POKI RETURNS TO LEAGUE! Elementalist Lux Mid Lane Ft. xChocobars!


  1. Shashank Katam

    Shashank Katam12 days ago

    Poki please can you make arena of Valor vids PLEASE!!!!!!

  2. Sep Garcia

    Sep Garcia12 days ago

    u did not in 2019

  3. Aqua :D

    Aqua :D19 days ago

    Poki, change the thumbnail, you never had it in the first place

  4. AndroidGaming2.0

    AndroidGaming2.0Month ago

    poki more league plsss...subbed

  5. itz jereal

    itz jerealMonth ago

    im such a pro at lux im a sniper at her

  6. Caio de Castro

    Caio de CastroMonth ago

    she is so adorable

  7. ide super

    ide super3 months ago


  8. LMinute THE

    LMinute THE3 months ago

    I only played LEAGUE once and was bad so quit made me mad

  9. LMinute THE

    LMinute THE3 months ago


  10. Maximussi

    Maximussi4 months ago

    How do you change your skin like that

  11. Hysteria Funny

    Hysteria Funny4 months ago


  12. Mariam Aziz

    Mariam Aziz4 months ago

    Poki can we be friends in discord plz

  13. Alex Morgan

    Alex Morgan5 months ago

    How are you so good at League of Legends???😲😲😲

  14. Athena Shey

    Athena Shey5 months ago

    This is what life means. Poki on League.

  15. Jasper Pisano

    Jasper Pisano5 months ago


  16. Jasper Pisano

    Jasper Pisano5 months ago

    I'm better to use lux I always got a penta I never die but I don't have skin so I deserve that skin

  17. flawpie

    flawpie5 months ago

    "poki hasnt played league of legends in so long" Who is poki?

  18. Linh Ho

    Linh Ho5 months ago


  19. The Fruity Fruit

    The Fruity Fruit6 months ago

    Thank goodness I hated fortnite

  20. True

    True6 months ago

    She is one of those chicks that do an extended UUUUUUHHHHH at the end of everything she says. And I'm not down.

  21. xBlueberry

    xBlueberry6 months ago

    All people here complaining about you coming back to League and unsub if you post Fortnite I'm here just watching all of your videos and will never unsub or complain

  22. A F

    A F6 months ago

    lol not fan of fortnite. stopped following you, but hope you are doing well.

  23. Xk5 Revel

    Xk5 Revel6 months ago

    I miss you please stop playing fortnite

  24. pentakill 1331

    pentakill 13316 months ago

    Hello pokimane please join with me

  25. Jəde Elisse Mərtinez

    Jəde Elisse Mərtinez6 months ago

    My mom thought I was watching porn. LOL

  26. Chibi Ahri

    Chibi Ahri6 months ago

    Poki please play league more often.

  27. Bianca Olteanu

    Bianca Olteanu6 months ago

    I want more looool

  28. Floyd Fang

    Floyd Fang6 months ago

    We love to watch you play league of legends

  29. Afterox

    Afterox6 months ago

    wait is senpoki like a secondary account or something

  30. jinx uwu

    jinx uwu6 months ago

    sad that she never plays lol anymore,,, just fortnite:/ ew

  31. Chibi Ahri

    Chibi Ahri6 months ago


  32. NoahV

    NoahV7 months ago

    And then she goes back to fortnite

  33. Secotic

    Secotic6 months ago


  34. Zeid Ahmadi

    Zeid Ahmadi7 months ago


  35. andre lawson

    andre lawson7 months ago


  36. Jessie James

    Jessie James7 months ago

    Omg I want that Noblechair so bad but its so expensive. :(

  37. Alexward

    Alexward7 months ago

    Mi dick whit poki videos se erecta

  38. EJB

    EJB7 months ago

    Please play more league to even out the fornite- I beg you less fartnite

  39. joshua lazaroo

    joshua lazaroo7 months ago

    oh pls keep playing league ur getting fame cuz of that :(

  40. BLINK ONCE if you're a Reveluv

    BLINK ONCE if you're a Reveluv7 months ago

    I don't even play League but this is satisfying to watch lol

  41. MeleMaster

    MeleMaster7 months ago

    you probaply wont but try battlerite

  42. Gabriel Trent

    Gabriel Trent7 months ago

    its better when you play league =)

  43. Obinna Ododemenam

    Obinna Ododemenam7 months ago

    League has been praised so much and everyone so happy but this or fortnite is ehhh

  44. Ádám Mangold

    Ádám Mangold7 months ago

    5:01 ks:P

  45. Trinity Hucke

    Trinity Hucke7 months ago

    Hey guys, anyone down to help each other grow P.S I love your channel. I’ve been watching for a long time.

  46. Juni LOL

    Juni LOL7 months ago





  48. Oliva Tresmanio

    Oliva Tresmanio8 months ago

    omg thx for playing league i will probably not watch ur videos and unsubscibe u because u dont play league anymore and u only play fortnite now

  49. Kenneth Tenorio

    Kenneth Tenorio8 months ago

    This is why i subscribe poki.

  50. Apricot Pink

    Apricot Pink8 months ago

    I on,y watch your channel for this

  51. Ong Jun Sen

    Ong Jun Sen8 months ago

    More league:DDDDD

  52. NaNa

    NaNa8 months ago

    Poki back to lol 😍❤️

  53. R E D

    R E D8 months ago

    I'm telling you when poki leave league I'm sad tbh..

  54. Venum

    Venum8 months ago

    Poki league :(

  55. Svetlina Somar

    Svetlina Somar8 months ago


  56. Oppie

    Oppie8 months ago

    Please post more league content. Fortnite is boring af to watch

  57. Ardusades

    Ardusades8 months ago


  58. Giulio Mazzarella

    Giulio Mazzarella8 months ago

    Yey i love League of Legend

  59. Myrill Sana

    Myrill Sana8 months ago

    stick to league pls

  60. Chris Vazquez

    Chris Vazquez8 months ago

    Why does bard OOF?

  61. Eliod Marañon

    Eliod Marañon8 months ago

    Check out LOL official Twitter

  62. Jamie McClymont

    Jamie McClymont8 months ago

    Sorry... Did she take q last?

  63. naniwhatuwu

    naniwhatuwu8 months ago

    i hear gianni and kyle😍

  64. Fraxavier Woo

    Fraxavier Woo8 months ago

    We are tired of watching you play fortnite poki 😫😫 please never stop playing league

  65. Faviux YT

    Faviux YT8 months ago

    6:24 chi chi xd

  66. C. Ramos

    C. Ramos8 months ago

    I stopped watching because she stopped playing. Finally a league video!

  67. мoonlιgнтвae

    мoonlιgнтвae8 months ago

    Yeees, League! ^^

  68. Ane Mari

    Ane Mari8 months ago

    Omg sorry your name "poki" sounds like pussy in our language hahaha

  69. Rayven0071 ,

    Rayven0071 ,8 months ago

    Nothing against you poki but everytime when you play lol and you stun someone i want to rage quit life

  70. Hi I'm Niangfries

    Hi I'm Niangfries8 months ago

    When did Fortnite take the world? I mean.. League is still beating all other games.

  71. Astrol YT

    Astrol YT8 months ago

    Come back to League!,if not, Another league legend fading

  72. Cyna Bengg

    Cyna Bengg8 months ago

    Mannn i miss thisss

  73. Owen Sichewski

    Owen Sichewski8 months ago

    I hope you come back to league, I really dislike fortnite. Glad to see this video 😁

  74. Crayonzie

    Crayonzie8 months ago


  75. Salty Beebo

    Salty Beebo8 months ago

    Moooooaaaarrrrr! 😝

  76. Holkeeen

    Holkeeen8 months ago

    Legit the sickest intro ever

  77. daaiske dazaii

    daaiske dazaii8 months ago

    only here for league . anyone agrees w me ?

  78. Sebastian Jason

    Sebastian Jason8 months ago

    I stopped watching u when u started playing fork knife

  79. Jack K

    Jack K8 months ago

    ok i’ve had enough cringe for today

  80. john vincent

    john vincent8 months ago


  81. Shockde

    Shockde8 months ago

    why is over 50% of the players in bot?!

  82. Jairus Chrisnie Rimon

    Jairus Chrisnie Rimon8 months ago

    Alien Bard And Jarvan Aatrox😂💖

  83. Fabian Nagel

    Fabian Nagel8 months ago

    Nice she play league👍

  84. ערן אילוק

    ערן אילוק8 months ago


  85. barabix xxyy

    barabix xxyy8 months ago


  86. Dylan dove

    Dylan dove8 months ago

    This is actually wht I started watching you

  87. Jayr Montemayor

    Jayr Montemayor8 months ago

    She earns more in Fortnite :{

  88. Mr Jerry

    Mr Jerry8 months ago

    Jayr Montemayor Sadly this trash game fortnite does, I miss her old videos on league ;(

  89. xXZEROXx

    xXZEROXx8 months ago

    i played this game and main xayah. i played this game for like two years and stopped cuz of trash talkers and if i was to stuff up in adc, people just get so angry

  90. aidan sux at life

    aidan sux at life8 months ago

    the reason i tried league. still bad at it but like yo that’s cool

  91. David Thomas

    David Thomas8 months ago

    Im hitting stuff more than I usually do XD - pokimane, 2018 lol

  92. eduardo vargas

    eduardo vargas8 months ago

    damn fortnite taking away my content, only get one of these every few months, i dont even know you anymore poki i see you once a year now

  93. Project Irelia

    Project Irelia8 months ago

    Hi baby ❤

  94. Irish Potato

    Irish Potato8 months ago

    Play more league

  95. JohnZkhie Nocillado

    JohnZkhie Nocillado8 months ago

    bobo poki

  96. ioana

    ioana8 months ago


  97. Fudhail Iyyad

    Fudhail Iyyad8 months ago

    Whats wrong with me, im looking this game so lame

  98. Руслан Арсланов

    Руслан Арсланов8 months ago

    Love you beautiful princess! 😍

  99. Jack Cole

    Jack Cole8 months ago

    hi poki notice me! I'm from PH :')

  100. Doug Banister

    Doug Banister8 months ago

    Fuck fortnite stay on league

  101. Waldo Faldo

    Waldo Faldo8 months ago

    pffff has vuelto al lol porke estas viendo ke vas a perder seguidores.Todo el día con el fornite. Ascazo. Vaya vendida.

  102. Fanged Eyes

    Fanged Eyes8 months ago

    Female streamer playing lux in a premade Surprising

  103. David Alex

    David Alex8 months ago

    Wb to league poki