Our Baby's Bathroom Reveal! | OMG We're Having A Baby


  1. Mr. Kate

    Mr. Kate3 months ago

    I'm sooooo glad we got this bathroom done before Moon landed! What do you guys think of the transformation? We really tried to keep the vintage charm while updating. Hope you love it! xx

  2. Jana Tawfeek

    Jana Tawfeek2 months ago

    omg i love it do u think moon is gonna land soon?

  3. Kamdyn Brumfield_omg

    Kamdyn Brumfield_omg2 months ago

    I love it! Also can you do a belly cast and paint it a moon and some stars?

  4. Amanda Valpey

    Amanda Valpey2 months ago

    Gorgeous bathroom!! Well done! Love you guys! You always do amazing work.The video game part was so funny!! We tried to do no TV until we realized the kid never actually leaves. Like, they never go away! My beautiful children that I love with all my heart are in my grill all day! 12 hr days for years on end. Haha!! Then one day it dawned on me I hadn’t slept through the night in 6 months and I had been up with the baby for 5 hrs already, looked at the clock and realized it was only noon and I had to survive 6 more hours before bedtime, which was going to be another sleepless night....that led to “WHO’S UP FOR THE DISNEY CHANNEL???!!!!” haha!! All part of the beautiful journey! So excited for you two!

  5. shayna cobb

    shayna cobb2 months ago

    Kate kind of looks like a pregnant chihuahua, she has such a little body and her baby bump is so big in proportion to her body😂😂😂


    AYAAN SIDDIQUI2 months ago


  7. Sandra Haney

    Sandra Haney16 hours ago

    You two are so freaking cute! I wish you forever love!

  8. Damara Scott

    Damara Scott3 days ago

    Kate: omg are y making a Delicious meal?!???? Joey:yes.... Kate:wait omg are u warming up my left overs?!?? Joey: yes👨🏼‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳

  9. Wendy &Fluffy08

    Wendy &Fluffy089 days ago

    Like always you ,nailed it!🙂

  10. funsizedaree

    funsizedaree11 days ago

    Everytime Mr. Kate mentions Waldorf Schools I feel bad that I can't afford a Waldorfian education for my kids!! 😭

  11. Lucy Frewer 07

    Lucy Frewer 0711 days ago

    I’m sorry but a BABY has its own bathroom?

  12. Poppy Mesney

    Poppy Mesney12 days ago

    I love, that great job!!! Congrats on your baby boy!! Xx

  13. molly shanks

    molly shanks14 days ago

    ughhhhhhh I want it

  14. Crystal George

    Crystal George14 days ago

    So did they not replace all of that thin wood and old plaster stuff? How did they replumb the sink? Leaving out the more difficult details! :P

  15. DanniellaNutella

    DanniellaNutella14 days ago

    They are amazing decorators. I wish I had my own bathroom at that age

  16. Sophia McBride

    Sophia McBride18 days ago

    Mr Kate needs to be put on HGTV

  17. Rosalind Valentin

    Rosalind Valentin21 day ago

    Love all your videos. Congrats on your beautiful baby !!! Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️

  18. Cait Phelan

    Cait Phelan22 days ago

    imagine the people who move in after them, they’re gonna have a niceeeeeee house

  19. Emilie Corbett

    Emilie Corbett22 days ago

    Hello mr.Kate! My name is Emilie and I'm a 15 year old girl who just moved to Revelstoke BC from Guelph Ontario. We moved here because my nana's memory is really quite bad. My mom is really sad about the move and could use something to cheer her up. The house here is in really rough shape. I was wondering if maybe you could help us out? Love your videos so much!!

  20. Emilija Savic

    Emilija Savic23 days ago

    I love that bathroom so much. I think it is so cute.

  21. krista saunders

    krista saunders24 days ago

    Tastefully done!!! It’s an updated version of the era. Love it

  22. Imagination Lord

    Imagination Lord24 days ago

    When even the before is nicer than your house

  23. hanging with sam

    hanging with sam25 days ago

    That looks like a hotel bathroom

  24. liz lira

    liz lira25 days ago

    This is amazing. Have you guys considered adding a skylight window to add some natural light?

  25. chantell Louthian

    chantell Louthian26 days ago

    i want a joey

  26. Hugh Lewis

    Hugh Lewis27 days ago

    Kate and Joey you both make me smile and laugh in all of your videos. I am sooo a Creative weirdo. I even have the words Creative Weirdo on my wall. By the way Moon is the cutest name EVER! I love you so much and just keep being you! :)

  27. Lillian Czerwinski

    Lillian Czerwinski27 days ago

    Omg I’ve never seen someone look so adorable pregnant. Her big baby belly and her outfit with her pink hair omg. So glad she had moon :)

  28. M Silas

    M SilasMonth ago

    Everyone’s focused on the baby’s bathroom but I’m still shook about her hair extensions 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ she said don’t touch a girls weave lol

  29. Jojo Moa

    Jojo MoaMonth ago

    Babies coming soon and I gotta pee 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Theresa Foster

    Theresa FosterMonth ago

    WOW!!Thst was a Great job

  31. Gracie Storey

    Gracie StoreyMonth ago

    It’s so beautiful. That baby is soo lucky 👶❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. La Tarjetería

    La TarjeteríaMonth ago

    That bathroom is so beautiful! Congrats guys on baby Moon

  33. Summer Erbschloe

    Summer ErbschloeMonth ago

    So I have been working on my room and ur videos inspire me so much to wake up early and work all day on it💜💜

  34. Althea Kramer

    Althea KramerMonth ago

    Revival 16:40

  35. Jenifer Alvarez

    Jenifer AlvarezMonth ago

    The bathroom is so stunning!!!! 🥰

  36. Lia R

    Lia RMonth ago

    My mom's name is Moon how cute

  37. InfiniteGamingAssasin _

    InfiniteGamingAssasin _Month ago

    Casually adds a thousand dollar vanity to the cart... no biggy

  38. Lili’s Random vlogs

    Lili’s Random vlogsMonth ago

    I love how they can do all this there selfs when me over here can not even clean my room Love you guys watch all your vids

  39. Zoey Boxx

    Zoey BoxxMonth ago

    Now it can be “OMG WE HAVE A BABY”

  40. Madilyn S

    Madilyn SMonth ago

    I don’t even have my own personal bathroom

  41. CE Baker

    CE BakerMonth ago

    Your bathroom makeover looks okay but what a freaken shame that you butchered and ruined that beautiful antique bathroom. You should have at least left the original wall tile. Bad design decision in a big way.

  42. Annette Koch

    Annette KochMonth ago

    You guys are funny and do many nice things for others why not do an update on yourselves now that you are parents. Wink. 😁 Maybe invite Jeannie Mai over.

  43. Sarah

    SarahMonth ago

    The fact that Kate went to a Waldorf school makes sense lol

  44. Obviously Fake Name

    Obviously Fake NameMonth ago

    Joey really taking a risk arguing with Kate about the floors 😂

  45. mspatti

    mspattiMonth ago

    Lovely bathroom. I kept feeling that there was room between the toilet and the vanity on the left for a changing table. Ideal set up if you cloth diaper... Then you can take the changing table out when diaper days are done. Just a feature of a dream baby bathroom in my world.

  46. SweetieSuz

    SweetieSuzMonth ago

    Love the makeover but especially love your Yreka tee. My parents live near there so I'm very familiar with Yreka. ♥️

  47. Christine Roush

    Christine RoushMonth ago

    That bathroom looks really good! Great job, guys. I love the both of you and the work you do.

  48. Madison Aguilar

    Madison AguilarMonth ago

    Or a rats nest

  49. Allison Roman-Hurtado

    Allison Roman-HurtadoMonth ago

    you guys should add some baby proof stuff to cabinets and dressers to keep moon nice and safe ❤️🌙

  50. Stephanie Ballard

    Stephanie BallardMonth ago


  51. Surove Islam

    Surove IslamMonth ago

    It looks amazing😭😭😭happy tears❤️❤️👌🏼💯😞🎉🎉🎉

  52. Jessica Romo

    Jessica RomoMonth ago

    Wow all the white really lightened it up and make look so much bigger. It looks amazing!

  53. Ricky

    RickyMonth ago

    This is the best bathroom I have ever seen

  54. Addy

    AddyMonth ago

    I didn’t know a baby could have its own bathroom- 😳 I don’t even have my own lol

  55. oxeriika

    oxeriikaMonth ago

    How long did the bathroom make over take?

  56. Cadence Doge

    Cadence DogeMonth ago

    I don’t even have my own bathroom. ps I’m a small youtuber

  57. Patti Stuber

    Patti StuberMonth ago

    Beautiful job on the baby - guest bathroom : )

  58. emily Mcelveen

    emily McelveenMonth ago

    Ugh Joey is just so good to you all the time but now that you’re pregnant😩😩 my heart can’t handle it all

  59. C6sper_

    C6sper_Month ago

    I never wished to be a baby so bad

  60. Estella

    EstellaMonth ago

    Tour Time: 6:44 :)

  61. Sarah Prieto

    Sarah PrietoMonth ago

    WE NEED HELP! We stay in a small room with 4 of us , 2 couples 🙄🙄 PLEASE MR.KATE 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😪 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEE

  62. Wicked18

    Wicked18Month ago

    16:34 hand soap dispenser filled 17:27 hand soap dispenser empty 🤯😂

  63. Caroline Johnson

    Caroline JohnsonMonth ago

    Fineally the comments are back!!

  64. Olivia Kel

    Olivia KelMonth ago

    14:16Is it just me or did I just realized that she said the babies name in this video and didn’t realize it

  65. yo banana

    yo bananaMonth ago

    if this is how the baby's bathroom looks like , how will their parents bathroom look like?

  66. Brooke Hall

    Brooke HallMonth ago

    Mr ?🤨🤔

  67. juliette jeffries

    juliette jeffriesMonth ago

    Who else just skips to the end to see the before and after?

  68. Danielle Rodriguez

    Danielle RodriguezMonth ago

    I, so confused why does Moon’s bathroom look better than mine?!

  69. Aubrey Hood

    Aubrey HoodMonth ago

    When is your baby due

  70. Emma Bringuela

    Emma BringuelaMonth ago


  71. Eclipse _2004

    Eclipse _2004Month ago

    I have that old tile on my bathroom floor I think it's ehhh😂 sometimes I look at it and it's kind of trippy😂😂😂

  72. Valerie Livolti

    Valerie LivoltiMonth ago

    Im supposed to be working on my essay, but I'm to busy binge watching your videos...

  73. Ava Todoverto

    Ava TodovertoMonth ago

    Can you make over cabbie Hannahs bed room?

  74. Stephanie The Pig

    Stephanie The PigMonth ago

    Just think, that's the very same bathroom Joey found out Kate was pregnant in hahahaha and it's going to become that same baby's bathroom. **sips tea**

  75. Top 10 facts

    Top 10 factsMonth ago

    Whoever moves into there house if they ever sell it , they would be lucky af

  76. Top 10 facts

    Top 10 factsMonth ago

    Can they come and decorate my whole freaking house

  77. Vivienne Summer

    Vivienne SummerMonth ago

    Watching you two argue, the tv backdrop, the baby voice, saying things that you do for a living are easy to diy are all very tacky. Ps: at this point everyone should be conserving water as much as possible and turning the shower off while soaping up, rather than trying to “escaping the water”

  78. Makennas Corner

    Makennas CornerMonth ago

    No one ever: Kate : do not touch a girls WEAVE

  79. name

    nameMonth ago

    I fast-forwarded and saw the “before” and thought “wow, yeah, looks nice!” LOL

  80. GalaxyWilk

    GalaxyWilkMonth ago

    Your unborn baby has a bathroom ???.... OMG

  81. Marilyn Smith

    Marilyn SmithMonth ago

    Awesome bathroom!!!

  82. Brittany Mcdonagh

    Brittany McdonaghMonth ago

    17:50 CRING

  83. Heidi DeVincent

    Heidi DeVincentMonth ago

    Awesome renovation of the bedroom and bathroom. You two are so incredibly cute!

  84. Raven Sage

    Raven SageMonth ago

    Oh do not, touch a girls weave - Mr Kate 2019

  85. Maisie Robinson

    Maisie RobinsonMonth ago

    Your BABY has a BATHROOM?! Wtf lol