10 Driving Hacks from Experienced Drivers

10 Driving Hacks from Experienced Drivers
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If you want to improve your car operating skills, then today's video is for you. We won't be talking about staying off your cell phone, wearing your seatbelt, or any other common-sense steps you already know about when it comes to safer driving. Instead, we'll teach you those helpful, little hacks they don't talk about in driver's ed. So, without further ado, sit back, relax, and coast through the top ten tricks to make you a better driver.


  1. Joe Eye

    Joe Eye22 days ago

    This guy don't know you don't need to operate the AC in the Winter to keep the AC compressor in shape (3:48) I know the AC compressor always comes on when the windshield defrosters are turned on, like in the Winter time, it has something to do with stopping condensation and mold forming in the dash vents, it's something like that, there is always a spin from the fan motor even when turned off to keep the stale air moving, and the AC system regulates the air to stop mold, etc.... The only advantage I can think of by turning on the AC in the Winter is to periodically "work" the vacuum operated air diverters that sends air to the dash board vents, some model cars are cheaply made and the flap might stick in a stuck position if not operated for a long time, so when you would turn the AC on for the first time in the Summer the cold air might not come out the vents, but I haven't see this in the newer cars today, just in the 60's & 70's, maybe 80"s ?

  2. RRareGamingOnYT

    RRareGamingOnYT4 months ago

    Weird because music makes my dad's driving better .hmmm....

  3. zach aossey

    zach aossey5 months ago

    When you use your defroster or some other particular heating option the AC compressor automatically is engaged anyway, most people just don't know that

  4. trucker V

    trucker V5 months ago

    I think my IQ dropped after watching this video.

  5. Finn8145

    Finn81455 months ago

    There is still road works in the country

  6. singing4hope

    singing4hope5 months ago

    The music keeps me sane when dealing with insane drivers. I listen to metal Christian.

  7. Fanny Pro

    Fanny Pro5 months ago

    I just wanna know why some drivers use plstic bottles on the tiers... Seriously really annoying

  8. George Lackey

    George Lackey5 months ago

    A blown tire can make it "Feel" out of control?

  9. Puukainiits

    Puukainiits5 months ago

    I use my handbrake regulary on every corner, while my techno is blowing loud while i cut off dumbasse`s like you

  10. Mecon Limited

    Mecon Limited5 months ago

    Wtf no techno😂😂😂

  11. David Monks

    David Monks5 months ago

    4 times adverts disturbed this video otherwise I got to see the reason drivers use bottles on tires right at end of video

  12. BOHICA

    BOHICA5 months ago

    How about not blocking the left lane and allow others to pass????

  13. Kevin Winston

    Kevin Winston5 months ago

    It’s to verify if the trailer tires are rotating or not, indicating a lack of air pressure to the trailer. Mainly used during the first few seconds of travel after hooking up to a trailer.

  14. Song

    Song5 months ago

    wtf is this!! they tried make it over 10mins long to give you extra ads lol

  15. Steven Reynolds

    Steven Reynolds5 months ago

    This guy is a dumbass.

  16. Ma Laak

    Ma Laak6 months ago

    Who else destroyed 10 minutes of life hoping to watch the plastic bottle trick?

  17. Historical World

    Historical World6 months ago

    Is this video was made after bathing in pigs ass

  18. John Eichmann

    John Eichmann6 months ago

    Soo much blah blah blah! Not helping for this video

  19. Trung Le

    Trung Le6 months ago

    My poop smells like roses 👍

  20. Meer Asif Talpur

    Meer Asif Talpur6 months ago

    9:10 thanks me later

  21. razer rc

    razer rc6 months ago


  22. DaBrute

    DaBrute6 months ago

    7:41 Uses the Right blinker. pulls to the left. NYC driving in a nutshell smh...

  23. Aszelgus

    Aszelgus6 months ago


  24. dirtrider88

    dirtrider886 months ago

    turning on your defroster (in winter) automatically turns on the ac whether its indicated or not. but if you do use your ac make sure to use the dial under/next to the vent for maximum cooling like the video shows.

  25. theREALmypawgi

    theREALmypawgi6 months ago


  26. cebedeuz

    cebedeuz6 months ago

    I have doubts about that bottle explain. Here in Finland truckers paint white spots to the tyres to see that every wheel are spinning. During the cold weather brakes frozes up easily while parking. So driver can see tyres spinning by turning the truck and looking in to mirrors.

  27. Craig Laurie

    Craig Laurie6 months ago

    What an absolute pile of shite

  28. D'Arcy Jousset

    D'Arcy Jousset6 months ago

    You are going off research done in a part of the world most renowned for being the worst drivers in the world. lmfao it was not the music it was just them being bad drivers.

  29. peter oht

    peter oht6 months ago

    Plastic bottle title and driving music = thumbs down

  30. Theodore Dowman

    Theodore Dowman6 months ago


  31. Helmer Vennberg

    Helmer Vennberg6 months ago

    Unless your car is old. Turning on your AC periodically does nothing. Because car manufacturers figured out a long time ago that aircons seize up. So it periodically turns these days, no matter if it's on or off. Haven't you ever been idling and heard when kicks in, you can hear the engine straining. Oh and turning on the headlights is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Warming up the battery, pfft. Just as likely it will drain the little boost you need for it to start. If the starter clicks your fucked, if it cranks slow, crank it a few rotations and then give it a few seconds then crank again and this time don't stop until starter clicks or you've cranked it for 20 seconds or so. It will warm up the cylinders and increase compression. Take it from someone that lives and has been living for 30 years in cold weather with records up to -52 celcius.

  32. blaze Freeman

    blaze Freeman6 months ago

    This video needs to be removed from USwork

  33. Presmaster Flash

    Presmaster Flash6 months ago

    “Studies showed that listening to techno music increased the risk of methamphetamine use behind the wheel...”

  34. Presmaster Flash

    Presmaster Flash6 months ago

    Nah bruh I still got all my teeth.

  35. Theodore Dowman

    Theodore Dowman6 months ago

    Got some?

  36. Heart of Automotives

    Heart of Automotives6 months ago

    Come to india learn driving. Drive for 30 days (without accidents) Congratulations you will be most skilled driver to drive in any country!

  37. Jay Pick

    Jay Pick6 months ago

    Fucking bullshit

  38. philjohnson725

    philjohnson7256 months ago

    Why not name the video "10 Driving Hacks from Experienced Driver"? Why name it "This is why some drivers use plastic bottles on the tires"? Why? and yes, definitely the dumbest video I've seen today as well. Get another hobby and leave youtube video to people who know what they're doing. Dislike definitely.

  39. Ae trole

    Ae trole6 months ago


  40. Akshay A R

    Akshay A R6 months ago

    If you are here for 9:10 :-) Thank me later.

  41. Yosef Fraser

    Yosef Fraser6 months ago

    fk israel

  42. sKiTzMiCk 69

    sKiTzMiCk 696 months ago

    Fuckin gay

  43. Pugest pug

    Pugest pug6 months ago

    XD you on a long road trip kids in back “can we listen to music” father be like “NO LISTENING TO MUSIC CAUSES CRASHES AND MAKES YOU MORE CALM CAUSEING YOU TO REACT SLOWER”

  44. KmanAust

    KmanAust6 months ago

    Yeah those listening to Techno music going through stop signs huh. It wasn't the music I can assure you :D

  45. Tim Beck

    Tim Beck6 months ago

    no one has ever done this

  46. vargurlord

    vargurlord6 months ago

    the bottles are there so driver can see if tyres spin, as driving in cold and snow can jam brakes.

  47. Douglas MacIlroy

    Douglas MacIlroy6 months ago

    Plastic bottles cannot be 'misconstrued'. What moron wrote that script? Glad I skipped to the end to hear that sentence. Only wasted thirty seconds. Phew. Back to the search for meaning in the internet now.

  48. Mad Dawg

    Mad Dawg6 months ago

    I hate the term Accident when it relates to vehicular accidents. It's a lie; for nearly every accident that is suggested as being an accident, it's not; it's usually the result of negligence upon someone's part. It's negligence upon someone driving; negligence upon someone not taking care of their vehicle ; negligence in their actions.. It's NEGLIGENCE.. And, uh, doing something wrong, and letting their insurance company cover the replacement costs, etc still does not make their actions OK. What you are seeing is pure, unadulterated negligence..

  49. Luca

    Luca6 months ago

    10:30 of my life

  50. Dustynbearz

    Dustynbearz6 months ago


  51. mad ass

    mad ass6 months ago

    If you believe turning on your lights to heat a heavy lead acid battery works , then you deserve to be stranded.

  52. Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures

    Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures6 months ago

    LMAO @ "giant" 18 wheeler .......

  53. Jann Mark Macam

    Jann Mark Macam6 months ago

    This is why top 10s are stupid

  54. Jann Mark Macam

    Jann Mark Macam6 months ago

    What idiot driver doesnt use the hand break?

  55. James iPad

    James iPad6 months ago

    They don’t teach any of this in driving school, because it’s bullshit

  56. Flurgy22

    Flurgy226 months ago

    I have never had an accident listening to techno. Death metal on the other hand. Well that's different.

  57. as a

    as a6 months ago

    Why in the fu###$ i will leave my. Car whitout braek or parking .went i. Leave

  58. Dollarbill777 Dollarbill777

    Dollarbill777 Dollarbill7776 months ago

    I agree emergency brake should be used ever now in then on automatic transmission because most who own sticks use there E brake occasionally.About the air conditioner .Only on very old cars that do not have defrost tied in with the compressor you may want to take that advice.. The one thing left out is learning to drive with the E brake in case of complete brake failure. I have had complete brake failure happen with me on older Ford Taurus and 84 Ford F150 .Probably much safer now. I would still recommend to learn how .Don't like the advice of this video and take most of it with a grain of salt.

  59. abrr2000

    abrr20006 months ago

    Window fogging, turn on the AC. It will defog vissably quicker.

  60. Scooter w.

    Scooter w.6 months ago

    And remember to always shut the door after you get in the vehicle..

  61. Andy Reid

    Andy Reid6 months ago

    You missed out one of the oldest "do not do" which is, "Never start an engine with the lights on!!" (unless you want to ruin your battery and shorten its service life by a considerable factor).

  62. J-Man

    J-Man6 months ago

    Unbelievably stupid