Stephen Strasburg SIGNS with Washington Nationals | MLB Hot Stove

Stephen Strasburg SIGNS with Washington Nationals | MLB Hot Stove
The Washington Nationals have signed Stephen Strasburg to a 7 year $245 million contract worth $35m a year. This is a huge signing. Do you like the move?


  1. Eric S

    Eric SMonth ago

    i don’t like how everyone keeps saying that gerrit cole is better than stephen strausburg without batting an eye, one of them is the world series mvp and the other isn’t...... and not to mention even though you might not think so strausburg whole body of work is without a doubt better then gerrit cole not to mention strausburg is possibly the clutchest playoff pitcher in the mlb today

  2. ParisotsPokem Reviews

    ParisotsPokem ReviewsMonth ago

    Hey guys! As most of you know MLB is planning on shutting down some minor league teams and the Mets AA team is on the list. My friend started a petition and it has almost 2k signatures! Please help by signing and sharing the link! The goal is to get enough people to sign to get Rob Manfred to reconsider. Please help spread this!

  3. Large Brewers Fan

    Large Brewers FanMonth ago

    les go I was rt’ed by Marc 😎😎

  4. Gamer Boi

    Gamer BoiMonth ago

    Strasburg is probably a hall of Famer

  5. Danny Special

    Danny SpecialMonth ago


  6. WuuF466

    WuuF466Month ago

    They will regret it.

  7. Jesse Garner

    Jesse GarnerMonth ago

    Great video. Good luck appartment hunting

  8. pluto

    plutoMonth ago

    rip marc didi signed with the phillies

  9. tristan bates

    tristan batesMonth ago

    Please make a video about Didi signing in philly. I thought he would want more than a one year deal.

  10. Jim Pritchard

    Jim PritchardMonth ago

    Unfortanetly rendon wont be back. I feel bad that he didn’t get much recognition before because he’s always been so good. He always fell behind harper which is ironic because rendon was much better than harper this year.

  11. Connor Johnson

    Connor JohnsonMonth ago

    hopefully we can get Bryant at 3B if we don't get rendon back -nats fan also we still have soto so you can still be scared

  12. Robert Rose

    Robert RoseMonth ago

    Can you make a video about all the reasons why garret Cole will go to all the different possible teams

  13. Urbanicole

    UrbanicoleMonth ago

    Love the take that for other NL East teams Stras is better than Rendon since we won't face him EVERY game. As a Braves fan with that take, I definitely love this move and letting Rendon *hopefully* leave the division lol

  14. Langz

    LangzMonth ago

    You should try this quiz

  15. Platerpus7

    Platerpus7Month ago

    I think If the Yankees thought they couldn’t sign Cole then they would not have let Strasburg get by. Either that or they are just pretending they want to sign one of them

  16. Mark DeVito

    Mark DeVitoMonth ago

    Ridiculous. Contracts are out of control and my interest after 35 years is pretty much gone in baeeball

  17. John Murray

    John MurrayMonth ago

    I can't help but be a _little_ disappointed in Strasburgh. Should've considered the Padres. No hometown pride. He'll probably pull a David Wells and join the team as he's on his way down. No. We won't get behind you.

  18. Ryan Schilling

    Ryan SchillingMonth ago

    This sighning is just stupid. The nationals imo don’t improve that much with getting SS back but if they got Anthony back they improve huge time. I would of ignored SS and just went after Anthony now your asking Juan Soto to carry that offense and he is incredible but that’s a lot to ask of him. Awful move for Nationals. Anthony should of been sighed instead Nationals will regret this move.

  19. itscold

    itscoldMonth ago

    Rendon’s gone. They still have to give a contract to Juan Soto next year.

  20. Neon_ Prism

    Neon_ PrismMonth ago

    When u sign a pitcher for 245 million but still isn’t your Ace

  21. Neon_ Prism

    Neon_ PrismMonth ago

    Strasburg is being overpaid

  22. Ronnie Sasser

    Ronnie SasserMonth ago

    How much money would a Koufax or Drysdale have got

  23. Rabarberellum 101

    Rabarberellum 101Month ago

    Maybe the Nationals got informed Rendon wanted to play for another team so they counted their blessings and signed Strasburg

  24. jerome williams

    jerome williamsMonth ago

    LOL there actually was no video recommendation at the end of this video

  25. jerome williams

    jerome williamsMonth ago

    Did this idiot really just say Stephen Strasburg is going to go down as the best Washington National of all time? BTW you don't know how you feel about the contract? Let me break it down for you in layman's terms. In average annual value he gets paid 1.9 million less than Mike Trout per year. Should Stephen Strasburg be getting paid the same amount of money as Mike Trout? Obviously he shouldn't. This guy didn't even pitch the wild card game for Washington. Because Washington felt like they had a picture better than him named Max Scherzer

  26. Jonathan Nelson

    Jonathan NelsonMonth ago

    So Rendon to Dodgers?

  27. manzoman96

    manzoman96Month ago

    Rendon on the Phillies 😏

  28. Past Analysis

    Past AnalysisMonth ago

    You wish. If you guys do, expect Karma and the Baseball Gods to smite you all again for being massive pricks.

  29. VisualConnection

    VisualConnectionMonth ago

    I feel like Strasburg is too frail to to be pitching well into his late 30's. The back end of that contract is going to bite them. On another note, how high are these MLB contracts going to get? The bubble's got to burst at some point, because you can't afford to pay $20+ million to every good player on the roster.

  30. jerome williams

    jerome williamsMonth ago

    The bottom line is Stephen Strasburg should not be getting paid 2 million dollars less than Mike Trout per year. But somehow you actually have people like the moron who made this video who can't figure out if that's a good contract or not. BTW they're paying him until he's 38. Yeah that makes sense

  31. Past Analysis

    Past AnalysisMonth ago

    Honestly, I'm happier that we got Strasburg over Rendon. Do I want Rendon? 270 million percent yes I do, but starting pitchers like Strasburg will always be more valuable in my opinion. These types of pitchers have more of an effect on games compared to the Rendons and Trouts of this world. Not saying Rendon isn't worth the money, but he's only worth the money if you don't have a thousand other holes to fill. The Nats have their work cut out for them in terms of filling holes on the field and in the bullpen. Letting a greater starting pitcher walk when our bullpen is shakey is too risky.

  32. Bongo Cat

    Bongo CatMonth ago


  33. Salvatore Simon

    Salvatore SimonMonth ago

    I think 7 years is a bit to long. Also when you keep in mind that 2019 was his first season since 2014 where he started more than 30 games.

  34. Colton Hand

    Colton HandMonth ago

    “They need a little more help offensively” but they won the World Series? I understand maybe the pitching staff is “better” but that’s because it is the best rotation in baseball. Also, he did not “carry the Nationals on his back as a pitching staff” he had a historic postseason but Scherzer Corbin and Anibal all played huge roles throughout the postseason. Definitely a Mets fan

  35. jerome williams

    jerome williamsMonth ago

    @Colton Hand that means a lot coming from a homosexual

  36. Colton Hand

    Colton HandMonth ago

    jerome williams your ignorance is almost matched by your stupidity

  37. jerome williams

    jerome williamsMonth ago

    Lol Houston had the best rotation in baseball. By the time the 2020 season starts Stephen Strasburg will already be injured again

  38. JCA

    JCAMonth ago

    Top 10 MLB pitchers: 1. deGroM, 2. Scherzer, 3. Cole, 4. Verlander, 5. Kershaw, 6. Kluber, 7. Sale, 8. Stras, 9. Severino & 10. Buhler.

  39. jerome williams

    jerome williamsMonth ago

    Lmfao Max Scherzer is better than Gerrit Cole right now. I didn't know it was a popularity contest

  40. jerome williams

    jerome williamsMonth ago

    LMFAO Kershaw sucks. Explain to me again when Luis Severino has ever pitched good in the postseason? Yeah he does real good in the regular season when he's pitching against that minor league team called the Baltimore Orioles LOL

  41. David Kadingo Jr.

    David Kadingo Jr.Month ago

    Rendon will sign with the Phillies....Rangers like the Angels are NOT serious playoff contenders... Phillies are just one player and a few pitchers away from being the playoff contender...

  42. Past Analysis

    Past AnalysisMonth ago

    You wish. Keep hoping your team's stupid money will steal another one of ours. It's the only idea you all have to win and it won't get you anywhere.

  43. Marc Sonnenberg

    Marc SonnenbergMonth ago

    Too much money and too many years for a guy who plays every 5th day. What if the injury bug pops up again?

  44. Sangeeta Goel

    Sangeeta GoelMonth ago

    Marc Sonnenberg Pitching wins championships.

  45. Drumf Bum

    Drumf BumMonth ago

    Just some NL east starters in 2020.. Scherzer, Degrom, Wheeler, Strasburg, Soroka, Thor, Corbin, Hamels, Stroman, Nola

  46. Realistic thought

    Realistic thoughtMonth ago

    Pretty sick

  47. alec j

    alec jMonth ago

    Believe it or not, as a Yankees fan, i would rather have Strasburg. Dude is a gamer. He showed he can carry a team to a World Series, and he is used to pitching under the east coast spotlights. I just like his approach and think he would have been a perfect Yankee. I know Cole has the prettier stats but i dont know if he is cut out for New York. I could see him not liking it there and him not meshing with the Yankee culture. I could see him even taking a lot less money to go somewhere else......or worse....The Yankees offering him so much that, even though he doesnt want to play in New York, he cant turn down the money....which could lead to a disaster of a time for him in Yankee Stadium...IMHO. I know the Yankees will not be happy without a huge impact starter.....but forcing a square peg in a round hole is why the Yankees couldnt buy a ring in the 80's and early 90's. It took more than money.....and i think, unless Cole is 100% sure he wants to become a Yankee, they shouldnt force him to come to the team by making an unrefusable offer.

  48. Flitez

    FlitezMonth ago

    Marc you are really trying to flex on us with your AirPods on Instagram.

  49. GamingTvx1

    GamingTvx1Month ago

    Maybe a top 5 pitcher😂 Clown take

  50. Andrew Contreras

    Andrew ContrerasMonth ago

    Any chance rendon goes back to nats

  51. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    There's still a chance

  52. David Knight

    David KnightMonth ago

    You may have missed this since you went into the city (guessing you got an "official" job?), but $80 million of it will be deferred and Boras specifically said that he wanted to make sure enough money was still deferred to make them competitive in 2020. I don't see us getting Rendon, but Donaldson is a possibility.

  53. Dafterzz _

    Dafterzz _Month ago

    They should of kept Rendon and then get another decent pitcher. I don’t think this signing is good

  54. Timothy Branson

    Timothy BransonMonth ago

    With pitchers getting really expensive Dodgers need to extend Walker Buehler now before he becomes a real Cy Young contender

  55. Trevor Miller

    Trevor MillerMonth ago

    Where’d you get that sweatshirt it’s 🔥🔥

  56. Mason Snowden

    Mason SnowdenMonth ago

    Who is your top 5 pitchers? Jw degrom, Cole, verlander, mad max, sale? That’s not in any order

  57. Ayat Saleh

    Ayat SalehMonth ago

    I think all the Yankees want to do is set a record for highest payed pitcher in MLB history So they’re paying Cole $300 million

  58. Robby

    RobbyMonth ago

    The Nats are like the Florida Marlins after they won the world series. ....can't afford the players

  59. Past Analysis

    Past AnalysisMonth ago

    And you say that after we just made a tactical win of one of the most expensive free agents? Dafa...

  60. John Lachman

    John LachmanMonth ago

    Dude sick Jersey Swap in the thumbnail 🔥🔥🔥

  61. tristan bates

    tristan batesMonth ago

    Stephen Strasburg didn’t really get overpaid he’s a great pitcher. For Gerrit. Ole on the other hand someone will just offer him more money and he will break Strasburg record. They have the same agent. So Cole will just get more money

  62. not-just-gaming

    not-just-gamingMonth ago

    Strasburg: Re-signs Nats: Bye Anthony Rendon


    GLENN CHENMonth ago

    After a Champion, everything seems right.

  64. Xavier Gomez

    Xavier GomezMonth ago

    You should add some baseball footage of the players your talking about like you have briefly in some of your other videos.

  65. Pj Sneeringer

    Pj SneeringerMonth ago

    I HATE EXPOS,ERRR... Nats more than Muts

  66. jasona9

    jasona9Month ago

    From a San Diego Native and Padres Fan, let me just say...”Ah nuts 🥜 “. Actually, if the Padres could not sign Stephen I am glad the Nats got him back.

  67. Airtime Thrills

    Airtime ThrillsMonth ago

    I remember when 20 million used to be a lot of money. Now nonofy bats at eye at 30

  68. RyverseCraft

    RyverseCraftMonth ago

    No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Marc’s comment section: Default Google PFPs or Google images

  69. Toni Molski

    Toni MolskiMonth ago

    Harper:Alright the Phillies Nationals:win the World Series Harper:of corse I get traded

  70. Toni Molski

    Toni MolskiMonth ago

    An it’s cool ima yankees fan don’t pay attention to the national league

  71. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    @Toni Molski Not trying to be rude or anything just making sure you knew what happened

  72. Toni Molski

    Toni MolskiMonth ago

    Damn sorry

  73. Jacob Flowers

    Jacob FlowersMonth ago

    He wasn't released either. His contract expired and the Nats didn't resign him.

  74. Toni Molski

    Toni MolskiMonth ago

    Ment released

  75. big mc

    big mcMonth ago

    Marc I'm a braves fan and I'm hoping that they pick up francisco lindor brcause then the braves infield would be stacked if they resigned Donaldson or got Anthony rendon or a good third basemen

  76. Itz Ash

    Itz AshMonth ago

    welp there goes my hope of getting a starting pitcher (cubs fan)

  77. jerome williams

    jerome williamsMonth ago

    Lmfao you must not be that big of a Cubs fan. The owner of the Chicago Cubs has been speaking publicly about how the Cubs spent way more money than they were supposed to spend last year. They're about to trade Kris Bryant to the Atlanta Braves or the Philadelphia Phillies. As a means to lower their payroll. They are also attempting to sign Dallas keuchel for around 17 per year. But with all this information being made public you actually thought the Chicago Cubs were going to sign a starting pitcher for 30 million dollars per year. Cuz that actually makes sense to you. That's what the writing on the wall suggested would happen. BTW the Chicago Cubs rotation ERA last year was top three in the National League. Starting pitching is not even what the Cubs need. If you actually watched Cubs games in 2019 you would know that their offense was pathetic. Also their bullpen. But I'm sure Gerrit Cole or Stephen Strasburg would have hit a lot of home runs for the Chicago Cubs

  78. Daniel Price

    Daniel PriceMonth ago

    Apartment in the city? The channel must be going alright lol