Slip 'N Slide Beachball Baseball!!


  1. Gabrijel Bajric

    Gabrijel BajricHour ago

    What a ravange

  2. Noah Ellingburg

    Noah Ellingburg13 hours ago

    Who else heard the Mario baseball sound and the Wii sound effects 😂😂

  3. dyslexic doodle bob

    dyslexic doodle bob14 hours ago

    Joey is so dumb

  4. Ixpqd

    Ixpqd15 hours ago

    8:02 Best part

  5. Drunk Dumbo

    Drunk Dumbo15 hours ago

    8:37 to 8:45 pure karma

  6. Seth Wellendorf

    Seth Wellendorf17 hours ago

    At 8:11 that run should not have counted because Bryan interfered when he was trying to catch the pop up

  7. Kermit THE GOD

    Kermit THE GOD20 hours ago

    4:34 AIMBOT in real life

  8. Caden Trumbull

    Caden TrumbullDay ago


  9. Ayran Mateo

    Ayran MateoDay ago

    3:17 if you know you knowww

  10. T Smith Videos

    T Smith VideosDay ago

    Bryan back cracks Bobby Stri-aaaaah

  11. Wyatt Chase

    Wyatt ChaseDay ago

    Bobby you suck at umping

  12. R3dfire Mekuria

    R3dfire MekuriaDay ago

    Does anyone else remember when they had a long intro with Matt

  13. Will Richter

    Will RichterDay ago

    I watched the first vid of this

  14. max cortes

    max cortesDay ago


  15. dana Siciliano

    dana Siciliano2 days ago

    Who else looked how long the bud was when it said: first score is over halfway through vid

  16. E2 Ivory

    E2 Ivory2 days ago

    Sounds are from the mii baseball

  17. Ugly potato2.0

    Ugly potato2.02 days ago

    Joey got hit with them all or the ball was thrown he’s safe I play b ball

  18. Alaine Maglaya

    Alaine Maglaya2 days ago


  19. A Cena10

    A Cena102 days ago

    The best Joey sound affect when the guy slid eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  20. Jared Hyde

    Jared Hyde2 days ago

    9:04. Way to move over the runners Joey What? 😂😂

  21. Rodrigo Faro

    Rodrigo Faro2 days ago

    12:46 Yo that's sus bro

  22. M Wheeler

    M Wheeler2 days ago

    My kids currently have subscribed to the majority of the Hi5 channels and truthfully they’ve gotten me hooked on all of the channels at this point, you’re all great. But they wanted me to send a comment asking if you could do more baseball videos, both of my boys are currently playing little league ball and absolutely LOVED this video. Keep up the great content guys!

  23. Anthony Niro

    Anthony Niro2 days ago

    Who misses Matt

  24. Fire_Dude 2

    Fire_Dude 23 days ago

    10:00 - 10:30 LITERALY INSANE

  25. FaZe Aura

    FaZe Aura3 days ago

    I got grounded for watching your videos till 5 am

  26. FN_Aiden _

    FN_Aiden _3 days ago

    The one where they called an out on Brian when he caught it shouldn’t have counted because in baseball, if you don’t have two hands on the bat, the pitcher can’t pitch

  27. Pride Fxiry

    Pride Fxiry3 days ago

    12:18 Look at the three just slide into the bases in harmony

  28. Beetleglow

    Beetleglow3 days ago

    I really wanna see some more Mafia stuff! it was probably my favorite videos you've made so far.

  29. Gengardians -_-

    Gengardians -_-3 days ago

    the mic cuts are probably more funny than how incompetent they are at playing baseball

  30. Steph

    Steph3 days ago

    Marvin seems like the sweet brother while Bryan is the lovable goofball. K-man on the other hand...he might be evil.

  31. Sonny Schwichtenberg

    Sonny Schwichtenberg3 days ago

    Bryan was so out when he was taking second

  32. cesar Ivan

    cesar Ivan4 days ago

    Bobby is a bad upiere. No a fence man👌👍

  33. cesar Ivan

    cesar Ivan4 days ago

    Why did bobby make that call😠😠😠😡😡😡😭😭😭😭

  34. d2kidshipp

    d2kidshipp4 days ago

    Its so funny that they dont know how to play baseball

  35. Madelynn Rudd

    Madelynn Rudd4 days ago

    I love how the sound effects for the pitching is from Wii Sports.

  36. Madelynn Rudd

    Madelynn Rudd3 days ago

    @Joan Lopez Yep

  37. Joan Lopez

    Joan Lopez3 days ago

    They are from Wii Sports

  38. Keifer Mason

    Keifer Mason4 days ago

    5:44 they didn’t call the foul an out

  39. Interhype Re

    Interhype Re4 days ago

    I am confusion:??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

  40. aven west

    aven west4 days ago

    But you never slid on first

  41. UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps3

    UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps34 days ago

    When Bobby gets hit in the face at 4:32 you can just see Richie in the background 👏😂😂 5:50: Cool kid Bobby has entered the lobby

  42. UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps3

    UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps34 days ago


  43. max cortes

    max cortes4 days ago

    J Fred sucks

  44. UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps3

    UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps34 days ago

    max cortes toxic 😤

  45. Battousai The man slayer

    Battousai The man slayer5 days ago

    Billy knows how to put a curve ball and fast ball into the same pitch

  46. UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps3

    UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps34 days ago

    [lvrs] Jolter yup Div 1 pitcher

  47. Hoodie here!

    Hoodie here!5 days ago

    Now this is what I’m talking about!! These guys are on my fantasy baseball radar!!!

  48. Greg Etheridge Etherifge

    Greg Etheridge Etherifge5 days ago

    U cant slide at first.

  49. Bella Moulton

    Bella Moulton5 days ago

    Fav video yet

  50. Madison C

    Madison C5 days ago

    Bobby is so funny omg

  51. Brady Smith

    Brady Smith5 days ago

    Put gopros by each base and u can video review

  52. Yafee

    Yafee5 days ago

    8:02 LOL

  53. Cole Stuckey

    Cole Stuckey5 days ago


  54. Evin 11

    Evin 116 days ago

    Wii Sports

  55. Jared Ropoza

    Jared Ropoza6 days ago

    Bring back nerf battles

  56. Fide

    Fide6 days ago

    Can someone please count how many times they said “bro”😂

  57. Ryan Zelinka

    Ryan Zelinka6 days ago

    Bobby sucks at ump

  58. Suhana Hussain

    Suhana Hussain6 days ago

    More baseball ⚾️ please!!!!!!!!!

  59. GachaWinterWolf 377

    GachaWinterWolf 3776 days ago

    Im hungry

  60. Toxic Madness

    Toxic Madness6 days ago


  61. Riley Moore

    Riley Moore6 days ago

    Can u play soccer baseball

  62. Jonathan Lenning

    Jonathan Lenning6 days ago

    J-Fred bunted like 10 times

  63. AriTheGqmer 72

    AriTheGqmer 726 days ago


  64. Jonathan Ingram

    Jonathan Ingram6 days ago

    There is no rong ball in baseball

  65. Angel Rose

    Angel Rose7 days ago

    5:42 and 8:42 are my favourite parts XD cant stop laughing XD sorry X'D

  66. Knight Jack

    Knight Jack2 days ago

    And u can see that Marvin did both of the hits

  67. Joan Lopez

    Joan Lopez2 days ago

    Both of them got hit in the face!

  68. Lil Dude

    Lil Dude7 days ago

    4:59 bobby calls strike does hand motion for out

  69. Aliahya Blackledge

    Aliahya Blackledge7 days ago

    2:23 2:53 3:35 4:16 5:00 5:19 5:33 5:42 6:38 7:09 8:34 8:40 9:56 10:36 11:19 11:44

  70. OvercomeGaming

    OvercomeGaming7 days ago

    It's never a throwback without Matt

  71. Noah Huhn

    Noah Huhn7 days ago

    Three fouls are not a out do y’all no how to play baseball

  72. UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps3

    UpRiz3 Ap0c0lyps34 days ago

    Noah Huhn Cory edited it and litterally said that they are counting them as outs

  73. Cool Collector

    Cool Collector7 days ago

    Do you guys still have those beachballs?

  74. Lily Brislen

    Lily Brislen7 days ago

    I love how they take half the video to decide who is going first in the actual game

  75. Rose Calamanan

    Rose Calamanan7 days ago


  76. Infinite

    Infinite7 days ago

    Kevins face when he says "stay dont hit"

  77. Jordan Negrellos

    Jordan Negrellos7 days ago

    Someone tell me how many times someone trip and fell

  78. Miss Okami

    Miss Okami7 days ago

    8:42 Top 10 Anime Betrayals

  79. Pranav Doorgapersand

    Pranav Doorgapersand8 days ago

    Can you guys do more throwback episodes??😢😢

  80. defualtio boi

    defualtio boi8 days ago

    Pause at 0:31

  81. R J

    R J8 days ago

    Editing on point

  82. Jonathan Kube

    Jonathan Kube8 days ago

    I love theses guys. Gets me through the day with a smile on my face

  83. TrudiumInfinite

    TrudiumInfinite8 days ago

    Why did Bryan say “Touchdown Baby!” at 12:28???? It’s a home run...

  84. dflu

    dflu8 days ago

    Not swinging doesn't count as a strike

  85. Snake Crew

    Snake Crew8 days ago

    8:43 oooooof

  86. The Void Kid

    The Void Kid8 days ago

    On 8:37 There is karma

  87. Dezysnow

    Dezysnow8 days ago

    Team Edge vs Dope or Nope?

  88. Theprocopper

    Theprocopper8 days ago

    J fread was in the maytric's on 5:41

  89. Ryan Brown

    Ryan Brown8 days ago

    Am i the ony one who hears the wii baseball everytime they hit it

  90. •huskie•

    •huskie•8 days ago

    Mr. Beast: Like Team Edge: Comment

  91. Joseph Pena

    Joseph Pena9 days ago

    You guys should do that but with the floor being realy sticky.

  92. Nate Lek

    Nate Lek9 days ago

    Charge the mound charge the mound charge the mound

  93. MakeshiftSkill

    MakeshiftSkill9 days ago

    Why did you use wii sports sound effects

  94. sharifah zanirah

    sharifah zanirah9 days ago

    hey guys can you do a baseball tricks shot pls i want to see a punishment is prank call , i think bryan is gonna win 100%

  95. Timaas Dhom

    Timaas Dhom9 days ago

    Over halfway through the video Me check

  96. Princess Puppy 571.

    Princess Puppy 571.9 days ago

    I loved when they said comedy and hit them with the beach ball

  97. Jaxson Martin

    Jaxson Martin10 days ago

    Kevin looks like Ronnie 2k Like if agree

  98. chicken nuggee

    chicken nuggee10 days ago

    billy and bobby are like twins omfg

  99. Groudon YT

    Groudon YT10 days ago

    6:07 Eeeeeeeeee

  100. Mckenna Robins

    Mckenna Robins10 days ago

    Why is there three Brian’s

  101. Rowan Flores

    Rowan Flores10 days ago

    5:42 COD players be like “headshot 105 points!”

  102. Viverella !!!

    Viverella !!!9 days ago

    Not to be rude but do you mean “OCD”?

  103. Burger blaster 3000

    Burger blaster 300010 days ago

    0:58 you know that’s a sonic thing noise and 1:37 they must like sonic

  104. Randoms

    Randoms10 days ago

    I am so confused

  105. JPD productions

    JPD productions10 days ago

    The baseball sound effects are from wii sports lol

  106. Elizabeth Afton

    Elizabeth Afton10 days ago

    8:42 Funniest thing I've seen all week! XD

  107. xd Paddy0

    xd Paddy010 days ago

    Do more baseball videos like this! They are fun to watch

  108. barbie3247

    barbie324710 days ago

    kevin got some sweet revenge on billy @ 8:43