Julian Newman Gets CALLED OUT By Trash Talker!! Ends Up Dropping 35 POINTS!

Julian Newman stopped by Venice Beach to play in the VBL and got called out by a Trash Talker. Julian ended up dropping 35 points in the game.
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  1. xWorthy OTF

    xWorthy OTF19 hours ago

    He’s honestly a wanna be Ball family

  2. KsoRon

    KsoRonDay ago

    2:14 is he glitching XD


    HACHE VIDAL4 days ago

    Where's Newman?? Hahaha

  4. pjballa91

    pjballa914 days ago

    Dude is trash

  5. Janos Sario

    Janos Sario4 days ago

    Julian Newman & his pops are bunch of clowns.

  6. StepUp Dogboy

    StepUp Dogboy5 days ago

    naah, can't even make it to GLeague.

  7. Hugo D

    Hugo D6 days ago

    The person who edited this video fucked up...they just exposed him..should have just showed his shots made and that's it...

  8. Bob Suma

    Bob Suma7 days ago

    he has very high chance to go to the NBA As a mascot!!!!

  9. Lamar34

    Lamar347 days ago

    I swear y’all be boosting his points.

  10. Nevermind Us

    Nevermind Us8 days ago

    so some of the subscriber of newman is his haters?

  11. Remy Mking

    Remy Mking8 days ago

    I believe in Julian Newman but he need to cut that show-boating tf out!!! Chris Paul dunked Dwight Howard, Mogsey made up for height by playing two to 3 steps ahead of the offense and playing to low for bigs to swat it. ALLEN IVERSON was short but crossed MJ...One shot one kill, stick to what wins my dude even if its ugly bread and butter my dude it may not be flashy but it wins games. Newer talent needs to do flashy things to get attention to get noticed you're not in that boat bro, peace and love my dude hope you make it to the top most people love a underdog with a big heart. Giant Slayer

  12. Digol Dogol

    Digol Dogol8 days ago

    35 points with 20 FG%👻🤦‍♂️

  13. Clyde Cromey

    Clyde Cromey9 days ago

    Newman is the type of clown player who would get blocked 10 straight times..and then when he finally makes a basket...he'd talk shit. I can't wait for this stupid shit to be over. How long until he goes undrafted and this delusional basketball is over??

  14. Clyde Cromey

    Clyde Cromey9 days ago

    6:40 is when I would have said fuck it to basketball and just put my hands on little Newman. Shut your mouth little boy before I knock you out here on the court

  15. Clyde Cromey

    Clyde Cromey9 days ago

    4:55 great play and great shot. If I was Newman's teammate...I would have walked off the court after this play. What type of shot was that? I'd let him play alone since he's not passing it anyway

  16. Clyde Cromey

    Clyde Cromey9 days ago

    2:08 pass the fucking ball you clown! Pass the ball to your open teammate on the left. Instead..you dribble dribble and take a contested shot? This midget really pisses me off with his disrespect towards the game of basketball. Get off my court


    ZIMMERZ ON IPAD YT10 days ago

    4:25 bro dis nigga a pussy he looking for calls like a lil bitch

  18. notbatman

    notbatman10 days ago

    Yeah he scored 35 but let me see the box score

  19. Kyle Awesome

    Kyle Awesome11 days ago

    So glad that this cocky shit could never make to nba bcoz of his size


    RENGAR RENGAR12 days ago

    julian newman so bad jeans the only thing he knows is to make fun of people always to see himself in the upper level and to show himself to people big

  21. Matthew Boettcher

    Matthew Boettcher13 days ago

    He is overrated. Basketball isn't just iso every possesions and score. You gotta move off ball and play in a system

  22. Raznan Razman

    Raznan Razman13 days ago

    can this guy do a dunk?

  23. Holyvessel34

    Holyvessel3414 days ago

    Got 35 misses too lol jk. Kid tough though.

  24. OJ JO

    OJ JO15 days ago

    Julian Newman can’t even look eye to eye lol weak stuff actin’ like he’s tough

  25. Ben Cruz

    Ben Cruz16 days ago

    Nobody talks about it but he got MAD chicken wing on his shot. Looking like rondo’s clownass shot

  26. esco7183

    esco718316 days ago

    why dude be fallin down all the time....weak

  27. RenchuPy

    RenchuPy20 days ago

    Es creído y no sabe jugar jajajaja

  28. mlyniecm

    mlyniecm22 days ago

    Dude is so weak😂😂

  29. tom kwon

    tom kwon22 days ago

    Julian "dribbles without purpose" Newman

  30. Ismet Salkanovic

    Ismet Salkanovic23 days ago

    4:12 nice defence.....

  31. Cool boy Cloud

    Cool boy Cloud25 days ago

    Point guards are supposed to lead the team not lead the Team in shot attempts

  32. Anton LangMalakas

    Anton LangMalakas26 days ago

    To all Filipinos here,did someone notice that the Philippine flag is reversed? I mean in the video Red is over blue😂..7:56

  33. Sharpshooting Shooter

    Sharpshooting Shooter25 days ago

    Ay yo myself to is a Filipino and that kinda irritated me, but i laughed at the mistake😂😂

  34. Tom Ennis

    Tom Ennis26 days ago

    This nigga cold trash 🗑

  35. kelly prince

    kelly prince26 days ago

    He carrying his ass off!!!lol

  36. Benito Famadico

    Benito Famadico27 days ago

    This just like the overtime video exposes him. Dribble dribble dribble shoot a 3. In an organized setting he won’t be able to do that. 35 points but I keep seeing him getting locked and getting stripped. Same with his sister she couldn’t do anything against the top talent except shot a 3. This is last year in HS. No offers what’s ballislife and overtime going to do?

  37. Darrick Darrick

    Darrick Darrick29 days ago


  38. David Tosscano

    David TosscanoMonth ago

    Julian looks like crap when he’s not playing weak ass hs teams

  39. Mc Lovin

    Mc LovinMonth ago

    Jullian Newman stat 35 Ppg 0 Rpg 0. Apg 25 Falls per game 75 bitching and complaining In total of a triple double

  40. 顏鴻任

    顏鴻任Month ago

    Did you got money from Julian? All the highlight about he,and he never get miss

  41. Dragunov 435

    Dragunov 435Month ago

    Damn, no height changes

  42. Mae Young

    Mae YoungMonth ago

    Hambugero iho de puta

  43. olioxen

    olioxenMonth ago

    Newman that annoying little brother you gotta include cause mom said so

  44. CFCMAMO1

    CFCMAMO1Month ago

    why is there a 3rd grader playing with adults??

  45. David Glenn

    David GlennMonth ago

    Cant even drive by a white guy, enjoy bench in college

  46. Robert Sagan

    Robert SaganMonth ago


  47. Donnyx Genese

    Donnyx GeneseMonth ago

    Didn't know that thurman can ball

  48. Zach Dicosola

    Zach DicosolaMonth ago

    Counted 22 at most???

  49. Kymani Amedee

    Kymani AmedeeMonth ago

    Dude think he hard😂

  50. B Day

    B DayMonth ago

    Julain is playing tough ball while being small, he needs to work on his silkiness, his drive is not going anywhere

  51. Seasalticecream Creamicesaltsea

    Seasalticecream CreamicesaltseaMonth ago

    Julian Newman is so fucking trash.

  52. Blue Screen

    Blue ScreenMonth ago

    9:24 why this part looks like nba 2k19?🤔

  53. Stanley Nuevas

    Stanley NuevasMonth ago

    4:23 Is dis Boxing or Basketball?

  54. Ardo Wardhono Muda

    Ardo Wardhono MudaMonth ago

    Im starting doesnt like these guy, If you doesnt want somebody to steal your ball. easy, stop dribling and go home. just play on your console, not in real life.

  55. Brian Elusorio

    Brian ElusorioMonth ago

    Lil nigga should go back to JV

  56. Tuyền Đặng

    Tuyền ĐặngMonth ago

    Mr Dribble too much for nothing

  57. longnips

    longnipsMonth ago

    35 points on 60 shots! what a game!

  58. Ian Vinsmok

    Ian VinsmokMonth ago

    At the end of the game he ended with 9 out of 99 FG attempts. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Chitown Kk

    Chitown KkMonth ago

    why does he dribble so much for no reason though?

  60. M.J.A GANG

    M.J.A GANGMonth ago

    in my opinion I think Julian Newman has potential to be a great player he just get overexcited

  61. Jefe

    JefeMonth ago

    “Newman!” 😠 - Jerry Seinfeld