I’ve Escaped from Apple


  1. Dave Lee

    Dave Lee13 days ago

    I'm free

  2. Jftzgorman

    JftzgormanDay ago

    RIP privacy to Google

  3. Timmy Chen

    Timmy Chen12 days ago

    Congrats I’m trying to break free too

  4. CaptainFWR

    CaptainFWR12 days ago

    Lol it’s just a phone

  5. Taro

    Taro12 days ago

    Where can I get you?

  6. Luca Maddalena

    Luca Maddalena12 days ago

    Interesting the use of the "free" word related to the Apple ecosystem.

  7. suvin seal

    suvin seal23 minutes ago

    What kind of launcher is he using on his phone?

  8. Amit Anurag

    Amit AnuragHour ago

    Can Anyone let me know what is the Icon Pack on that OnePlus 7 Pro ??? P.S I'm also asking u Dave !

  9. PR723Goal

    PR723Goal5 hours ago

    I love when people berate the lack of wireless charging as if that is the most needed, make or break feature of a device. The Warp charge on my 6T first and now 7Pro makes me forget all about wireless charging. It's only a big deal if you make it to be.

  10. Yiaw Kwang Chai

    Yiaw Kwang Chai6 hours ago

    Me too! I switched to Samsung Note 8 last weekend and never looked back after a very long time (used apple since iPhone 3)

  11. RubiRobJL

    RubiRobJL6 hours ago

    Just got a surface laptop 2 for $799 from best buy and I love it. Upgrading from the original surface book 1 and this is SOLID. Oh, and I finally escaped Pixel devices for a $499 S10. Best buy again, they apparently have been killing it with discounts lately.

  12. Aly Houdroj

    Aly Houdroj8 hours ago

    Wallpaper please???


    SAGAR KUMBALKAR8 hours ago

    India's flagship killer phone oneplus 7

  14. runin K

    runin K8 hours ago

    In 2008 windows have Sony vaio....which are so good that Steve jobs wanted macos on vaio.

  15. Rebera89

    Rebera8910 hours ago

    I neeeeeed that wallpaper! Where's it from?

  16. Yanky Altman

    Yanky Altman11 hours ago

    I love the OnePlus 7 Pro 💙 Use link for discount 💙 www.oneplus.com/ca_en/invite#7YEQNSSVZUQUWO

  17. Obey Gaming

    Obey Gaming12 hours ago

    You post a video like this every couple weeks, next will be "why I'm switching back to apple"

  18. Sivaraj N

    Sivaraj N13 hours ago

    Here is the link for the wallpaper www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/abstract-blurry-turquoise-background-780091684

  19. Yash Kshatriya

    Yash Kshatriya16 hours ago

    what's the wallpaper...?? link please...!!


    GURTEG SINGH17 hours ago

    Dave lee is standing behind the table Not sitting 😂


    KULDEEP SINGH17 hours ago

    Do anyone know about this launcher, if it is a launcher.

  22. moeketsi motaung

    moeketsi motaung18 hours ago

    I love dave’s slick and subtle diss at Apple😁but he does have a point,Since Cook’s Reign at Cupertino We have seen less Innovation and much Price increases For MacBooks which Throttle and heat up so much you can cook your own dinner on them,iPhones which even though are more capable but unreasonably Expensive,We keep hoping that Apple will come off their high horse but it’s only gonna get worse,Dave realizes this and he is preparing himself for what’s already here The Death of Apple that Robs Their customers Blind,We Miss You Steve Jobs🙏🏾

  23. Antphoneigh

    Antphoneigh19 hours ago

    I’ve done the opposite - slowly moving back to Apple (iPhone and MacBook Pro) but try prying my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 out of my hands. Oh and I have a Threadripper desktop with 2080 RTX so guess I get the best out of both worlds.

  24. Pulkit Mathur

    Pulkit Mathur22 hours ago

    Use reddit in dark mode!

  25. BodyweightBob

    BodyweightBobDay ago

    Dave gets heated 3:28

  26. Adriaan Cilliers

    Adriaan CilliersDay ago

    Dave, this must have been quite the religious experience for you?

  27. Thanos

    ThanosDay ago

    Stop forgetting scripts

  28. Bernard Andber

    Bernard AndberDay ago


  29. Varun Thomas

    Varun ThomasDay ago

    Its a great change and a good change too. The main reason for still staying in MacBook pro is because of Terminal and fluidity of the MacOS when it comes to Software Engineers. But definitely people should refrain from Apple just to make them a little more customer friendly. They are adamant and oppressive to customer opinions and they no longer look from the layman perspective. Other companies also are doing business for money but they aren't so needy

  30. aziz aladwani

    aziz aladwaniDay ago

    iam same you… i have iphone 5 and 6 and 6plus and 7 plus .. but when i used huawei i hate the iphone is very bad apple no battry life and no camera good and the rom is little… . i love huawei know and i have mate 20 pro is amazing ❤️

  31. Eric Chang

    Eric ChangDay ago

    Damn, I wish Austin Evans was in my messages list.

  32. dizzydesiree7

    dizzydesiree7Day ago

    Your wife is straight up gangsta.lol!!

  33. Bboy Tyby

    Bboy TybyDay ago

    i never had an apple product!

  34. Eric Bell

    Eric BellDay ago

    Sounds like a AA meeting. I havent shot up "Apple" 5x a day for 10 years... ive lost friends in my pursuit(Steve Jobs)... and i just wanna get clean so i can be there for my kids... i knew I'd crossed a line when i was willing to do shameful... disgustinf things for just 30 .i utes of charge at a outlet... I'd psycho drjve-by my local Apple Store and get as many test drives on the latest and greatest new Apple hardware... the worst thing i think this drug did to me is i called the cops on my own Mother for voiding her warranty by using an un-sanctioned, 3rd party, accessories. I recieved a 300$ iTunes/Apple store credit... but i havent seen my own Mother in 10 months. So ive switched to Android, my charger track marks are healing, and ive got my 10 month iPhine free chip and repaired my relationship with my Son and my Mother... if i get caught with any Apple products in the next 5 years, my original sentence of 5 years, hard labor, assembling CPU boards with a zoom monocle, soldering iron and proprietary diods I'm not allowed to name: all in Taiwan. You gotta wanna get clean man... put the Scooby Snacks, Apple Logo down, Newton.

  35. Rajib Ahmed

    Rajib AhmedDay ago

    Paid Promotion ?

  36. nii payne

    nii payneDay ago

    What is the title of the intro song?

  37. Sudip Ekka

    Sudip EkkaDay ago

    Wallpaper please???

  38. Matei Licaret

    Matei LicaretDay ago

    I am happy that you realised that the software/environment isn't for you. I am not saying that apple products are bad , actually some times they embarrass windows/Android so bad , but in the last years they are not that great anymore , hope apple will stars doing things better because competition is always a good thing.

  39. Jftzgorman

    JftzgormanDay ago

    Wouldn’t switch cause I don’t trust google with my data.

  40. Clarito resdiano

    Clarito resdianoDay ago

    Plus Minus Apple Plus Minus Android

  41. REX TRIP

    REX TRIPDay ago

    No mobile companies would want Tesla to get in the league of making innovative phone 😊

  42. TriXleZx

    TriXleZxDay ago


  43. Mark Duarte

    Mark DuarteDay ago


  44. battledome64

    battledome64Day ago

    Believe me you’ll switch back to Iphone eventually

  45. gaceqkos

    gaceqkosDay ago


  46. Skeeter Harris

    Skeeter HarrisDay ago

    Dave - just love the reviews and appreciate them but on the loosing the iPhone, I have done that now twice over the past 2 years since X came out. Tried this with the S9, and then went to the Note 9 and while they are very nice there is just a level of elegance and some of those iOS features just are too good and important to get away from. So I hear you thoughts, and like you I purchased my Blade 15 back in March and walked away from Macs when the Trashcan went to no upgrade land back in 2014. Anyway - Cheers

  47. Ayush Chothe

    Ayush ChotheDay ago


  48. Mohi Beyki

    Mohi BeykiDay ago

    Dude, can you please upload your wallpapers in google drive or something? I couldn't find your phone's wallpaper :(

  49. Nathanaël S

    Nathanaël S21 hour ago

    There is a low quality version on discord but yeah, waiting for it too.

  50. chuck90504

    chuck90504Day ago

    You were never stuck, try having a bunch of kids FaceTime ING you, app purchases, etc... That's truly stuck, me.

  51. Espigão Bravo

    Espigão BravoDay ago

    Wallpaper? Pls

  52. Todor Nikolov

    Todor NikolovDay ago

    Micro USB ports break more than iPhone port.

  53. Roman Brownlee

    Roman BrownleeDay ago

    Hey whats up dave lee I just wanted to know Is there any laptop under 1000 bugs with any of nvidia graphic card..... more than 8 GB RAM and i7 processor ..... pls suggest ....

  54. Roman Brownlee

    Roman Brownlee16 hours ago

    Like notebooks

  55. Roman Brownlee

    Roman Brownlee16 hours ago

    I need a lighter one ... not gaming

  56. Falto

    FaltoDay ago

    Roman Brownlee dell g3 or g7

  57. Predrag Bajić

    Predrag BajićDay ago

    In 2008 windows laptops were trash? Wow, that's just plain stupid

  58. Sonny Ankau

    Sonny Ankau7 hours ago

    they were.

  59. Yamato Genskie

    Yamato GenskieDay ago

    Everything android pro

  60. Thor Nado

    Thor NadoDay ago

    One iphone is like buying a high end laptop computer.

  61. Darren Wood

    Darren WoodDay ago

    cooll vid mate