Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. Epic Rap Battles of History


  1. Brennan’s Name

    Brennan’s Name2 seconds ago

    David Berkowitz Vs Ed Gein ( known serial killers with twisted backgrounds.. that are real and caught by the police.. not like that other one...)

  2. Turtles are cool

    Turtles are cool2 minutes ago

    I only go to Burger King for chicken fries

  3. Brennan’s Name

    Brennan’s Name5 minutes ago

    If only Subway had a mascot

  4. Boolin On Mars

    Boolin On Mars8 minutes ago

    I think Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson would be cool

  5. TJ McDermott

    TJ McDermott8 minutes ago

    Stephen Hillenburg vs. Paul Tibbitt Seth MacFarlane vs. Seth Green Tim Conway vs. Tiny Tim Mike Mitchell vs. Tim Hill Spider-Man vs. Ant-Man SpongeBob SquarePants vs. Coconut Fred Phineas Finn vs Milo Murphy Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler 4 Michael Symon vs. Marc Forgione Deadpool vs Slade Thanos vs Dark side Beast boy vs. Iron man

  6. Jose Rios

    Jose Rios10 minutes ago

    Wendy killed it. Had chills surging through my spine.

  7. L17 - gaming

    L17 - gaming10 minutes ago

    Pepsi Vs Coca Cola , Fanta or Sprite or 7-up joins in the middle of the battle . Like so erb can see

  8. Pisces

    Pisces12 minutes ago

    I can't believe this was made. I thought they said they would never make this.

  9. Ethan Paul Trinidad

    Ethan Paul Trinidad13 minutes ago

    Just about McFucking had it

  10. Chloe Hollner-Turner

    Chloe Hollner-Turner13 minutes ago

    Black Widow versus Lana Kane

  11. Silver Scorpio

    Silver Scorpio14 minutes ago

    DUDES!! You guys should do IT vs. Joker!!

  12. somebalddude 67

    somebalddude 6717 minutes ago

    Burger King is cheaper done.

  13. MsDariella

    MsDariella21 minute ago

    The backgrounds are so fun they just look like they're having an epic time dancing in their costumes

  14. carmenicas

    carmenicas22 minutes ago

    Chucky VS Annabelle

  15. carmenicas

    carmenicas23 minutes ago

    Jaime Lannister VS Luke Skywalker

  16. craziest ever

    craziest ever23 minutes ago

    Lil pump v eminem

  17. Isaac Kirk

    Isaac Kirk29 minutes ago

    chick fil a versus the LGBT community

  18. Tricksh0t247 Productions

    Tricksh0t247 Productions29 minutes ago

    Bruce Willis v.s Keanu Reeves featuring Chuck Norris

  19. evan437

    evan43729 minutes ago

    Ulysses Grant vs. Ulysses (Odysseus)

  20. carmenicas

    carmenicas29 minutes ago

    Luke and Leia VS. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff

  21. carmenicas

    carmenicas30 minutes ago

    Jeff Bezos VS Emperor Palpatine/Lord Sidious

  22. James the panda666

    James the panda66632 minutes ago

    Thanos vs darkseid

  23. James the panda666

    James the panda66634 minutes ago

    Burger King wins

  24. Djenion

    Djenion35 minutes ago

    Do Greg Paul vs a bowl of noodles

  25. EdgeXII

    EdgeXII36 minutes ago

    You have to be on acid to make these visuals

  26. Djenion

    Djenion36 minutes ago

    Do Greg Jeffley vs big Nate

  27. Optykal killer

    Optykal killer39 minutes ago

    Ash vs evil dead vs supernatural

  28. Rock In

    Rock In43 minutes ago

    Dexter (and Dee Dee) Vs Iron Man (and Pepper Potts)

  29. Lorax

    Lorax44 minutes ago

    these guys still make vids? wut.

  30. bstnsportsfan3

    bstnsportsfan345 minutes ago

    King George III vs George Washington

  31. Zachary Erwin

    Zachary Erwin46 minutes ago

    Benito musolini (first fascist) vs Karl Marx (communist father)

  32. Threeper hydra

    Threeper hydra47 minutes ago

    Chic Fil A Won... Chic Fil A wins EVERY DAY !!! 👌🐸👌🐸👌 Trump 2020.

  33. master_bater 2 2125694201738

    master_bater 2 212569420173847 minutes ago

    Obama vs Trump

  34. Victor Gee1

    Victor Gee149 minutes ago

    Wendy showed both them up & lyric-ly beat them down, by the way don't judge cause McDonald's has a clown; At least he didn't make you frown, while you were staring at the ground

  35. Benjamin Carrizo

    Benjamin Carrizo50 minutes ago

    Dexter (and Dee Dee) Vs Iron Man (and Pepper Potts)

  36. twistedGamer Pro

    twistedGamer Pro51 minute ago

    Batman vs iron man battle of the billionaires

  37. Andrew Beard

    Andrew Beard52 minutes ago

    Wendy’s fuckin killed it, my dude.

  38. Oscar Sánchez

    Oscar Sánchez59 minutes ago

    Keanu Reeves VS Chuck Norris

  39. Josh Noir

    Josh Noir59 minutes ago

    You guys should have had Bon Qui Qui (Anjelah Johnson) pop in to do a line for Burger King & Ms. Swan do a line for Ronald.

  40. bstnsportsfan3

    bstnsportsfan3Hour ago

    Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning

  41. rommellesoriano

    rommellesorianoHour ago

    Stalin vs hitler

  42. burak enes yalav

    burak enes yalavHour ago

    sony vs microsoft (and nintendo)

  43. Peorie williamson

    Peorie williamsonHour ago

    I also tried Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees.

  44. John Durvin

    John DurvinHour ago

    It’s too bad the “Dune” series isn’t better known these days, because I’d love to see Frank Herbert vs Frank Baum

  45. Ebogaming

    EbogamingHour ago

    KFC won

  46. Jeri Lee

    Jeri LeeHour ago

    This is the weirdest ERB. It just sounds, idk, odd. But strangely good.

  47. Josse Ramos

    Josse RamosHour ago

    Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin vs Woody & Buzz Lightyear

  48. OfficialDropFactory

    OfficialDropFactoryHour ago


  49. Dekaleb Beard

    Dekaleb BeardHour ago

    Wendy’s will always be better

  50. axel salto

    axel saltoHour ago

    "Dexter (and Dee Dee) Vs Iron Man (and Pepper Potts)"

  51. Passivelotus 67

    Passivelotus 67Hour ago

    Thanos vs darksied people?

  52. Gavin McManmie

    Gavin McManmieHour ago

    Wendy's thicc

  53. HappyGem X

    HappyGem XHour ago

    Can you make Ninja Turtles Vs Battle Toads Vs Street Sharks!

  54. Equinoxx

    EquinoxxHour ago

    Why work for a clown when you can work for a king

  55. Larricka Mcdougal

    Larricka McdougalHour ago

    BTS vs Got7

  56. Owen Ferguson

    Owen FergusonHour ago

    McDonald’s just ain’t good anymore

  57. Summer Bryant

    Summer BryantHour ago

    Carl the star is next aka Carl's junior

  58. Yeet Boii

    Yeet BoiiHour ago

    Aqua man vs nemo

  59. SistaKat7

    SistaKat7Hour ago


  60. Yeet Boii

    Yeet BoiiHour ago

    Wendy definitely

  61. Ashley Worden

    Ashley WordenHour ago

    Wendy won the rap but the town I live in doesn't have a Wendy's so I don't know how the food is.

  62. Kev Ster

    Kev SterHour ago

    TRUMP VS HITLER! Both are the same!

  63. Kev Ster

    Kev SterHour ago

    TRUMP VS HITLER! Both are the same!

  64. Kev Ster

    Kev SterHour ago

    TRUMP VS HITLER! Both are the same!

  65. Kev Ster

    Kev SterHour ago

    TRUMP VS HITLER! Both are the same!

  66. Balloon Bland

    Balloon BlandHour ago

    Relationship ended with Cleopatra now Wendy is my new ERB babe

  67. Axel Martinez

    Axel MartinezHour ago

    This video is the definition of closure

  68. Lindsthestudent

    LindsthestudentHour ago

    Wendy killed it!

  69. Loa Gutiérrez

    Loa GutiérrezHour ago

    Dexter (and Dee Dee) Vs Iron Man (and Pepper Potts)

  70. Boomer

    BoomerHour ago


  71. Mindy Adkins

    Mindy AdkinsHour ago

    Mgk vs Eminem

  72. Mindy Adkins

    Mindy AdkinsHour ago

    Mhm vs Eminem

  73. Anthony Fuoco

    Anthony FuocoHour ago

    you should do a rap battle against Eminem VS drake

  74. Diego Carrizo

    Diego CarrizoHour ago

    Dexter (and Dee Dee) Vs Iron Man (and Pepper Potts)

  75. ZEliteTrooth

    ZEliteTroothHour ago

    McDonald’s lost that one, the other two are a tie

  76. Mindy Adkins

    Mindy AdkinsHour ago

    Jason vs micheal Myers

  77. Kanto Poncho

    Kanto PonchoHour ago

    Twilight vs underworld

  78. Niall Hope

    Niall Hope2 hours ago

    Mary Shelley V Bram Stoker

  79. geewhiz747

    geewhiz7472 hours ago

    Wendy won!

  80. miriam pedernera

    miriam pedernera2 hours ago

    Dexter (and Dee Dee) VS Iron Man (and Pepper Potts)

  81. eduardo rossi

    eduardo rossi2 hours ago

    Dexter (and Dee Dee) VS Iron Man (and Pepper Potts)

  82. Fabio Sánchez

    Fabio Sánchez2 hours ago

    I was wating on Popeyes to come and kill these three.

  83. Gregory Chen

    Gregory Chen2 hours ago

    Is this even history

  84. Andrew Kurpat

    Andrew Kurpat2 hours ago

    No joke this is one of my favorites

  85. Gamergod Brown

    Gamergod Brown2 hours ago


  86. Warisha Aziz

    Warisha Aziz2 hours ago

    How bout Mark Hastings (Netflix creater) vs Beth Comstock (hulu creater)

  87. Gallifrey

    Gallifrey2 hours ago

    Andrew Carnegie vs JP Morgan. Carnegie could say Morgan's raps lack homogeneity.

  88. Cindy Moreland

    Cindy Moreland2 hours ago

    Your fast food clown Ronald micdonld is going to win

  89. blackhawk2540

    blackhawk25402 hours ago

    Jason Bourne vs John Wick

  90. Stobagen

    Stobagen2 hours ago

    You have a clean version for kids?

  91. jakealexander7

    jakealexander72 hours ago

    fnaf vs bendy

  92. Max McLaughlin

    Max McLaughlin2 hours ago

    Fortnite vs Minecraft or PUBG

  93. Zeoinx

    Zeoinx2 hours ago

    I think the Kid Vid from the now Vintage Burger King Kids Club would have been a better mascot for this rap battle

  94. MinoK1979

    MinoK19792 hours ago

    Epic Wendy's entrance

  95. Sean M. Brown

    Sean M. Brown2 hours ago

    Burger King won

  96. VillainFlaco

    VillainFlaco2 hours ago

    Do Tony Hawk vs Bam

  97. George Cartright

    George Cartright2 hours ago


  98. Aaron Roman

    Aaron Roman2 hours ago

    The master vs Ultron

  99. Jordan Castillo

    Jordan Castillo2 hours ago

    bendy vs cuphead mickey mouse vs bugs bunny serious sam vs duke nukem everyone team fortress 2 vs overwatch popeye vs monkey d luffy doom vs halo

  100. Daisukin

    Daisukin2 hours ago

    Please do Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi. It's one of the biggest rivalries atm and would be amazing.

  101. evan437

    evan43740 minutes ago

    This would make a great Flash in the Pan Hip-Hop Conflict of Nowadays.