SO CLUTCH! Michael Brantley's INSANE catch gets double play for Astros in ALCS Game 6 vs Yankees

Michael Brantley's amazing catch and then subsequent throwout kept the lead in the Astros' favor in ALCS Game 6!
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  1. Miguel Sandoval

    Miguel SandovalMonth ago

    Astros Fans Went From Silent To Noisy On One Double Play. Maybe Next Year New York.

  2. tractorback76

    tractorback76Month ago

    F football

  3. BD Maus

    BD MausMonth ago

    The reaction of Judge knowing he's out at first, priceless

  4. Ian #23

    Ian #23Month ago


  5. Ian #23

    Ian #23Month ago


  6. RyanPKC

    RyanPKCMonth ago

    We from Cleveland still love you Dr. Smooth! Thanks for the memories!

  7. Ohio Buckeye

    Ohio BuckeyeMonth ago

    I was also expecting Joe Buck to return to form.... Brantley....Brantley....Brantley makes the catch. He throws to first Double play.

  8. atl_1ne

    atl_1neMonth ago

    wish there was a replay of his throw to 1st

  9. Water and Fire Tarot

    Water and Fire TarotMonth ago

    God... so amazing. I’ve watched a hundred times.

  10. ItsSurreal

    ItsSurrealMonth ago

    as a mets fan, im happy to see the yankees lose, and see the astros get back to the WS. All ima say is thats probably the best double play ive ever seen in my time watching baseball.

  11. Coinraker

    CoinrakerMonth ago

    Should have shown that angle from behind Brantley. You can see just how close the throw came to hitting Judge.

  12. Maria V Solis

    Maria V SolisMonth ago

    Houston Astros come a long way . Be Strong H town . Champions. 2019. .

  13. Ohio Buckeye

    Ohio BuckeyeMonth ago

    Looking at this play again I kind of feel bad for Judge. He had no choice but to run in this scenario. Having said that I am a Phillies fan and anytime the Yankees lose is great.

  14. RealJGII

    RealJGIIMonth ago

    God damn that voice over by Joe Buck just gives me chills every time

  15. Nunya Business

    Nunya BusinessMonth ago

    Crowd was like at a 10 when he caught the ball and then cranked it up to about 13 when he made the throw to first

  16. rsfarris86

    rsfarris86Month ago

    Nunya Business That out at first must have been one of the loudest it’s ever been in the stadium

  17. Kenny Hill

    Kenny HillMonth ago

    Cory Booker with the catch and throw.

  18. betaomega04

    betaomega04Month ago

    For everyone that says Michael Brantley doesn't smile...

  19. omcbob

    omcbobMonth ago


  20. ThaTruth223

    ThaTruth223Month ago

    Ever since the Big papi grand slam, Joe Buck has surprisingly improved when it come to these moments

  21. Randy Thompson

    Randy ThompsonMonth ago

    So many plays that could’ve affected the outcome of this series. Brantley is such an awesome player!! I’m so glad Houston has him!!

  22. Javier Saravia

    Javier SaraviaMonth ago

    Amazing!!! That's all I gotta say lol

  23. Zachary Morrow

    Zachary MorrowMonth ago

    Uncle Mike does it again!

  24. Jim Davis

    Jim DavisMonth ago


  25. Earnest Ray

    Earnest RayMonth ago


  26. A Eazy Young

    A Eazy YoungMonth ago

    NYY are the COWBOYS of MLB overrated!!!

  27. Eric S

    Eric SMonth ago

    Him or marwin gonzolez?

  28. jasonjinx

    jasonjinxMonth ago

    Man we were going beserko watching this play last night at the sports bar

  29. gnote

    gnoteMonth ago

    love it when Yankees lose and fans just so hopeful. love it when NY loses anyrhing

  30. GEssinger

    GEssingerMonth ago

    When the announcer said" I didnt know brantley had that kid off arm" I was like dude did u not watch him at all when he was with Cleveland.

  31. GEssinger

    GEssingerMonth ago

    @Ohio Buckeye damn dude

  32. Ohio Buckeye

    Ohio BuckeyeMonth ago

    @GEssinger You silly guy.... Didn’t you know that Brantley had no arms while playing for Cleveland? He had those arms surgically attached when he got shipped to Houston.... Come on man wake up✌️

  33. lastcall170

    lastcall170Month ago

    Yankee fan about to cancel my cable subscription. What a wasted season.😣

  34. Eric Sigersmith

    Eric SigersmithMonth ago

    Earned his money on that play alone

  35. James Lee

    James LeeMonth ago

    That ultra slow mo of Harris... Nice work MLB.

  36. James Lee

    James LeeMonth ago

    Correa: Brantley: I got your back, homie. .

  37. Jeff Swanson

    Jeff SwansonMonth ago

    Brantley's dad Mickey played for the Mariners, and one night in 1988 I caught one of his HR's. A few nights later, I waited outside the old Kingdome to get him to sign it, and when he saw that it was in a holder with his name on it, he let me walk to his car with him where he signed it. Class act. And now his son is going to his first WS. Congrats to the Brantley's!

  38. India Durham Rucker

    India Durham RuckerMonth ago

    Beautiful memory.

  39. Lisa C

    Lisa CMonth ago

    Shut up Joke Buck.

  40. Carlos faña

    Carlos fañaMonth ago

    Michael brantley tiene que permanecer con los astros es un fenómeno 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Jeff Wickson

    Jeff WicksonMonth ago

    The runner really......misJUDGED that fly ball.

  42. C W

    C WMonth ago


  43. Living Stones

    Living StonesMonth ago

    we seeya brantley

  44. Zachary

    ZacharyMonth ago

    Stros v Nats. My money's on the Stros.

  45. Kathleen Feaster

    Kathleen FeasterMonth ago

    Great play , definitely the game changer by Michael Brantley , former Cleveland Indian .

  46. Louie

    LouieMonth ago