Hilarious Knockoff Brands That Are Too Obvious


  1. Marissa Fara

    Marissa Fara3 hours ago

    Azzy: do u really want people to go up to u and b like, hey u smell like Dave Me: I'm dead🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Elizabeth Guffey

    Elizabeth Guffey3 hours ago

    Kentucky Fried Gucci is what it means

  3. DarkMusic BlackSoul

    DarkMusic BlackSoul9 hours ago

    I'm for knock-off brands if they are cheaper...

  4. SquishyToyFish

    SquishyToyFish21 hour ago

    kentucky fried goose

  5. Jacky Loppe

    Jacky LoppeDay ago

    1:26 In different universes in different countries, away. Well not in different countries I’m being a little dramatic. In different UNIVERSES? how that less dramatic than countries?!

  6. Zoe Nixt

    Zoe NixtDay ago

    I am against nock offs

  7. lilly kitty

    lilly kittyDay ago

    Did you know oreos is actually a nock off of Japanese cookies but the original company didn't make money so they gave up and then oreo became a thing

  8. candy lishes

    candy lishesDay ago

    Kuntucky Fried Chicken (KFC) more like Kuntucky Fried GOOSE (KFG)

  9. Emmie Suria

    Emmie SuriaDay ago

    Actually, oreos are a knockoff brand of cookies invented in 1908 called HYdrox.

  10. Hailey Skidmore

    Hailey SkidmoreDay ago

    Kfg =Kentucky fryed gummy bears

  11. Carla Sipin

    Carla SipinDay ago

    Azzy KFG is Kentucky Fried goose

  12. Melissa Deatherage

    Melissa DeatherageDay ago


  13. Jamie Kennedy

    Jamie Kennedy2 days ago

    Whenever you realize a Rolex is not a car OwO

  14. Chantale and Londyn Lefebvre

    Chantale and Londyn Lefebvre2 days ago

    Kfg the g means gerky LOL LOL

  15. slytherin girl

    slytherin girl3 days ago

    umm Oreo is a nock off brand

  16. Game Buyer+

    Game Buyer+3 days ago

    # relatable. I, HATE carbonated drinks to azzy.

  17. Kelsey Anderberg

    Kelsey Anderberg3 days ago

    9:30 one time my school rented out a small movie theater for a field trip, apparently the workers didn't care so they gave us each a small back of popcorn (my friends mom worked there so she gave us a free large bag of popcorn), and a choice between 3 warm knockoff soda cans. Me and my friend chose "Dr. Thunder" and it actually tasted pretty good, so if you're cheap and want a good alternative to "Dr. Pepper" get this.

  18. Brooke Eckstein

    Brooke Eckstein3 days ago

    Kfg Kentucky fried gizzards

  19. Nurudeen Olatunji

    Nurudeen Olatunji4 days ago

    Do u know wth 5 eleven is

  20. Lemon Tea

    Lemon Tea5 days ago

    *She's bringing back the malk meme...*

  21. Jacob Leavitt

    Jacob Leavitt5 days ago

    KFG is Kentucky Fried Goose.

  22. I'm a unicorn

    I'm a unicorn5 days ago

    My mum doesn't buy a lot of on brand stuff because she has a lot of kids but she has never bought one with almost the exact same name

  23. Mary O.

    Mary O.5 days ago

    9:30 - 9:55 Omg sameeee i don’t like soda either I legit don’t even drink it like at all if I do my stomach hurts maybe cause I’m not used to drinking it idk 🤷‍♀️ (I also don’t like sparking water, no one cares but just saying)

  24. The life of Avery

    The life of Avery6 days ago

    I really don’t care as long as it is almost the same

  25. coco pops

    coco pops6 days ago

    Kentucky fried goat!!

  26. Isabel Valadez

    Isabel Valadez7 days ago

    Your cool.

  27. Isabel Valadez

    Isabel Valadez7 days ago

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, OMG your videos are just so you!!! TO AZZYLAND FROM Amilia (said as Amelia)

  28. Isabel Valadez

    Isabel Valadez7 days ago

    OMG AZZY, your videos are so funny!!!

  29. Isabel Valadez

    Isabel Valadez7 days ago

    I'm against it too.

  30. david westlake

    david westlake7 days ago

    I'll be good. Ny names dave. So I guess I smell like myself lol

  31. Ava Iraola-Velazquez

    Ava Iraola-Velazquez7 days ago

    2:23 who else heard her say "deauty bar"

  32. xxcloewolf YT

    xxcloewolf YT8 days ago

    My mom bought "Dr.Thunder" and it's actually exactly the same COLOR AND LOGO as the real thing

  33. William Rice

    William Rice8 days ago

    No they'd still sue you for the three line logo. In my old job a company made shoes with it and asked if we could spray over one of the lines because apparently a black line between 2 white ones on a black shoe is okay.

  34. Unicorn Cupcake J

    Unicorn Cupcake J8 days ago

    I am an Egyptian and we have " Borio " and it tastes better than real Oreos actually. ( not trying to hate or judge l just wanted to mention this )

  35. Logan Turner

    Logan Turner8 days ago

    It stands for kfgoose you:WHAT THAT WHAT IT STANDS FOR. Me:yep

  36. Inty Mccormick

    Inty Mccormick8 days ago

    kfg stands for kentuky fried goat i know that this may sound gross

  37. GREEN DOME Investment Fund

    GREEN DOME Investment Fund9 days ago

    my dad has knockoff convers shirts

  38. Alyssa Clarke

    Alyssa Clarke10 days ago

    Here is facefood: 👧🍩 some food In da face

  39. floridagirl6666x

    floridagirl6666x10 days ago

    "Legs, suprizingly appetizing" I HAD TO

  40. Madison Powell

    Madison Powell10 days ago

    I’m against it because I hate when my mom doesn’t get brand named Nutella 😿

  41. Eilish McCabe

    Eilish McCabe10 days ago

    Kentucky fried goose

  42. Dima Yassin

    Dima Yassin11 days ago

    3:03 i am wearing them rn

  43. Claire Mcclain

    Claire Mcclain12 days ago

    I’m for it because it’s the same product with a different name and it’s cheaper 😂

  44. Brooke Castleberry

    Brooke Castleberry12 days ago

    KFG =Kentucky Fried Goose

  45. Mary Tucker

    Mary Tucker12 days ago


  46. chriswjohn

    chriswjohn12 days ago

    YOU ARE not dramatic

  47. Nevaeh Marie and Friends

    Nevaeh Marie and Friends12 days ago

    KFG Kentucky Fried Goose

  48. Rayz techno Plays

    Rayz techno Plays12 days ago

    Roses are purple Violets are pink This is a knock off of the rhyme that lives

  49. Hector Banuelos

    Hector Banuelos13 days ago

    Kentucky fried goo

  50. xX_A_R_I_ G_A_C_H_A_Xx

    xX_A_R_I_ G_A_C_H_A_Xx13 days ago

    You’re making me hungry cause you said pizza and I’m getting pizza 😂😂😂😂

  51. Isaiah Lazaro

    Isaiah Lazaro14 days ago

    140 I thought 11 11 too

  52. Xion Dion

    Xion Dion15 days ago

    KFG Kentucky Fried Grills

  53. wolfie_gamer_girl

    wolfie_gamer_girl15 days ago

    kentucky fried googirls

  54. Loki Shadowcat

    Loki Shadowcat15 days ago

    Well in portuguese "chicken" is galinha sooo... Kentucky Fried Galinha ????

  55. Aveecodo Drawing

    Aveecodo Drawing15 days ago

    Kentucky Fried Goose

  56. Elliephant 1307

    Elliephant 130715 days ago

    KFG= Kentucky fried goose

  57. Jay darkness Games

    Jay darkness Games15 days ago

    I’ve seen MFC and underneath it it said lip licking good

  58. Kiana Dinius

    Kiana Dinius15 days ago

    The kfg probably stands for Kentucky Fried guacamole

  59. Alexandria_flips

    Alexandria_flips15 days ago

    Personally I don’t mind the off brands as we tend to buy them more because of money reasons but I would rather have the name brand as they taste/look better Omg if anyone knows what Victorious the show was then like I understand ya and the pear phones!!!! They also used them in Sam&Cat Omg I call Ikea Ekea all the time 😂 I just like saying it more. E-Key-a is how I say iy

  60. u sin

    u sin16 days ago

    Kfg the g is goose

  61. Steve Wyble

    Steve Wyble16 days ago

    Oreo is a nokoff Azzy so no Oreos

  62. Stephanie Janse van Rensburg

    Stephanie Janse van Rensburg16 days ago

    Kfg is kentuky fried goose

  63. something

    something16 days ago

    tshiort mean t-shirt away? Also #latesquad

  64. Centrex Gaming OFFICIAL

    Centrex Gaming OFFICIAL16 days ago

    99 of people in the comments section is asking for likes And 1 of people in the comments say I LOVE YOU AZZY


    EL MATHADOR17 days ago

    I’ll take off brand things if it’s cheaper

  66. Lilly Hanson

    Lilly Hanson18 days ago

    I love crocs or no corcs

  67. Phoebe Townsend

    Phoebe Townsend19 days ago

    Once i bought these sun glasses but Instead of ray ban it said Roy Bon whyyyyy

  68. Katie's Gaming

    Katie's Gaming19 days ago

    When I drink soda, I wait for it to flatten out.

  69. Hello Horrror

    Hello Horrror19 days ago

    haha lol at 2:02 it sayd azzerland

  70. Sardonyx fusion9

    Sardonyx fusion920 days ago

    KFG= Kentucky Fried Girrafe KFG= Kentucky Fried Gorrila KFG= Kentucky Fried Goat KFC= Kids Fattening Centre

  71. itskayra YT

    itskayra YT20 days ago

    Also years ago she said BIN (TRASH bin) BOWS (like BOW AND ARROW

  72. itskayra YT

    itskayra YT20 days ago

    G is for Get us sponsor by azzy

  73. Amie Nainby

    Amie Nainby21 day ago


  74. GamingWith Erin

    GamingWith Erin21 day ago

    Instead of kentucky fried chicken it's, kentucky fried geese 😣😣😣

  75. Avril L.

    Avril L.21 day ago

    Kentucky fried goose

  76. i draw better than Sans fangirls

    i draw better than Sans fangirls22 days ago

    Orieos is a knock off of other cokkie brand that is forgotten...my life has been a lie.

  77. Annemarie Agenbacht

    Annemarie Agenbacht23 days ago


  78. Danielle Brooks

    Danielle Brooks23 days ago

    Kentucky fried garbage

  79. The12thFret

    The12thFret23 days ago

    KFG = Kentucky Fried GARBAGE

  80. Don johnston

    Don johnston24 days ago

    🙋🏻🤷🏿‍♀️🙍🏿💁🏻🙎🏿💁🏻🤦🏿‍♀️💁🏼‍♂️🙎🏿‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️💁🏻🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🙍🏿🙎🏿‍♂️🙋🏿💁🏿🤷🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️🤷🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🏃🏿🚶🏼🙍🏿👰🏽🤵🏿 🎅🏼 👰🏽🎅🏼💑💏🙍🏿🙍🏻🙍🏼‍♂️

  81. Tay Tube08

    Tay Tube0824 days ago

    Azzy it’s Kentucky Fried Guavas !!!

  82. The Avakin Granny

    The Avakin Granny24 days ago

    4:11 it says Michealsoft instead of microsoft

  83. Mapletree 46

    Mapletree 4625 days ago

    3:45 it’s either Kentucky fried goods or Kentucky fried grapes

  84. Yas Haqiqi

    Yas Haqiqi25 days ago

    OMG you almost have 10mil subscribers

  85. Rodents of RANDOMNESS

    Rodents of RANDOMNESS25 days ago


  86. ANAnas Fruit

    ANAnas Fruit26 days ago

    3:46 Grill

  87. Abigail White

    Abigail White27 days ago

    Kentucky Fried Goose like if you thought the same thing

  88. Hey it's Rai Rai

    Hey it's Rai Rai27 days ago

    5:15 they have that in Nickelodeon sam and cat/icarly/victorious

  89. Shamiv Munsami

    Shamiv Munsami27 days ago

    Jivee = twix

  90. Hey it's Rai Rai

    Hey it's Rai Rai28 days ago

    2:48 why is Mickey Mouse on the corcs

  91. Laura Fish

    Laura Fish29 days ago

    Kentucky fried goose

  92. Gacha Kitty Gamer 2009 Love

    Gacha Kitty Gamer 2009 Love29 days ago

    I am against it like azzy said

  93. Madison Heape

    Madison Heape29 days ago

    Kentucky fried goose Kentucky Fried Goat

  94. Super Speedy

    Super SpeedyMonth ago

    Kfg Kentucky Fried Garbage

  95. Wolfie_Catzplays

    Wolfie_CatzplaysMonth ago

    DID ANYONE SEE THAT?!?!? Breaking news: AzzErland 😮😮😮

  96. Kyra Baker

    Kyra BakerMonth ago

    I’ve had DR.Choice before (it tastes just like Dr.Pepper.)

  97. Patrycja Kaczmarek

    Patrycja KaczmarekMonth ago

    What do people mean when they said make this blue🤔🤔🤔?

  98. CCO Gaming

    CCO GamingMonth ago

    same reason as you azzy i don't like it

  99. Gamer Kitty

    Gamer KittyMonth ago

    I like skitlles plus m and ms

  100. Princess Penny26

    Princess Penny26Month ago