Automation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Automation often seems like a scary new problem, but it’s neither entirely scary nor entirely new.
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  1. Yuki Ito

    Yuki Ito16 hours ago

    Oh man, watching the Russia-Ukraine country joke after Ukraine scandal is just so funny.

  2. Fel

    FelDay ago


  3. Ronan Pangrazzi

    Ronan PangrazziDay ago


  4. luna sky

    luna sky2 days ago

    I was dead at pair of gays instead of Paraguay lmfaooo

  5. Helene Tao

    Helene Tao2 days ago

    Andrew Yang is your guy America!

  6. Aura

    Aura2 days ago

    Yeah, I'm gonna need a "Where She Is Now" on Lisa Lee.

  7. Pre destinated

    Pre destinated3 days ago

    Yang 2020

  8. Arthur Trauer

    Arthur Trauer4 days ago

    Other countries haven’t “stolen” our jobs, corporations outsourced for cheaper labor to keep those quarterly earnings progressive for shareholders. They’ll do that until they drive the majority of the country into bankruptcy without a glimmer of remorse. You might want to reserve that tent spot under the freeway before we only have the super rich and the super poor. Unless your build robots, that is until the robots don’t need you to build them anymore. Good luck with that. Hello Hunger Games.

  9. Patrick Millard

    Patrick Millard4 days ago

    I could watch a whole episode of John Oliver listing how Trump reads country names

  10. Rui Yang Ooi

    Rui Yang Ooi5 days ago

    Hi John Oliver I’m from Malaysia thanks so much for calling my country bad Asia

  11. Ian van Deventer

    Ian van Deventer5 days ago

    AI psychologist... For when robots realize we used to think of them as slaves... And for that time a robot family member went to Philadelphia and got murdered...

  12. Juan Manuel Penaloza

    Juan Manuel Penaloza5 days ago

    Me, a Domino's driver: Hey Google! You! Me! Dead Man's Road! 10 o'clock tonight! Come at me and my job! I dare you!

  13. Jeremy Habegger

    Jeremy Habegger6 days ago

    Please make a segment on Universal Basic Income John Oliver. It's a big topic on how to tackle automation. Brought up thanks to Yang. #FreedomDividend #$1000DataCheck #YangBeatsTrump #Yang2020

  14. Dynamite24

    Dynamite247 days ago


  15. Untimely Avengest

    Untimely Avengest7 days ago

    the day when everyone will own a business is possible with this and due to this be the 1%

  16. Precious Lapuz

    Precious Lapuz7 days ago

    Andrew Yang 2020!

  17. Joseph Douek

    Joseph Douek8 days ago

    Well, the word robot does come from the Czech word Robata which means slavery

  18. Arachne

    Arachne8 days ago

    18:43 I so thought that child was going to say isn’t that what the internet is?

  19. Sandor Enckell

    Sandor Enckell8 days ago

    I’d say Robocop is critical of automation, John. He’s a man turned into a cyborg expected to do his tasks without question, but once he gets in touch with his remaining human side the people that created him realize they can’t fully control him and decide to kill him. Plus, both ED209 and Robocop are pretty bad at their job, killing people and destroying property without remorse

  20. simone foster

    simone foster8 days ago

    Sorry kid but a father who is paying child support and most of those young girls will be single mothers getting child support sad but true.

  21. Asher Hodges

    Asher Hodges9 days ago

    Y’all show me a robot that can draw a complex range of hentai and I will give it my PayPal login info

  22. bryce hutcheson

    bryce hutcheson9 days ago

    ok I just, I just put "robot d" and it autocorrected...

  23. Tharshine Sivaneswaran

    Tharshine Sivaneswaran11 days ago

    India is not stealing your jobs . Nobody can steal your job technically the job you have is ahold of you.

  24. Knight of Svea

    Knight of Svea11 days ago

    "Humans need not Apply"

  25. KingQwertzlbrmpf

    KingQwertzlbrmpf12 days ago

    I work as an early childhood teacher in a Kindergarden... I'm quite sure that no robot is going to do that during my lifetime^^ PS: About the robot drummer, his name is stickboy, he plays in an all-robot heavy metal (obviously) band called "Compressorhead" and he has the distinct advange of four arms.

  26. Adam Dominguez

    Adam Dominguez12 days ago


  27. Just A Guy Production

    Just A Guy Production12 days ago

    Trump's campaign was "they took our jobs"

  28. Konstanze Faust

    Konstanze Faust13 days ago

    "But I don't know what it means...." That poor girl at the end represents what most of us struggle with.

  29. Max Zulu

    Max Zulu13 days ago

    Lawyer lawyer doctor lawyer. Come the f on

  30. Julio Zam

    Julio Zam14 days ago


  31. Aleczander Ruggles

    Aleczander Ruggles14 days ago

    This is one of the funnier John Oliver shows

  32. Yvette j

    Yvette j15 days ago

    This is why (just one of the reasons) we need Andrew Yang to be President. Hes the ONLY candidate talking about it.

  33. Rosie Princess

    Rosie Princess15 days ago

    Guys could robots replace doctors?

  34. Kelly Stephenson

    Kelly Stephenson15 days ago

    Suicidal security robot. Did anyone ask it if it was ok? Perhaps it just needed to talk.

  35. DigitalLibrarian

    DigitalLibrarian15 days ago

    We all seem to just accept that the gains of productivity should belong to a few. Even the lowliest workers in the society participated in these technology advances. They participated in the division of labor that allowed the technicians to be technicians. There is no reason why automation should be considered a danger to people's livelihood. It should be their deliverance from back breaking monotany. Something is very backwards in our society when we bemoan efficiency gains.

  36. kasa

    kasa16 days ago

    Especially in manufacturing. Only way to keep jobs in the country is for it to get really high tech and efficient. Reason many of these "basic" jobs are outsourced is because competition and people don't want to do these jobs(at least not with crappy conditions and pay companies are willing to give). I personally really look forwards to progress in automation, but I think one of the biggest things that automation and AI will do is concentrate wealth in some sectors to extreme. We need to deal with that proactively and promote heavily industries/professions that are useful. We need to give people incentives to go in professions that are useful to automated world. Using freed time and money what we get from automation seems like good way to subsidize that. There's never enough scientists for example.

  37. ofrutsra

    ofrutsra16 days ago

    I really can’t get over how next level the joke about Trump knowing Russia is.

  38. Thaddeus Chua

    Thaddeus Chua17 days ago

    This guy doesnt respect the authority above him... not saying trump is right but memeing your own president..? Seriously?

  39. TheOutLaw Carpenter

    TheOutLaw Carpenter18 days ago

    I was waiting for him to tell the kids thats a waiters/waitress job .

  40. Hasman323

    Hasman32319 days ago

    Andrew yang for president!!!!

  41. Chris Loe

    Chris Loe20 days ago

    This is why we need Andrew Yang 2020! #YangGang. Only person running that speaks on automation and ways to fix it today with real vetted research

  42. King of Pigs

    King of Pigs20 days ago

    What is the girl at 17:12 even saying? I can't understand her :P

  43. Roberto Rizo

    Roberto Rizo21 day ago

    Simple, vote for Andrew Yang 2020 for a smoother transition, specially for the older generation.

  44. Nestor Pelayo

    Nestor Pelayo22 days ago

    2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang talks all about this right here:

  45. ranathane

    ranathane23 days ago

    I was a programmer for 17 years and when I got sick of doing that, I decided to see the country and became a truck driver. WTF am I going to do now? Luckily, it will probably be 20 years or more before they make an AI that can deal with the messed up places I pickup and deliver to. 😂

  46. Carmen Mencar

    Carmen Mencar24 days ago

    Have multiple jobs through life? How do you get one to begin with?

  47. Mina Cross

    Mina Cross24 days ago

    Series of non-routine tasks that require social intelligence, complex critical thinking, and creative problem solving = the practice of law. The irony of it all: nobody will be able to afford a lawyer.

  48. Le Fond de Enfer

    Le Fond de Enfer24 days ago

    Dear friends, just in case if for somebody it's not clear yet - Ukraine IS NOT Russia. Ukraine is much older then Russia and when Moscow and USA didn't exist Ukraine already had one of the first serial books production in XVI century.

  49. carrjeep

    carrjeep24 days ago


  50. MJ Bridges

    MJ Bridges24 days ago

    She wants to be a mermaid who is a doctor. Not a doctor for mermaids

  51. 7tonsofsalt

    7tonsofsalt25 days ago

    hahaha WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

  52. Something Something Something

    Something Something Something25 days ago

    Bank tellers? 3 banks in the small town I live in - each have a single receptionist who also doubles as a teller once or twice a week. The old tellers? Well, one works at a local supermarket.. dunno about the rest.

  53. chairmanofrussia

    chairmanofrussia25 days ago

    When I grow up, I want to be a robot

  54. Blr

    Blr25 days ago

    well too bad his supporters are too stupid to understand automation lol

  55. Fidel huerta

    Fidel huerta25 days ago

    I would have gladly paid good money to watch him mispronounce all the countries for the entirety of the episode

  56. Maria Harmon

    Maria Harmon26 days ago

    I understand why he wins all those Emmys

  57. Jerry Liu

    Jerry Liu27 days ago

    This guy never fails me. The county list really laugh me into tears.

  58. WestOfEarth

    WestOfEarth27 days ago

    I wish John had given those poor children examples of the sort of jobs with the skills he mentioned.

  59. jacksputrid

    jacksputrid27 days ago

    Who the fuck chooses mermaid dr over dragon dentist fuckin idiot little kids

  60. John White

    John White27 days ago

    Take a look at some of the old "What's My Line' shows. They were made between 1950 and 1967 and almost all of them are on USwork. Most of the jobs that these people did no longer exist. Automation is constant.