Halo Infinite - E3 2019 - Discover Hope


  1. The king 458

    The king 458Hour ago

    I love this gameeeee!!!!!!!!!

  2. ReclaimerReach

    ReclaimerReach2 hours ago

    I've now watched this trailer 20 times. I've cried every time.

  3. Corto Circuito X Edicion Limitada

    Corto Circuito X Edicion Limitada4 hours ago

    My hope;survive,keep myself alive while this Infinite wait on my couch end.

  4. genital general

    genital general4 hours ago

    he ejected the other guy's supplies lol

  5. 6120mcghee

    6120mcghee7 hours ago


  6. SpartX7

    SpartX79 hours ago

    I cant wait!

  7. mmarkster

    mmarkster11 hours ago

    When the suit was jumpstarted, who pictured themself in the suit? I did.

  8. Stay UP Freddie

    Stay UP Freddie12 hours ago

    If this Marine dies I’m going to be hurt.

  9. ZoZ S

    ZoZ S15 hours ago

    Guy hides behind the door Master Chief: Get ready

  10. Scribblecatz _

    Scribblecatz _18 hours ago

    What’s the song at the end??

  11. Edward Elric

    Edward Elric19 hours ago

    His armor looks like rubber and plastic. Halo died on Reach. Last good looking halo game. Where armor actually looked like armor.

  12. Juan FL

    Juan FL22 hours ago

    Bungie made better halos to be honest

  13. Jack Callister

    Jack Callister23 hours ago

    You’re pulling the heart strings 343, make us proud.

  14. mmarkster

    mmarkster23 hours ago

    Bank account: "Wake me...when you need me." (frozen on June 16, 2019)

  15. Extreme hard

    Extreme hard23 hours ago

    Welcome back

  16. A Haunter

    A HaunterDay ago

  17. Hank Forge

    Hank ForgeDay ago


  18. Lalo Arredondo

    Lalo ArredondoDay ago

    Kids will grow up with Fortnite But we men.. We grew up with the Chief!




  20. Brett Truax

    Brett TruaxDay ago

    You can go ahead and change that profile picture back now buddy

  21. Joseph Crawford

    Joseph CrawfordDay ago

    Yesssss this just made my whole week

  22. Subzero H2

    Subzero H2Day ago

    Did he go back to old fashion green

  23. Matsuri Gold

    Matsuri GoldDay ago

    H3: They let me pick..¿Did I ever tell you that? HI: I chose you because you because you were special....I knew we'd be perfect together.... Jesus ..hurts AF... :'c I know they gonna kill her...

  24. محمد محمد

    محمد محمدDay ago

    العبة اني متحمسلهة

  25. mayank sharma

    mayank sharmaDay ago

    The marine reminds me of echo 419

  26. Bolivar Benjamin Guillen Medina

    Bolivar Benjamin Guillen MedinaDay ago

    "Yeah! If you get to step *On* All Over The Ring(With It's Own Community)I'm good".

  27. Fallen Knight Tyler

    Fallen Knight TylerDay ago

    *Grabs Wallet* Once more into the breach

  28. Halo is love Halo is life

    Halo is love Halo is lifeDay ago


  29. Shep Dog

    Shep DogDay ago


  30. david28272

    david28272Day ago


  31. Quiet Navajo

    Quiet NavajoDay ago

    The shield charge up and the music 😫💦

  32. Carcosa

    CarcosaDay ago

    Spartans never die, only bad portrayed like in Halo 5.

  33. cyberschuft

    cyberschuftDay ago

    5:16 / Thanks Marty for one of the most iconic themes ever composed - always gives me goosebumps

  34. Greatest Assassin

    Greatest AssassinDay ago

    5:15, all I have to say

  35. its yaboi

    its yaboi2 days ago

    Why does the guys hair change

  36. Rob Earle

    Rob Earle17 hours ago

    to show the passing of time

  37. David Alejandro Sampayo

    David Alejandro Sampayo2 days ago

    The Master Chief has returned!

  38. Chaos

    Chaos2 days ago

    Im not the only one thats tearing up, right?

  39. Zombie_Corp

    Zombie_Corp2 days ago

    el mejor anuncio de la conferencia

  40. Nick ghers

    Nick ghers2 days ago

    So this the last halo ever?

  41. SkyBurst

    SkyBurst2 days ago

    This just makes me happy to see halo like this

  42. mtheartist81

    mtheartist812 days ago

    Took me back 19 yrs in time to when i played my first ever Halo sesh! Feeling nostalgic asf!

  43. A1 Steak Mann

    A1 Steak Mann2 days ago

    I just played Halo 2 Anniversary for the first time last night (just got the Xbox one) I’m sooooooo excited to get caught up. Check out my initial reaction to it on my channel, I was cheesing the whole time.

  44. Goldclone08

    Goldclone082 days ago

    And now imagine if the thing who cut the power was the halo with Anders...

  45. FireWolf

    FireWolf2 days ago

    The only other Trailer that made me this happy was the one Halo 3 trailer when Chief said “Not Yet”

  46. Tyler Forrest

    Tyler Forrest2 days ago

    this made me tempted to get an xbox one...

  47. Quazatron

    Quazatron2 days ago

    ◣_◢ (117) ◣_◢

  48. SameGR

    SameGR2 days ago

    The soldier first has short hair and then has it long... and long beard. WTF??

  49. The Middle-Brick

    The Middle-Brick2 days ago

    1:17 Nice detail to show the battery life of the device

  50. FiffteenMink2109

    FiffteenMink21092 days ago


  51. Vice

    Vice2 days ago

    I'm buying my first modern xbox soon because of this.



    2:30 Master chief: BOO


    EL COMENTADOR SHIDO :V2 days ago

    JAJAJA, chale y uno con su pinche play 4 >>>>>:)


    MVB STORE2 days ago

    Лучшее что могло со мной произойти, это ХАЛО 6 !!!

  55. Sebastian Mejia

    Sebastian Mejia2 days ago

    Looks good but it’s 343 not believable until it’s reachable

  56. Nextor Manson

    Nextor Manson2 days ago

    Wow looks really bad, like plastic

  57. mjkalasky

    mjkalasky2 days ago

    3:26 And then the Grizwold's Christmas lights all turned on.

  58. Kaleb Levermore-Rich

    Kaleb Levermore-Rich2 days ago

    I'm so glad he's back in his Halo 3 armor. I really didn't like the design of the Halo 4/5 armor.

  59. Bob Make

    Bob Make2 days ago

    It looks nice but not like Halo to me, even though it’s a trailer it makes me nervous

  60. Jhon Jiménez

    Jhon Jiménez2 days ago

    Se parece al color de Halo 1.

  61. IDont LikeTraps

    IDont LikeTraps2 days ago

    Destiny: ya did it ya old geezer

  62. danielx21117 zombie dbz

    danielx21117 zombie dbz2 days ago

    Halo 4,5 Entonces Mori Halo infinite Pero sobreviví :3 3:31

  63. Glorified Sycophants

    Glorified Sycophants2 days ago

    Bungie halo vibes

  64. Cathal

    Cathal2 days ago

    currently building my time machine back to 2007 yes

  65. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin3 days ago

    Hell yeah

  66. Xbox

    Xbox12 hours ago


  67. MillarNemesis

    MillarNemesis3 days ago

    That last part always almost gets mi into tears, the music, the tone, the schene, it's Halo's beauty coming back, my little fan heart gets emotional

  68. GAMER TC21

    GAMER TC213 days ago

    "game engine footage" nah you can't fool me these are just cutscenes

  69. GAMER TC21

    GAMER TC212 days ago

    @Giovanni Canè so that's enough for idiots to be convinced by but why not do it the real way reveal gameplay just like DOOM Eternal and Cyberpunk

  70. Giovanni Canè

    Giovanni Canè2 days ago

    when chief's visr turns on, it's game graphics, it's so ridiculously obvious

  71. Larry Wilk

    Larry Wilk3 days ago

    That was AMAZING on many ways. I really REALLY LOVE the look of the Halo 5 assault rifle. I'd love to keep that.

  72. Nick Carter

    Nick Carter3 days ago

    I’m buying the new Xbox that comes with the new halo 😇

  73. Dakota Truax

    Dakota Truax3 days ago

    Crying grown man tears rn

  74. Agent J

    Agent J3 days ago

    I have been waiting for this game for soooooo looooonngngng!!!!!! I am sosososoosososososoosososooooooo excited!!!!

  75. Xbox

    Xbox3 days ago

    It sounds like! We're getting hyped right along with you.

  76. Allaan Snackbar

    Allaan Snackbar3 days ago

    Halo - Halo reach > halo 4 - halo infinite

  77. aero

    aero3 days ago

    *S T A T U S* *R E P O R T*

  78. vilko

    vilko3 days ago

    Anyone know the pilots voice actor? Sounds familiar to me somehow

  79. Elian Bulku

    Elian Bulku3 days ago

    Credo di aver eiaculato

  80. 1000 subscribers with only 5 video 45

    1000 subscribers with only 5 video 453 days ago

    The kids at school made fun of me for playing halo so I put them in halo

  81. Oliver Siefert

    Oliver Siefert3 days ago

    2:34 Min....The Music....❣️❣️❣️ Awesome🙏🙏🙏🙏


    JAGUAR JO3 days ago

    just imagine, if master chief appeared in "endgame"


    JAGUAR JO3 days ago

    Good to see you old friend. my all-time hero ,,, now we are old :"(

  84. Mars Starcruiser

    Mars Starcruiser3 days ago

    I like how his “servo problem in his hands,” was actually him making sure he didn’t loose something important.

  85. Vincent Farley

    Vincent Farley3 days ago

    I need to replay all of the halo games. I'm gonna do it the way I did it my first time. On my Xbox, Xbox 360, and then my Xbox One.

  86. Xbox

    Xbox3 days ago

    Can't think of a better way to prep for Halo Infinite!

  87. !-K@min@-!

    !-K@min@-!3 days ago

    1:47 he looks like Zach Galifianakis

  88. Nolan Wuu

    Nolan Wuu3 days ago

    Boss: "So how exactly did you spend your ENTIRE Paycheck?" Me: This.

  89. Gmodgamer 13

    Gmodgamer 132 days ago

    Boss: here have more money

  90. Ariel Cosme

    Ariel Cosme3 days ago

    Welcome back chief

  91. Xbox

    Xbox3 days ago

    *sheds single happy tear*

  92. Nathan Tracy

    Nathan Tracy3 days ago

    Seeing that halo reach auto rifle makes me happy

  93. Slavic Squidward

    Slavic Squidward3 days ago


  94. American Decay- The Untold History of America

    American Decay- The Untold History of America3 days ago

    Original sounds, original music, an upgraded Halo 2 Mjolnir. I think I see heaven

  95. dkivell

    dkivell3 days ago

    After I saw this trailer I started working out to get healthier so I don't die before this game comes out.

  96. evilphoenix 007

    evilphoenix 0073 days ago

    I should do the same thing too.

  97. Carl Mickey Angelo Alamban

    Carl Mickey Angelo Alamban3 days ago

    Me : Next year I want pokebois Also me : GIMME THIS HOLY JOURNEY

  98. Mr. T-Rex

    Mr. T-Rex3 days ago

    Welcome back Chief! I just shed tears 😭

  99. Leonard Church

    Leonard Church3 days ago

    Has someone noticed that Brohammer’s hair was short at the beginning of the trailer but then after the hologram lady talked his hair was bigger?

  100. NASTAR01

    NASTAR013 days ago

    How long's the poor man been stranded, I wonder

  101. Miles Chang

    Miles Chang3 days ago

    Will this be on Xbox one x

  102. Giovanni Canè

    Giovanni Canè2 days ago

    yes, it's official.

  103. Ben Blevis

    Ben Blevis3 days ago

    Anyone else off put but the “warning” “warning” at the beginning. It sounded off.

  104. Razar Show

    Razar Show3 days ago

    Will it be on PC ?

  105. Razar Show

    Razar Show2 days ago

    @Genius 474 thanks

  106. Genius 474

    Genius 4742 days ago

    @Razar Show it will release next year with the new console in the holidays. So November-December 2020 release date.

  107. Razar Show

    Razar Show2 days ago

    @Genius 474 oh thanks, but on there aren't halo infinite now

  108. Genius 474

    Genius 4743 days ago

    Microsoft has stated that all thier games will launch on steam as well as the Microsoft store from now on.

  109. Razar Show

    Razar Show3 days ago

    @vilko (which shop)

  110. DLLC_VaLmAr 0_0

    DLLC_VaLmAr 0_03 days ago

    Bring back Bunny hop

  111. dnwr98

    dnwr983 days ago

    Well looks like I gotta buy scarlett

  112. andrew schmidt

    andrew schmidt2 days ago

    not necessary its alos gonna be on xbox one and PC

  113. Olas Cascioli

    Olas Cascioli3 days ago

    Man anyone else overwhelmed with chills when the halo piano opened up?

  114. gbplayz356

    gbplayz3563 days ago

    Tell me it comes out soon

  115. Aloysius Castillo

    Aloysius Castillo3 days ago

    It has been decided. We are calling this marine brohammer

  116. the sef400

    the sef4003 days ago

    Si al fin

  117. irving636 alexis747

    irving636 alexis7474 days ago

    :v como llego myster chef al espacio vagando solo xd