1900HP Electric Supercar - Pininfarina Battista | BUMPER 2 BUMPER

Just a few days ago Pininfirina Automobili unveiled one of the coolest cars of the Geneva Autoshow: the Battista. This all electric supercar makes 1900 horsepower and hits zero to sixty in under two seconds. Join James as he explores this $2 million beast inside and out!
Thank you Pininfarina!
Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Max Maddox
Camera Operator: Danny Villacorta
Written by Bart Bidlingmeyer
Directed by Jesse Wood
Producer: Kristina Nikolic
Executive Producer: Josh Mattingly
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  1. One Fast Dean

    One Fast Dean15 hours ago

    "This 4000ish lbs car gets you faster to 190mph than your car gets you to 60! 🤯

  2. DavePianist

    DavePianistDay ago

    Dude the front of it looks like a frig'n Cobra!

  3. Sitranine

    SitranineDay ago

    I really don't understand how you haven't covered Rimac or Rivian yet.

  4. JustDee-nice

    JustDee-nice2 days ago

    0:57 poor guy had to make a reverse

  5. bomatt

    bomatt2 days ago

    What a beautiful machine

  6. Retro_Scorpion

    Retro_Scorpion4 days ago

    Maybe mclaren speedtail?

  7. Sylvester Nhlapo

    Sylvester Nhlapo4 days ago

    I get so angry when he pronounces horsepower as horsepower...what happened to HURSPERS???

  8. Dragos Iepure

    Dragos Iepure7 days ago

    While my dad's Dacia Logan has 75 horsies....


    MR. TROLL BEAST9 days ago

    Hey youtuber pininferina is a sub division of Mahindra an Indian car company. Name it loser!!

  10. interruptor

    interruptor9 days ago

    Combustion engine cars just aren't right! The sound is all wrong and they don't even sweat! Unless they go clipity-clop, smell like a stable and make your but hurt they are just boring!

  11. CHARLES 13X

    CHARLES 13X9 days ago

    Pinnfarinna: This our new 1900hp electric supercar Lotus: Hold my beer

  12. CHARLES 13X

    CHARLES 13X9 days ago

    But can it beat a Lotus Evija?

  13. Joao Rodrigues

    Joao Rodrigues9 days ago

    You the guys T h e Man!

  14. 80 Damage

    80 Damage11 days ago

    Still cant change it electric cars will never sound as good as gas powered cars

  15. Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari11 days ago

    We all demand an up to speed on Pininfirina!

  16. Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari11 days ago

    We all demand an up to speed on Pininfirina!

  17. Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari11 days ago

    We all demand an up to speed on Pininfirina!

  18. Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari11 days ago

    We all demand an up to speed on Pininfirina!

  19. Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari

    Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari11 days ago

    We all demand an up to speed on Pininfirina!

  20. Giovanny Candelaria

    Giovanny Candelaria16 days ago

    Literally just seen this car a couple hours ago and was blown away... a guy came to my job to drop off some thing and in his trailer he had one of these bad boys had to do research and now I know I’m blessed to have even touch one

  21. Vedad Tursum

    Vedad Tursum17 days ago

    Meh rimac looks better

  22. Vedad Tursum

    Vedad Tursum17 days ago

    Nice lookin ctwo

  23. maksim wujcio

    maksim wujcio18 days ago

    mhm. ok. interesting. UP NEXT - Best Sounding inline4 Engines Compliation. WOW! YES!

  24. Ubminati

    Ubminati18 days ago

    Not Italian it is Indian pininfernia is owned by mahindra an indian company

  25. prijesvegaslavonac

    prijesvegaslavonac20 days ago

    It is just a Rimac in a new suit. The heart of this car is not Italian 😂

  26. Amait Vikram Bharadwaj

    Amait Vikram Bharadwaj21 day ago

    I'm not gonna lie, But the c8 corvette's interior looks better to me.

  27. bashar haddad

    bashar haddad23 days ago

    Bugatti for the same price fills up in 5 minutes and it’s faster and won’t get weaker after 4 years 🤔 doesn’t sound like a good bargain

  28. Manfred Abou-Chaker

    Manfred Abou-Chaker24 days ago

    Why is the Fettsack-Duschbag talking about waxing his butt?

  29. Andrew L.

    Andrew L.24 days ago

    3 tablets as gauge cluster is laziness

  30. Help. I'm Lost.

    Help. I'm Lost.25 days ago


  31. Havoc on wheels

    Havoc on wheels26 days ago

    i like you james buts its mahindra... not mahinja... dumbass... indians hit like...

  32. Greg James

    Greg James28 days ago



    AJAXBURGER29 days ago

    Jesus, I like the videos but do you read the script before shooting? The pronunciation of most of this is awful

  34. Jeff Jeff

    Jeff Jeff29 days ago

    What next a car that faster than the speed of sniper bullet travel speed

  35. Pigeons 85

    Pigeons 8529 days ago

    Rimac c two reskin? Same performance just looks Italian.

  36. cloud chaser

    cloud chaserMonth ago

    Most people eyesight and brain can't keep up with the performance of this car.

  37. Thingz and mE

    Thingz and mEMonth ago

    Year: 2069 Everybody: have electric cars Me: with a h1 hummer

  38. Huxxy

    HuxxyMonth ago

    Wonder when the new breed of 2000hp Hypercars in the hands of ordinary drivers is going to go lethal

  39. Jason Lambek

    Jason LambekMonth ago

    As a wee lad, I once had an ’86 Pininfarina Azure. (ok, it was called a Fiat Spider2000 prior to ’82 I think) Now that I am an adult (in appearance only, I'm told) I should look into getting a Batista. Anyone out there spare a few million dollars for me? Please?

  40. Matt DuGuay

    Matt DuGuayMonth ago

    Biggest test for a car like this is gonna be controlling motor temps. What good is a 1900HP electric hyper car that can pass 100 mph in under 5 seconds if the electric motors get overheated in a matter of minutes while maintaining those sort of speeds?

  41. Victor Tobiasson

    Victor TobiassonMonth ago

    5:32 I don’t know why but i thought of the A-10. And why are you talking to us like any of us 2,5 000 000 laying around

  42. Andre van Maanen

    Andre van MaanenMonth ago

    This video is not funny like the others.

  43. Aztech355

    Aztech355Month ago

    McLaren 720 mixed with Ferrari SF90 👌

  44. Jose Ramos

    Jose RamosMonth ago

    #justlikemybutt 🙌🏽😂💯

  45. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnusMonth ago

    So cool. Which one will actually beat the fastest, street legal car in the world: Tesla Roadster, 0 to 60mph in 1.9s (F1 is 1.6s, it's almost there) and that was years ago. The Roaster is getting a 3rd electric engine. The hypercars and other supercars are toast in 2020. God bless, Proverbs 31

  46. Niko Tešič

    Niko TešičMonth ago

    Tip from Croatia: Stop reading it Rimak read it Rimac!

  47. Brandon Rodriguez

    Brandon RodriguezMonth ago


  48. The Devil

    The DevilMonth ago

    They built the prelude around the h22

  49. Esben Høy Lauridsen

    Esben Høy LauridsenMonth ago

    My car gets to 60 mph in 1.6 seconds

  50. Christian Grey

    Christian GreyMonth ago

    What car?

  51. publius scipio

    publius scipioMonth ago

    I’ll buy one when they have giant speakers that accurately recreate the sound of a car engine. Actually screw a car engine, it should sound like an m1 Abrams

  52. Ion Alexandru Herban

    Ion Alexandru HerbanMonth ago

    I even forgot this existed. Found my dream car.

  53. centsof humor

    centsof humorMonth ago

    No third pedal, no thank you. Electric cars have no soul.

  54. Jhondis James

    Jhondis JamesMonth ago

    I'd rather have a brain between my ears than a soul in my fucking car lmao

  55. MTheCarspotter

    MTheCarspotterMonth ago

    Why didn't you mention it's just a rebodied Rimac?

  56. Daniele liburdi

    Daniele liburdiMonth ago

    5:55 that's an emerald

  57. SnowyTheBread

    SnowyTheBreadMonth ago

    Oh so that auto shop near my house made the battery for this car

  58. Jose Carlos martinta filho

    Jose Carlos martinta filhoMonth ago

    Best Ferrari designer: *makes most powerful italian car ever* Also best ferrari designer: *slaps lambo doors on it*

  59. Lucas Proco

    Lucas Proco14 days ago

    This ain’t lambo doors though

  60. Tgon Mwort

    Tgon MwortMonth ago

    Nice body but it won't beat the Roadster 2. Plus, the Rimac batteries are way behind Tesla.

  61. darren tay

    darren tayMonth ago

    Pininfarina Battista vs Rimac

  62. panthrandil ramakrishnan

    panthrandil ramakrishnanMonth ago

    Mahindra..ain't that indian?

  63. heichiro09

    heichiro09Month ago

    It's good but please put it on 200k miles then where going to talk about it