. lx_ Gacha Caramel _xl

    lx_ Gacha Caramel _xlMonth ago

    Wow I love that girl she soooo goodddd

  80. DJ Cabriga

    DJ CabrigaMonth ago

    The girl is a good dancer

  81. Daveaune Billy

    Daveaune BillyMonth ago

    her face tho when she was dancing

  82. shahan Saidy

    shahan SaidyMonth ago

    Me:They told me I will never dance again But today I danced again My friends : alright STFU Wtf😂

  83. Saved by Allah

    Saved by AllahMonth ago

    Hey man I wanted to know what happened to that poor goldfish.....

  84. Christopher .A

    Christopher .AMonth ago

    Anwar should have dance battled with Rudy Manuscro

  85. Gaming Zone

    Gaming ZoneMonth ago

    That dance of little girl was so full of cringe...

  86. Moon 21

    Moon 21Month ago

    he is like me when starts nothing can stop. but before uh pls i dont dance hahahaha👍👍👍😘😘😘

  87. Hafai GT

    Hafai GTMonth ago

    Anwar picking a fight with everyone these days

  88. Romanawnsky squad

    Romanawnsky squadMonth ago

    3:18 CRINGE!

  89. Zaira Zerie

    Zaira ZerieMonth ago

    I feel bad for the grandma....😢😢😞😞

  90. AT

    ATMonth ago


  91. Ommy Assu

    Ommy AssuMonth ago


  92. Holly Timmins

    Holly TimminsMonth ago

    Anyone else see the subtitles at 0:28 saying to subscribe to a channel called: Viral 48 46 Group News

  93. play your way

    play your way2 months ago

    Dude . You are damn good dancer .

  94. Legend Gamer

    Legend Gamer2 months ago

    Bro stop you jealous ok 👌

  95. Rajveer Prasad

    Rajveer Prasad2 months ago

    I don't wanna go against Sammy


    SRINIVAS G2 months ago

    Superb funny creative short story .. awesome man ..😉

  97. ToXiC [TX]

    ToXiC [TX]2 months ago

    4:47 anwar is ready to strike.

  98. Fortnite Blogger

    Fortnite Blogger2 months ago

    Who else just thought that girl looked retarded

  99. Creamy Spinach 227

    Creamy Spinach 2272 months ago

    That little girl would be great in a horror movie

  100. ronjastuffz

    ronjastuffz2 months ago

    The girl did dance good.. *but her face ;-;*

  101. Nasrallah Rhimou Ok

    Nasrallah Rhimou Ok2 months ago

    100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 like

  102. Cristian Lucero YT

    Cristian Lucero YT2 months ago

    3:20 the girl got some moves oooo -DANG-

  103. Amrika Singh

    Amrika Singh2 months ago


  104. Demented Narwal

    Demented Narwal2 months ago

    Hey dont be mean to the gramo

  105. Drake Kevin De Villa

    Drake Kevin De Villa2 months ago

    I thouth that was donald trump