Reese Witherspoon Can Hear Everybody's Thoughts | Vogue


  1. Yumi Tokushige

    Yumi Tokushige2 months ago

    Why doesn't she wear a little darker makeups? She looks so pale. I've been a fan of hers since the very first Legally Blonde.

  2. SisterSophiaART

    SisterSophiaART4 months ago

    Ps sooo nice of u. I KNOW LOL

  3. SisterSophiaART

    SisterSophiaART4 months ago

    ~~~omg I LUV U ALL thank u for sharing what its LIKE~~~

  4. bonnie bianco

    bonnie bianco5 months ago

    Mel Gibson did this in "what women want".

  5. anonymous nation

    anonymous nation5 months ago

    Oh my God that thought reading is so me and it's depressing...not good

  6. flying islands

    flying islands6 months ago

    what's his name?

  7. Alice Freschi

    Alice Freschi7 months ago

    Song at the end?

  8. It's Annette

    It's Annette7 months ago

    She still has that cute face :))))) I love the movie legally blonde one of the best for me!!!

  9. Jones Alexandría Germanni

    Jones Alexandría Germanni7 months ago

    Amazing video!

  10. xxAM MPxx

    xxAM MPxx7 months ago

    Lol 😂

  11. Freya Leigh

    Freya Leigh7 months ago


  12. Krystal Jane Peguero

    Krystal Jane Peguero7 months ago

    This is hilarious 😂

  13. Crash Atlantis

    Crash Atlantis7 months ago

    I want MORE

  14. Aashi

    Aashi8 months ago

    All the comments about 73Q guy but none for our Edward Cullen?

  15. Kylie K.

    Kylie K.8 months ago

    Wtf is this?

  16. t e a a n d c h i l l b o i

    t e a a n d c h i l l b o i8 months ago

    I love Reese! I’d also like to see a 73 questions with Paul Rudd, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, or Chris Hemsworth.

  17. Kristin Trisha Deetlefs

    Kristin Trisha Deetlefs8 months ago

    Accurate in-the-mind ramblings 😂👌🏻


    LUCIANO VIANA8 months ago

    É fiume? Como é O nome?

  19. Pietro Abderm

    Pietro Abderm8 months ago

    Make-up tutorial with Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera please

  20. ami sou

    ami sou8 months ago

    is it true

  21. Ryanne Cristina

    Ryanne Cristina8 months ago

    #Laura Brito no canal da VOGUE❤

  22. JayJuly

    JayJuly8 months ago

    Is that the Question Guy?

  23. Paris&Gabby Vlogs

    Paris&Gabby Vlogs8 months ago

    subbing to everyone who subs & likes this comment!!

  24. seren__a_ liguori

    seren__a_ liguori8 months ago


  25. Moomen Schance

    Moomen Schance8 months ago

    this is so confusing

  26. Joshua Taylor Madison

    Joshua Taylor Madison8 months ago

    Screams: "Do you know who I am?!!!"

  27. Kay Khairunnisa

    Kay Khairunnisa8 months ago


  28. Being Meka J

    Being Meka J8 months ago

    Love her 😍

  29. Sheree Stubblefield

    Sheree Stubblefield8 months ago

    Why wouldn’t they do this to promote taraji and her new movie?

  30. Annie ♡

    Annie ♡8 months ago


  31. Mellowmellow65

    Mellowmellow658 months ago

    I liked was different and the dialogue was on point..the mind voices were in line with their acting of what they were thinking

  32. Marlynne K

    Marlynne K8 months ago

    Best one ever!

  33. Extrabutterpopcorn withsalt

    Extrabutterpopcorn withsalt8 months ago

    2:46 she’s the only 10 I see sorry I’ll shut up now

  34. rollership

    rollership8 months ago

    ohmygod i DIEEEED so cringey so good

  35. Rebeka Kubovičová

    Rebeka Kubovičová8 months ago

    Mel Gibson left the chat...

  36. super mama

    super mama8 months ago

    And everybody can hear hers

  37. Destarani Bella Shabrina

    Destarani Bella Shabrina8 months ago

    The guy, Ryland Blackinton is actually one of Cobra Starship’s member

  38. Space Cadet

    Space CadetMonth ago


  39. Thy Nguyen

    Thy Nguyen8 months ago

    Anne Woods

  40. Wink Wink

    Wink Wink8 months ago


  41. David

    David8 months ago

    Saw her on 73 vogue questions She was very natural . I loved her built in ground level rectangle trampoline in her back yard. Those are the original types of trampolines we used in college. Much better than round ones.

  42. Bitch Lasagna

    Bitch Lasagna8 months ago

    Hey Vogue why haven't u done 73 Questions with leonardo DiCaprio?

  43. Breelan Edgar

    Breelan Edgar8 months ago


  44. J. Montrice

    J. Montrice8 months ago

    Does anyone remember SRSLY you guys should do something like that. This reminded me of their skits a little bit

  45. Mahogany Ocaya Galanay

    Mahogany Ocaya Galanay8 months ago


  46. Henry Mv

    Henry Mv8 months ago

    I loved this content!!!

  47. Amy Bork

    Amy Bork8 months ago

    This is stupid

  48. Little Coco

    Little Coco8 months ago


  49. Benji Weiss

    Benji Weiss8 months ago

    not your best, frost

  50. Casey Burnet

    Casey Burnet8 months ago

    Like my mind at all times except probably more tame. But then, they were probably watering it down somewhat in this...I don't know what you call a small show?

  51. Trisha Yangan

    Trisha Yangan8 months ago

    That's not the guy in 73 questions. His name is Joe

  52. Emily L

    Emily L8 months ago

    Omg who smoked a fat blunt before writing this crap??

  53. Anna Lipolidi

    Anna Lipolidi8 months ago

    Do a makeup video with Vita Sidorkina💕💕

  54. Anna Lipolidi

    Anna Lipolidi8 months ago

    Please do a Kelly Gale makeup video❤️❤️

  55. Ava Brennan

    Ava Brennan8 months ago

    Film something with Ian Somerhalder !!!!!

  56. 「 Misako 」

    「 Misako 」8 months ago

    Y’all should do 73 questions with Bhad Bhabie

  57. Nikolai Dolan

    Nikolai Dolan8 months ago


  58. anna swift

    anna swift8 months ago

    I know that voice. THAT'S THE 73 QUESTIONS GUY isn't it?

  59. Roxane A

    Roxane A8 months ago

    anna swift I think so !

  60. Siddarth Patni

    Siddarth Patni8 months ago

    What if she is without spoon?

  61. Madi Fowlkes

    Madi Fowlkes8 months ago

    What has vogue become

  62. Ramiro Garcia

    Ramiro Garcia7 months ago

    Why the negative comment? this video is fun, theres nothing wrong with it. I wish they made more of these.

  63. Charlie Westfort

    Charlie Westfort8 months ago

    Atleast they didn't go down the "teaches you _____ slang" road... yet

  64. ariel alena

    ariel alena8 months ago

    REESE 🙌🏼😍my favorite actress