Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under

Billie Eilish also rates being a teenager, Avril Lavigne, and more in this episode of Over/Under.
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Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under


  1. El_ Ezoo

    El_ Ezoo3 hours ago


  2. danzimm1ify

    danzimm1ify5 hours ago

    How many halves are in this? Lol

  3. Tomboyyyish Cola

    Tomboyyyish Cola9 hours ago

    Her :I like the taste blood and metal Me: ArE yOu mY TwIn SistEr

  4. Pixelated Cuteness

    Pixelated Cuteness9 hours ago

    Who here is homeschooled? Meeeee

  5. Caroline Ellinwood

    Caroline Ellinwood10 hours ago

    When I was about 7 I loved sucking on metal

  6. booga boy Wd

    booga boy Wd11 hours ago


  7. Space Melon

    Space Melon12 hours ago

    What's your opinion on Babies: Billie: I like dirty jewelry

  8. martha dumptruck

    martha dumptruck13 hours ago

    There's literally an invisalign ad under my video😂

  9. The Gamer Girl Ashley

    The Gamer Girl Ashley15 hours ago

    I eat si much hot cheetos but I pop fine

  10. Matthew plays

    Matthew plays15 hours ago


  11. Emma Nelson

    Emma Nelson15 hours ago

    I have watched this a million times 🤣😂😅

  12. gate keeper

    gate keeper19 hours ago

    I used to sleep walk it was hilarious tbh I'm homeschooled too lol

  13. Krystal Dickie

    Krystal Dickie23 hours ago

    Billie's views on goths/punks is everything. She's so wise 💯

  14. Zabir Hossain

    Zabir Hossain23 hours ago

    Yes i do the taste of bloode

  15. Alshadai Siaosi

    Alshadai SiaosiDay ago

    Wow I thought I'm the only one who loves to drink blood.....

  16. Eden Grace ; 3

    Eden Grace ; 3Day ago

    I like the tastes of blood

  17. Blake Mericle

    Blake MericleDay ago

    She says like to much

  18. Sims Paradize

    Sims ParadizeDay ago

    Everything she said I relate to

  19. josie elise

    josie eliseDay ago

    yay a fellow homeschooler

  20. Luke Gerber

    Luke GerberDay ago

    2:45 happy to know pete davidsons sister got asked to prom

  21. Skovit72

    Skovit72Day ago

    So immature.

  22. Amelia Duffy

    Amelia DuffyDay ago

    sis thinks all the math you need is adding fractions. smh

  23. Xxnoahxx Nope

    Xxnoahxx NopeDay ago

    I’m 17 and I wanna be with Billie

  24. Xxnoahxx Nope

    Xxnoahxx NopeDay ago

    I love her

  25. BrewDarrymore

    BrewDarrymoreDay ago

    I'm not sure if goths want to be a fashion influence. I listen to metal and I hate that the style of metalheads has become a fashion influence....

  26. SAVAGE FAB09

    SAVAGE FAB09Day ago

    No one Nobody Absolutely not a soul Billie out of compete silence: OvEr RaTeD!!!!!!

  27. EliasZockt 07

    EliasZockt 07Day ago

    When i hear Billie i think Billie Jean

  28. sister gwennie

    sister gwennieDay ago

    What we've learned today is that we are not letting billie cook.

  29. T Sqrl

    T SqrlDay ago

    I think she like it in the butt

  30. Carolina Gallardo

    Carolina GallardoDay ago

    I love blood when she said that

  31. Anja Poleti

    Anja PoletiDay ago

    Billie: I LOVE Justin Bieber Green Day logo on her shirt: Am I a joke to you?

  32. Mitzi Field

    Mitzi FieldDay ago


  33. 김태형

    김태형2 days ago

    The price of the concert ticket is OVERRATED, Billie Eillish

  34. Kairene-Louise Blossom

    Kairene-Louise Blossom2 days ago

    Great that i got an ivisalign ad on this😂😂😂😂

  35. Nyasa Oberoi

    Nyasa Oberoi2 days ago

    Emma Chamberlain and Billie Eilish. The collab we all need.

  36. Eillish Gang_21

    Eillish Gang_212 days ago

    I also like the taste of blood

  37. Sky Turttle

    Sky Turttle2 days ago

    what shirt is she wearing? I really really want it

  38. Veptah

    Veptah2 days ago

    This video was uploaded on my birthday😂

  39. Blur

    Blur2 days ago

    0:40 No one:

  40. j mill

    j mill2 days ago

    And poles tast soooo good

  41. j mill

    j mill2 days ago

    I like blood blood tast so good


    MONTASER SARA2 days ago

    one day I pooped 8 times It was the best day ever

  43. Celebrate Life

    Celebrate Life2 days ago

    I love the taste og blood d and yeah

  44. Kiara Ras

    Kiara Ras2 days ago

    The stuff she said about being homeschooled is so true tho

  45. ShirBeauty

    ShirBeauty2 days ago

    Love her 🥰

  46. Stef Amber

    Stef Amber2 days ago

    I’m literally cracking up

  47. Stef Amber

    Stef Amber2 days ago

    Omg she’s hilarious

  48. Rajendar SinghKhanna

    Rajendar SinghKhanna2 days ago

    I like te taste of blood

  49. •Mady in Wonderland•

    •Mady in Wonderland•2 days ago

    Nobody: No one: Absolutely no one: Seriously no one: Billie: *UNDER RATED!!*

  50. Purple panda123

    Purple panda1232 days ago

    Where can I get some of that jewelry

  51. Someone Person

    Someone Person2 days ago

    Umm i like biting chargers, sucking pennies and the taste of blood but i dont have iron deficiencies so weird........................

  52. unicorn lover976

    unicorn lover9762 days ago

    Billie:I Hateee Invisalighn *smile-direct left the chat*

  53. Kou Xiong

    Kou Xiong2 days ago

    My sister thinks ur a bad roll madel

  54. NovaBiljaTrepavica AliBoljauSvakomSmisluTeRijeci

    NovaBiljaTrepavica AliBoljauSvakomSmisluTeRijeci2 days ago


  55. gacha logic time REE

    gacha logic time REE2 days ago

    Me love pennies and blood and poles just Billie eilish me same as her

  56. Gavin Smith

    Gavin Smith2 days ago


  57. Animation Kitz

    Animation Kitz2 days ago

    Invisalign... Billie: Invisalign can suck my...d*ck **giggles inmature**

  58. Millar Playzzz

    Millar Playzzz3 days ago

    Billie is the most like a teenager I’ve ever seen

  59. Sippin the damn tea

    Sippin the damn tea3 days ago

    I laughed so hard at this I almost died😂😂😂

  60. Ryan Geesey

    Ryan Geesey3 days ago

    Me to billie

  61. Santiago Gabriel Sepulveda

    Santiago Gabriel Sepulveda3 days ago

    I love how Billie Eilish just says what's on her mind without hesitation, and doesn't care.