Kendall Is Pissed At Kourtney But Whose Side Does Khloé Take? | KUWTK | E!


  1. BadBigBody

    BadBigBodyHour ago

    Kendall put your socks on

  2. Jazzy B

    Jazzy B5 hours ago

    Maybe I'm crazy but none of the things kendall mentioned is worth fighting about

  3. Raeesah Ravat

    Raeesah Ravat6 hours ago

    Khloe and kylie are my two favourites

  4. K

    K7 hours ago

    Wait? Kendall has never has a Hershey's kiss? I feel like that's a lie lol

  5. Miss WOG Daily

    Miss WOG Daily9 hours ago

    Kourtney needs to find her own friends she's old enough to be Kendall and her friends mother

  6. Mary Wakera

    Mary Wakera20 hours ago

    Khloe is the sweetest of all the sisters

  7. Gabriel Silvano

    Gabriel SilvanoDay ago

    Update: Kendall & Kourt says Khloe is a “meddler”

  8. KVA

    KVADay ago

    Y’all . This is one side of the story 😂 y’all weren’t there

  9. Sana Dye

    Sana DyeDay ago

    Anyone noticed that the word that Kendal uses the most literally all her life is "COOL"

  10. Zahraa Alq

    Zahraa AlqDay ago

    Can we just take a moment and see how gorgeous khloe is

  11. Jasmine Brunet

    Jasmine BrunetDay ago

    I truly believe that Kourt may feel a little jealous. I mean she is the oldest of her sisters, you would think she would be a little more careful with her words and her actions. She wants to enjoy herself and have fun while fitting in with a young crowd but she is not being considerate to poor Kendall.

  12. Melinda Feliciano

    Melinda Feliciano2 days ago

    It sucks to be bullied doesn't it

  13. Kristy Hawes

    Kristy Hawes2 days ago

    They say you go through a mid life crisis when you turn your hormones go crazy and you don't know if your Arthur or Martha

  14. John Mamo

    John Mamo2 days ago

    I wish I was black! So I can sleep with all the Kardashians!!!

  15. John Mamo

    John Mamo2 days ago

    Kris Jenner makes beautiful babies ❤️😍

  16. Anuneha Baranwal

    Anuneha Baranwal2 days ago

    Someone should address the fact that Kendall has never tried Hershey's Kisses

  17. The Hypertrophy Scientist

    The Hypertrophy Scientist2 days ago

    Kourt knows better since she is older, it's just a car and key ,forget about that, just appreciate your sister being there with you

  18. Jack Smack

    Jack Smack2 days ago

    Ok I got it! Kourtney makes jokes. Kourtney has always said bold statements and then just stares and smiles like bugs bunny. But on the flip side, no one else gets offended. Kendall is always uptight. I’ll say it, Kendall can’t take a joke or joke around. And she also admits she can’t relax. Kendall should sass Kourtney back and I bet Kourtney would laugh.

  19. Annika Paul

    Annika Paul2 days ago

    I think that kendall handle this in a mature way

  20. Rafaella Eleni Ko

    Rafaella Eleni Ko2 days ago

    kourtney is annoying and idiot.. all the time shge is trying to show herself without as reason and the most of the times she doesnt realise what is happenning

  21. Sonali Panda

    Sonali Panda2 days ago

    I think Kourtney doesn't have a life outside being a mom.. Kim's a mom but she has a professional life beyond.. Even Kendall has a professional life.. Kourtney has no real career..there are so many working mothers in today's something barring parenting your children and vacationing

  22. Megan Cox

    Megan Cox3 days ago

    Sisters or not, Kourtney should show some respect. It’s not like she had bedsocks on, ski boots get dirty and Kendall was probably driving a damn Bentley or something, you shouldn’t do that in anyone’s car, and you don’t ever did your sister in front of their friends! I’m sure it will be the last time Kendall invites Kourtney to anything, and rightly so if she can’t behave and show respect, she stuffed it.

  23. LivFree

    LivFree3 days ago

    Kourtney is doing to Kendall what she’s always done to Kim.

  24. April Faith Weber

    April Faith Weber3 days ago

    LOL 💞

  25. Issac 1117

    Issac 11173 days ago

    If I was Kendall, I would have fought her as true siblings do

  26. Unknown S

    Unknown S3 days ago

    What does kourtney influence? BULLYING

  27. Renee McBroom

    Renee McBroom3 days ago

    I have noticed Kourtney puts her feet on the does Kim!! That is soooo nasty!! Not good manners at all!!!! On their TV shows, that is!!!

  28. Fae Laura

    Fae Laura3 days ago

    Khloe is a major catfish.


    FYIB GIRLS3 days ago

    Kendall can you please go to lakeside it’s a school trip we’re doing in January las year it was on mammoth but please go you are my idol 🙏🏻💗

  30. Candis Carnegie

    Candis Carnegie3 days ago

    1:21 Headboards? That's on a bed. Maybe headrests. - - Kourtney would never try that krap with Kim! Kourtney only does it bc she knows Kendall doesn't like konfrontation. People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. ijs

  31. Jdjdsjwjwjwj Jdjdjsjdj

    Jdjdsjwjwjwj Jdjdjsjdj3 days ago

    1:22 nice stinky feet

  32. joeh tom

    joeh tom3 days ago


  33. Sun Shine

    Sun Shine3 days ago

    Kourtney must be thankful to god for being a sister of Kendall and lucky to hang out with her and her friends....

  34. Sun Shine

    Sun Shine3 days ago

    Kendall is a good and calm sister i guess... if i were her i wud hav slapped that Kourtney right away!!! I think kourtney is the least interesting member in kardashian and the woman with no any personality!!!!

  35. Can i get 300 subscribers? please

    Can i get 300 subscribers? please3 days ago

    James Charles : I'm a celebrity Kourtney : I'm a kardashian


    JASON ETUHOLE3 days ago

    love kort...........

  37. carlos ahumada

    carlos ahumada3 days ago

    I love kourtney but she has been acting up lately and it’s getting annoying ever sense that fight that she had with kim about the Christmas card photo shoot schedule

  38. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker3 days ago

    kourtney iknow ur their big sis but calm down

  39. thevez Rivera

    thevez Rivera3 days ago

    Kourtney's the oldest but has have the most immature brain out of all of them.

  40. GuideBeauté Jeu

    GuideBeauté Jeu3 days ago

    when you're the least interesting Kardashian loool Kourtney is a big time loser!

  41. Cierra Bernae

    Cierra Bernae4 days ago

    are we gonna ignore that kendall’s never had a hershey kiss??

  42. Lush Tv

    Lush Tv4 days ago

    The only Kardashian or Jenner that looks good without makeup is Kim. Lately they just seem like they have more masculine features its weird its like I just noticed it.

  43. Akío Aslan

    Akío Aslan4 days ago

    Rich people problems

  44. Eddie Runcorn

    Eddie Runcorn4 days ago

    What a load of vacuous crap.

  45. Emanuel P.

    Emanuel P.4 days ago


  46. Koko Ya

    Koko Ya4 days ago

    Please spread the word out

  47. defne's vlogs

    defne's vlogs4 days ago

    I used to like her but not anymore...

  48. Rob Fowler

    Rob Fowler4 days ago

    I want to die

  49. Radiant Rawan

    Radiant Rawan4 days ago

    This is why I love Khloe. She’s the one everyone comes to rant their problems to. She really understands everyone.

  50. Tina D

    Tina D4 days ago

    me and my sister are close but you’re not gonna be hanging out with me and my friends... even if you know them tf

  51. Aidan Wm

    Aidan Wm4 days ago

    Is she talking about a Hersheys kiss or a black kiss from a black person

  52. Vegan Zombiee

    Vegan Zombiee4 days ago


  53. justachannel

    justachannel4 days ago

    I don’t care

  54. Audrey Zondo

    Audrey Zondo4 days ago

    Damn khloe be looking like an unpeeled potato without makeup

  55. chief 1 redwolf

    chief 1 redwolf4 days ago

    Do to others the way you want them to do to you !!! ❤️

  56. carlos blanco

    carlos blanco4 days ago

    Rich people problems

  57. Miki Vicki

    Miki Vicki4 days ago

    older people hanging out with young kids. Is just gross. Never again for old courtney who has no life because she wanted kids like a rabbit.

  58. Griffins Ogato

    Griffins Ogato4 days ago

    kourtney iknow ur their big sis but calm down

  59. Dimple Maher

    Dimple Maher4 days ago

    None of them are even fun honestly 😂😂 it’s gross af now 🤮🤮

  60. Shorty Next Door

    Shorty Next Door4 days ago

    when you're the least interesting Kardashian loool Kourtney is a big time loser!

  61. ali yigitsy

    ali yigitsy4 days ago

    , 🤗

  62. Guess Who This Is

    Guess Who This Is4 days ago

    fcking armenians

  63. Einon G

    Einon G4 days ago

    Kourtney be the type of person that’s rude af and try to pass it off as being a personally quirk to be seen as being funny

  64. Penelope G

    Penelope G4 days ago

    I love Khloe she is the best out of all of them.

  65. DeadBunny69

    DeadBunny694 days ago

    Never had a Hershey kiss. Fuck'n liar.

  66. Native American Queen

    Native American Queen4 days ago

    Please spread the word out

  67. Yeska Buena

    Yeska Buena4 days ago

    Kourtney lives in kitty land... Like kim said she's the least interesting to look at😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Greg Jones

    Greg Jones4 days ago

    Nothing but ho's

  69. Sita

    Sita4 days ago

    I wish I got a $1 every-time I heard the Kardashians say they’re annoyed.

  70. raybray70

    raybray704 days ago

    It's a damn shame how shallow people have become to watch this garbage!

  71. Nein

    Nein4 days ago

    Why is this *cancer* on trending

  72. Luis Huerta

    Luis Huerta4 days ago

    havent had a kiss In the longest, we get it... you get cheated on

  73. John the Akuma

    John the Akuma4 days ago

    My poor Kendall

  74. Random Person

    Random Person4 days ago

    Wow and I thought Kourtney was the most mature... 🙄

  75. 阿达

    阿达4 days ago

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  76. Hai Nguyen

    Hai Nguyen4 days ago

    First world problems... it's a fucken car. Poor country be like it's a fucken donkey!. My. Fucken. Donkey... first world problem. It's a fucken key. Poor country be like.. it's just my donkey whipping stick get another stick..

  77. Robin Thao

    Robin Thao4 days ago

    Kendall wants to be a man now.

  78. Kaitlynkitty 1800

    Kaitlynkitty 18004 days ago

    Kourtney is just such a bi*tch

  79. Ace

    Ace4 days ago

    NOBODY CARES! There are bigger, more important things to worry about. What do I gain watching people gossip about nonsense. 🙄

  80. Time Is illmatic

    Time Is illmatic4 days ago

    Girl why didn’t you pop her lol that was rude af

  81. Bob Smothers

    Bob Smothers4 days ago

    Even watching the single second of this video before I could press pause, has dropped my IQ by 50 points. Thanks...

  82. Zaxy Pena Delgado

    Zaxy Pena Delgado4 days ago

    Can we change problems😒

  83. ShadowCraft //SHC

    ShadowCraft //SHC4 days ago

    first world problems at its finest

  84. Sighberia

    Sighberia4 days ago

    Me no give heck

  85. 786sami786

    786sami7864 days ago

    Hilarious. This is content? And scripted.

  86. 박진희

    박진희4 days ago

    can totally see that happening, probably just trying to be funny

  87. Jose Krimzon

    Jose Krimzon4 days ago

    Courtney sounds very inconsiderate. Ask yourself. "If courteney wasn't family, would you hang out or even be friends with her?"

  88. juvy orbista

    juvy orbista4 days ago

    Kourtney aint that rude, she joins with khloe in the while kim,kris,kendall, and kylie is in the met gala even it was for the first for kourtney to recieve an invitation to a public even pps: khloe is the most admirable listener in their still wondering why tristan cheated

  89. Alexis Arellano

    Alexis Arellano4 days ago

    Just came here to say who cares about them and focus on ur life, bye now have a wonderful life

  90. Sir SupesAfro

    Sir SupesAfro4 days ago

    One look at the title and I was kind of hoping to see this toxic video have a pretty funny comment section. Maybe some zoo animal jokes. Or even a nature documentary jab. But *-nope.-* This comment section is depressing, to say the least. Today I was reminded why I swore off the Trending section of USwork.

  91. Bailey Gray

    Bailey Gray4 days ago

    Kourtney the eldest... must suck lmao

  92. Emily E

    Emily E4 days ago

    I feel like Kourtney seems lonely so she acts like that just to get attention.

  93. Redneck Nation

    Redneck Nation4 days ago


  94. Jeff widjAIWDJAWd

    Jeff widjAIWDJAWd4 days ago

    loving her feet tho...

  95. philmycrackin

    philmycrackin4 days ago

    Do peaple really watch this? Or is it just dumb people

  96. Catherine Duran

    Catherine Duran4 days ago

    I love kourtney hahaahaha

  97. David Maine

    David Maine4 days ago

    Kourtney needs a storyline. So she attaches herself to Kendall who is the poppin Jenner/Kardashian right now.

  98. Mindy Lynne

    Mindy Lynne4 days ago

    Kourtney is a brat lol

  99. Kaylita V.

    Kaylita V.4 days ago

    Why the hell is this kind of sh!t in my recommended? Who tf cares?

  100. Joshua Gillespie

    Joshua Gillespie4 days ago

    Wish I had these problems lol