1. Jiedel

    Jiedel7 days ago

    Hey guys, to clarify, this was intended to be more in the satirical side of things haha 😂 none of us are draft experts!

  2. David Wills

    David Wills2 days ago

    dumb ass picks... nothing satirical going o n here... you are all idiots

  3. DiZZZy Pcyko

    DiZZZy Pcyko3 days ago

    James why were you using the Kentucky symbol as Duke

  4. Czarnie Peraz

    Czarnie Peraz4 days ago

    Yet, I like the vid still after this mistakes.

  5. K1ng Darrius

    K1ng Darrius4 days ago

    To let you know R.J and Cam played for Duke not Kentucky

  6. Enzo Campomizzi

    Enzo Campomizzi5 days ago

    Lmao somebody to pass the ball to Trae

  7. Devin Booker

    Devin Booker33 minutes ago

    They had the K.U. logo for cam reddish

  8. 1ne 3hree

    1ne 3hree36 minutes ago

    This is the worst mock draft

  9. Richgaines 70

    Richgaines 70Hour ago

    Tacko Fall??

  10. Samuel LACKEY

    Samuel LACKEY3 hours ago

    Rj Barrett from Kentucky definitely 4:50

  11. Daniel Leydet

    Daniel Leydet3 hours ago

    If you look at his season Carsen Edwards was amazing he should be higher and Romeo Langford should be staying for his sophomore year

  12. Arizona Sportz

    Arizona Sportz5 hours ago

    Fletcher Magee????

  13. Tanner Crump

    Tanner Crump6 hours ago

    Pj Washington is da goat

  14. Tanner Crump

    Tanner Crump6 hours ago

    I love that blonde kid...Tyler herro is my guy

  15. Trevor Goodhart

    Trevor Goodhart6 hours ago

    can and rj play for duke

  16. Nichole Klipp

    Nichole Klipp6 hours ago

    Nobody: All of 2hype: We need big man

  17. Nichole Klipp

    Nichole Klipp6 hours ago

    4th pick is Lakers

  18. John James jr

    John James jr7 hours ago

    tyler herro is a GOD

  19. Bro Huncho

    Bro Huncho7 hours ago

    17th pick is the hawks not brooklyn’s, the pick went to the hawks when the hawks traded taurean prince and a 2022 2nd round pick for allen crabbe and that 17th overall pick

  20. Aidan Moran

    Aidan Moran6 hours ago

    Filmed before the trade happened

  21. OKC Thunder

    OKC Thunder8 hours ago

    Taco fall?

  22. Ninja Palacios

    Ninja Palacios8 hours ago

    Whoever the blonde dude hair is - they are dumb af

  23. Nick Scardigno

    Nick Scardigno9 hours ago

    As a college and NBA basketball fan, this hurt my soul

  24. Ian Royse

    Ian Royse9 hours ago

    RJ Barret and Cam Redish don’t play for Kentucky

  25. Flat Earth n00b

    Flat Earth n00b9 hours ago

    Wack draft this Barrett at 7 lol he should go 2 to memphis Buti like this draft cause if the bulls get rj at 7 I will take that as a bulls fan

  26. Beau Hartman

    Beau Hartman10 hours ago

    Cam reddish went to Duke not Kentucky

  27. Michael Durbin

    Michael Durbin11 hours ago

    All the duke guys have Kentucky logo

  28. ItsJust Catah

    ItsJust Catah12 hours ago

    What happened to keldon johnson???

  29. Rideout Family

    Rideout Family12 hours ago

    I watched a lot of college basketball and as far as I know Rj Barrett played for duke not Kentucky

  30. DTT Shadow

    DTT Shadow12 hours ago


  31. DTT Shadow

    DTT Shadow12 hours ago

    You need a big man!!! GET TACO FALL

  32. Wookieboi05 _

    Wookieboi05 _12 hours ago

    1. Zion 2. Morant 3. Rj 4. Culver 5. Hunter 6. Garland 7. Reddish 8. Bol 9. Little 10. White 11. Doumbouya 12. Hachimura 13. Alexander-Walker 14. Hayes

  33. Carson White

    Carson White13 hours ago

    I think mopi just saw the guy with the weirdest name and picked him

  34. That SouthMane

    That SouthMane14 hours ago

    Mitchell picked fucking Tyler herro with the 3rd pick he honestly completely ruined the draft with that

  35. Flumtious Videos

    Flumtious Videos15 hours ago

    WTF, all I need to say...

  36. Luke D

    Luke D15 hours ago

    4:40 voice crack from LSK😬

  37. Aidan Fisk

    Aidan Fisk15 hours ago

    Where Tacko Fall at?

  38. Jacob Lowe

    Jacob Lowe17 hours ago

    These guys have clearly never seen one mock draft or have watched any college basketball. And the suns don’t need a big man

  39. Noah Hillard

    Noah Hillard20 hours ago

    Where is taco falls?

  40. Noah Hillard

    Noah Hillard20 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that they have RJ Barrett was listed from Kentucky not Duke

  41. Xboss Vlogs

    Xboss Vlogs20 hours ago

    cam ain’t on kentucky

  42. Jay_so_ Groovy

    Jay_so_ Groovy21 hour ago

    Where Keldon Johnson and tre Jones

  43. Taeyoung Lee

    Taeyoung Lee22 hours ago

    That's the most Knicks pick I have ever seen

  44. Richard Ryce

    Richard Ryce23 hours ago

    Do a full league fantasy first round draft! Or an All time first round draft!

  45. Banana_Mann_200 Juicegod

    Banana_Mann_200 Juicegod23 hours ago

    No one drafted jalen leaque

  46. Kellen E

    Kellen E23 hours ago

    It said that RJ Barrett was from Kentucky

  47. Carlos Bezer

    Carlos BezerDay ago

    Rj Barrett and cam reddish played for duke not Kentucky

  48. TheLegend275_

    TheLegend275_Day ago

    RJ and Cam went to duke

  49. Blue Infrared

    Blue InfraredDay ago

    Wow Jessie pacers are on the rise watch

  50. Ben Leeds

    Ben LeedsDay ago

    jesse the only one who’s draft was decent

  51. A.T X

    A.T XDay ago

    Kris trying so hard to act like he knows what he’s talking bout 💀

  52. Collin Rhoades

    Collin RhoadesDay ago

    Okay jusuf nurkic is trash Jiedel: I think that is a great pick

  53. Collin Rhoades

    Collin RhoadesDay ago

    I wasn’t paying attention. But I think Dandre walker fell like 20 spots

  54. DVN Beast

    DVN BeastDay ago

    Do y’all even watch basketball?

  55. DVN Beast

    DVN BeastDay ago

    This is the worst mock draft I seen

  56. Jallegra413 Fan

    Jallegra413 FanDay ago

    Rj Barrett is from duke not Kentucky

  57. Rowan 1128

    Rowan 1128Day ago

    Tacko Fall???

  58. Beyblade Rox

    Beyblade RoxDay ago

    Ok guys we all know Rj and cam don’t play for Uk

  59. Beyblade Rox

    Beyblade RoxDay ago

    AD traded

  60. Beyblade Rox

    Beyblade RoxDay ago

    Whose here after Pels get 4th pick

  61. Money Baby

    Money BabyDay ago

    RJ and Cam did not go to UK

  62. Beyblade Rox

    Beyblade RoxDay ago

    Money Baby “they do”🤥

  63. Kentucky's basketball fans

    Kentucky's basketball fansDay ago

    Tyler hero is the best

  64. breezy_Nika

    breezy_NikaDay ago

    my guy goga

  65. coleandstuff

    coleandstuffDay ago

    Holy fuck this is already out of date 😂

  66. X5 Champion

    X5 ChampionDay ago

    BOL BOL used to go to a local high school for me

  67. Beyblade Rox

    Beyblade RoxDay ago

    X5 Champion 😎

  68. Tucker Cashman

    Tucker CashmanDay ago

    Did anyone else notice that it said that RJ Barrett was from Kentucky

  69. Valen

    ValenDay ago

    I guess broklyn needs 3 bigs now : Jaxon Hayes Jerret Allen and Thymnll

  70. Micah 2x

    Micah 2xDay ago

    Darius garland is a top 5 player in the draft guys come on

  71. Lil Doc

    Lil DocDay ago

    0:08 was that guy there the whole video

  72. Young Baller

    Young BallerDay ago

    Did you see for RJ Barrett they put the Kentucky logo?

  73. riqwiththeheat

    riqwiththeheatDay ago

    lol y’all really slept on KP i’m upset

  74. Beyblade Rox

    Beyblade RoxDay ago

    riqwiththeheat who KP I forgot lol

  75. the beard

    the beardDay ago

    Darius Garland didn't play many games

  76. Isaac Williams

    Isaac WilliamsDay ago

    Why no one who wanted height in the beginning not choose taco fall

  77. Hunter Swartz

    Hunter SwartzDay ago

    The white dude LSK 2019

  78. Julia Brooke

    Julia BrookeDay ago

    cam reddish and rj both play for duke not Kentucky

  79. Bryton Williams

    Bryton WilliamsDay ago

    why was there no tacko fall?

  80. Beyblade Rox

    Beyblade RoxDay ago

    Bryton Williams cuz he should be in 2nd round dawg

  81. Zack Hayden

    Zack HaydenDay ago

    Where my boy tacko fall

  82. imthatguy42123

    imthatguy42123Day ago

    How were Tacko Falls AND Jaylen Hands not drafted???

  83. imthatguy42123

    imthatguy421236 hours ago

    @Aidan Moran they are AT LEAST top 10 picks.

  84. Aidan Moran

    Aidan Moran6 hours ago

    They could be 2nd round picks

  85. Kaleb x Reløad

    Kaleb x ReløadDay ago


  86. dumb stuff Kid

    dumb stuff KidDay ago

    Don’t put disrespect on the Tennessee players

  87. Cooper Iliff

    Cooper IliffDay ago

    Derrick white had 36 points in the playoffs

  88. Malachi Brown

    Malachi BrownDay ago

    Mopi suns need a PG SMH 😂😂😂🤐🤐🤐everyone knows that

  89. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler JohnsonDay ago

    These guys are so dumb 🤦‍♂️

  90. Reverse Sythe

    Reverse SytheDay ago

    This is before the Lakers trade lol

  91. Cam Ridener

    Cam RidenerDay ago

    Why don't yall simulate this in the game & see who does best in a 5-year span?

  92. Almxghty Yungeen

    Almxghty YungeenDay ago

    So neither Naz Reid or Keldon Johnson weren't pocked in the first round? You got it chief...

  93. Jackson Rosenthal

    Jackson RosenthalDay ago

    10:30 best part of the video right there

  94. Daniel Canngieter

    Daniel CanngieterDay ago

    I got dumber watching this

  95. Yason Vignau

    Yason VignauDay ago

    If Jarrett Culver slipped to Miami, I would genuinely cry tears of happiness #HeatNation

  96. G6 Herbo

    G6 HerboDay ago

    Up to pick 20 wheres my neega bol bol

  97. Aidan Moran

    Aidan Moran6 hours ago

    He was there 8th pick

  98. Nathan Moreno

    Nathan MorenoDay ago

    U forgot the rockets my guy

  99. Young Snow

    Young SnowDay ago

    Jesser got ridiculous steals💀💀💀this shit is a joke. And Jizzer you ain't wasting nothing in Indy, they are tied for having most MIP's

  100. Ybling

    YblingDay ago

    Rj Barrett duke not Kentucky

  101. Ybling

    YblingDay ago

    Also cam reddish

  102. Braylon Smith

    Braylon SmithDay ago

    Mike Conley is not overrated

  103. Declan Floyd

    Declan FloydDay ago

    Honestly, even if this is a joke, this needs to be an annual thing.

  104. jaime pastrano

    jaime pastranoDay ago

    Ya'll wasted paper for this ridiculous unrealistic mock draft?!

  105. Evan Samurai

    Evan SamuraiDay ago

    where nassir little

  106. Bacon Fontanilla

    Bacon FontanillaDay ago

    Rj barret isn’t from Kentucky

  107. Bob Robert

    Bob RobertDay ago

    I had to stop watching once I saw r.j Barrett playing for Kentucky smh

  108. Dylan - News And Reactions

    Dylan - News And ReactionsDay ago

    Who’s watching after the trade

  109. Chase Rackers

    Chase RackersDay ago

    Jontay porter was a good pick

  110. Tommy Clifford

    Tommy CliffordDay ago

    U guys are fucking retards

  111. ithai dvir

    ithai dvir2 days ago

    This is an insult to Jusuf Nurkic a very solid NBA center

  112. Spencer Wakefield

    Spencer Wakefield2 days ago

    how y’all gonna disrespect admiral schofield the god

  113. JoJo

    JoJoDay ago

    The Tennessee goat

  114. Spencer Wakefield

    Spencer Wakefield2 days ago

    darius garland played like 2 games

  115. Chimira619

    Chimira6192 days ago

    Time to redo the mock draft