1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie HannaYear ago

    hey guys- i'm a comedy/people channel. i collabed with a very talented DIY channel. the point of this video was to have fun and goof around with my friend and make each other laugh, which we did. lauren knew i couldn't make shit. i suck at shopping, i suck at DIY (although i will say my christmas sweater on her channel was a BANGER thanks laur). the point was to do this w someone who would actually be able to complete the task... we already knew from the last video that im not good at this. to most people (like me) finding a full and completely wearable outfit in 20 minutes in a goodwill is impossible... someone like lauren makes it seems effortless. the point of this video was to showcase her skill, to poke fun at my total lack of style and creativity when it comes to clothing, and to have a good time. mission accomplished, and we both LOVE our videos. that being said- laur is an ACTUAL diy queen so make sure to check her out if you haven't!

  2. Shadowheart Playz

    Shadowheart PlayzMonth ago

    Gabbie Hanna hey gabbie I know its a year late BUTTTTT if your house is really haunted and lauren said that you like cats why dont you get a cat so you’re not alone

  3. Isabella Russell

    Isabella Russell3 months ago

    Gabbie Hanna hey Gabbie don't put yourself down so much:( we still love you;)

  4. Mariana Camera

    Mariana Camera6 months ago

    Caleb!! I always see you commenting thoughtful, nice and supportive comments on Gabbie's videos. Bravo. <3 :) @Caleb Kang

  5. Mariana Camera

    Mariana Camera6 months ago

    EXACTLY WHAT THIS GIRL SAID - - - - > @Sarah Lucy BRAVA, SISTER!!! <3

  6. Mariana Camera

    Mariana Camera6 months ago


  7. Mega- Weeb

    Mega- Weeb3 days ago

    That guy in the back tho

  8. Charlotte Buck

    Charlotte Buck5 days ago

    I know why your house is haunted in the good will vid with Joey wasn't there a haunted doll that joey got it must have followed you

  9. Winter Baby 2006

    Winter Baby 200610 days ago

    I feel like Lauren is really judge mental when it comes to clothing.


    TRINITY TRACY13 days ago

    I feel like Lily Singh and Gabbie would be a good collaboration..... right? No just me?

  11. The Pretty Basic Show

    The Pretty Basic Show15 days ago

    Gabbie is like that one annoying friends who won't take a good picture of you.

  12. skyler durham

    skyler durham20 days ago

    do you listen to AC/DC thooooo?

  13. Elisa Estrada

    Elisa Estrada20 days ago

    I like how gabbie said that lauren' s shorts were to short. meanwhile...

  14. Gabry M

    Gabry M21 day ago

    Gabbie:dying cause she got burning hot glue on her finger Lauren: don’t give a f because she on her phone No hate

  15. Om Abdulla

    Om Abdulla28 days ago

    The audio is ammm i cant say

  16. Giorgia Carter

    Giorgia CarterMonth ago

    Go to 0:39 and pause the video and ummmm..... YEAHHHH

  17. jack crabtree

    jack crabtreeMonth ago

    when lauren falls on the ground after seeing the shorts lol

  18. Sierra Grace

    Sierra GraceMonth ago

    I got a freaking laurdiy wish add for this vid

  19. Ria Sings

    Ria SingsMonth ago

    does anyone know homw they put letters on the clothes? also 2019 anyone???

  20. grammar babe

    grammar babeMonth ago

    Happy b day Lauren!!!1111 we share one😘😘😘😘😘😘

  21. xRebecckahx

    xRebecckahxMonth ago

    Gabbie's outfit for Lauren had so much potential & then it went downhill in 0.235 seconds 😂😂

  22. RosethePhan

    RosethePhanMonth ago

    gabbie is so funny in this vid

  23. Colorful Daisy

    Colorful DaisyMonth ago

    i just saw a comment "2018 anyone"..... Its August 2019 now


    ZOE QUASTELMonth ago

    Gabi got so much stuff so her self Lauren got ONE shirt and gabis jealous...🤨

  25. Robyn Wall

    Robyn WallMonth ago

    Gabbie looks so young!!!!😝😝😝 It’s 2019

  26. McNugget Show

    McNugget ShowMonth ago

    About the guy in the background at the beginning of the video ,I feel like he wanted to do that for his whole life and that's why he moved to California😆😎

  27. loca life

    loca lifeMonth ago

    Lauren and Gabies faces in the thumb nail

  28. Kyleigh Bartlett

    Kyleigh BartlettMonth ago

    Me: Watches in July of 2019 Me: Sees Christmas tree in background Commercial: It's Christmas in July! 😂😂😂

  29. HeyItsCoreey

    HeyItsCoreeyMonth ago

    Flashback to when gabbie voted Lauren to die

  30. Jean Lee- Miller

    Jean Lee- MillerMonth ago

    #ETN I thought this after I watched s3


    STELA RUVALMonth ago

    And howww shady liking David... Liza was your friend!


    STELA RUVALMonth ago

    Gabbie learn some manners in considering other people! On camera you so fake girl, i hope you aint like this off camera


    STELA RUVALMonth ago

    Dude this girls a doooosh Idk why shes famous for this😭 ewww

  34. Dyanelis Ovalles

    Dyanelis OvallesMonth ago

    Tell me why Gabbie looks like Lauren’s emo sister 🤣🤣

  35. Rubyunicorn Obarski

    Rubyunicorn ObarskiMonth ago

    Gabbie: what should we do just start cutting sh!t up? Lauren: uuh yeah

  36. Amazing ASMR

    Amazing ASMRMonth ago

    That guy 1:09........

  37. gacha squid6

    gacha squid6Month ago

    Haha the guy in the back

  38. Alex Vlogs

    Alex VlogsMonth ago

    mom: did you do you do your homework me *lying*: 6:53

  39. Alex Vlogs

    Alex VlogsMonth ago

    lol i went thrifting today😂

  40. Alex Vlogs

    Alex VlogsMonth ago

    lol i went thrifting today😂

  41. Madison Mac

    Madison MacMonth ago

    Gabbie I love you to pieces but good lord I wanted to slap you while watching this

  42. neisa marie

    neisa marieMonth ago

    that bish flipped guys off does he know who he is

  43. Hello There

    Hello ThereMonth ago

    Gabbie in Escape The Night be like...”u r useless to lauren

  44. Maddy bett

    Maddy bettMonth ago

    So no one is gonna talk about that guy in the background giving the middle 😂, just me okay

  45. Madelynn Wagner

    Madelynn WagnerMonth ago

    It cut to a period add right before they went through all the clothes and i got pissed

  46. Shawna W

    Shawna W2 months ago

    Gabby should have used ribbon to close up the front of Laurens shirt

  47. Katie Connolly

    Katie Connolly2 months ago

    If gabbie done stripes instead 9f a hoel and turned the top around it wouldn't b that bad

  48. Saria Haley

    Saria Haley2 months ago

    1:09 savage XD

  49. flashlight or flashy

    flashlight or flashy2 months ago

    7:59 Lauren are u okay ?

  50. Emory Hall

    Emory Hall2 months ago

    skip to 3:56 your welcome

  51. Eyvör Stella Guðmundsdóttir

    Eyvör Stella Guðmundsdóttir2 months ago

    Anyone 2020?

  52. Isabella Onyskin

    Isabella Onyskin2 months ago

    That guy is a butthole

  53. Jaxo

    Jaxo2 months ago

    Gabbie tho, wtf she sucked at shopping for her

  54. Maerea Taurau

    Maerea Taurau2 months ago


  55. Kaylee Brown

    Kaylee Brown2 months ago

    that dude in the back at 1:09 tho

  56. Layla Sweeney

    Layla Sweeney2 months ago

    Did people see that dude who flip us off


    ŽØËÝ RÖSE2 months ago


  58. Yoonji Min

    Yoonji Min2 months ago

    wow thus was that long ago!! edit: i remember when it came out!! and i cant believe she dyed her hair in 2016! i remember that like it was yesterday too!!

  59. Nautica Rivera

    Nautica Rivera2 months ago

    You made this the day right after my birthday 😂😂😂😂

  60. unicorn lovers

    unicorn lovers2 months ago

    More with luardiy plz

  61. Genesis Pena

    Genesis Pena2 months ago

    When I heard the last part of the woman yelling in Spanish she said “at the part of the back “

  62. Maddiemations !

    Maddiemations !2 months ago

    Lauren is an "experienced" cotton candy maker I would love to see yall together again😉😉😋😘

  63. Lalli 16

    Lalli 162 months ago

    Gabbie- What if I actually did it with somebody that would make a cute outfit? Me- The shade of it all... Jk love u Gabbie & Lauren 💕

  64. Olivia Barrera

    Olivia Barrera3 months ago


  65. Dooont Read dis

    Dooont Read dis3 months ago

    how is lauren a size 2! i’m 13 and i’m a size 8