We try our hand at Countdown in this #SidemenSunday. Enjoy!
Sidemen Clothing:
Kelly: gnaucky
● Miniminter:
● Zerkaa:
● Behzinga:
● Vikkstar123:
● Wroetoshaw:
● KSI:


  1. Mike Fudalan

    Mike Fudalan3 hours ago

    Ethan: *spells deduce* JJ: WE MIGHT ACTUALLY WIN THIS BRO!

  2. An Vr

    An Vr3 hours ago

    Petition to get feamep in Oxford dictionary

  3. Agera R

    Agera R13 hours ago

    JJ made this video so much funnier I don’t care what other say

  4. Agera R

    Agera R13 hours ago

    Ethan is the most intelligent person in the Sidemen, along with Josh. Simon is just calling him stupid because he’s insecure

  5. Fraze Beam

    Fraze Beam19 hours ago

    Hawkeye!!!!!!! In the last word one it pissed me off because nobody got that and it’s right there!!😂

  6. Youngie

    Youngie22 hours ago

    Now I know jj really doesn’t know mass Logan was right

  7. Dániel Tímár

    Dániel Tímár23 hours ago

    Bruh imagine JJ is pulling up to Ricegum with a solid akneehow

  8. Little Miss Intelligent

    Little Miss IntelligentDay ago

    Ksi should be called si because I am not seeing any knowledge out of him.

  9. What Ever

    What EverDay ago

    KSI made this whole video! What a fool 😂😂

  10. roger kim

    roger kimDay ago

    WHATS 5x7

  11. Fetra

    FetraDay ago

    this is when the legendary word created BAMGINE!

  12. Samuel James

    Samuel JamesDay ago

    Anyone here after KSI wins against Logan

  13. dwarf joshua

    dwarf joshuaDay ago

    Huevo round 3 it is egg in spainish

  14. Alexandros Marios

    Alexandros MariosDay ago

    STILL ON😂😂😂😂

  15. DiamondPickaxeCat

    DiamondPickaxeCatDay ago


  16. brandon stroud

    brandon stroud2 days ago

    the solution to the last math is 9-4=5+50= 55 then 3+3= 6 then 55*6 =330

  17. Benjamin Wood

    Benjamin Wood2 days ago

    The woman has the most force smile

  18. Kathryn Denham

    Kathryn Denham2 days ago

    Whos here on fight night nervous as ever

  19. Gursharan Singh

    Gursharan Singh2 days ago

    Ethan: spells deduce JJ:yo we might actually win this bro

  20. Abs Ken

    Abs Ken3 days ago

    Is this the video logan watched before the press conference?

  21. Adam Cram

    Adam Cram4 days ago

    Hahahaha this is where Logan got his info on the simple math lol

  22. Lightly 100

    Lightly 1004 days ago

    forgot how to minus

  23. Parth Gautam

    Parth Gautam4 days ago

    --_--_--_-- --_--_--_--

  24. It's Nerf

    It's Nerf4 days ago


  25. RNG Mrnippyasian YT

    RNG Mrnippyasian YT4 days ago

    I got 582 😂😂

  26. another channel

    another channel5 days ago

    35:32 josh did that on purpose

  27. Ryan Taylor

    Ryan Taylor5 days ago

    I got 581

  28. Shaun

    Shaun5 days ago

    Maths round's supposed to have 6 numbers

  29. Kadeyleigh Trueman

    Kadeyleigh Trueman5 days ago

    “I totally forgot how to minus fam” -ksi 2019

  30. AhmmadSkaiky

    AhmmadSkaiky6 days ago

    28:32 could have done akinfenwa

  31. IK

    IK6 days ago

    35:35 what did Simon say? 😂 JOSH MAN I'M DUTCH

  32. Adande R

    Adande R6 days ago

    I just checked Urban Dictionary and Feamep is their now under JJ’s description!

  33. Brendan Moten

    Brendan Moten6 days ago

    Did any one else add 5 and 10 then divide 6 by 6 which equals 1 then add that to 9 and times 15 by 10?

  34. Revel

    Revel6 days ago

    3+4= 7 7 * 50 = 350 9*3 = 18 350-18= 332

  35. Wesley Verheyen

    Wesley Verheyen6 days ago

    The riddle at 16min is 8x7=56 56x10= 560 560+(7x2)= 574 574+8= 582

  36. Non Irish Potato

    Non Irish Potato6 days ago

    24:50 I’m fully cackling!

  37. thezproject 115

    thezproject 1157 days ago

    also im rewatching these as im bored lol

  38. thezproject 115

    thezproject 1157 days ago

    the 582 1 is so easy it took me half the time than what they had lmfao 75 x 7 = 525 + (7x8) = 56+525 = 581 Edit: forgot the brackets

  39. ABI DZAR

    ABI DZAR7 days ago

    i freaking died at the end...hahaha

  40. Sam Mccrindle

    Sam Mccrindle7 days ago

    for the long word round-'patience'

  41. Ellie Games

    Ellie Games7 days ago

    Who else had a laughing attack when KSI couldnt fit through the tables im literally dying rn lmao XD

  42. BL4Z3 Tender

    BL4Z3 Tender7 days ago

    I got 490

  43. H4LPlays

    H4LPlays7 days ago

    Not a single person: Not a soul: Not a living being: JJ: AKNEEHOWWW

  44. BL4Z3 Tender

    BL4Z3 Tender7 days ago

    I got 150

  45. Pirate Dog

    Pirate Dog7 days ago

    This with Stephen Tries and Laurence as a dictionary corner would be pretty funny I think lol.

  46. Mustafa Sura

    Mustafa Sura8 days ago

    akneehow is surprisingly a word

  47. Tonda

    Tonda8 days ago

    I've watched this video so many times and i always laugh 😂😂

  48. gamer5 gate

    gamer5 gate8 days ago

    JJ rage makes the video so much better

  49. kyles nips

    kyles nips8 days ago

    Ksi mentiones tourettes and ive never felt more included

  50. Jam Bannana

    Jam Bannana8 days ago

    jj should go to school

  51. YaZy _YT

    YaZy _YT8 days ago

    I’m just saying I’m a dragon ball fan and I’m surprised jj didn’t say hakai

  52. 10,000 Subs without video

    10,000 Subs without video8 days ago

    Only of babatunde were here.... 😔

  53. Fresh 07

    Fresh 078 days ago

    75x7=425 425+56(7x8)=481

  54. Rubes

    Rubes9 days ago

    21:22 Ambien!!

  55. Sub2 Pewdiepie

    Sub2 Pewdiepie9 days ago

    Josh at the end 😂

  56. Marzouk

    Marzouk9 days ago

    Who is this gorgeous lady?

  57. Louis Holland

    Louis Holland9 days ago

    Simon is so funny in this one and no one is talking about it

  58. blaze thorne

    blaze thorne9 days ago

    came to the conclusion that these guys are rly dumb literally a normal 5th grade is smarterr

  59. Tfue

    Tfue10 days ago

    if they did this in november 2019 bamgine, ackneehow and femep are all word in the urban dictionary

  60. ceyek cunyo

    ceyek cunyo10 days ago

    anyone noticed how the clock is a bit wonky 😂