Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under


  1. this music lowkey trash

    this music lowkey trash13 minutes ago

    Gross ass bitch

  2. IoannisParaskevopoulos

    IoannisParaskevopoulos14 minutes ago

    Dumbass chokers in the music world came from rob halford

  3. kkim ttae

    kkim ttae47 minutes ago

    the being a teenager drawing looks a lot like tyler joseph, bedsides the hair

  4. selina ;-;

    selina ;-;Hour ago

    this video really wasnt the billie that we knew and i hope shes going to cringe and want to take back those words when she grows up. she has a lot to learn about the world.

  5. olivia TINK

    olivia TINKHour ago

    I don’t whata teach you.. bitch 😂

  6. olivia TINK

    olivia TINKHour ago

    Every time she moves she sound like that monster off a little monsters Y’all remember that movie😂

  7. Nick Gurr

    Nick GurrHour ago


  8. J a n e l l

    J a n e l lHour ago

    I like the smell of blood

  9. drbryant23

    drbryant232 hours ago

    This is where you understand that despite all that musical talent, she's 17.

  10. Katie Greathouse

    Katie Greathouse2 hours ago

    Fucking love her haha she doesn't hold back

  11. Drippy. Mauryonnaa

    Drippy. Mauryonnaa2 hours ago

    I’m litter my eating hot Cheetos and now I have to poop...😂

  12. Amy The Clam

    Amy The Clam2 hours ago

    Billie: Listen, I’m not shaming people for their looks, but I am tho. *nods* ROUND OF APPLAUSE

  13. Eka Yustina

    Eka Yustina2 hours ago

    UNDERATED lets count how many times she says that?

  14. Layla jaracz

    Layla jaracz2 hours ago

    I litterly have invisalign IT SUCKS

  15. Alicatfish OG

    Alicatfish OG2 hours ago

    I like the taste of blood I’m with u girl

  16. kayla taylor

    kayla taylor3 hours ago

    9:37 "sHes marRieD tO tHe wHOle baaAaNd??"

  17. vekili

    vekili3 hours ago

    Billie? Eilish Prom? OOOOOOOOOVEEEEEERRAAAAATEEEEED Hotel? Trivago

  18. xxxunloveyouxxx

    xxxunloveyouxxx3 hours ago

    3:16 oml i see this in the halls all the time.

  19. Tessa Slime’s

    Tessa Slime’s3 hours ago

    She was sooooooo honest about everything 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Corrigan Fleury

    Corrigan Fleury3 hours ago

    "New Segment" Billie: whoo whoo whoo underated

  21. XxKiyaThe WolfxX

    XxKiyaThe WolfxX3 hours ago

    Billie doesn't sleep walk she sleep raps

  22. Lillian Aguirre

    Lillian Aguirre3 hours ago

    nobody: billie: Does anybody here like the taste of BlOoD

  23. Human

    Human3 hours ago

    this comment section is- yes. ☕️

  24. Julia Spaghetti

    Julia Spaghetti4 hours ago

    Hi my name is Billie eillish and my strange addiction is eating old jewelry.

  25. mariany Bernardes

    mariany Bernardes4 hours ago

    i love billie eilish❤😘❤

  26. Mariehzy

    Mariehzy4 hours ago

    We have an emo or goth girl at our high school, she still gets stared at a lot.

  27. ReginaPlayz Roblox

    ReginaPlayz Roblox4 hours ago

    I love blood :) :) :)

  28. Mariehzy

    Mariehzy4 hours ago

    Growing up with Billie is gonna be fun. Can't wait to see her in September

  29. Lmao Hi

    Lmao Hi4 hours ago

    She said suk my dik lololol

  30. Rushan Orakzai

    Rushan Orakzai4 hours ago

    sleepwalking is sooo overrated. *PERIOD.*

  31. wolfie_playz xx

    wolfie_playz xx4 hours ago

    Funny story: once I was suppose to be sleeping like when I was like 6 or something and I was with 5 cents and I cut it in my mouth and started choking on it and I got it out but it was hella scary

  32. Annika Hale

    Annika Hale4 hours ago

    Omg I love Billie I'm youst to bad words because my mom wud be like hey BiTCh fuck that shit

  33. I’m Bored

    I’m Bored4 hours ago

    Why is everyone now like, Against Billie? Like I don’t see anything wrong, She is stating her opinions, We all have opinions. She’s 17🤷🏻‍♀️She’s soon gonna grow and regret if she said anything bad. Guys give her a break, She gets enough hate from being famous.

  34. Kaiah Seraydarian

    Kaiah SeraydarianHour ago

    YES I agree, I didn’t think anything was wrong with the interview

  35. Peyton Cowley

    Peyton Cowley4 hours ago


  36. sorryionlyspeakbroke

    sorryionlyspeakbroke4 hours ago

    i love billie so much but this interview is kinda... eh? the topics they asked her about... what? also the setting and lighting ain't it

  37. Lindsey Grey

    Lindsey Grey5 hours ago

    Is she seriously mad that she didn't get free Invisalign??? That was HER choice to talk about her Invisalign so much. She needs some humility.

  38. Thom

    Thom5 hours ago

    Billie:Pooping is so underrated! 13 year old girls:I felt that

  39. Anna Ciereniewicz

    Anna Ciereniewicz5 hours ago

    is it bad that I also like the taste of blood and metal

  40. Sam Sherwood

    Sam Sherwood5 hours ago

    not trying to hate but shes kind of a cunt

  41. Ryleigh Simmons

    Ryleigh Simmons5 hours ago

    Who else LOVES HER JEWELRY and the sounds it makes!!!

  42. Ariana Sanchez

    Ariana Sanchez6 hours ago

    I like the taste of metal too Billie!!!

  43. Madeleine Ramsey

    Madeleine Ramsey6 hours ago

    I loved being homeschooled... got to do so many things my peers never got to do... and I’m in nursing school now so I don’t think it hurt me too much lol

  44. DarkKnight47

    DarkKnight476 hours ago

    3:46 No wonder why she took out her Invisalign on the introduction to “WWAFAWDWG?”

  45. Mila17 5

    Mila17 56 hours ago

    This is not a interview.

  46. Mila17 5

    Mila17 56 hours ago

    Some parents are not Hollywood actors.A lot of parents are at work the whole day.School is somtimes very fun and you meet a lot of people,make friends.Of course that parents are going to teach their children through life!!!I think she don’t understand how does school work.

  47. Liv's Awesome!

    Liv's Awesome!6 hours ago

    Does anyone else notice that billies voice is completely different than her singing voice. No hate! I love her! ❤️

  48. Mila17 5

    Mila17 56 hours ago

    6:30 this hurts my soul

  49. Trashy Americans

    Trashy Americans6 hours ago

    And ty for the ugly guy delimna ego freak subject. The struggle is super real.

  50. Trashy Americans

    Trashy Americans6 hours ago

    Thank God someone else mentioned the obsession with the taste of metal. I am anemic and the penny taste in my food made me stop eating meat.

  51. sonia sesay

    sonia sesay7 hours ago

    I mean I love this girl she's so cuuutteeeeeee😍😍and real 💫✨✨😘😘 "I poop about 8 times and that's the best day of my life" ⚡⚡👏👏👏