Simone Biles' EPIC first pitch before World Series Game 2

Watch Simone Biles pull off one flipping awesome first pitch before World Series Game 2!
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  1. stendstend

    stendstend5 days ago

    She is forever sick . Be heal. Sports should be clean of pills.

  2. Joyce Shen

    Joyce Shen17 days ago

    the height difference tho

  3. deezy SS

    deezy SS21 day ago

    What a bad look for her she associate with cheaters

  4. The Garden

    The Garden25 days ago

    U R short

  5. Joel Williams

    Joel Williams25 days ago

    ^^That^^ young woman is America!!! Sssoooo adorable!

  6. very caring

    very caringMonth ago

    me too!!😝

  7. David Hoffmann

    David HoffmannMonth ago

    Dear God, that is one hot, tiny lady.

  8. I J

    I JMonth ago

    Looks like she didnt even care for the autograph

  9. bts Fan 4 life

    bts Fan 4 lifeMonth ago


  10. Ruben T

    Ruben TMonth ago

    She's so adorable and tiny, I just want to pick her up!

  11. yunga7

    yunga7Month ago

    Shes a national treasure!!!

  12. TNT Strength and Conditioning

    TNT Strength and ConditioningMonth ago

    She should be signing his glove

  13. Starling

    StarlingMonth ago

    And she requested his autograph,classy

  14. Starling

    StarlingMonth ago

    Young lady,what can you not do?

  15. Super Hyper Happy Dude

    Super Hyper Happy DudeMonth ago

    To everybody expecting her to throw the ball while flipping in mid-air, give me a break, the amount of strength it takes to do that flip it was impressive she was even able to throw the ball directly after the flip.

  16. Un Redacted

    Un RedactedMonth ago

    couldn't win one measly game at home lol nice Houston

  17. Jacobb Leary

    Jacobb LearyMonth ago

    She is absolutely beautiful! 😍

  18. Dee At His Feet

    Dee At His FeetMonth ago

    She's so tiny and cute!

  19. Luis Campos

    Luis CamposMonth ago

    I’m trynna figure out why this has a million views lmao

  20. Star Fire

    Star FireMonth ago

    She's tiny!

  21. 1967tuncay

    1967tuncayMonth ago

    Is she small or is he big?

  22. Winston Wharton

    Winston WhartonMonth ago

    214 people don't like the greatest athlete of all time doing a standing backflip with a twist. Not one of them could do it if they had a month to practice!

  23. Seba Minaj

    Seba MinajMonth ago

    who is he?

  24. Candace Shirley

    Candace ShirleyMonth ago

    She did terrific though true if she tossed ball doing that flip that would be amazing

  25. Paige Snyder

    Paige SnyderMonth ago

    Obviously did not play softball in her younger years... on the technical scale..... not even on the scale. But amazingly talented otherwise!!!

  26. princess flower

    princess flowerMonth ago

    Watch the Japanese sexualize this pitch into pokemon πŸ˜‚

  27. Arturo Garcia

    Arturo GarciaMonth ago

    She is just gracies and beautiful.

  28. John Jones

    John JonesMonth ago

    If I was the catcher, after signing her ball, I would have handed her my glove to sign. Then after the series, EBAY!

  29. loretta young

    loretta youngMonth ago

    too much weave.

  30. Katherine Kilgore

    Katherine KilgoreMonth ago

    Love the flip!

  31. Texas Ag

    Texas AgMonth ago


  32. ejones9924

    ejones9924Month ago

    " She make good Wifey" Caveman

  33. Jordan Hagins

    Jordan HaginsMonth ago


  34. Raymond Smith

    Raymond SmithMonth ago

    She even approaches the mound like she's about to do some routine! What a goat! 🐐

  35. Anthony Roic

    Anthony RoicMonth ago

    Who is this?

  36. Von45Rose

    Von45RoseMonth ago

    Great Gymnast! I had know idea how tiny she is πŸ˜€ She barley came up to his belt line πŸ˜‚

  37. imaslowlerner

    imaslowlernerMonth ago

    I didn't realize that she was that small..

  38. Debra Enderle

    Debra EnderleMonth ago

    Boy, she is so tiny!

  39. Martin Dennis

    Martin DennisMonth ago

    I’ve got to get off this couch.

  40. d w

    d wMonth ago

    OMG, take an hour out from gymnastics training and learn how to throw a ball.