Joe Rogan on the Disneyland Fight Video

Taken from JRE #1322 w/Reggie Watts:


  1. Noname Needed

    Noname Needed5 days ago

    So ghetto. Stay out of our parks and keep to Six Flags, trash.

  2. 12 year old decoy

    12 year old decoy24 days ago

    If Disney raise ticket prices to $200 per person the EBT ratchets won't be able to get in

  3. Kevin Joyce

    Kevin JoyceMonth ago


  4. Anna Michele

    Anna MicheleMonth ago

    I stumbled on the fight video last night and I got PISSED! those poor goddamn innocent beautifil kids growing up with the TRASHIEST of fucking people around them.


    EL PASTY GUERO hfaMonth ago

    Listen to the sound at the beginning of this video... And there you have it. The reason for the fight 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Dario Susu

    Dario SusuMonth ago

    das racist

  7. R12

    R12Month ago

    I saw the video a few mins ago. Ghetto blacks fuck up everything. Couldn't even take them out to a 5 star restaurant.

  8. Kelvin Prince II

    Kelvin Prince IIMonth ago

    😂🤣🤣 How dare you potentially infect me! 😖🤭😆😂😂🤣

  9. Kodiak 916

    Kodiak 916Month ago

    Disneyland: happiest place on earth Black people: Hold my Beer....

  10. andrewf0784

    andrewf0784Month ago

    Hes wrong about no charges though. All of them got charged misdemeanors, and red shirt guy got several felonies and 7 years or something. I dont remember exactly but you can google it

  11. It's Huge

    It's HugeMonth ago

    You hit my mama bitch

  12. Ramsey Ludlow

    Ramsey LudlowMonth ago

    stop talking about videos you cant show on the podcast.....

  13. Luke M

    Luke MMonth ago

    I love this. This is what you should do when the exhibits of the Wakanda park get out....

  14. Jon Jon

    Jon Jon2 months ago

    Guy was about 6’2-6’4 200+ hitting like a 12 year old little girl 😂

  15. John Spry

    John Spry2 months ago

    The woman in the scooter... the toddlers walking between hippos... man verse woman.. the fight has everything

  16. tha1ne

    tha1ne2 months ago

    that dude needs to be shot. Sorry, he needs to die. Society would be better off.

  17. Junior

    Junior2 months ago

    Everyone who was there ain't shit 🤦🏿‍♂️ he should have gotten choked out from the start

  18. It's time to stop

    It's time to stop2 months ago

    Disappointed in Reggie Watts actually fucking disgusting, let this fucking loser ass Joe Rogan keep you in line. It’s black people fighting and hitting on women and he’s just laughing. Showing us being animals - gross move by the US, and I used to like this fucking guy. Fuck you Reggie Watts. But tbh, it’s Hollywood - you’re all fucking sellouts.

  19. Ox Man

    Ox Man2 months ago

    They were all family

  20. Griffin Brumley

    Griffin Brumley2 months ago

    Diversity is our Strength.

  21. Luke M

    Luke MMonth ago

    Import the 3rd world, you get the 3rd world. Make blacks more black, you get West Africa

  22. Kinky Bartender

    Kinky Bartender2 months ago

    Diversity gives us most strength when: black people are at Disneyworld black people are at Chuck E Cheese's black people are flash mobbing at Wal Mart black people are looting during a hurricane black people are fighting over crab legs at a buffet _I could do this all day_

  23. POF415

    POF4153 months ago

    Wow......unbelievable conduct 🙄

  24. zeepster

    zeepster3 months ago

    Nice clip without a clip.

  25. Mac Guffin

    Mac Guffin3 months ago

    Of course they're NEGROS.

  26. maurice morrison

    maurice morrison3 months ago

    Yeah da wuz bull shit

  27. nathan 68

    nathan 683 months ago

    Lmao if a fighter gets annoyed seeing normal people fighting ...imagine professional drivers/racers driving around in normal public 😂😂😂

  28. Sti9mm

    Sti9mm3 months ago

    Sign him up to ufc he likes to hit lady's

  29. Baba Semka

    Baba Semka3 months ago

    Joe "terrible technique" Rogan

  30. ZimtikiBar

    ZimtikiBar3 months ago

    What a bunch of fucking children

  31. Dennis the menace

    Dennis the menace3 months ago

    it is a staged fight by Cia to put the black man in bad light as usual...its staged !

  32. Efrem Belvin

    Efrem Belvin3 months ago

    No the girlfriend pushed his mom

  33. Tony Gucciano

    Tony Gucciano3 months ago

    These comments have been drastically moderated. Despicable

  34. Sound Slave

    Sound Slave3 months ago

    Yeah, I'd like to see how "funny" Joe Rogan would think it is someone were to spit on him.

  35. Dragonious Maximus

    Dragonious Maximus3 months ago

    No wonder the n word is still around.

  36. doin art

    doin art3 months ago

    What animals

  37. Freddawg Mankilla

    Freddawg Mankilla3 months ago

    Crazy thing was I was there first timer great time at Disney land looney toons got crazy

  38. Marty McFly

    Marty McFly3 months ago

    Like OMG!!! Tell us about it!!!

  39. Miss Nicole - VPA

    Miss Nicole - VPA3 months ago

    So glad I opted to take my boys to Storybook Land in New Jersey.

  40. Marty McFly

    Marty McFly3 months ago

    No one knows what that is...but good for you!!! I'm sure they will talking about it forever. How their mom took them to knock off Disney.

  41. IronlVIan

    IronlVIan3 months ago

    joe says he saw this fight but cant recall a damn thing happening,

  42. Lucifer Chavei

    Lucifer Chavei3 months ago

    IIiiiiiit'S A GHETTO WORLD after aaaaallll it's a Ghetto Ghetto Wooorld. Welll now Disneyland is Ghetto......nihilo sanctum estne. Such a shame😳

  43. Axxess Mundi

    Axxess Mundi3 months ago

    Black people in the heat of summer at public gatherings are awesome! You know some kind of chaos is going to erupt. Just be careful of the bystander white guy with Matrix glasses wearing his 1984 Quiet Riot tour pleather jacket. He is obviously that mass shooter.

  44. Doodle On A Motorcycle

    Doodle On A Motorcycle3 months ago

    “Terrible technique” BAAHAHHAAHAHHAH

  45. Carl Marchiano

    Carl Marchiano3 months ago

    I would never display the kind of violence in front of children, but spitting is extremely disrespectful. If someone spits on me, they're jaw is getting broken.

  46. Amy Crista

    Amy Crista3 months ago

    A witness did choke the one guy out at the end by kicking his knees in from behind- if he wasn’t there he would be beating the shit out of his wife. No charges were pressed because they were ALL family - they were brother and sister that started fighting

  47. M Vega

    M Vega3 months ago

    There’s a shorter white guy with a blue shirt and a backpack on trying to de-escape the situation. When the punk in the red shirt starts to beat on the girl, the guy with the backpack takes his back and chokes him out.

  48. Amy Crista

    Amy Crista3 months ago

    M Vega deescalating ?

  49. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson3 months ago

    I really wanted to see the police arrest him.

  50. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson3 months ago

    Stupid white women, "That's what I'd like to date. Someone who will punch me square in the face."

  51. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson3 months ago

    And they wonder why..........................nevermind.

  52. Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid3 months ago

    Spitting in someone’s face is a big deal. Someone better be prepared to die.

  53. El Tuco

    El Tuco3 months ago

    Disneyland is the Walmart parking lot of amusement parks.

  54. Swetha Goda

    Swetha Goda3 months ago

    I seriously felt so bad for the kids and the one kid that was coming near the adults fighting. I was scared the kid would get hurt.

  55. Jay Guar

    Jay Guar3 months ago

    Disney is now the Slappiest place on earth. Got it

  56. Shellie Rodarmel

    Shellie Rodarmel3 months ago

    I thought that too nobody did shit and the one man in white shirt couldn't do shit!

  57. Lootmeister

    Lootmeister3 months ago

    I can't believe no MEN stepped up to subdue that dude. What a bunch of PUSSIES!

  58. Marcus Anark

    Marcus Anark3 months ago

    @Lootmeister Yes.

  59. Lootmeister

    Lootmeister3 months ago

    @Marcus Anark You would stand by and watch a woman take punches in the face?

  60. Marcus Anark

    Marcus Anark3 months ago

    Men take care of the own lives and don't waste time on fools issues.

  61. troplaya55

    troplaya553 months ago

    “TERRIBLE TECHNIQUE TOO...” 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  62. TheVclarke

    TheVclarke3 months ago

    Time to raise the ticket prices.

  63. Kyra Beautiful

    Kyra Beautiful3 months ago

    I was so confused watching the video who was mad at who

  64. George

    George3 months ago

    Boycott Disney ! No Security! No-one is Safe !

  65. Steven Ortiz

    Steven Ortiz3 months ago

    What is Jew Rogan talking about Jews can't Fight to save They're lives it's a known fact.

  66. Luke Lavigne

    Luke Lavigne3 months ago

    I have to officially stop watching this podcast. I'm fed up with not being able to see what they are talking about. Fuck USwork and these dumb fucking laws and shit.

  67. 1000dollarHotdog

    1000dollarHotdog3 months ago

    The most annoying thing about Rogan is how much of a martial arts snob he is. Every time he watches a random fight video he has to talk about technique. No one cares about technique in a random fight video, they just find it entertaining. I'm not watching a world star video to pick up on some moves I'm watching it cause it ridiculous and entertaining

  68. Nikkibonbon

    Nikkibonbon3 months ago

    I'm disappointed

  69. candy girlll

    candy girlll3 months ago

    If they told me I had a choice between a lifetime bann at wdw or 7 yrs. in state prison. I would ask for the 7 yrs. in state prison. A lifetime bann at disneyworld is too harsh.