I’ve Escaped from Apple

Dave2D setup for 2019. My everyday carry for tech finally has no more Apple hardware in the backpack. It's liberating!
Phone - amzn.to/2G6bwWx
Laptop - amzn.to/2xIpZDy
Mouse - amzn.to/2Xy1Oa2
Backpack - amzn.to/2XG5At4
Good icon pack - "Flight"
Lame icon pack - "Lines"
iPhone XI Leaks from: OnLeaks X Cashkaro
Music Fili - Pressing Forward
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  1. Dave Lee

    Dave Lee4 months ago

    I'm free

  2. Félix Reverte Girona

    Félix Reverte Girona2 months ago

    The feeling of coming back will remain... Untill you do😂

  3. Greg Hog

    Greg Hog2 months ago


  4. Jack Richard

    Jack Richard3 months ago

    @The best Tm you're saying that like he has secure his information from batman or some shit

  5. R Allison

    R Allison3 months ago


  6. TechTalk

    TechTalk3 months ago

    Nice job!!! #android4life

  7. juan chavez

    juan chavez8 hours ago

    I like the iPhone 11 Pro Max better I had this phone for a week and didn’t do it for me

  8. Tyrion CSGO

    Tyrion CSGODay ago

    dobby is a free elf

  9. MajorrBison

    MajorrBisonDay ago

    Waiting to see what one plus os doing for the holiday season so I can get the 7pro.

  10. Trendnet18

    Trendnet18Day ago

    Still can't believe they removed the Headphone jack... Have to go to probably realme until my one plus 6 dies.

  11. pratik kumar

    pratik kumar2 days ago

    Apple haters loves to talk about how they hate apple.

  12. Dreamy

    Dreamy2 days ago

    About time

  13. Thakar Parth

    Thakar Parth2 days ago

    Great Quality Content

  14. Max Robespierre

    Max Robespierre3 days ago

    No airdrop, no continuity and it’s Android for chrissake.

  15. Alex Gagnon

    Alex Gagnon3 days ago

    why is apple charging so much fomtheir device, this is straight ripoff

  16. בר פרידריך

    בר פרידריך4 days ago

    I got a OnePlus 7T Pro (I'm not in the US) yesterday after two years on an IPhone X. Totally feel you.

  17. Half Alligator

    Half Alligator4 days ago

    I have XR and can't really make out the pixels unless I'm like a few inches away... prefer the longer battery.

  18. Erik

    Erik4 days ago

    Meanwhile I'm trying to escape from Google.

  19. Bichr Salhi

    Bichr Salhi5 days ago

    The fact that dave is still using an iPhone 5 or 5s is proof that people don’t need to upgrade their phones every one, two or even three years.

  20. Rishi Talla

    Rishi Talla5 days ago

    Best mechanical wire less keyboard for typing on a budget?

  21. Stravity

    Stravity5 days ago

    7:15 the plural form for a computer mouse is "mouses" not mice.

  22. fahadb87

    fahadb875 days ago

    The reason dave is standing wife took the chair

  23. Abhishek

    Abhishek6 days ago

    Can u give link for the wallpaper on ur device as shown in the video ?

  24. beau danner

    beau danner6 days ago

    You’re not wrong when it comes to Windows hardware as of late and I’ve been REALLY tempted, BUT... I’m always reminded how much I dislike Windows when I have to use it with all the pop-ups on anti-virus, updates, sucky menu UI and oh.... don’t get me started with the updates on reboot that keep you from using your computer for 20 minutes. Love it at work... free break. But. So, how has your experience been with that?

  25. jpgr8937

    jpgr89376 days ago

    I got Lines and it looks amazing. 😎

  26. capie

    capie7 days ago

    Welcome to the light side

  27. Moscu.

    Moscu.7 days ago


  28. slaymassivex

    slaymassivex7 days ago

    I smell hater 👀 be gone thot

  29. Osker26 G

    Osker26 G7 days ago

    i love the ps5 message from austin

  30. joel ruelas

    joel ruelas7 days ago

    hi man, please, whats your desk theme /launcher shown at sec 0:44

  31. LamboKang

    LamboKang8 days ago

    Well everyone knows that apple phone has always been overpriced. Is iphone a great phone? Yes it is. Its just that its not worth the price and there are better choice other there at the same price. But if you can easily afford it, its kinda an easy choice to buy an iphone. Iphone is a safe choice for people that doesnt know much about tech and just want an decent to good phone. But if you wan to buy an android phone, theres too much brands and model out there and its overwhelming to ppl like that. Plus there are some android phone that are really bad.

  32. Soumadip patra

    Soumadip patra8 days ago



    O ROUABAH8 days ago

    Rich dude showing us what kind of tech stuff hes using ? damn youtube u fucked up

  34. Crazy Joe

    Crazy Joe8 days ago


  35. Walter Vega

    Walter Vega8 days ago

    I did the same. Went back to Android and my phone of choice is the OP 7Pro.. This phone is a beast and a gorgeous one if I may add...I commute on the subway and I've gotten several comments on the phone . Mostly what kind of phone is it? And when the pop up camera pops up for a selfie. They are impressed...I am not disappointed one bit with this phone. It is the fastest phone I've ever had. The gaming on this phone is also phenomenal. But like u mentioned in your review. I did miss the iMessage on the iPhone. However, once you're over it, you're fine. Way to go OP7Pro!

  36. Rolf J

    Rolf J8 days ago

    Goodbye to old messages in WhatsApp. Cant properly transfer them.

  37. RDJ3000

    RDJ30008 days ago

    where can i find this wallpaper?

  38. Akif Chowdhury

    Akif Chowdhury8 days ago

    Wife takes phone: It’s a free real estate

  39. Stravity

    Stravity5 days ago


  40. Sketcher

    Sketcher8 days ago

    Congrats you win at life


    ROOOMBA8 days ago

    Did he just recommend a $160 mouse?

  42. R3dPl4X

    R3dPl4X8 days ago

    he is using light mode smh

  43. RyZAm

    RyZAm8 days ago

    2019 Waste phone ever..... They are need money only.... Think before you buy iPhone

  44. Penboy as 'god'

    Penboy as 'god'8 days ago

    Dumping Apple is good for you. But, that doesn't mean you need to rely 100% on Windows. *YOU DON'T.* In fact, you can cut your reliance on Windows down to about 20% (or even LESS) with a better [read: *safer online* ] OS --- and that is plainly, *LINUX.* Even though I do use Windows, I do my best to NEVER use it ONLINE --- Linux is not only better, safer online than Windows, it's better, safer than Mac OS. It's good that you've finally broken away from that *MASS APPLE PROPAGANDA/BRAINWASHING.*

  45. Gamers of the galaxy

    Gamers of the galaxy9 days ago

    Apples gonna be pissed and release revenge p**n

  46. lee zimby

    lee zimby9 days ago

    Lightning port !!!!! 🤮🤮🤮

  47. Benjamin Li

    Benjamin Li9 days ago

    He got out of the farm. Reminds me of the promised neverland

  48. From Steven

    From Steven10 days ago

    "Good bag",1st time i heard that phrase

  49. Zenkai Seven

    Zenkai Seven10 days ago

    Can you share the wallpaper please

  50. Cody

    Cody10 days ago

    I would try android but you would have to pay me.

  51. Pac Tube

    Pac Tube10 days ago

    I Thought Tesla Has made A phone

  52. Nhan Le

    Nhan Le10 days ago

    Are u going back to Apple?

  53. Xavier Arnold

    Xavier Arnold10 days ago

    Watching on iPhone XR.

  54. hkistreet

    hkistreet10 days ago

    I won't buy a phone with no memory card slot.

  55. hkistreet

    hkistreet6 days ago

    @Rendahedron Ah ok, I actually now get what you mean. 👍

  56. Rendahedron

    Rendahedron6 days ago

    @hkistreet there is a difference between storage and memory but its too complicated to explain here you can search it up if u want

  57. hkistreet

    hkistreet7 days ago

    @Rendahedron Care to elaborate?

  58. Rendahedron

    Rendahedron7 days ago

    hkistreet **storage

  59. Firas Al Shaikh Hasan

    Firas Al Shaikh Hasan10 days ago

    Another happily converted soul :) welcome to freedom

  60. Sonny N.

    Sonny N.11 days ago

    Soon, I will too. Waiting on the S11

  61. Pannathat Poolkamlung

    Pannathat Poolkamlung11 days ago

    Commenting from Note 10, damn android is good. Been here since note 5 😄😄

  62. Autobahn-Tested

    Autobahn-Tested11 days ago

    Dave Lee, could you make another video how you feel about the 7T Pro after 4 months? Especially now, that the iPhone 11 is out?

  63. Jan

    Jan11 days ago

    congrats bro.

  64. Sebastian Reichmann

    Sebastian Reichmann11 days ago

    Welcome to the dark side! 😈

  65. Zantetsuken Daisuki

    Zantetsuken Daisuki11 days ago

    Wow as an Android user for years ,I'm kinda jealous to this guy for still being at the stage of exploring how good android For his first time at his age.Imagine the Feeling of excitement and awe he feels after He discovers how many things android can do while apple can't.

  66. Ricardo Espinel

    Ricardo Espinel11 days ago

    Where did you get that background image

  67. Juggernaut UCI

    Juggernaut UCI11 days ago

    Me too, Android+windows 10+WSL(ubuntu)+ ubuntu servers. I am free again

  68. x111

    x11111 days ago

    finally no more apple co trash !!

  69. Ferdinand Fisher

    Ferdinand Fisher11 days ago

    A $750 phone having an 828p screen? I am aware of a lot of Apple's flaws, but TF is that?

  70. Karson Million

    Karson Million12 days ago

    Your wife just stole your phone?😅