Pittsburgh Dad Reacts to Steelers vs Cardinals (Week 14)

Dad watches Devlin "Duck" Hodges and the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Arizona Cardinals.
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  1. MrZDawgSwag

    MrZDawgSwagMonth ago

    This was a quality episode. Much applause, Dad!

  2. Martin Elliot Edwards

    Martin Elliot EdwardsMonth ago

    The pirates. Just the pirates.

  3. 18_ Willys

    18_ WillysMonth ago

    For the buffalo game: can we cut off duck hodges arm and attach it to Ben.....come on steelers let's go

  4. Parker Empire

    Parker EmpireMonth ago


  5. Parker Empire

    Parker EmpireMonth ago

    Buffalo hahahhahaahahahahah booom, I'll be commenting on your buffalo video.

  6. Parker Empire

    Parker EmpireMonth ago

    Hey guy blow, last play

  7. John Young

    John YoungMonth ago

    Hello there!! I saw you in Pittsburgh comic con last weekend!! Cheers 🍻 I just started a USwork channel if you like to check it out. We are a subscriber :-) Love the back to the future video!!!

  8. kevin 157

    kevin 157Month ago

    Only Pittsburgh Dad can bring together the road runner, smurfs and the Steelers in one episode.

  9. Julie Thompson

    Julie ThompsonMonth ago

    I was at the game! Happy to get the win. And that run back was awesome!

  10. Michael Livesey

    Michael LiveseyMonth ago

    It sure was I was at that game it was a home game. I think we could count on 2 hands how many cards fans we walked by. Brought my 4 and 10 year olds to there first Steelers game had a blast got the W let's go Steelers. Only thing I can say is if that stadium would have sold Steelers merchandise they would have made millions.

  11. Rod Trongard

    Rod TrongardMonth ago


  12. Joshua Huffman

    Joshua HuffmanMonth ago

    Mason Rudolph is like the Mandalorian



    I'll put you on Facebook I have friends from coast to coast about to be more famous Pittsburgh Dad 412 in that house

  14. Roger Nadeau

    Roger NadeauMonth ago

    Steelers are Gay and I that's why I love them !!!

  15. Jon Pike

    Jon PikeMonth ago

    I bet Tree would agree with on the Pirates

  16. Beaver Falls Boxer 724 Beaver Falls Boxer 724

    Beaver Falls Boxer 724 Beaver Falls Boxer 724Month ago

    Playoffs here we come!

  17. Colin the Cockerel and friends

    Colin the Cockerel and friendsMonth ago

    Haha love it 😍 just been sent here from your biggest United Kingdom fan Alistair pooloopy πŸ”

  18. chris bikin

    chris bikinMonth ago

    As a cardinals fan this had me dying..

  19. The Low E

    The Low EMonth ago

    Yinz have no idea how many of us are in AZ! Notice how many times the announcers were commenting on the abundance of black & gold jerseys and terrible towels were in the stands? It was awesome! The largest Steeler Bar in the U.S. (reportedly) is in Phoenix! (Specifically it's in Cave Creek).

  20. Kj

    KjMonth ago

    For weeks everytime the camera shows Mason Rudoplh on the sideline i just yell at the tv. TAKE THAT DAMN HELMET OFF!!!

  21. Matt Dyer

    Matt DyerMonth ago

    Just want to remind everyone how good of a punt returner Antwaan Randle-El was...

  22. OTK_Tempted

    OTK_TemptedMonth ago

    go cards!

  23. Jennifer Vargo

    Jennifer VargoMonth ago

    Always enjoy Pittsburgh Dad ..


    ADRIAN PINEDAMonth ago


  25. Khiry Brown

    Khiry BrownMonth ago

    LMMFAO at 1:14

  26. MrPaulfizzle

    MrPaulfizzleMonth ago

    Rudolph is like the Mandalorian. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  27. Jason St.Clair

    Jason St.ClairMonth ago

    I grew up in Indiana Pennsylvania. I would like to see Pittsburgh Dad talk about the stupid weird names of Towns in Pennsylvania. One of my favorite quotes from my Dad. " You gonna cry? I'LL GIVE YA SOMETHIN TO CRY ABOUT!

  28. Connie Crawford

    Connie CrawfordMonth ago

    Even if the other team wins, they don’t have Pittsburgh Dad to make us laugh about it! We love our Pgh. Dad 🏈

  29. Connie Crawford

    Connie CrawfordMonth ago

    Arizona vultures-lmao!

  30. FreeSpirit

    FreeSpiritMonth ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you keel me!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  31. Hi, I'm Todd

    Hi, I'm ToddMonth ago

    Pittsburgh citizens our the biggest diehard sports fans of their home town team than anyone out there. It's kind of weird when you get to know someone from Pittsburgh on how much their life revolves around the Steelers or Penguins and Pirates. They will leave dinner early to watch a game or talk about the game and the players all the time. It could be an unhealthy obsession but they handle their devotion to the team better than anyone I have met.

  32. Nicholas DeMarco

    Nicholas DeMarcoMonth ago

    Stillers can beat him... With his own helmet. Gold.

  33. the man

    the manMonth ago

    2:33, Steelers also beat the #1 pick from the 2016 NFL Draft: Jared Goff

  34. Alex Findrick

    Alex FindrickMonth ago

    Lol It ain't just me.. I keep saying mason need to take that helmet off

  35. Karl Summers

    Karl SummersMonth ago

    I keep seeing comments about 'mandalorian'...I have no idea what that is?

  36. John R.

    John R.Month ago

    CLASSIC.. Dude I'm crying over here in Lebanon County Pennsyltucky.. Lmao..

  37. Parker Empire

    Parker EmpireMonth ago

    RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REACT TO THAT!

  38. Kevin Miller

    Kevin MillerMonth ago


  39. kuko0306

    kuko0306Month ago

    I’m a Cardinals fan and your videos are golden!

  40. Frank Toledo

    Frank ToledoMonth ago

    Good ones!!! Great Humor πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ΅πŸ¦œπŸ“ can't find a winning Cardinals. Just these two birds.

  41. HighCaliberGaming

    HighCaliberGamingMonth ago

    "The buccos need a roster and an owner" in love this

  42. Josh Nelson

    Josh NelsonMonth ago

    I was there and we were so loud right behind the Steelers bench they were signaling us to be quiet lol

  43. Diana Scheifen

    Diana ScheifenMonth ago

    I was at the Steelers vs Cardinals game... let's go Steelers!!!

  44. Eric F.

    Eric F.Month ago

    Aimèe loved ❀️ her birthday wishes!!!! Another great video!! Keep it up!

  45. Lillian

    LillianMonth ago

    Kyler Murray's gonna get grounded... Oop, sack, GRAHNDED!!

  46. Longsnapper 53

    Longsnapper 53Month ago

    Another masterpiece. Thanks....

  47. Geno2733

    Geno2733Month ago

    I goes you forgot about Antwaan Randle-El. He was good for returning kickoffs for TDs.

  48. Joe N

    Joe NMonth ago

    The Road Runner sound effects, I'm dyin'.

  49. Michael Nunnery

    Michael NunneryMonth ago

    Cardinals QB playing on a school night.

  50. Andy Statler

    Andy StatlerMonth ago

    Anybody else a cowboys fan watching these videos religiously?

  51. Crazy Davies

    Crazy DaviesMonth ago

    I my god the Steelers returned a punt for a touchdown

  52. Crazy Davies

    Crazy DaviesMonth ago

    Saw this game 9. Minutes after it was posted


    SPICYOREO15Month ago

    Rudolph seen that helmet come off and ran to the locker room

  54. Gus Thomas

    Gus ThomasMonth ago

    Being a lifelong Clevelander and Brown's fan I really want to hate you...but I just can't, yet too damn funny.

  55. Jennifer Prince

    Jennifer PrinceMonth ago

    I agree with PD, I can't remember the last time we scored on a punt return. If we do get there... There's usually a flag.

  56. Amanda Brock

    Amanda BrockMonth ago

    He should do these reaction videos for the Penguins and the Pirates too

  57. Macmcswag

    MacmcswagMonth ago

    Another amazing episode

  58. StillerFanTV

    StillerFanTVMonth ago

    "It's your two minutes, do whatever yinz want with it."

  59. Yes Dex

    Yes DexMonth ago

    Better but dont like talking bad about other players that are good people ala larry and Murray we better than that

  60. David Penrod

    David PenrodMonth ago

    I will never get tried of 3-2-1 win