1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie HannaYear ago

    hey guys- i'm a comedy/people channel. i collabed with a very talented DIY channel. the point of this video was to have fun and goof around with my friend and make each other laugh, which we did. lauren knew i couldn't make shit. i suck at shopping, i suck at DIY (although i will say my christmas sweater on her channel was a BANGER thanks laur). the point was to do this w someone who would actually be able to complete the task... we already knew from the last video that im not good at this. to most people (like me) finding a full and completely wearable outfit in 20 minutes in a goodwill is impossible... someone like lauren makes it seems effortless. the point of this video was to showcase her skill, to poke fun at my total lack of style and creativity when it comes to clothing, and to have a good time. mission accomplished, and we both LOVE our videos. that being said- laur is an ACTUAL diy queen so make sure to check her out if you haven't!

  2. Isabella Russell

    Isabella Russell24 days ago

    Gabbie Hanna hey Gabbie don't put yourself down so much:( we still love you;)

  3. Mariana Camera

    Mariana Camera3 months ago

    Caleb!! I always see you commenting thoughtful, nice and supportive comments on Gabbie's videos. Bravo. <3 :) @Caleb Kang

  4. Mariana Camera

    Mariana Camera3 months ago

    EXACTLY WHAT THIS GIRL SAID - - - - > @Sarah Lucy BRAVA, SISTER!!! <3

  5. Mariana Camera

    Mariana Camera3 months ago


  6. Sarah Klemp

    Sarah Klemp6 months ago

    Love u Gabbie

  7. Olivia Barrera

    Olivia Barrera4 days ago


  8. Dooont Read dis

    Dooont Read dis8 days ago

    how is lauren a size 2! i’m 13 and i’m a size 8

  9. ShyWolf_Shay Gamer

    ShyWolf_Shay Gamer10 days ago

    1:09 ok fck him...

  10. who dis?...

    who dis?...18 days ago

    NOOO they sell the mesh slippers at urbannnn

  11. Xo Xo

    Xo Xo19 days ago

    Gabby didn’t even try 🤣

  12. Maya and Blanca

    Maya and Blanca20 days ago

    Lauren: a cute tiny bubbly person Gabbie : nothing says Lauren's style than wierd demonic cartoons

  13. Christie DeTorre

    Christie DeTorre22 days ago

    Press this button if you saw the guy in the background 👇🤔

  14. Rhea Cousens

    Rhea Cousens26 days ago

    "Nothing says 'Laurens style' like wierd, demonic cartoons!" - Gabbie 2017

  15. hwickward

    hwickwardMonth ago

    I have the same shirt as Lauren and am wearing it right now

  16. girly fun

    girly funMonth ago

    GABBY. OWWW My Hand !!!. Lauren. "just on her phone and dose not care. ME. OMG you OK gabby.

  17. Moo & Elsa’s Planet

    Moo & Elsa’s Planet2 months ago

    Did anyone else see that man doing the middle finger 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  18. Presley Elisabeth

    Presley Elisabeth2 months ago

    “What have you never worn a shirt before”

  19. Making Meals with Maya

    Making Meals with Maya2 months ago

    2:32 Hit or miss?

  20. Icing Captain

    Icing Captain2 months ago

    If someone told gabbie she had 7 songs she would'nt believe anyone. Including (encores)and(reborn)

  21. Destiny Awaits

    Destiny Awaits2 months ago


  22. Kalkidan Mintesnot

    Kalkidan Mintesnot2 months ago

    Right back at u1:10 that boy putting his finger up well🖕

  23. GCcupcake cute

    GCcupcake cute2 months ago

    Every goodwill price is something 49 dolars

  24. Ashley C

    Ashley C2 months ago

    5:22 Gabbie: “I mean it is made out of-“ Laur: “leather” Gabbie: “pApEr”

  25. Eleina Eleina

    Eleina Eleina2 months ago

    1:08 haha 😂

  26. sidney Fries

    sidney Fries2 months ago

    What the? 3:56

  27. Shlomit :שלומית Gardi

    Shlomit :שלומית Gardi2 months ago

    8:52 iy qi lol

  28. It's Sophia!

    It's Sophia!2 months ago

    Oof, it is so weird seeing Lauren in lighting like this!! All her vids are so bright

  29. Chrisanne Edwards

    Chrisanne Edwards2 months ago

    Gabbie Hana really that was Like goodwill school

  30. Catryn Williams

    Catryn Williams2 months ago

    Did the guy in the background stick the finger up??

  31. Illumilottie XOX

    Illumilottie XOX2 months ago

    2:15 the BUFFALOES look a bit like A MOOSE Bich wat da fuuuuuuu

  32. Alanna Kruger

    Alanna Kruger2 months ago

    6:35 woooow Lauren does not gaf 😂

  33. Caroline crawford

    Caroline crawford2 months ago

    1:10 jerk alert

  34. jillian sksksksk

    jillian sksksksk3 months ago

    I love how Lauren just disappears at 7:59 🤣

  35. Apricot XD

    Apricot XD3 months ago

    In USA they have Goodwill and in Canada we have ValueVillage

  36. Lovie's Gaming

    Lovie's Gaming3 months ago

    Umm what was with the guy who stuck up his middle finger.

  37. Shara Lindsey

    Shara Lindsey3 months ago

    Jackie Robinson was number 42 and he was the first black man to play MLB (Major League Baseball)

  38. Cristina Belloso

    Cristina Belloso3 months ago

    Lauren should have worn that shirt in her brake up video

  39. Karen Demjen

    Karen Demjen3 months ago

    who else just scrolling through the comments mid video anyone else 2019?? no, just me.. ok

  40. Mya Moonen

    Mya Moonen19 days ago

    Me in every vid

  41. Grace Goodrick

    Grace Goodrick23 days ago

    Karen Demjen me to

  42. Tayla McCoy

    Tayla McCoy3 months ago

    Karen Demjén Me🥳😁

  43. Ashley Brewer

    Ashley Brewer3 months ago

    Um just to let you guys know especially when you shop from goodwill you always wash the clothes before you do anything with them😬😂

  44. amra salihi

    amra salihi3 months ago


  45. Lara _LM

    Lara _LM3 months ago

    I’m honestly gabbie buying a bunch of stuff for my self

  46. EmmieXMay x

    EmmieXMay x3 months ago

    I feel like Gabi didn't wanna try she just wanted joke around XD

  47. Salma Shafqat

    Salma Shafqat3 months ago


  48. It’s just Emma

    It’s just Emma3 months ago

    So WhAt If I’m ThE mOnStEr

  49. Cream Peaches

    Cream Peaches3 months ago

    1:10 that guy lol I thought he flipped them off at first then I realized he was holding up a peace sign lol

  50. YouTube is my therapy

    YouTube is my therapy3 months ago

    1:08 lol love the guy in the back

  51. Jillian Werning

    Jillian Werning3 months ago

    6:54 made me dye

  52. Temaeha Paez

    Temaeha Paez3 months ago

    Gabbie’s nose’s scares me

  53. num nums G10

    num nums G103 months ago

    Gabbie's just dying in the corner while Lauren is on her phone

  54. Mel 828

    Mel 8283 months ago

    Dodgers 42 jersey was Jackie Robinson’s, he helped end segregation, just a fun fact😊

  55. But Is It Dodie Yellow Tho?

    But Is It Dodie Yellow Tho?2 months ago

    Mel 828 that’s so cool!

  56. Erika Peña

    Erika Peña3 months ago

    3:57 when my mom yells at me

  57. Lily Wilkerson

    Lily Wilkerson3 months ago

    I never realized this (and not criticizing but) Gabbie is the cutest way of curvy!!

  58. Gracie Brooks

    Gracie Brooks3 months ago

    pause at 6:37

  59. John Michael

    John Michael3 months ago

    If you wore the shirt Gabbie made backwards it would be kinda cute

  60. Jocelynn Rivera

    Jocelynn Rivera3 months ago

    Oh with her.......

  61. andrew higgins

    andrew higgins3 months ago

    Laur your good

  62. Lilia Essex

    Lilia Essex3 months ago

    You should of did the AC DC shirt with the black jacket.

  63. Daemon Keats

    Daemon Keats3 months ago

    That's my name hanna is my name

  64. Veronica Shaw

    Veronica Shaw3 months ago

    Cause maybe I’m the mons- 6:37

  65. Gracie Brooks

    Gracie Brooks3 months ago

    Veronica Shaw lol i paused it there 😂

  66. Golden Slimez

    Golden Slimez3 months ago

    #1:08 LOL

  67. ryan cman

    ryan cman3 months ago

    6:36 is amazing

  68. Croc Girl

    Croc Girl3 months ago

    No offense but I don’t like Gabbie and Lauren together Lauren seems annoyed

  69. Letribe Nbc

    Letribe Nbc3 months ago

    It everyday bro with the diy show

  70. Ava Ramirez

    Ava Ramirez3 months ago

    1:10 did he stick the middle finger up lmao 😂

  71. Isabelle Melita

    Isabelle Melita3 months ago

    Can gabbie actually try because Lauren's looks actually good and yabbies is obviously trash like how god damn rude

  72. Itz Julia H

    Itz Julia H3 months ago


  73. Sapphire Night Gaming

    Sapphire Night Gaming3 months ago

    A Latin mom yelling at her kid xd

  74. Elizabeth Zamora

    Elizabeth Zamora3 months ago

    2:33 TikTok

  75. Verónica Sanchez

    Verónica Sanchez3 months ago

    At 7:58 Lauren collapsed 😂

  76. Jacoby and Sydney Forever

    Jacoby and Sydney Forever3 months ago

    did you guys see that guy give the finger to the camera at 1:10 lol

  77. Isabella John

    Isabella John4 months ago


  78. Aloura dragon Slay

    Aloura dragon Slay4 months ago

    How...... modest At least it’s more than thong 😂

  79. UR MOM

    UR MOM4 months ago

    Gabbie said "Lauren is all about that creepy weird characters!" I be like "I think your talking about LaurenZside...

  80. Sean Nowling

    Sean Nowling4 months ago

    At 6:36 Lauren literally completely ignored gabby when she was literally screaming she just stayed on her phone the whole time lol

  81. Tonia Cox

    Tonia Cox4 months ago

    We all know who won

  82. Lucy Bates (Student)

    Lucy Bates (Student)4 months ago

    True girly girls know the drill😂

  83. Nazmun Bhuiyan

    Nazmun Bhuiyan4 months ago

    well lauren won....

  84. Alicia Kincaid

    Alicia Kincaid4 months ago

    *I don't understands Lauren's design*

  85. Elise Waters

    Elise Waters4 months ago

    Y’all are so cute

  86. Gentry Kats

    Gentry Kats4 months ago

    Lauren: This is SOO cute!! Gabbie: it's for me.... Lauren: ........ well this one is actually super cute too! Gabbie: ummmmm.... that's also mine....... 😆

  87. Danielle Freeman

    Danielle Freeman4 months ago

    The boy flexed them off

  88. Suria S

    Suria S4 months ago

    The difference in effort though

  89. Brook_ok

    Brook_ok4 months ago

    Where did a good job and Gabby just freaked things up and was selfish. You literally didn't try at all will Laura was actually being nice and trying to make her a cute outfit

  90. Montgomery Lynn

    Montgomery Lynn4 months ago

    Woahhhhhh-gabi haha

  91. sai sithu

    sai sithu4 months ago

    2:29 I think she said hit or miss 2019 anyone

  92. Madeline Stough

    Madeline Stough4 months ago

    I love Gabbie’s outfit in this!

  93. Grace Brown

    Grace Brown4 months ago

    oml you hair looks so good like this !❤️

  94. Alyssa Dana

    Alyssa Dana4 months ago

    You two are my fav pleaseeee make more " what have you never wore a shirt before lmfao

  95. Alyssa Dana

    Alyssa Dana4 months ago

    Amazing please make more

  96. Destiny And lola

    Destiny And lola4 months ago

    The guy that walked around in the background at first I thought he was Shane Dawson

  97. hannah lumpkin

    hannah lumpkin4 months ago

    Gabbie is a modern day phoebe

  98. Ashlyn T

    Ashlyn T4 months ago

    “I used to love courdero- *these are Abercrombie!* ” 😂 I love you Gabbie

  99. Friends Gulf

    Friends Gulf4 months ago

    Gabbie is so pretty

  100. Ms. Thanos

    Ms. Thanos4 months ago

    What if I’m the mosterrrrr that’s been here all along

  101. Shradha Karniwar

    Shradha Karniwar4 months ago

    I feel gabbie kept the good stuff for her like that is really mean

  102. Frances Matthes

    Frances Matthes4 months ago

    Gabbie:oh I just got a lot of hot glue on your table Lauren:... Gabbie:ow and my hand OW😭😭 Lauren:...

  103. Anisa Shamas

    Anisa Shamas4 months ago

    Are you and laur DIY best friends.

  104. Amina Sajid

    Amina Sajid4 months ago

    In all honesty I love that cat shirt at the start

  105. Chaki 01134

    Chaki 011345 months ago

    How did I never see this video until now? I always get notifications!

  106. Nicolaas Philippa

    Nicolaas Philippa5 months ago

    The saturation in laurens video and gabbies is completely different

  107. Katie G

    Katie G5 months ago

    8:52 Lauren saw the future in my feelings 😂😂

  108. Snoopy Lover

    Snoopy Lover5 months ago

    No offense gabbie u lost Lauren won!!!!!

  109. The Musical Trashcan

    The Musical Trashcan5 months ago

    2:32 I guess they never miss huh?

  110. Analia Saoagi

    Analia Saoagi5 months ago

    It was like gabbie was being mean to laurdiy

  111. Mariana Camera

    Mariana Camera3 months ago

    It may not come across at every moment when you look at a piece of content in a superficial, face value, critical way... but when you look deeper, I ask you to take note of a few things: Gabbie frequently compliments Lauren. She offers effusive and generous praise. Gabbie brings up things that are important to Lauren in a celebratory and affirming manner (such as Lauren's dog moose, for example - ie: Gab is showing genuine interest in Lauren's life and point of view). Gabbie compliments Lauren's small, slender physique and frame (Lauren: "I wear size 2", Gabbie: "Good for you, Lauren" warmly, and sincerely). And Gabbie sings and promote's Lauren's song and Lauren's channel and content as a DIY queen. In other words: think of it this way: Gabbie could behave absolutely any way she wants and produce engaging content that is fun to watch. BUT SHE BEHAVES LIKE A LAUR-DIY STAN - supporting and celebrating Lauren at EVERY turn. Think about that for a minute. Gabbie's being GENEROUS with her love and praise and support. She's giving Lauren as a personality and a content creator and a channel lots of free promotion in the way of GENUINE ENTHUSIASM FOR WHO LAUREN IS AND FOR HER DIY TALENTS AND CONTENT, above and beyond what is requisite with a normal collab. Look deeper. Notice these things about Gabbie that are unique and special and are always there. GABBIE SUPPORTS OTHER PEOPLE AND CELEBRATES THEM without ego or self-interest. She does it because she is someone who cares about others, and wants them to thrive, be happy, succeed and have a good experience in the world. Truly, Gabbie is a soulful person- and she is caring, thoughtful, enthusiastic for the happiness and success of others, and warm. What word is that if not generous? <3 ps this is no shade to you. Watch it back again and notice all these things, possibly for the first time and reflect and consider their significance, in context. <3 *Fucking USwork deleted my comment AGAIN because the god damn page refreshed in the middle of me typing it. Here is the fucked up, adulterated, bastardized version that is inferior to the thoughtfully constructed response that I was just robbed from. Ugh. Was not in the mood for that. Damn it.*