POKI RETURNS TO LEAGUE! Elementalist Lux Mid Lane Ft. xChocobars!


  1. Blazing Drago

    Blazing Drago6 days ago


  2. Bishworup Adhikari

    Bishworup Adhikari9 days ago

    no league of legend since long time?

  3. Wolfee

    Wolfee17 days ago

    yaaaaaaaay league is back

  4. Crazy Kids

    Crazy Kids19 days ago


  5. Jeremy Verhaar

    Jeremy Verhaar21 day ago

    that meme still is genius

  6. morsaTV

    morsaTVMonth ago

    Please bring league back no one wants fortnite

  7. TheGamer777

    TheGamer777Month ago

    You are beautiful

  8. Katbee

    KatbeeMonth ago

    0:12 i cant i am dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Alberto Damali

    Alberto Damali2 months ago

    Your a fuking good at lux can you give me some skin an a elementalis lux pls im good at lux too

  10. Sun Beamz

    Sun Beamz2 months ago

    I'm so confused

  11. Billosa Flo

    Billosa Flo2 months ago


  12. Instinct Jolteon

    Instinct Jolteon2 months ago

    i love league

  13. Franklin Cariaso

    Franklin Cariaso2 months ago

    notice me poki please 😍😍

  14. Shashank Katam

    Shashank Katam3 months ago

    Poki please can you make arena of Valor vids PLEASE!!!!!!

  15. Sep Garcia

    Sep Garcia3 months ago

    u did not in 2019

  16. Aqua :D

    Aqua :D3 months ago

    Poki, change the thumbnail, you never had it in the first place

  17. AndroidGaming2.0

    AndroidGaming2.04 months ago

    poki more league plsss...subbed

  18. itz jereal

    itz jereal4 months ago

    im such a pro at lux im a sniper at her

  19. Caio de Castro

    Caio de Castro4 months ago

    she is so adorable

  20. ide super

    ide super5 months ago


  21. LMinute THE

    LMinute THE5 months ago

    I only played LEAGUE once and was bad so quit made me mad

  22. LMinute THE

    LMinute THE5 months ago


  23. Maximussi

    Maximussi6 months ago

    How do you change your skin like that

  24. Hysteria Funny

    Hysteria Funny6 months ago


  25. Mariam Aziz

    Mariam Aziz7 months ago

    Poki can we be friends in discord plz

  26. Alex Morgan

    Alex Morgan8 months ago

    How are you so good at League of Legends???😲😲😲

  27. Athena Shey

    Athena Shey8 months ago

    This is what life means. Poki on League.

  28. Jasper Pisano

    Jasper Pisano8 months ago


  29. Jasper Pisano

    Jasper Pisano8 months ago

    I'm better to use lux I always got a penta I never die but I don't have skin so I deserve that skin

  30. flawpie

    flawpie8 months ago

    "poki hasnt played league of legends in so long" Who is poki?

  31. Linh Ho

    Linh Ho8 months ago


  32. The Fruity Fruit

    The Fruity Fruit8 months ago

    Thank goodness I hated fortnite

  33. True

    True8 months ago

    She is one of those chicks that do an extended UUUUUUHHHHH at the end of everything she says. And I'm not down.

  34. xBlueberry

    xBlueberry9 months ago

    All people here complaining about you coming back to League and unsub if you post Fortnite I'm here just watching all of your videos and will never unsub or complain

  35. A F

    A F9 months ago

    lol not fan of fortnite. stopped following you, but hope you are doing well.

  36. Xk5 Revel

    Xk5 Revel9 months ago

    I miss you please stop playing fortnite

  37. pentakill 1331

    pentakill 13319 months ago

    Hello pokimane please join with me

  38. Jəde Elisse Mərtinez

    Jəde Elisse Mərtinez9 months ago

    My mom thought I was watching porn. LOL

  39. Chibi Ahri

    Chibi Ahri9 months ago

    Poki please play league more often.

  40. Bianca Olteanu

    Bianca Olteanu9 months ago

    I want more looool

  41. Floyd Fang

    Floyd Fang9 months ago

    We love to watch you play league of legends

  42. afterox

    afterox9 months ago

    wait is senpoki like a secondary account or something

  43. jinx uwu

    jinx uwu9 months ago

    sad that she never plays lol anymore,,, just fortnite:/ ew

  44. Chibi Ahri

    Chibi Ahri9 months ago


  45. NoahV

    NoahV9 months ago

    And then she goes back to fortnite

  46. Secotic

    Secotic9 months ago


  47. Hans ludwig Reindorf

    Hans ludwig Reindorf10 months ago


  48. andre lawson

    andre lawson10 months ago


  49. Jessie James

    Jessie James10 months ago

    Omg I want that Noblechair so bad but its so expensive. :(

  50. AlexwardGG

    AlexwardGG10 months ago

    Mi dick whit poki videos se erecta

  51. EJB

    EJB10 months ago

    Please play more league to even out the fornite- I beg you less fartnite

  52. aa lazaroo

    aa lazaroo10 months ago

    oh pls keep playing league ur getting fame cuz of that :(

  53. BLINK ONCE if you're a Reveluv

    BLINK ONCE if you're a Reveluv10 months ago

    I don't even play League but this is satisfying to watch lol

  54. MeleMaster

    MeleMaster10 months ago

    you probaply wont but try battlerite

  55. Gabe Vibes

    Gabe Vibes10 months ago

    its better when you play league =)

  56. Obinna Ododemenam

    Obinna Ododemenam10 months ago

    League has been praised so much and everyone so happy but this or fortnite is ehhh

  57. Ádám Mangold

    Ádám Mangold10 months ago

    5:01 ks:P

  58. Trinity Hucke

    Trinity Hucke10 months ago

    Hey guys, anyone down to help each other grow P.S I love your channel. I’ve been watching for a long time.

  59. Juni LOL

    Juni LOL10 months ago





  61. Oliva Tresmanio

    Oliva Tresmanio10 months ago

    omg thx for playing league i will probably not watch ur videos and unsubscibe u because u dont play league anymore and u only play fortnite now

  62. Kenneth Tenorio

    Kenneth Tenorio10 months ago

    This is why i subscribe poki.