Today, we try doing a mock draft for the upcoming NBA draft! Can we guess our picks correctly or will our draft fall flat on its face?
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  1. Jiedel

    Jiedel3 months ago

    Hey guys, to clarify, this was intended to be more in the satirical side of things haha 😂 none of us are draft experts!

  2. Frank Schaefer

    Frank Schaefer25 days ago

    do an aanual nba fantasy draft

  3. Jacob Freund

    Jacob FreundMonth ago

    Jarrett Culver???

  4. That frame

    That frameMonth ago

    Jiedel it says rj plays for ky

  5. Sekou Kaba

    Sekou Kaba2 months ago

    And it’s pronounced sayku

  6. Sekou Kaba

    Sekou Kaba2 months ago

    My name is sekou how ironic

  7. Matt Wheeler

    Matt WheelerDay ago

    Coby White and Deandre Hunter should be switched

  8. Nick Brunozzi

    Nick Brunozzi2 days ago

    Keldon Johnson???? Y’all disrespectful lol

  9. Bryce Fielder

    Bryce Fielder2 days ago

    Tyler Herro really gonna get that roast???

  10. Max is Gucci

    Max is Gucci3 days ago

    Where’s tako fall

  11. Kwyntay Houston

    Kwyntay Houston6 days ago

    tyler herro is a fuccn beast

  12. Hyperchild 224

    Hyperchild 2247 days ago

    5:38 why does it say that Cam is from Kentucky? 😂

  13. Bryan Campbell

    Bryan Campbell12 days ago

    RJ barret from Duke not UK

  14. Jigwire Qine

    Jigwire Qine20 days ago

    Toco fall

  15. UkuleleCovers

    UkuleleCovers21 day ago

    With that 8th pick I wanted Bol Bol too. I feel you Mitchell, can’t wait to see Cam Reddish to tear it up, don’t trust Deandre Hunter, I have way more confidence in Cam

  16. Gaige Logan

    Gaige Logan21 day ago

    Rj went to duke

  17. Carter Reimann

    Carter Reimann25 days ago

    Cash fortold edwards to the celtics

  18. eva kate martin

    eva kate martin26 days ago

    Do you remember when they pick Tyler look at them now

  19. Juan V

    Juan V26 days ago

    Why is mopi dressed like someone's kid. Look at his bowtie

  20. Lisha Holloway

    Lisha Holloway27 days ago

    They never picked taco fall

  21. Lisha Holloway

    Lisha Holloway27 days ago


  22. Damian Bramlette

    Damian Bramlette27 days ago

    Jalyen Hands at all?

  23. Micah Feigelson

    Micah Feigelson28 days ago

    i love how im watching and darius garland gets taken at 19

  24. Riley Meyer

    Riley Meyer28 days ago

    5:38 with the 9th overall pick the Washington Wizards select, Cam Reddish from the university of Kentucky.

  25. Riley Meyer

    Riley Meyer28 days ago

    4:48 With the 7th overall pick the Chicago Bulls select, RJ Barrett from the university of Kentucky.

  26. Cooper Lehman

    Cooper Lehman29 days ago

    Bro I was literally looking at the speaker under Mitchell the whole time.

  27. Armaan nasri

    Armaan nasriMonth ago

    Tf Darius garland 19th wat de fu

  28. Dayne Bates

    Dayne BatesMonth ago

    Mopi “And tucker is an unusual athlete...” James “tell us about him” Mopi “well he’s an unusual athlete” 😂😂

  29. Jaden Wallace

    Jaden WallaceMonth ago

    What about garland

  30. Potato Rebel

    Potato RebelMonth ago

    Wheres chuma okoke

  31. Gavin Striet

    Gavin StrietMonth ago

    no one:……… Literally NO ONE….. James: sekou doumbyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jake Samoohi

    Jake SamoohiMonth ago

    Where is tacko fall

  33. Reagan Hunger

    Reagan HungerMonth ago

    i love how he said that rj barrett was from kentucky and not duke

  34. Goat9 Roberto

    Goat9 RobertoMonth ago

    Taco fall?

  35. Robert Mcmahon

    Robert McmahonMonth ago

    I'm a UK fan. Seeing Duke players listed as cats hurts..... Bad

  36. Preston Schwarz

    Preston SchwarzMonth ago

    Diomabawa syouka

  37. Preston Schwarz

    Preston SchwarzMonth ago

    Mitchell predicated that Herro would be good

  38. The 5 squad

    The 5 squadMonth ago

    Preston Schwarz yea lol

  39. Birge Alne

    Birge AlneMonth ago

    Jiedel, this still looks foolish in August, and will still look foolish in April

  40. Figz Photos

    Figz PhotosMonth ago

    Imagined if this actually happened in the draft

  41. Nojus Kuliesa

    Nojus KuliesaMonth ago

    Where's Deividas Sirvydis and Ignas Brazdeikis

  42. Jalen Coleman

    Jalen ColemanMonth ago

    Cam reddish out of UK???

  43. BlakkiverSon

    BlakkiverSonMonth ago


  44. Brett Nash

    Brett NashMonth ago

    Where was darius garland

  45. Trigger TCG

    Trigger TCGMonth ago

    Carson Edwards actually went to Boston

  46. I am not Here

    I am not HereMonth ago

    Cash forgot tacko fall 😂😂😂

  47. AG

    AGMonth ago

    No Chuma Okeke?

  48. That frame

    That frameMonth ago

    Why does it say rj play for uk

  49. Suri Bros

    Suri BrosMonth ago

    2hype lets make this an annual thing 👇MAKE THIS BLUE IF YOU AGREE

  50. Shevy

    ShevyMonth ago

    now james loves herro .. lol

  51. Sports Injuries

    Sports InjuriesMonth ago

    Lol, mitchell said that portlands center was trash but we were playing our backup because nurks leg snapped in half

  52. Jackson P

    Jackson PMonth ago

    Go blazers

  53. Its Jonezero10

    Its Jonezero10Month ago

    Mitchell knew all along

  54. Tim Hollimon

    Tim HollimonMonth ago

    All trash

  55. D.J. Chapman

    D.J. ChapmanMonth ago

    Mopi’s first pick was garbage

  56. Ellis von Fintel

    Ellis von FintelMonth ago

    noeone picked up tacky falll

  57. Ellis von Fintel

    Ellis von FintelMonth ago

    jesser is the only one who knows how to draft

  58. StepBack 23

    StepBack 23Month ago

    Like if you’re here after herro is killing it in the summer league

  59. StepBack 23

    StepBack 23Month ago

    Like if you’re here after the draft

  60. Emin3m D

    Emin3m DMonth ago


  61. Pegasi

    PegasiMonth ago

    Mitchell ended up being right lmao

  62. Wolve Boy

    Wolve BoyMonth ago

    Puts 2 Duke players as UK players

  63. TheHyperSports- Basketball

    TheHyperSports- BasketballMonth ago

    Bol Bol 44th pick in the NBA Draft got selected to the hawks who passed on him like FOUR TIMES!

  64. Cameron Anderson

    Cameron Anderson2 months ago

    And Cam Reddish

  65. Cameron Anderson

    Cameron Anderson2 months ago

    Why did you say Rj barret out of Kentucky

  66. Massimo Launi

    Massimo Launi2 months ago

    Reddish and Barrett are from Duke not Kentucky