Surfaces - Sunday Best (Official Music Video)


  1. Russell Stewart

    Russell Stewart54 minutes ago

    Does anyone know where I can snag that jacket though???

  2. aesthetic editing

    aesthetic editingHour ago

    they suck at lip sync but i love this songg tho ahaha

  3. Jordyn Sewell

    Jordyn SewellHour ago

    She uses the song in videos so much so why not congrats Hannah meloche

  4. Marissa Porter

    Marissa PorterHour ago

    *me and my friend walking into a party we knew we wasn’t invited to*

  5. Traci Moyer

    Traci Moyer4 hours ago


  6. Dani

    Dani6 hours ago

    Jacob is that you

  7. Kathleen Longworth

    Kathleen Longworth10 hours ago


  8. those basic lyrics

    those basic lyrics19 hours ago

    They give off such good vibessss

  9. Crazy Strawberry gamer

    Crazy Strawberry gamer20 hours ago

    I love this song

  10. Rachelle Correll

    Rachelle CorrellDay ago

    'Feeling blessed' that there is uplifting GREAT music like this out there! Thank you!

  11. jordan james

    jordan jamesDay ago

    am i the only one who though they were cole lebrant and jake paul

  12. Noelle Calara

    Noelle CalaraDay ago

    this song just makes me feel so much better after having a really tiring day 😌

  13. Rachel Smith

    Rachel SmithDay ago

    SKSKSKSKSKSKKSKSKS LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Breeanna PlayzRoblox

    Breeanna PlayzRobloxDay ago

    i thought it was cole labrant and jake paul lol

  15. Ewwura

    EwwuraDay ago

    she used this song in her vlogs so much

  16. Sceela Thomas

    Sceela ThomasDay ago

    literal old navy commercial

  17. Leah Nyland

    Leah NylandDay ago

    is it just me or do all of their music sound the same?just me? ok

  18. Addison Wilkinson

    Addison WilkinsonDay ago

    Is this copyright free

  19. Jessica Cannella

    Jessica CannellaDay ago

    I love the Surfaces so much whatttt this is too cute🥰

  20. mintmilk

    mintmilkDay ago

    That lip sinking thooooo... 😂💕✌️

  21. Maycee Raye

    Maycee Raye2 days ago

    The song is so good but the camera work and editing sucks. Hannah should she edited it.

  22. dogeboythe3 yt

    dogeboythe3 yt2 days ago

    it is a sunday for me

  23. Iara Azul Tesolin

    Iara Azul Tesolin2 days ago

    is this jake paul?

  24. GAMING with AMG

    GAMING with AMG2 days ago

    Whos here from the facebook AD?!?! 😍👌🌞🔥

  25. Santiago Mejía Giraldo

    Santiago Mejía Giraldo2 days ago


  26. Chris Hanson

    Chris Hanson2 days ago

    Idk why but they just made me instantly think of jake and Logan Paul...

  27. Bunnybass

    Bunnybass2 days ago

    Why does he sound like the guy from Forrest's songs? i just realized.. he is forrest

  28. Panda Miles

    Panda Miles2 days ago

    Im the first person here from TikTok

  29. Nina Grapi

    Nina Grapi2 days ago

    It says Sunday

  30. N64 Memeface

    N64 Memeface2 days ago

    Who found this song as an ad?

  31. *KyLiE* Playz*

    *KyLiE* Playz*2 days ago

    A lot of roblox USworkrs keep using this song for there intro

  32. Izzy Oss

    Izzy Oss2 days ago


  33. lexi l .

    lexi l .2 days ago

    such an uplifting song !!

  34. Cynthia Leavey

    Cynthia Leavey2 days ago

    we love Hannah!!!!!

  35. vale

    vale2 days ago

    Found y'all through an Instagram ad. Nice music I'm impressed

  36. Celeste Smith

    Celeste Smith2 days ago

    Great song!!!! 🎶🎧🎶😁👌

  37. The Official Aly

    The Official Aly2 days ago

    i thought it was Cole labrent and jake paul in the thumbnail😂

  38. Avril

    Avril2 days ago

    i didn’t expect hannah to be in this but i’m very proud of her💓💓💓

  39. Ricky Joseph

    Ricky Joseph2 days ago

    When did the Paul brothers started making good music

  40. Red Kayla

    Red Kayla2 days ago

    I had a smile on throughout the whole video. Honestly this is first music video that's made me feel this way lmao. I'm genuinely happy right now, Thanks Jake Paul and Cole Labrant.

  41. Hector Osorio

    Hector Osorio2 days ago

    This made me cringe and the music is not even good the only reason I’m here is for Hannah

  42. Molly Martin

    Molly Martin3 days ago

    I legit thought that was cole labrant 🤣

  43. Animation Room

    Animation Room3 days ago

    Im here from shawtle

  44. Ethan Kleiner

    Ethan Kleiner3 days ago

    Damn yall really liked your own video, now that's POSTIVE vibes!

  45. Bashinoshi

    Bashinoshi3 days ago

    By so very far this the best song I’ve ever heard

  46. Capt. G

    Capt. G3 days ago

    good song, awkward video

  47. Daniel Mancilla

    Daniel Mancilla3 days ago

    No, i refuse to beleive they are serious, this has to be a joke or a parody,


    SEM_ _LIMITES3 days ago

    Essa música numa sexta-feira queimando um finin

  49. Mac Jones

    Mac Jones3 days ago

    It's not bad.

  50. Itz Pheenon

    Itz Pheenon3 days ago

    Logan and Jake Paul 😂