Julian Newman Gets CALLED OUT By Trash Talker!! Ends Up Dropping 35 POINTS!

Julian Newman stopped by Venice Beach to play in the VBL and got called out by a Trash Talker. Julian ended up dropping 35 points in the game.
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  1. Brock Nichols

    Brock Nichols8 days ago

    His problem is he doesn't use his size to create assists. He has never played with big men. He can shoot and is quick. But his court vision is lacking..

  2. Malcolm X'sBeatzz

    Malcolm X'sBeatzz16 days ago

    What's the song at 2:37 ?

  3. shox

    shox17 days ago

    These american black kids... They wouldn't last one minute in Croatia, Serbia, etc. with that attitude.

  4. The Lost Tapes

    The Lost Tapes18 days ago

    internet fakesation

  5. Gabriel Villegas

    Gabriel VillegasMonth ago

    The question is how many times he have to try to score until he does it. 35 points but he threw the ball like 30 times.

  6. Toya Murillo

    Toya MurilloMonth ago

    @4:24 this is why nobody likes this stupid ass no talent no offers yet little bitch kid.... Nobody fouled him he's out of control as always and trying to blame others for his fuck ups .... He dose it to his teammates all the time! That's why he can't find decent player's!

  7. Luis Esteban Delgado Estrada

    Luis Esteban Delgado EstradaMonth ago

    Newman is very very bad for Basketball

  8. Donald Jeezy Trump

    Donald Jeezy TrumpMonth ago


  9. Bintang Fahreza

    Bintang FahrezaMonth ago

    he is T.R.A.S.H!!!!!!

  10. Dre Williams

    Dre WilliamsMonth ago

    U gotta look up when you shoot

  11. Thee CowboyTroy

    Thee CowboyTroyMonth ago

    Where the hell was 35 points at? 😂😂😂

  12. The gift The curse

    The gift The curseMonth ago

    Dude is so trash... I see better talent at the park... and they don’t even ball 24/7

  13. silverarrows95

    silverarrows952 months ago

    35 pts! FG percentage 20. Lol

  14. Euro Nico

    Euro Nico2 months ago

    God i wish i could play in a game with him and defend his ass with thousands of cameras facing us and show how fucking overrated this bum IS

  15. The Special One

    The Special One2 months ago

    Overrated midget!!

  16. Guilherme Gomes

    Guilherme Gomes2 months ago

    it's just a weak

  17. Armando Jr Baldonado

    Armando Jr Baldonado2 months ago

    He already achieved his ultimate dream, be a street ball. Because he will reach the NBA

  18. Maxi González Muñoz

    Maxi González Muñoz2 months ago


  19. Jose Simon

    Jose Simon2 months ago

    he made 13 of 90809807987

  20. CJ Toledo

    CJ Toledo3 months ago

    If the dribbles have a points, Julian “The trash” Newman scores hundred of points a game lol. Such a poor trash talker little man.

  21. Derrick Newton

    Derrick Newton3 months ago

    He barely pass the ball

  22. duterte vs quibolok

    duterte vs quibolok3 months ago

    Julian newman is like a 🐸

  23. Mitchell Carter

    Mitchell Carter3 months ago

    Lol he’s bad (bad shot, sub par handles, and terrible vision), and so was his defender for most the video... dude had slow feet and used his arms on every play...

  24. A. R.

    A. R.3 months ago

    Hahaha look this short legs LOOOOL ... That's so funny, He can play only on this kind of games to make crowed laugh ... Pro basketball never.

  25. Jorge Ramos

    Jorge Ramos3 months ago

    #8 (the guy that kept guarding J. Newman) is garbage juice, I hate playing against those type of dudes, I can tell that he’s one of those guys that wants to guard the other teams best player and plays dirty/lazy ass defense the whole game, but in their mind they feel like they are playing good/hard/legal defense. I’m not a fan of Newman either but that dude was just frustrating to watch.

  26. Rashid Woods jr

    Rashid Woods jr3 months ago


  27. Brendon Valerio

    Brendon Valerio3 months ago

    does anybody know the track or song to 4:30?

  28. Valent Magazine

    Valent Magazine3 months ago

    He is trash 😂

  29. Rayx Alexander

    Rayx Alexander3 months ago

    Hey hey bro can you tell me what happend to this man?why everybody so hated him?dont be racist bro..

  30. Nex

    Nex3 months ago

    2:50,got to admit it that was a nice move

  31. Baby kyy Kvah

    Baby kyy Kvah3 months ago

    Me and Julian Newman is the same height and I’m way better then him he had a couple good games but he just a ball hog😂🤷🏼‍♂️if y’all wanna see some real talent get ready this winter👌🏽

  32. Eduardo A. Gutierrez Vera

    Eduardo A. Gutierrez Vera3 months ago

    Este man es malísimo y estoy tratando de entender porque es tan famoso, supongo que es porque a la gente le gusta verlo fracasar es un agrandado

  33. Kareem Davis

    Kareem Davis3 months ago

    😂🤣yo this whole video he was Bluffin. Straight bricks & turnovers

  34. Kareem Davis

    Kareem Davis3 months ago

    4:25-4:29🤣yo be trying hard as shit.. bro stop letting your father sell you a dream. Go to community college, get a degree & a cool average job. This shit ain’t for you

  35. Ryan Vaughan

    Ryan Vaughan3 months ago

    He has bad genes, simple as that

  36. Popi The Barber

    Popi The Barber3 months ago

    2 short he will never make the nba

  37. Eli- Tech

    Eli- Tech3 months ago

    One video does NOT I repeat NOTTT determine a person's OVERALL performance!!!

  38. Axe Man

    Axe Man3 months ago

    Honestly gotta respect newman he never backs down from anything

  39. midbaskets

    midbaskets3 months ago

    He needs to develop his iq

  40. J z

    J z3 months ago

    Fuck you julian..

  41. Justin Valdez

    Justin Valdez3 months ago

    Lmao trash idc

  42. Matthew Carlson

    Matthew Carlson4 months ago

    Kids got two flying elbows, ugly ass shot. But I guess when I was 5'2" in 4th grade I shot that way too so I'll let it slide.

  43. Ray Dingo

    Ray Dingo4 months ago

    And they compared him to melo why ?

  44. Pvlse

    Pvlse4 months ago

    this kids actully pretty good




  46. Micah Brandenburg

    Micah Brandenburg4 months ago

    how he get his jersey tied like that tho..... if anybody know tell me pls

  47. Kemuel Ceralde

    Kemuel Ceralde4 months ago

    Trash ass he doesn’t pass the ball!

  48. Andrew Lee

    Andrew Lee4 months ago

    “Who needs height when you got skill...shot is up! Eugh!”

  49. Goro Shigeno

    Goro Shigeno4 months ago

    Just pull up a three newman your trash , yu can't drive and finish men, and your personality is trash too.

  50. Fuzion Velez

    Fuzion Velez4 months ago

    I think Julian learned when they white boy cook his ass back inmkddle school

  51. Temitope Yusuf

    Temitope Yusuf4 months ago

    Bruh if this shit keeps up he might end up as a streetballer. He would make a really good one. But if Julian doesnt want his game to reduce to street ball level, his game will, have to be focused to a level of more than just entertainment. Love for the dude man.

  52. Cache Allen

    Cache Allen4 months ago

    35 points??? I didn’t see it; however I do believe I counted 35 turnovers

  53. VastDrell122

    VastDrell1224 months ago

    You fucking ball hog

  54. Samuel Werner

    Samuel Werner4 months ago

    This is his highlights they only out his highlights in not his teammates highlights it isn’t titled Veniceball highlights

  55. ѴoÐӃֻα ӃIeֻboId

    ѴoÐӃֻα ӃIeֻboId4 months ago

    Fuck you newman, you ain't read 4 this broo

  56. Youtuber

    Youtuber4 months ago

    30 napg no assist per game

  57. Marlou Sean Kho

    Marlou Sean Kho4 months ago

    Overrated little bitch.

  58. Me & My Family

    Me & My Family4 months ago

    Announcer was hella annoying..

  59. Christian Perez

    Christian Perez4 months ago

    Lmao when number 8 in red was on him playing fr defense he was locking Newman up😂💀

  60. Baby ZYMIR

    Baby ZYMIR4 months ago

    Newman pops been quit on him 👎🏾🤦🏾‍♂️🤣😭