1. Ryan Moss

    Ryan MossMonth ago

    Sub the my channel

  2. Andrew D

    Andrew DMonth ago

    mild sauce !! Chicago stand up

  3. BFP JJ

    BFP JJMonth ago

    He rode by 63rd and king drive

  4. zach smith

    zach smithMonth ago

    Jaquai Lockett 64*

  5. BFP JJ

    BFP JJMonth ago

    How tall is he?


    T DIÑEROMonth ago

    Jaquai Lockett 5’10

  7. Bj Shiftteam

    Bj ShiftteamMonth ago

    Peep the cops😂😂

  8. Erik Hicks

    Erik HicksMonth ago

    Like that he got BOTH parents in his life & his head on straight....Humble but confident & can handle the ball VERY well.....#FutureStar

  9. Bruno Dantas

    Bruno DantasMonth ago

    Police passing by like crazy

  10. FaZe Dante

    FaZe DanteMonth ago

    It was at least 10 cop cars😂

  11. Derrick 1018

    Derrick 1018Month ago


  12. Jordan Pratt

    Jordan PrattMonth ago

    He so cold

  13. DjWaxMasterJr

    DjWaxMasterJrMonth ago

    Shout out to the chi 🤙🏿🔥