Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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  1. Hoodiebud

    Hoodiebud4 minutes ago

    *cough cough* James Charles

  2. Gavriel

    Gavriel33 minutes ago

    If you ever feel like killing yourself, just remember that Monika Lewinsky went through absolute hell yet came back with a sense of humor

  3. Brandie Saint-Claire

    Brandie Saint-Claire39 minutes ago

    It's good she turned her experience and pain over her destructive decision and behavior into advocacy for bullied people.

  4. Leonard M

    Leonard M3 hours ago

    Hoes, get treated like hoes. The only problem is bill didn't get treated like a hoe. He's a huge tramp.

  5. Nate Keeney

    Nate Keeney5 hours ago

    John's right! I'm 22 and me and all my friends are some version of an idiot.

  6. Logan Last Name

    Logan Last Name5 hours ago

    "This is a comedy show" yeah okay johnnyboi. Lol I actually like the show for the most part and it is funny but it quite obviously has an agenda to push.

  7. Ryan K

    Ryan K6 hours ago

    maybe Lewinsky shouldn't have touted sucking to the whole world... i mean, doing it isn't the issue. but touting it to the whole world is a little strange. doesn't she only have herself to blame?

  8. Neerudge Bang

    Neerudge Bang9 hours ago

    This was such a great interview! She is amazing! I wish her nothing but the best!

  9. George Farrar

    George Farrar9 hours ago

    I am now 22 and I can really say I am some form of an idiot

  10. Piper Rasmussen

    Piper Rasmussen12 hours ago

    i think the difference between how people treated monica lewinsky and how people treated stormy daniels is striking.

  11. Peege Clarke

    Peege Clarke15 hours ago

    I pile on.. John looks TOO much like the toucan he played in Lion King. ... like .. wow.. that beak John.. ... You have the money John.. .. Trim the beak for all of us.. .. ..

  12. RIGO

    RIGO16 hours ago

    That jussie smollett

  13. Aron Kovacs

    Aron Kovacs19 hours ago

    Outrage, the new American pastime

  14. Razorlust

    Razorlust19 hours ago

    Heres a bit of public shaming for you, John. Why does LastWeek Tonight regionally block shows in countries where you do not air?? I mean, sure, I understand why you get blocked in capitalist countries making sure they protect the profits of corporations. But when you don't air, shouldn't you want an international audience to be aware of your content in a timely manner?? i know sometimes it gets made available after a month, though therre was one vido I tried to watch for months, and was never able to access. So, what is it you're hiding, John??

  15. Scarlett Taylor

    Scarlett Taylor22 hours ago

    22 and dumb 100%

  16. Lance Boudreaux

    Lance Boudreaux23 hours ago

    As someone who was a teenager when the Clinton controversy blew up, I'm a bit ashamed of the jokes we told. Monica is a badass.

  17. Joe Black

    Joe BlackDay ago

    Buying your way into school is a forever thing. So is blowing the president in the Oval Office. Murdering your family? definitely. They're all permanent stains in different colors.

  18. Christopher Garcia

    Christopher GarciaDay ago

    You almost lost me, but then you said you weren’t talking about me,

  19. Curtis Adams

    Curtis AdamsDay ago

    Please do a show with Mia Khalifa

  20. Prakash Kr

    Prakash KrDay ago

    How can bill still married to Hilary?? both bill n monica should be publicly shamed according to me..

  21. Nylon

    NylonDay ago

    Just a small reminder that this aside, Jay Leno is a massive piece of shit and can't disappear fast enough

  22. Angela Baker

    Angela Baker2 days ago

    @Monica Lewinsky, I think what you went through is complete b.s.

  23. Alex Landherr

    Alex Landherr3 days ago

    The Leno statement is really ill-considered.

  24. MrMonotone

    MrMonotone3 days ago

    Look up the story of the woman that sued McDonalds after being burnt by coffee for another example...

  25. jefflewis4

    jefflewis43 days ago

    Based on the comments here either a lot of people here simply don't remember, or have forgotten. Monica was the one who put herself in the mens room with Clinton. The White house staff tried desperately to keep her away from Clinton, they knew what she was up to. She maneuvered her way into the restroom with him. She made the decision to do what she did. She was the one that failed to keep it a secret. Had she kept quiet and not told Linda Tripp about it, no-one would have ever heard of her. The real villan here was Linda Tripp, not Clinton. Tripp was the one who recorded Monica confiding in her. Clinton would have kept it a secret forever.

  26. Cris San Juan

    Cris San Juan4 days ago

    Monica seems like a pretty chill lady ngl

  27. Elizabeth Layne

    Elizabeth Layne5 days ago

    john asks the question that if it happened now, would it have been better or worse for Ms. Lewinsky. i'm going to have to say that it probably would have been better. so much happens now, she would have dealt with hell for a couple of months and then been forgotten to live her life. i'm glad she appears to be alright.

  28. Jen Palmer

    Jen Palmer5 days ago

    She didn't change her name for the same reason Kim Kardashian hasn't. Their famous for sucking off a famous man. They're not special, talented or important.

  29. Dalek sec

    Dalek sec5 days ago

    My dad knew Monica Lewinsky, she used to hang out with him and some of his friends, often at a cafe, although my dad refuses to call her a friend, because every day when they went to the cafe she would always look for any new paper/ magazine that mentioned her and would cut it out, she was also obsessed with herself, in short she was a narcissist and kinda deserved to be made fun of for being involved in one of the two famous sex involving a guy named Bill...

  30. N I Q O L E

    N I Q O L E5 days ago

    A bit of foreboding on the Gender Reveal Party 🤷🏽‍♀️

  31. Dang Lin-Wang

    Dang Lin-Wang5 days ago

    Glad to know the biggest thing in Monica's mouth are words now

  32. Peter WRight

    Peter WRight6 days ago

    Maybe the problem is with the American health system

  33. Rimbaud Junior

    Rimbaud Junior6 days ago

    The story with the aunt from hell is basically a modern version of the woman who spilled coffee and sued McDonald's. We know now that it was completely Twisted from what really happened.

  34. Linda Conner

    Linda Conner6 days ago

    I think John Oliver is the funniest and smartest guy in years

  35. Meelek Edits

    Meelek Edits7 days ago

    "No one ever asked Bill, if he wanted to change his name" I don't know why, but that hits deep.

  36. P Edpy

    P Edpy7 days ago

    Jay leno is a cuck we all know it

  37. The devil Made me do it

    The devil Made me do it7 days ago

    Gotta admit, Leno’s humidor joke was funny

  38. The devil Made me do it

    The devil Made me do it7 days ago

    Damn she’s better looking in her 40s than she was in her 20s ... wish I could say that about myself... but I can’t

  39. Will A

    Will A8 days ago

    What a beautiful and lovely woman Monica is.

  40. bikehunter82

    bikehunter828 days ago people really think that rich people buying there way into things is new or going to stop? Idiots.


    FLINTENSTEIN8 days ago

    She's fabulous and I love her

  42. Bridgett Leigh

    Bridgett Leigh8 days ago


  43. Kristin Bergh

    Kristin Bergh8 days ago

    Man, I haven't thought about Monica in YEARS and I remember all of that shit having grown up in the '90s... but she is absolutely *_delightful._* What a pleasant surprise. I'm going to go follow her on Twitter now.

  44. pamelasr02

    pamelasr028 days ago

    Wow Mónica is gorgeous 😱

  45. P W

    P W9 days ago

    You had an affair with the president of a country and you were surprised when it became big news when you were caught?

  46. mastermill79

    mastermill7910 days ago

    Ffs what does she say at the ending that made John laugh?!?!? The cackling and laughing makes it impossible to hear and I can't find a transcript. Fucking infuriating.

  47. John Smith

    John Smith10 days ago

    fuck that whore. she knew what she was doing. don't make whores heroes.

  48. Schobe-wan Kenobi

    Schobe-wan Kenobi10 days ago

    Monica looks good she is at least 45

  49. Schobe-wan Kenobi

    Schobe-wan Kenobi10 days ago

    Jay Leno is trash and never was funny, u can see him read the teleprompter with his beady eyes.

  50. Nathan Springer

    Nathan Springer11 days ago

    Are we just gonna ignore how john just spits straight fire randomly?

  51. Melissa Smits

    Melissa Smits2 days ago

    I love "almost rapping!"

  52. MyOneBlack Friend

    MyOneBlack Friend12 days ago

    He looks at her but she looks at him about 1/3 of the time when she is speaking. Good on her for being brave enough to be a champion of us treating each other like human being.

  53. zachary gerow

    zachary gerow12 days ago

    I don't know if she actually did I was too young to know, but IF she was actually having a relationship with a married man then she deserves all the negative attention and so does he PERIOD.

  54. Keisha Nicole

    Keisha Nicole12 days ago

    Monica got exactly what she had coming to her. She knew that man was married. Close your legs to married men, trash box hooker.

  55. Heather Mefford

    Heather Mefford12 days ago

    *Monica Lewinski is a stronger woman than most... I’m so glad I kept questioning WHY she was being attacked so relentlessly because I thought it was beyond absurdly Puritanical. I’m glad she came out of the experience stronger, healthier and wiser. Good for her AND shame on Leno!* 😡

  56. Lane Shockley

    Lane Shockley13 days ago

    The Jay Leno jokes were and still are funny though

  57. big rod

    big rod13 days ago

    Would be beautiful intelligent woman she has turned out to be what a great personality definitely has class way to go Monica way to go

  58. Good Golly Miss Polly

    Good Golly Miss Polly13 days ago

    Very empowering. Thanks.

  59. Allan Stokes

    Allan Stokes13 days ago

    20:20 That's why cuckolding a woman who might someday become president is a larger than normal gaffe, even by the standards of being just 22. I don't entirely buy the story that her lack of judgement was in any way ordinary for her age or the times. She was smart enough to get a job in the White House at a young age. That's supposed to come along with a modicum of awareness of the size of the stage and stakes involved. At the same time, she didn't deserve more than a tiny fraction of what she experienced, so there's that, too. I'm glad she's moved past it. I will add that I've long been on the fence about Jay Leno. No longer. His sustained comic vendetta (for the worst of laughs) was totally inexcusable.

  60. Destree

    Destree13 days ago

    Monica is actually really funny and charismatic

  61. Bill Harris

    Bill Harris14 days ago

    Monica is a much better person than any of the c word Clinton family