Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate


  1. panggop jio

    panggop jioHour ago

    omg based sophia gets the pain scale right. Damn what a trash fuckin season!!!

  2. joseph vega

    joseph vega2 hours ago

    This women is absolutely stunning wherever she is always

  3. 916-SAC-TOWN

    916-SAC-TOWN3 hours ago

    she looks awful here...normally shes stunning

  4. Juhani U

    Juhani U4 hours ago

    The best ad from starbucks

  5. pantinofficial

    pantinofficial6 hours ago

    Can you tell us? Do you die? *chuckles* LOL!! Americans

  6. abdihakim abdi

    abdihakim abdi6 hours ago

    why is her accent shifting and sounding more american

  7. Withtheyipfamily

    Withtheyipfamily7 hours ago

    Now explained the PAIN Scale of the ending for Game of Thrones... It's bad as hell and great pain to FANS!!!!

  8. Izzy and Sadie

    Izzy and Sadie7 hours ago

    God fallon is so fake

  9. PL65902

    PL659029 hours ago

    Pretty sure that coffee cup is why the writers decided to banish Kit Harrington to the wall for a second time in the show

  10. Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

    Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg9 hours ago

    Wow, Sansa married dwarf even in real life!

  11. Hans Peter Wurst

    Hans Peter Wurst11 hours ago

    she ugly and skinny af

  12. Makayla The Ellie

    Makayla The Ellie16 hours ago

    Is NO one going to mention her own goofy husband brought up the coffee cup 😂😂

  13. Michael Rauch

    Michael Rauch16 hours ago

    Sansa is hilarious and sweet. I need to meet her

  14. Makayla The Ellie

    Makayla The Ellie16 hours ago

    She is so damn cute I swear ❤️.

  15. Isabelle Yosten

    Isabelle Yosten19 hours ago

    I love Sophie so much!!! She so freakin pretty, talented so much!!! I really wish I could meet her!!!

  16. Baby Doll

    Baby Doll19 hours ago

    Based on Sophie Turner’s Roles, i think God meant to make her hair red but forgot

  17. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker20 hours ago

    best part of that wedding photo is the photobombed scowl from the girl in the background. LOL

  18. Neil Rosenau

    Neil Rosenau20 hours ago

    Sophie made one hellofa Awesome Morticia Addams!!! Wink, wink to reboot The Addams Family

  19. Haera Colleen

    Haera Colleen21 hour ago

    I'm sorry to be late on the uptake but... I just notice now that the jonas' wives are taller than them

  20. AA soccer reaction

    AA soccer reaction23 hours ago

    Tbh jimmy is the most awkward host ever

  21. Bayers Dwarf

    Bayers Dwarf23 hours ago

    omg based sophia gets the pain scale right. Damn what a trash fuckin season!!!

  22. Gina G Emmett

    Gina G EmmettDay ago

    gorgeous lady!!!

  23. Matt Mcfeaters

    Matt McfeatersDay ago

    to bad barely anyone died

  24. Derek Goodwin

    Derek GoodwinDay ago

    Legs that go all the way up to heaven.

  25. Logan Legrett

    Logan LegrettDay ago

    it was a ten... she tried to warn us

  26. Grace P

    Grace PDay ago

    Who knew she was so funny? 😂

  27. Ganesh Patil

    Ganesh PatilDay ago

    Sophie fuck you

  28. G Burd

    G BurdDay ago

    Boo fuck game of thrones

  29. Drew Pierce

    Drew PierceDay ago

    Jesus, can we watch one freaking video without someone bring up that other Marvel movie? What on God's green Earth does it have to do with this video? It was a great movie but you people treat it like it was some kind of deep, meaningful piece of art. And enough with the "hold my beer" and "am I a joke to you" nonsense when there are better, more impactful films out there. No one is saying you can't enjoy it, but enjoy it for what it is. Don't go saying these movies have the saddest deaths and what not when there are films and miniseries like Schindler's List and Lonesome Dove. It's disrespectful

  30. gelusimia

    gelusimiaDay ago

    Emilia knew the coffee cup controversy would be the only amusing part to this season.

  31. ChazTotti

    ChazTottiDay ago


  32. Yousef Yuksel

    Yousef YukselDay ago

    I think I started hating not only sansa but Sophie as well

  33. Miss Yurikim

    Miss YurikimDay ago

    Hahahaha .....🤣😂😂😂

  34. Fevos Man

    Fevos ManDay ago

    Why would anyone feel 10 pain, only Danny died and by that point she was a villain. The rest of the episode was Meet the Starks. The only reason to feel pain was because of the bad, bad writing.

  35. 2a

    2aDay ago

    Why she married a gay??? :S

  36. 2a

    2aDay ago

    Sophie is sooooo sexy !!!

  37. David Hill

    David HillDay ago

    best part of that wedding photo is the photobombed scowl from the girl in the background. LOL

  38. Mx Me

    Mx MeDay ago

    Every movie spoiler they say everyone dies

  39. Fercurix

    FercurixDay ago

    Sophie wasnt lying when she said there would be a 10 on the painscale for the ending of GoT....

  40. Loop Hole

    Loop HoleDay ago

    "The biggest movie, dark Phoenix"😂😂😂😂😂 Laughing my fucking arse off. Spin doctor fuck!

  41. Pokerface

    PokerfaceDay ago

    So nobody's gonna talk about the plastic water bottle in the final episode? Ok...

  42. Savage

    SavageDay ago

    She got legs for living

  43. PozoBlue

    PozoBlueDay ago

    My god, Jimmy Fallon truly is the worst interviewer I have ever seen. Good grief.

  44. anthony ritch

    anthony ritchDay ago

    Fuck all these transgender hollywood crap bags!

  45. Alexander Van de Merwe

    Alexander Van de MerweDay ago

    She called game of thrones fans disrespectful, Dark Phoenix going to suck because she can' t act. Fuck her.

  46. Asad Ullah

    Asad UllahDay ago

    The first video i have watched more than thrice

  47. J. O

    J. ODay ago

    Her highlight told me to watch the video.

  48. Mark Terrain

    Mark TerrainDay ago

    What I don't like about these late shows, you don't get the celebrity's real honest reaction because it's totally scripted.

  49. Raymond Ison

    Raymond IsonDay ago

    Joe Jonas is one lucky guy

  50. Batman

    BatmanDay ago

    Ppl :- Are you Game of thrones fan? Me(after last episode) :- I am something else now...

  51. Marie Ong

    Marie OngDay ago

    she is very cool

  52. xKSLEGACYx

    xKSLEGACYxDay ago

    Plot twist, she has a water bottle under her chair in episode 6.

  53. jorge montemayor

    jorge montemayorDay ago

    I’m not going to lie she looks way better as a red head and I mean way better not saying she not a beautiful blonde but in my opinion the red hair is the way to go

  54. ernestine louigarde

    ernestine louigarde18 hours ago


  55. Do Bo

    Do BoDay ago

    I would love to take a piss with her and just cross streams

  56. kira sussane

    kira sussaneDay ago

    She is so pretty and funny

  57. The Ship That Carries Taeny

    The Ship That Carries TaenyDay ago

    Detective Pikachu 😂😂😂

  58. Adrian Guerrero

    Adrian Guerrero2 days ago

    She's only 23 an accomplished so much already

  59. Alfy

    Alfy2 days ago

    10, absolutely 10! :(

  60. J

    J2 days ago

    She looks like a rat

  61. nanrob

    nanrob2 days ago

    Sophie is gorgeous ❤ 💋 💕 💖 😍

  62. Curien-Mangel Noé

    Curien-Mangel Noé2 days ago

    Every time I go back here just for hearing her saying "right ... detective ... Pikachu" ...

  63. Gulzar Ahmad

    Gulzar Ahmad2 days ago

    The pain she talked about was real , the end was so painful to see that how bad it got to the end with out explaining any character the way they should be

  64. Laura

    Laura2 days ago

    It really was the worst pain possible.

  65. Ameer Hamza

    Ameer Hamza2 days ago

    It was indeed worst possible pain

  66. KaranK95

    KaranK952 days ago

    Jeeez Sansa how many times you ganna get married?! First Tyrion then Ramsay and now Joe! Wait... does that make Joe Jones the king in the north! lol

  67. Lionelson Norbert

    Lionelson Norbert2 days ago

    Welp. She got the pain score right, that's for sure. Still a great show tho.

  68. Tasnim Rahman

    Tasnim Rahman2 days ago

    Yes.. She was true! I actually felt "worst pain" after watching the ending.. 😑😑😑

  69. Zelinka Pérez

    Zelinka Pérez2 days ago

    5:18 *she was right*

  70. sarupi

    sarupi2 days ago

    For a man who broke character in every sketch of SNL, his laugh is very fake.

  71. Just Jyn

    Just Jyn2 days ago

    her figure thoo

  72. Jon Hutto

    Jon Hutto2 days ago

    She'd be a better Captain Marvel than ... well.. That person... F'k it, make Captain Marvel in a RAF.. I could dig it.

  73. Melisa Nimani

    Melisa Nimani2 days ago

    She's awesome

  74. M M

    M M2 days ago

    1:24 triangle tat Illuminati confirmed

  75. Angel Locsin

    Angel Locsin2 days ago

    Wow she’s hot

  76. Axel Sharpshire

    Axel Sharpshire2 days ago

    We know she was lying when she said the text said "Great Episode"

  77. rokibul islam

    rokibul islam2 days ago

    Sansa is the most useless charecter ever and she is the queen. Dany was the most badass queen ever and she is dead. All are ungreateful and forgot about her assistance in the war against dead. That is why dany got mad . She did all these things for these backstabbing bastards. Fucking ending . All hail Dany.

  78. CinnamonBun

    CinnamonBun2 days ago

    God she's so tall

  79. Josh

    Josh2 days ago

    I can’t believe Ramsey Bolton hit that. Lucky bastard

  80. ladymayaaa

    ladymayaaa2 days ago

    She’s hot

  81. Stuti Gangopadhyay

    Stuti Gangopadhyay2 days ago

    The pain of disappointment

  82. nikkijaneallison

    nikkijaneallison2 days ago

    Joe Jonas, you lucky bastard!

  83. Bi- Han

    Bi- Han2 days ago


  84. Hannah Cornett

    Hannah Cornett2 days ago

    She seems so genuine, sweet and down to earth. I’m so glad Joe found someone real.

  85. peter parsons

    peter parsons2 days ago

    Cause she is jealous of emilia clark

  86. Catherine Louise

    Catherine Louise2 days ago

    Omg I would die for her figure!!!! She looks gorgeous.

  87. Ayesha Najam

    Ayesha Najam3 days ago

    I hate sophie Turner.

  88. Unique SP

    Unique SP3 days ago

    so why the fuk are you watching a video about her?

  89. Luiza C

    Luiza C3 days ago

    Omg is she an Elf? She looks so ethereal. 😍😍😍

  90. Jordan Noel

    Jordan Noel3 days ago

    This was actually one of my fav interviews ever. She’s hilarious😂

  91. Erika Sams

    Erika Sams3 days ago

    OMG the Joe question 😂😂😂

  92. Hailey x

    Hailey x3 days ago

    I LOVE her personality ❤️

  93. dreamer 101

    dreamer 1013 days ago

    First interview I’ve seen of Sophie and omg she’s so cute and genuine ☺️☺️

  94. jerazikp

    jerazikp3 days ago

    Humm triangle in perfect view whole segment. Ok.

  95. Wings Of Freedom

    Wings Of Freedom3 days ago

    *"All right Detective Pikachu."* at that time i lost It Xd

  96. Tom Ravenswood

    Tom Ravenswood3 days ago

    Actually I'm pretty sure Sansa would have taste the Dracarys if Jon had spared Daenerys...

  97. dhruv ganeriwal

    dhruv ganeriwal3 days ago

    detective pikachu line have a different fan base !

  98. Jonny Klin

    Jonny Klin3 days ago

    Ima guess she owns a strap on lol

  99. Snickerz4Lunch

    Snickerz4Lunch3 days ago

    5:01 its was a 10! fuckinh horrible season!

  100. Jared Drace

    Jared Drace3 days ago

    The Pacific Northwest remembers...

  101. Daniel Clark

    Daniel Clark3 days ago

    Oh, James. "Biggest movie"? I like Sophie, too, but let's not go overboard. It's tracking to have the lowest opening of any X-Men movie, and that's saying a lot.

  102. Nicanor Núñez

    Nicanor Núñez3 days ago

    Ughh jimmy fallon