Sakurai Teases Smash Bros Ultimate DLC for the E3 Nintendo Direct


  1. Officer Tom

    Officer Tom2 days ago

    LOL, they even show the difference between a real and a fake Smash Ball in this video.

  2. damion lindsey

    damion lindsey3 days ago

    hey sakurai can you add in master hand and crazy hand i know master hand is a playble in the stroy mode but you can add both hands as unlockble and they need to be like unlocking mewtwo just fight with any fighter how to unlock master hand defeat master with all fighter do not incide dlc fighter and he will be right there with a god hand on your hand seacking about hands fight with master hand in one hour and crazy hand will be there i hope nintendo adds that freture

  3. The Green Screen Boy

    The Green Screen Boy4 days ago

    *99% of leakers are wrong* One leaker: Incineroar, ken and piranha plant will be characters for smash 5! Sakurai: *Uh oh! I have turned into a fake smash ball*

  4. S.F Productions

    S.F Productions5 days ago

    He looks so much like Joker in that outfit!

  5. TheTyrantKing gaming

    TheTyrantKing gaming5 days ago

    Next characters for Smash: Super Shag, Walaugi, Pyramid Head(since snake is in there), Kamek(the wizard turtle), and Spooky(from pacman)

  6. Senat Abazi

    Senat Abazi5 days ago

    Who’s back here after seeing Banjo and Dragon Quest for Smash!!

  7. Richard Chisenhall

    Richard Chisenhall3 days ago

    I'm looking for Issac still

  8. Austin Epperson

    Austin Epperson5 days ago


  9. Eee Eee

    Eee Eee6 days ago

    So banjo and eridrik huh. Neet

  10. Mii U

    Mii U6 days ago

    he just said it was fake and ended it there, imagine if that meant there were no more DLC fighters

  11. theIceberg

    theIceberg6 days ago

    **Spoiler** SUPRISE! *its the Bear*

  12. Blazing

    Blazing6 days ago

    Dragon and banzo

  13. The Beginner

    The Beginner6 days ago

    B a n j o-K a z o o i e

  14. Jack&DadGamer

    Jack&DadGamer6 days ago

    The smash ball transforms into the fake verison

  15. Idiotic _PSI _boi

    Idiotic _PSI _boi6 days ago

    Sakurai I love you

  16. Sonic57053 Transit/Gaming

    Sonic57053 Transit/Gaming6 days ago



    JKTHESAUCYONE6 days ago

    Add earthworm jim

  18. Weis

    Weis6 days ago

    Lmao who’s here after Dragon Quest and Banjo got revealed?

  19. Jake Sciongay

    Jake Sciongay6 days ago


  20. The Living Graveyard

    The Living Graveyard6 days ago

    I love how he says "Downloada content"

  21. EDMOND

    EDMOND6 days ago

    You not working for just one character but for two that why the balls turned into a fake smash ball😂👏👏.

  22. Sans Undertale

    Sans Undertale6 days ago

    Will I at least be in this meme?...

  23. Leotrikey Pikachu

    Leotrikey Pikachu6 days ago

    I LOVE YOU SAKURAI xD thanks for smash

  24. Zexifies

    Zexifies6 days ago

    *Thank you for your final efforts into the last game, We all love you, Sakurai.*

  25. Xeno Best X

    Xeno Best X6 days ago

    Dragon Quest- Fans: Ok I guess. Banjo and Kazooie- Fans: OMGHDHDJKSKSJSSJSHDHDYASYSHSBSBDOKGFINALKY

  26. Manoel Junior

    Manoel Junior6 days ago


  27. Oscar The Gorilla

    Oscar The Gorilla6 days ago

    If they add Steve and Alex from Minecraft I'm gonna be so happy.

  28. кσтσнιмє

    кσтσнιмє6 days ago

    man..... I was hoping for Cooking Mama, Reimu, or Filia for smash (all of my favorite games that have been announced/released for switch)

  29. Jack Cawley

    Jack Cawley6 days ago

    Give me a monster hunter character to main pls. You already made a map and boss

  30. Octo Gamer

    Octo Gamer6 days ago


  31. Therealco 870

    Therealco 8706 days ago

    I really hope its sans

  32. Meme Big Boi

    Meme Big Boi6 days ago

    Banjo Kazoooie Calling It RN!

  33. Meme Big Boi

    Meme Big Boi6 days ago

    Watch Porky be the next DLC

  34. Swedish Otaku

    Swedish Otaku6 days ago

    Gotta watch the Twitch chat reaction to this.

  35. Meme Big Boi

    Meme Big Boi6 days ago

    Ray man is going to be DLC 2

  36. Psychic Dawn

    Psychic Dawn6 days ago

    “Uh Oh. It turned into a fake smash ball.” The one quote that I can’t help but laugh at.

  37. Crimson Riot

    Crimson Riot6 days ago

    It’s gonna fucking be Sans I’m telling you

  38. not_luivuitton

    not_luivuitton6 days ago


  39. Hustey Games

    Hustey Games6 days ago

    Is He Lying Because It Turned Into A FAKE Smash Ball When He said That?

  40. n0tL1t Gam3r

    n0tL1t Gam3r6 days ago

    I hope for the best, that it's my boi WALUIGI!!

  41. Brandon Joseph

    Brandon Joseph6 days ago


  42. luigi's weirdos adventures

    luigi's weirdos adventures6 days ago

    Waaaaaaaaluigi 4 smashhhhh

  43. Jake Steel

    Jake Steel6 days ago

    Nope. Assist trophy.

  44. Steven Luzon

    Steven Luzon6 days ago

    its going to be spongebob for the bfbb remake

  45. Liam Lordi

    Liam Lordi6 days ago

    Like for banjo:)

  46. Vexa Grimwoe

    Vexa Grimwoe6 days ago

    What if sandbag?

  47. Dope Dope

    Dope Dope6 days ago

    I honestly feel its gonna be steve even though i dont like him that much as it would be most profitable for both companies assuming its gonna be a microsoft rep in the first place

  48. Just Jacob

    Just Jacob6 days ago

    Is it gonna be Charles Barkley?

  49. Cody The Black Chicken!

    Cody The Black Chicken!6 days ago

    Waluigi is happening today

  50. Minimod

    Minimod6 days ago

    0:18 Me: Turn the smash ball around Enhance BANJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  51. Pokejoseph

    Pokejoseph5 days ago


  52. Jeasg 66

    Jeasg 666 days ago

    He noticed the fake smash ball maybe this next fighter is some kind of..... faker

  53. Wonka

    Wonka6 days ago

    Could be Ditto

  54. Jeremy Jackson

    Jeremy Jackson6 days ago

    sakurai has the best dad humor

  55. zXPlain InactivityXz

    zXPlain InactivityXz6 days ago


  56. VEX •_•

    VEX •_•6 days ago

    Holy crap guys I saw king goomba from Mario 64 DS

  57. VEX •_•

    VEX •_•6 days ago

    Me: steal smash ball Sakurai: uh-oh! It turned into a fake smash ball! Me: drops it in fear Smash ball: explodes

  58. John O'Connor

    John O'Connor6 days ago

    Someone should make a green screen for this

  59. W.D Gaster

    W.D Gaster6 days ago

    Me: yay a new fighter Sakurai: uh oh it turned into a fake smash ball Me: something isn’t right here...

  60. Noanox

    Noanox6 days ago

    Translation: F*ck you leakers i fri*in hate you

  61. BeastKongFighter

    BeastKongFighter6 days ago

    Waluigi: Why did you not add me u feggot?!?!? Masahiro Sakurai: Despite on the series, nobody wants to see you in Smash. So, I refuse to add you in Smash, now go f**k off Waluigi!!!

  62. oscat Xd montano

    oscat Xd montano6 days ago

  63. AaronMemes

    AaronMemes6 days ago

    Waluigi 4 Smash Ultimate DLC

  64. Jake Steel

    Jake Steel6 days ago

    Waluigi is garbage...

  65. AaronMemes

    AaronMemes6 days ago

    WA LU I GI

  66. AaronMemes

    AaronMemes6 days ago

    yah meta knight but I STILL NEED WALUIGI

  67. AaronMemes

    AaronMemes6 days ago

    waluigi is king

  68. Jake Steel

    Jake Steel6 days ago

    We already have real characters in smash. Waluigi is a good-for-nothing loser.

  69. Hayden Robles

    Hayden Robles6 days ago

    Unpopular opinion, I’m hoping Steve from Minecraft gets in smash since it’s apart of many people’s childhoods and it’s a popular franchise that’s relevant.

  70. Degaldy

    Degaldy6 days ago

    I can't wrap my head around why ppl gave this a thumbs down lmao

  71. Louise Heiwood

    Louise Heiwood6 days ago

    Top contenders for Smash DLC; Bowsette Sakurai's face a second Kirby the cast of Neko Para

  72. Hunter

    Hunter6 days ago

    Smash ball is a Xbox logo....Banjo confirmed

  73. Jason Ramirez

    Jason Ramirez6 days ago

    You're not wrong

  74. Romi

    Romi6 days ago

    PUNCH IT!! PUNCH THE SMASH BALL >:( Edit: holy shit nevermind dont

  75. Big Toblerone

    Big Toblerone6 days ago

    *H Y P E*

  76. Gl1tchm4nX

    Gl1tchm4nX6 days ago

    Honestly, the only DLC character I care about would be a new sonic character, or Skull Kid

  77. BerryBingBong

    BerryBingBong6 days ago

    Waluigi time

  78. BerryBingBong

    BerryBingBong4 days ago

    @Jake Steel Well Played.

  79. Jake Steel

    Jake Steel6 days ago

    For you...

  80. BerryBingBong

    BerryBingBong6 days ago

    @Jake Steel Too Bad

  81. Jake Steel

    Jake Steel6 days ago


  82. Rk9

    Rk96 days ago


  83. Jared Marcucci

    Jared Marcucci6 days ago

    Master hand confirmed as DLC

  84. Aron108 Why an I forced to put a last name?

    Aron108 Why an I forced to put a last name?6 days ago


  85. Charlie Duffney

    Charlie Duffney6 days ago

    I bet it’s crash bandicoot for smash.

  86. Mike Gospel

    Mike Gospel6 days ago

    Why is everyone want Sans and Steve on smash, like really.

  87. SomePkmn-LovingDude

    SomePkmn-LovingDude6 days ago

    Shantae4DLC!!! ...or assist trophy via update.

  88. CyberCharger

    CyberCharger6 days ago

    Its Shrek, it has to be. The intro is gonna be SHREK BRINGS THE SWAMP!!!!!!

  89. Ben Huba

    Ben Huba6 days ago

    Shaggy joins the battle

  90. tacman75

    tacman757 days ago

    @0:05 seconds am I just going crazy wanting Banjo in smash or does anyone BOTH banjo and kazooie in the smash ball. Its prolly me just losing it...

  91. Zuricam glez

    Zuricam glez7 days ago

    The japanese name of the fake smash ball is smash bomb. I think that it changes everything.

  92. Skeith

    Skeith7 days ago

    It's obviously gonna be Banjo, not hyped at all. But I am happy for those who wanted him for a long time. Grats to you guys.

  93. Pokejoseph

    Pokejoseph5 days ago

    It is

  94. Geno4smash

    Geno4smash7 days ago


  95. Eltostado

    Eltostado7 days ago

    megaman x for dlc character

  96. Jaret Hertzka

    Jaret Hertzka7 days ago

    I bet the next smash character is Eggman/Robotnik

  97. Jake Steel

    Jake Steel6 days ago

    Try again

  98. Darkness Rang

    Darkness Rang7 days ago


  99. Furret s

    Furret s7 days ago


  100. Thomas Byrd

    Thomas Byrd7 days ago

    Sakurai's final smash is putting waluigi into the smash bros roster

  101. Asher Avery

    Asher Avery7 days ago

    it better be porky

  102. Jake Steel

    Jake Steel7 days ago

    You’re not funny

  103. JJ A

    JJ A7 days ago

    Hopefully people don't complain about these next dlc characters being cheap. (like Bayonetta and cloud)

  104. Joel Garcia

    Joel Garcia7 days ago

    But like, they were. They broke the competitive scene.

  105. salty The birb

    salty The birb7 days ago

    Please add crash in the game sakuria

  106. Faith-SansGaming101

    Faith-SansGaming1017 days ago

    This is how many people want it to be Sans l l v

  107. SpeedyDude99

    SpeedyDude997 days ago


  108. Eric Tennison

    Eric Tennison7 days ago

    What if it’s a character that no one is expecting?

  109. Black Alpha

    Black Alpha7 days ago

    Why do i feel like that sakuari IS the next dlc character

  110. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor7 days ago

    This man’s voice is so buttery I wish I knew japanese my god, i want him to read me a history book

  111. David R.

    David R.7 days ago

    What would Sakurai's final smash be?

  112. Roman Evanoff

    Roman Evanoff7 days ago

    any predictions for dlc anyone

  113. Trik Juju

    Trik Juju7 days ago

    Can i purchase one of those smash balls

  114. Roman Evanoff

    Roman Evanoff7 days ago

    fuck yes

  115. Aron Mel

    Aron Mel7 days ago


  116. Artists Arcade

    Artists Arcade7 days ago

    I want that smash ball so bad

  117. Miners T&B

    Miners T&B7 days ago

    Doomguy for smash

  118. Ultimate Smash Bros And Co.

    Ultimate Smash Bros And Co.7 days ago

    Me on Microsoft and others at E3: 😑 Me on Nintendo E3: 🤩