Automation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Boone Keller

    Boone Keller2 hours ago

    Automation is where Socialism or Communism could work.

  2. Brenyatta

    BrenyattaDay ago

    It’s best not to “sniper rifle” your job options. It’s better to “shotgun” them

  3. Seyun Park

    Seyun Park2 days ago


  4. Anon¥mus

    Anon¥mus3 days ago

    Robots are not the answer. Just look at the Trump Administration and how those robots fix and repair things.

  5. Moses Rodrigues

    Moses Rodrigues4 days ago

    Jobs. The holy word of our globally zombified labor culture. Of course everyone is desperate for jobs and politicians always use it as a selling point; our world economic game is based upon people in competition with each other to obtain a limited supply of jobs in "labor-for-income" monetary-market system. This episode was hilarious as always and made great points but it overlooks two major points: 1. It's not the 1900's anymore, meaning our way of life is drastically different in many ways (thanks to tech advancements), which makes the comparative argument flawed. We don't simply have machines taking over our physically-demanding, repetitious jobs; we are now creating extremely complex computer algorithms (A.I.) that will be able to take over ALL jobs - the ones we thought only our creatively unique intelligence could do. 2. We're slowly but surely reaching a point where we're realizing that it's unsustainable to think we can just keep consuming to consume, especially at the constantly increasing rate at which tech allows us. The aware and educated people of our world are realizing how destructive we have become, not only to the necessary equilibrium we must maintain and sustain with the ecology of our world but, also, our cultural/social values and general public health and happiness. The most important conversation we, as a global society, can be having is not how we can compete against tech to survive in this economic system but how we can effectively transition to a new socioeconomic system where we no longer need to compete with each other to obtain a limited amount of "jobs" that allow us to gain access to the basic necessities of life and more. I highly encourage all people to study the work (films, lectures, presentations, and interviews) of The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project and, also, watch Humans Need Not Apply and Will Work For Free.

  6. Jonathan Nagel

    Jonathan Nagel5 days ago

    Financially-Minded Engineer asks: imagine Elon Musk buys every big rig in America & gets them all on the road in 2030,, just as that ~55yo demographic starts retiring and collecting social security for decades to come. How is the treasury going to balance the fact that you can’t tax a robot!? (Not like it’s balanced now; we’ll probably just sell the tax debt to Huawei as our Tariff on China is conveniently removed and old truckers are retiring in Szechuan Springs)...

  7. Sim z

    Sim z5 days ago

    My job is literally automating tasks and putting people out of jobs. At least my job is safe :p

  8. Nottellin yuo

    Nottellin yuo5 days ago

    Automation will present the same problem that slavery in the south produced. Yes companies (plantations) will save money and yes robots (the slaves) will do jobs that not only Americans wont do, but also do the unsafe jobs so Americans won't get hurt... But the problem is while production is up where will the American work to allow them to buy those products? This is the real reason the civil war was fought. Slavery (automation) hurt capitalism in the long run and is why the west was full of bandits the outlaws. These was Americans whom could not find work because their jobs was taken by slaves (robots) so they moved out west. I wonder what type of war will be fought due to automation???

  9. AKArainkit

    AKArainkit6 days ago

    I find it kind of funny that people think that most Americans that are replaced by robots will be able to code. Your average american barely has a highschool understanding of English. You think they'll understand python?

  10. 54tisfaction

    54tisfaction6 days ago

    Yeah, but who is going to PAY FOR IT?

  11. TWSTF 8

    TWSTF 87 days ago

    Hahaha "Pretty ladies not wearing a whole lot" lol that's awesome 😂 👍

  12. Christopher Iovino

    Christopher Iovino7 days ago

    I kept hearing South Park, "They terk our jerbs..."

  13. Josny13

    Josny138 days ago

    Where my IT niggaz @? Pretty awesome, not worrying about re-schooling.

  14. Tai-Chen Lin

    Tai-Chen Lin8 days ago

    I think you should invite presidential candidate @Andrew Yang to your show to discuss this very topic for a follow up... I have a feeling, it is both gonna be very entertaining and thought provoking.

  15. Jerry K

    Jerry K9 days ago

    Poo land..

  16. George Costarica

    George Costarica10 days ago

    Why are all the kids either pin heads or pin bottoms?

  17. Carl floor

    Carl floor10 days ago

    "I feel like you're doing a British accent there"

  18. Jonathan Bund

    Jonathan Bund10 days ago

    Andrew yang

  19. SuperSaiyan182

    SuperSaiyan18210 days ago

    Vote for Andrew Yang. He is SO FAR the only political candidate addressing this issue while many are afraid to touch upon this issue. America needs a certain wildcard. The Republicans had a wild card which was Trump. Now its Democrats turn and their wild card is Andrew Yang.

  20. Jeffrey Rodriguez

    Jeffrey Rodriguez2 days ago

    Vote For no one.

  21. Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker11 days ago

    While I agree with many commentors here that Andrew Yang's UBI is a great step forward to alleviating many stressors, even UBI _cannot solve and eliminate_ poverty, war, racism - all the problems we face today. I hope that we can all take a further step back and question our entire social system. Ask yourself: what good is a social system that's at the point where children have to start considering _five_ career options? What will it be in ten years, 20 career options? I encourage everyone to read about an unprecedented social system alternative called a Resource-based Economy, which can provide a high standard of living for ALL and manage our earth's finite resources intelligently.

  22. Everybody Sucks Tho

    Everybody Sucks Tho11 days ago

    Whores won't lose their jobs to automation. There's gonna be a lot more whores.

  23. superchannel

    superchannel12 days ago

    17:39 Little girl: "Can a robot get wet?" John Oliver: "Yep, a robot can get wet" xvideos: "I see it all the time"

  24. Andy Miller

    Andy Miller12 days ago


  25. MCRB77

    MCRB7713 days ago

    Anyone who is sad about the future, look up Andrew Yang. Your outlook and thinking what we actually can get done will improve dramatically.

  26. Joseph Roberts

    Joseph Roberts13 days ago

    You have got to be one of the funniest propagandist I have ever watched, Cheers. If you ever decide to start telling people the truth it will great for our country.

  27. jobokidd

    jobokidd13 days ago

    Can you make a video on Plutocracy? I think that’s where we are now

  28. Chaitanya Deshpande

    Chaitanya Deshpande14 days ago

    You better fix your map of India from now on.. 🙄

  29. SchwerMetall154

    SchwerMetall15414 days ago

    One of the ideas that I thought of in a sense is that in order for you to keep your job you have to do bad work at your job. When your company sells inefficient products, no one's going to buy them, the corporation doesn't get money, they don't buy robots, you get to keep your job. The catch is that though you kept your job, you won't have it for much longer, because Mr. Micromanager/Supervisor going to fire you for one of two things. 1. You got caught thus they're deliberately firing you and will hire your replacement. 2. The company can no longer afford as many workers anymore and you're laid-off. Thus what one can't do INTRAspectively, one can do INTERspectively. Rather than be a bad employee, be a good employee for the competition, especially if it's a small, regional business. Rather than being another 7-11 or Wal-Mart, help the business grow into the next region killer like how Whataburger and HEB are in Texas and In-N-Out is in California. To promote this are anti-trust laws and incentives for small businesses, problem is as deregulation became a bigger deal since the 1980s, incentives like tax credits and deductibles for small business owners have all but dissipated and anti-trust laws are not being well enforced by the FCC, FTC, and USDT as they once were. Thus, this is a problem that can't be placed on the workers nor on the consumers, this is corporate-political problem that needs to be dealt with, especially if the next idea is simply 'they'll make more jobs', since with corporations becoming too huge and able to influence so much of politics today (thanks Citizens United, you scumlord of a PAC) that competition is mainly a no show under the current conditions. Anyway, yada yada yada, Trump (an alleged billionaire) doesn't care since he's rich and is busy making other billionaires richer while the taxes for the lower classes see their taxes rise each year by .01-4% each year to pay for the corporate welfare that Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon each got this year while they and 57 other corporations paid 0% in taxes. Etc. etc. Vote for Sanders or Warren come 2020, I would've also added Buttigieg and Yang but they're more single issue candidates which is really short-sighted considering the broad spectrum of issues and America needs help on all fronts and fast, not just social inequalities and worker's rights; though I'd suspect they'd be good cabinet members, department heads, or ambassadors.

  30. Mad Season

    Mad Season15 days ago

    Those kids are the future waste of society. This is what leftists are good at. Create human waste.

  31. James Belcher

    James Belcher15 days ago

    We need to redact that video from human history. The robot overlords are not going to like that.

  32. James Belcher

    James Belcher15 days ago

    Well Fiji is gay water.

  33. Robert McDougle

    Robert McDougle16 days ago

    Say it with me. "No More Old Guys". We need a person like Andrew Yang, who will help Americans help America.

  34. M D Adams

    M D Adams16 days ago

    a problem if you have less than average intelligence and therefore are dependent on "charity" Machines are far better at repetitive non-creative tasks

  35. BigHeadClan

    BigHeadClan17 days ago

    "What is your job?" Going to need some burn cream for that one John.

  36. jobokidd

    jobokidd17 days ago

    Bloody Brilliant! I don't understand why the current administration hasn't addressed this. The only person that is, is Andrew Yang, his book, "The War on Normal People" is phenomenal #Yang2020

  37. jobokidd

    jobokidd2 days ago

    @Jeffrey Rodriguez so true, bloody frustrating

  38. Jeffrey Rodriguez

    Jeffrey Rodriguez2 days ago

    Old tactic, tell people a serious issue no Ones focused 😂 theres tons of issues but we’re distracted by worldstar hiphop.

  39. Olen Hamrick

    Olen Hamrick17 days ago

    my wife works at Amazon and everything he brought up in this video is nothing but the 100% truth. my wife is injured from work and they are trying to get her to just quit her job. the only thing that was left out of this video is about the time they give you which is only 48 hrs/yr of pto which only is given 3 hrs at a time every pay period and 20 hrs every 3 months unpaid. if you get sick or hurt you are screwed. don't get mad at John Oliver for telling the truth and bringing light he's not the only one trust me and the 15/hr trust me is not enough to work there

  40. jobokidd

    jobokidd16 days ago

    Well best of luck you you

  41. Olen Hamrick

    Olen Hamrick17 days ago

    @jobokidd still waiting for her workman's comp claim hopefully soon we're kinda sunk after the 401 had to be dumped. But no just regular from job plus help fromedicaid until we see where her claim ends up

  42. jobokidd

    jobokidd17 days ago

    That's horrible! Does she get free healthcare? Are there any benefits? I think more people need to hear this truth, so many people just claim unemployment is low, but I think the job market has shifted radically to these types of jobs. I think our only hope is Andrew Yang. He gets it and has a plan. #Yang2020

  43. nuno rodrigues

    nuno rodrigues17 days ago

    didnt usa get rid of brits 200 years ago???...

  44. Borp

    Borp17 days ago

    Andrew Yang, you are our only hope 😢

  45. jobokidd

    jobokidd17 days ago

    I hope everyone will at least have a look at his policies and make an informed decision, don't let the media sway you,

  46. Lamar Thomas

    Lamar Thomas18 days ago

    18:09 Oliver nooooo, not his dreams man come on...No NOOO not the jack hammer!!!

  47. natehankey natehankey

    natehankey natehankey18 days ago

    Google Andrew Yang #yanggang

  48. jobokidd

    jobokidd17 days ago

    And read his book, "The War on Normal People" #Yang2020

  49. baloo djungelboken

    baloo djungelboken18 days ago

    Myyyy wiiiiifeeee #kazakstan #borat

  50. Gardenflower

    Gardenflower18 days ago

    Manufacturing has no jobs. All are done by Robots. On trump name john sterotypes more

  51. Adam Vasquez

    Adam Vasquez18 days ago


  52. Juju jujuria

    Juju jujuria18 days ago

    automation and 2016 dnc voting scandals. John, you're still a corporatist hack.

  53. Tracy

    Tracy19 days ago

    Greed kills.

  54. MoonMan

    MoonMan19 days ago

    2.5 years later and this douche Oliver is still saying a private CONVERSATION that some participants didn't know was being recorded is sexual assault LOL. If a woman throws herself at me and i grab her poosi is that sexual assault? If Chris Hemsworth walked up to a woman in a club and put his hand on her poosi how many women would say "wtf are you doing? Get your hands off me!"? My guess is 8/10 women would let thor use his magic "hammer" on them. And trump has brought back a ton of jobs that the US lost. But of course John Oliver won't tell ya about that. Instead he will nitpick one specific example where trump looks bad. This is why many many people hate the media and yes John Oliver is part of the mainstream media. He is on HBO and look up who owns HBO.

  55. dylan Restrepo

    dylan Restrepo17 days ago

    MoonMan kys lmao

  56. alexander williams

    alexander williams20 days ago


  57. Troy Carr

    Troy Carr20 days ago

    It's okay Zoey, I'm almost 40, I have a college degree, and I barely know what that means... 😟

  58. Nicholas Trice

    Nicholas Trice21 day ago

    The corporate elite (our nation's true ruling class) are the ones doing all the outsourcing, pushing (or at least they WERE pushing under Clinton, Bush II, and Obama) for trade agreements like NAFTA and the mercifully defeated TPP, agreements that were designed to benefit corporate mobility and profits at the expense of the security of the working class as well as our national sovereignty. The same class that was and is behind these initiatives is the same one that can't wait to replace at least 50% of the entire workforce while dismissing the dangers and hardships placed on the disrupted industries (and the nation itself) with glib, smug suggestions of "let them learn coding" (or was it "let them eat cake?" These are not separate issues. The business elite and their government representatives are behind it all, and they will, step by step, if they have to dispossess the entire working class and set the nation on fire if they decided that was necessary to the bottom line. Widespread automation is just the latest chapter in the story of the American people's ruthless and relentless exploitation at the hands of the perpetual ruling classes. We are disposable. We have always been disposable. As George Carlin so rightly said: "it's a Big Club- and you ain't in it!"