1900HP Electric Supercar - Pininfarina Battista | BUMPER 2 BUMPER


  1. wafflemag

    wafflemag3 hours ago

    Its not that they arent fun its that they are soulless however so are most modern piston cars. I could see future daily being electric 5 or 10 years from now and then passion projects will all be old internal combustions

  2. George Cicairos

    George Cicairos5 hours ago

    What can 2 million dollars do to help poor families or children's hospitals, I wonder. Whats more important ?

  3. George Isaak

    George Isaak6 hours ago

    masterpiece of engineering and technology but still too expensive , i will wait till they are affordable and then i will not buy it because its too fancy anyway !!!! LOL

  4. Neo Khesa

    Neo Khesa8 hours ago

    This new generation of electric sports cars are so expensive. Well................... you have to start somewhere. Beautiful

  5. Iggi Valencia

    Iggi Valencia9 hours ago

    Pininfarina also designed the sad and now defunct Cadillac Allante.

  6. xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx10 hours ago

    When an electric powered car has more HP than a quadturbo charged W16 engine car... Also i dont see any stupid moronic “car guy” with their loud shit ass Supras that dare to challenge this

  7. Prem Minocha

    Prem MinochaDay ago

    A car known as demon producing 5000 hp from a V8 going to be in production by next year😏 I love ic engine cars

  8. OldHunter Raziel

    OldHunter RazielDay ago

    Dope AF!!

  9. allard jr

    allard jrDay ago

    6:40 to 6:50 i lost it 😂😂

  10. anupam kakkar

    anupam kakkarDay ago

    You sound just like your face!

  11. beagelbird1

    beagelbird1Day ago

    They should make it sound like the Millennium Falcon, TIE fighter or X-Wing that will shut the hell up out of all naysayers who want to hear gas powered motors. Imagine that! A Hellcat trying to chase the Millennium Falcon.

  12. Kyle Renneberg

    Kyle RennebergDay ago

    you need to do a video on tge Suzuki escudo Pikes Peak car

  13. Fernando Gonzales Vela

    Fernando Gonzales VelaDay ago

    Hahaha, this man is only tears. You are doing great bro, dont worry

  14. SantaSquirtle

    SantaSquirtle2 days ago

    1900hp wow bet it sounds good Oh wait

  15. Alejandro Blue

    Alejandro Blue2 days ago

    It's a Mc Laren with another batch

  16. Vizdd

    Vizdd2 days ago

    Ugliest name for a car ive seen

  17. Cory Ly

    Cory Ly2 days ago

    Pininfarina: ha! im the fastest Lotus: like our new car?

  18. Lathanos Leroy Jordan

    Lathanos Leroy Jordan2 days ago

    Electric cars are toys and gay

  19. Vladislav Zakharov

    Vladislav Zakharov2 days ago

    Tesla has the same specs but way cheaper

  20. Alklazaris

    Alklazaris2 days ago

    I don't like owning a vehicle that can't take me to another country in an emergency without hours of charging. Plus what happens if an EMP hits? Is the car fried?

  21. Brett Garrett

    Brett Garrett3 days ago

    IMO, Just about ALL the haters of fast electric cars couldn't affprd pne any wway, SO THEY SHOULD JUST SHUT UP. You can find mein my pretend Koenigisegg Rigera in my bedroom. A

  22. Devyn lich00

    Devyn lich003 days ago

    So basically an Italian Rimac concept 2

  23. cmhyperviper11

    cmhyperviper113 days ago

    Koenigsegg are planning on going full Hybrid and Electric in the Future as well

  24. kikflip1234 Xgame

    kikflip1234 Xgame3 days ago

    Looks totally like a ferrari

  25. Brethren of Yeshua

    Brethren of Yeshua4 days ago

    If they can make them imitate gear-shifting that would be cool. Or electric motor to 6 Speed+ transmission design. It seems like gears would help it save energy also.

  26. king orpilla

    king orpilla4 days ago

    please do b2b about vaydor, or vielside please

  27. 東東

    東東4 days ago

    It's a ermald. Not diamond.....

  28. Stacey Co

    Stacey Co4 days ago

    Nice design

  29. León

    León4 days ago

    "Electric cars have arrived" You guys know what that means, it means that the highest trim levels of muscle cars like the Hellcat and Demon will blow the fuck up in price when electric cars rule the road so start buying those beasts to nake some profit when the world is full of pussy cars

  30. Jonathan Ricardo

    Jonathan Ricardo4 days ago

    have to appreciate the editing in these videos

  31. Shivek Dhar

    Shivek Dhar4 days ago

    Thank you MAHINDRA for investing in this project in majority and not stamping your logo on it! Big shout out!

  32. Rakmsk

    Rakmsk4 days ago

    Why does this look like the romance concept two.. oh wait...

  33. Etienne 777

    Etienne 7774 days ago

    It's 5 times more expensive than the tesla roadster and 5 times slower.

  34. Ur Abusive Step Dad

    Ur Abusive Step Dad5 days ago

    Rebuild it In full carbon fiber.

  35. AbonneerMeneer

    AbonneerMeneer5 days ago

    very nice car but FoRmUlA 1 TeChNoLiGy

  36. NoProbRob

    NoProbRob5 days ago

    Okay waiting to see the trunk and a Doug Score

  37. Junayd A.A

    Junayd A.A5 days ago


  38. Rene Todorovic

    Rene Todorovic5 days ago

    Rimac c_two is the first 1900 hp car and its prettier

  39. Haziel Soberal

    Haziel Soberal5 days ago

    OKAY OKAY OKAY yep the rimac is cool af but this car isn't a car. It's what Pumphrey said: Piece of art on four wheels.

  40. Derpasauruss

    Derpasauruss5 days ago

    I swear those rims look so much like the Divo's

  41. eric matu

    eric matu6 days ago

    so basically its an italian body with a rimac transplant... hmmm.... not bad

  42. Zerp Zora

    Zerp Zora6 days ago

    well the test roadster 2.0 is better compare performance and price LOL

  43. Frank RenewablesCheap

    Frank RenewablesCheap6 days ago

    Finally something that can give the Tesla Roadster 2 a run for it's money, maybe not in range and charging, but everything else.

  44. antonio volpe

    antonio volpe6 days ago

    next generation roadster is within our reach

  45. Ahmad Faris

    Ahmad Faris7 days ago

    Who the fuk drive a car for their sound???? Bitch get a speaker and play some engine rev sound, these petrol people being butthurt because your investment in gas and fuel industry is going down as time move on.

  46. William Jordan

    William Jordan7 days ago

    The EU has mandated electric cars have to make noise, so the brief era of the silent car is about to end.

  47. kikflip1234 Xgame

    kikflip1234 Xgame3 days ago

    Maybe Just For EU

  48. Marco Vecchi

    Marco Vecchi7 days ago

    By the way, Battista's nephew was Nino Farina, who won the first F1 WDC with Alfa

  49. Will Lectar

    Will Lectar7 days ago

    Your pronunciation is very entertaining 😂

  50. American Detail Pros

    American Detail Pros7 days ago


  51. V10 Formula

    V10 Formula7 days ago

    Look man, I'm a petrolhead, but one cannot DENY the progress of technology. Electricity is obviously superior to petrol powered vehicles and it is DEFINITELY, the future! of all of our industries. The only reason most petrol heads hold on to their petrol cars is because of emotion. You get connected with the car that you're driving, you like the way it sounds, almost giving you the feeling that it is alive & sentient. Sort of like Man riding a horse. :) I wish they made air pipes on electric cars so they generate certain noises when they accelerate. Would give the driver a sensation of emotion.

  52. Frank Jager

    Frank Jager7 days ago

    My only opinion is for a car that has 1900 horses (or power that's equivalent to horses, not sure of electric cars go by that), I'm surprised it only tops out at 217 mph

  53. Frank Jager

    Frank Jager4 days ago

    @marcus krohne oh, the top gear I saw said it would reach 217

  54. marcus krohne

    marcus krohne4 days ago