1900HP Electric Supercar - Pininfarina Battista | BUMPER 2 BUMPER

Just a few days ago Pininfirina Automobili unveiled one of the coolest cars of the Geneva Autoshow: the Battista. This all electric supercar makes 1900 horsepower and hits zero to sixty in under two seconds. Join James as he explores this $2 million beast inside and out!
Thank you Pininfarina!
Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Max Maddox
Camera Operator: Danny Villacorta
Written by Bart Bidlingmeyer
Directed by Jesse Wood
Producer: Kristina Nikolic
Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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  1. kunal pahuja

    kunal pahuja2 days ago

    Panini barista >

  2. Tiana Grabez

    Tiana Grabez2 days ago

    That’s amazing

  3. Willy Wong

    Willy Wong3 days ago

    Italian design. Italian brakes. Italian tires. It's so Italian it even catches fire! 🔌🔥

  4. Klotskoppen

    Klotskoppen4 days ago

    Hyundai Matrix anyone?

  5. Peter Mhina

    Peter Mhina5 days ago

    Didnt want the inside too technical so they fill the inside with screens.

  6. Max Levy

    Max Levy6 days ago

    It has more horsepower than Leroy

  7. MVE

    MVE7 days ago

    it would be cool if it had a v12...

  8. The Gamer Beast

    The Gamer Beast11 days ago

    Lotus evija has 2000hp And looks better

  9. TheGarderobe king

    TheGarderobe king16 days ago

    Pininfarina is owned by mahindra

  10. Ryan Licce

    Ryan Licce19 days ago

    Ngl hearing that car I prolly wouldn’t think it’s a battista, I’d think a fighter jet got a little too low to the ground

  11. ErYien

    ErYien20 days ago

    4:18 *BASS*

  12. David X

    David X21 day ago

    I would rather buy the tesla roadster 2.0 edit: it costs 200k I think

  13. Kaushik Sarkar

    Kaushik Sarkar28 days ago

    Mahindra is now also getting mention in your video I am stunned

  14. sparrow

    sparrowMonth ago

    That car looks sick and isnt a piece of crap like a tesla teslas try to be slow because safety y cant you go 250 mph with autopilot huh elon musk

  15. Adam Modic

    Adam ModicMonth ago

    Anyone trying to earn this car in asphalt 9?

  16. Steve Pyrate Keen

    Steve Pyrate KeenMonth ago

    Great show!!!!!!! #PyrateRulz

  17. Drunk Woomy

    Drunk WoomyMonth ago

    I still hate it. It ain't a car... It's an oversized 1900 hp moblity scooter.

  18. Mark Riley

    Mark RileyMonth ago

    Needs an LS swap

  19. Andrew Walker

    Andrew WalkerMonth ago

    I'd rather have a Pininfarina Cadillac! 🤣🤣

  20. Andrew Walker

    Andrew WalkerMonth ago

    Dude P.Hump shut up. I. Know your excited to be there and be near a 2.5millon dollar car. But it's a joke. It looks like the P1 but some how more unimpressive. Electric cars were cool, back in the 1880s.

  21. Shronk Wazowski

    Shronk WazowskiMonth ago

    Andrew Walker electric card didnt even fucking exist in 1800's

  22. Victor Ancelmo

    Victor AncelmoMonth ago

    Not gonna lie that car is hot

  23. Fe Brito

    Fe BritoMonth ago

    make Everything Your Need to Know - PIRIFARINA

  24. Johnny lor

    Johnny lorMonth ago

    Don't drive an all electric car if you live up north. Winter makes charing your car longer. Also your car won't start or have hard time starting at negative temperatures. Harder time than gasoline cars. Not unless you park inside your garage and maintain room temperature.

  25. Hans Hoerdemann

    Hans HoerdemannMonth ago

    Donut: are you the part of Dunkin' Donuts that dropped the donut part?

  26. ryan franklin

    ryan franklinMonth ago

    love the videos!!! can't wait until they're shot in 4k

  27. EJ-inc.

    EJ-inc.Month ago

    Drax would enjoy this car OH wait...

  28. Xoyuz Xoyuka

    Xoyuz XoyukaMonth ago

    new level of roto, put james mouth on james face.

  29. One Fast Dean

    One Fast DeanMonth ago

    "This 4000ish lbs car gets you faster to 190mph than your car gets you to 60! 🤯

  30. DavePianist

    DavePianistMonth ago

    Dude the front of it looks like a frig'n Cobra!

  31. Sitranine

    SitranineMonth ago

    I really don't understand how you haven't covered Rimac or Rivian yet.

  32. JustDee-nice

    JustDee-niceMonth ago

    0:57 poor guy had to make a reverse

  33. bomatt

    bomattMonth ago

    What a beautiful machine

  34. DaylightFan

    DaylightFanMonth ago

    Maybe mclaren speedtail?

  35. Sylvester Nhlapo

    Sylvester NhlapoMonth ago

    I get so angry when he pronounces horsepower as horsepower...what happened to HURSPERS???

  36. Dragos Iepure

    Dragos Iepure2 months ago

    While my dad's Dacia Logan has 75 horsies....

  37. Sachha Pyar

    Sachha Pyar2 months ago

    Hey youtuber pininferina is a sub division of Mahindra an Indian car company. Name it loser!!

  38. interruptor

    interruptor2 months ago

    Combustion engine cars just aren't right! The sound is all wrong and they don't even sweat! Unless they go clipity-clop, smell like a stable and make your but hurt they are just boring!

  39. CHARLES 13X

    CHARLES 13X2 months ago

    Pinnfarinna: This our new 1900hp electric supercar Lotus: Hold my beer

  40. CHARLES 13X

    CHARLES 13X2 months ago

    But can it beat a Lotus Evija?

  41. Joao Rodrigues

    Joao Rodrigues2 months ago

    You the guys T h e Man!