How did Apple DO this?? - MacBook Pro 2019

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Another year, another MacBook… Or so it seems. Has Apple changed more than just the spec this time around, or can we judge this book by its cover?
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  1. Omar Navarro

    Omar Navarro11 hours ago

    Anthony, pls make a video of your MacBook Pro 2011 on your daily use. Ive got one just like these And would love to see your upgrades over time, And how it performs for your daily tasks. I AM a test engineer that uses his for browser Automation, And it works just fine if at all slower from having a slower hardware

  2. Ali Uyar

    Ali Uyar15 hours ago

    more Anthony pls

  3. YuhrEx Wife

    YuhrEx Wife22 hours ago

    That segway though

  4. Aaron Garcia

    Aaron GarciaDay ago

    I've been holding on to my 2010 17-inch MacBook Pro. It's lasted all these years and I'm not sure if another laptop would ever last that long again.

  5. kousoulides

    kousoulides2 days ago

    the legend says the ad finishes at: 1:29

  6. 22chachalaca

    22chachalaca2 days ago

    2013 MacBook Pro retina no issues in 6 years still flys.

  7. Sushil Rai

    Sushil Rai2 days ago

    Damn that thumbnail is precious !!!!!

  8. Matt Sponholz

    Matt Sponholz2 days ago

    Brilliant! Happy to see you represent, Anthony! Great job!

  9. JustifyJustin

    JustifyJustin3 days ago

    Wait so I'm supposed to get excited by the 2019 MBP i9 being able to sustain 2.7ghz under load when a stock Dell Precision hits 3.4ghz and 4.2ghz (undervolted) sustained at 82*c. Well done Apple *slow clap*

  10. System Down

    System Down3 days ago

    Apple was and always will be behind.

  11. Lumenor

    Lumenor3 days ago

    Am I the only one who finds his voice softer and better than Linus?

  12. Keene Saul Crescini

    Keene Saul Crescini3 days ago

    Great inputs! Will probably update to a new Macbook if they update the keyboard design. Thanks, Anthony!

  13. Rizki Adi Nugraha

    Rizki Adi Nugraha4 days ago

    Who buys a Macbook for gaming anyway

  14. Jakobe_BryantGaming

    Jakobe_BryantGaming4 days ago

    How does a keyboard be a strong contender to replace a 2011 macbook??

  15. Cristian Coronado

    Cristian Coronado4 days ago

    MacBook keyboard fix= optical mechanical key upgrade

  16. Cristian Marín Segura

    Cristian Marín Segura6 days ago

    And you know what else is a strong contender? THE MASSDROP CONTROL KEYBOARD

  17. Greg Childers

    Greg Childers6 days ago

    Damn good vid

  18. Sankalp Bansal

    Sankalp Bansal7 days ago

    That intro ♥️

  19. Dustine Jao

    Dustine Jao7 days ago

    Best LTT video to date

  20. LookingGlassProject

    LookingGlassProject8 days ago

    apple took a dump ans sandwich it between two aluminium plates and a screen and people lap it up.

  21. Agent piggles

    Agent piggles8 days ago

    I love Anthony’s reviews he reviews things from a typical consumers standpoint not a typical tech reviewer that is always buying the newest tech and doesn’t care about long term reliability

  22. tryitout -

    tryitout -8 days ago

    is it worth it to buy a 15 inch 2015 macbook pro?

  23. Forger_TJ97

    Forger_TJ978 days ago

    I don't get it...why do we need Linus Tech Tips when we already have Anthony Tech Tips? Guys!? I just don't get it......

  24. Gerardo Hernandez

    Gerardo Hernandez9 days ago

    The keyboard on this pro model is the feel for me


    PLAYERUNKNOWN_EU9 days ago

    Hello. I want to buy a notebook for the first time in a long time :) I want to edit photos (Affinity, PS), cut videos, watch movies and for office work.... Playing is not important because I have a high end desktop computer. Should I buy a Macbook Pro (2019 with 8core) or a Windows notebook?

  26. unturorum

    unturorum9 days ago

    I also have a gaming PC with a GTX 1660 Ti and I would recommend you to go with the Macbook because as far as I know, professionals tend to use MacOS for video editing and any other productivity related stuff. They're (some of) the most reliable laptops, much reliable than Microsoft ones for sure, and if you really want Windows 10, you can easily install it on a Macbook through Boot Camp and have 2 operating systems because that way you can get the best out of both rather than being limited to either one of them. MacOS has some amazing exclusive programs such as Final Cut Pro (one of the best video editing programs out there) that Windows 10 doesn't, but you may prefer to use Windows 10 so you can just install it, no problem. That's why I think you should definitely go with the Macbook.

  27. FBB

    FBB10 days ago

    Purchased a 2015 MacBook Pro when I read what was coming out... seeing now it was definitely the right decision.

  28. ViniZan San

    ViniZan San11 days ago

    I would love to see Anthony voice in Google assistant.

  29. Ben Den toom

    Ben Den toom11 days ago

    What is dat music that starts around 6:15

  30. bosnis

    bosnis11 days ago

    Don't eat that apple!

  31. Lizard King

    Lizard King12 days ago

    you got a really girly oomph :V

  32. Tronicum TV

    Tronicum TV12 days ago

    Wheres your Neck ??? And you should open your Eyes dude :D

  33. Just_Filo

    Just_Filo12 days ago

    So just to clerify.... if I get a 2019 but I find a proper way to cool it (so let’s say a stand which can cool it and maybe a usb dissipator) that would perform better; but is it just a better or is it a way better?

  34. naiasonod

    naiasonod13 days ago

    I love listening to Anthony talk. It's like I asked an old friend a question on a subject he's an expert upon and am just kicking back to listen to the answer put into layman's terms for me.

  35. Float Circuit

    Float Circuit13 days ago

    This boi needs his own YT channel 😊🖖🏽🙌🏽🎊🤯

  36. M!k3y

    M!k3y13 days ago


  37. aditya ahmadkhanz

    aditya ahmadkhanz14 days ago

    Fat is bad

  38. L Z

    L Z16 days ago

    The important question is how did he get the reading tracking in apple mail ?

  39. Tristan Wolff

    Tristan Wolff16 days ago

    I came across this to review a macbook model I took on trade. Couple things right away the 8950hk no longer throttles at all below all core boost numbers, and I have the vega 20 aka late 2018 model so it was built with the better thermal interface material...which makes a difference.

  40. Michael Mazierski

    Michael Mazierski16 days ago

    Great video Anthony, you are all that and a bag of chips!

  41. Fractal Pitch

    Fractal Pitch17 days ago

    Loving Anthony ! Keep it up :)

  42. Richard Wei

    Richard Wei18 days ago

    Can you talk about the 13-inch Macbook Pro? The 15_inch one is too big and heavy for me to carry.

  43. Haitham Ali

    Haitham Ali18 days ago

    I never understood the "dobglebook" thing. When I got my 2017 MacBook I just updated my cables. I already had USB-C chargers and cables that came with my Google Pixel, and I just got a Lightning to USB-C, USB-C to Micro-B USB 3.0 for my external HDD. My HP 34 display has USB-C so it charges and sends display signal over one USB-C to USB-C cable. Sure, I need a USB-C to HDMI cable but with the older ones you also needed an older USB plug version, so nothing new..

  44. Константин Власенко

    Константин Власенко18 days ago

    Yes, this. And the fact that "docked laptop" workflow became really popular with new macs, that means much more docking stations appeared on the market. Before MacBook Pro I had MS Surface. It was great, but the fact that I had to plug 3-4 cables everytime I sat at my desk was upsetting. Now I connect to 4-5 devices, including charging, with one cable

  45. haui

    haui19 days ago

    I mark 8:53 because it's funny to click on it over and over again...

  46. Nicko Valentino

    Nicko Valentino20 days ago


  47. Aviral Patel

    Aviral Patel20 days ago

    LTT - shows an opened macbook pro Apple internally triggered

  48. David Nielsen

    David Nielsen21 day ago

    I still have my MCP from Mid-2010, 16GB OWC RAM and 512SSD and am proud of the fact I have made it last this long! However, it wasn't running very well on High Sierra and didn't like to complete updates. Ordered a 2019 Macbook Pro 2.4Ghz with 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD. Your video was very helpful in determining which Macbook to order.. so thank you. I am still upset that we cannot simply upgrade the RAM or SSD as needed later down the road (like our old 2010 & 2011 models).

  49. Similarty

    Similarty17 days ago

    I am gonna buy the same MBP as you, but only with 128GB. I will buy an 100€ 6TB external drive for more stuff.

  50. Teofannis Papadopoulos

    Teofannis Papadopoulos22 days ago

    Great job Anthony !

  51. Fanmelly

    Fanmelly22 days ago

    why GDDR vs HBM?

  52. Markku Pesonen

    Markku Pesonen22 days ago

    Take Louis Rossmann to review Macbook Pro 😂

  53. peristicas

    peristicas22 days ago

    Instead of praising Anthony you should be encouraging him to lose weight, live a healthier live so you can keep seeing his videos...

  54. Miguel Salazar

    Miguel Salazar23 days ago

    This guy is better than the lesbian 🙂

  55. al capone

    al capone24 days ago

    The voice doesnt match the face

  56. Josh Styles

    Josh Styles25 days ago

    I'd be interested to see how the not so high specced system fairs. I've got a 2018 MBP using the 6 core i7 chip and it performs just fine and rarely gives me issues (besides the stupid keyboard). Most people buying these systems won't be maxing out the CPU but instead going for the best bang for the buck option.

  57. Aneek Thapar

    Aneek Thapar25 days ago


  58. Blaise ingyou

    Blaise ingyou25 days ago

    Still rocking my 2011 macbook pro too!, scores a passmark of just under 7k, not bad for an 8 year old machine!

  59. Mummafiedthunderbirds

    Mummafiedthunderbirds25 days ago

    Fuck yeah Anthony

  60. Nanez ferrer

    Nanez ferrer26 days ago

    what can u guys say about acer concept d 9 ??? d 500 ?d900 ??

  61. Dolf Lungren

    Dolf Lungren27 days ago

    Anthony, that was fantastic. No one makes content like you. You're the best!

  62. Ole

    Ole27 days ago

    I would really, *really* like it if you guys reviewed a Lenovo P53 (sku:20QNS00W00) or P73 (sku:20QRS00300). I'd really like to know how thermal throttling affects these workstation class laptops and how the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 16GB mobile versions perform under load. Loved this review. Nice work Anthony. Thorough, complete, and well tested. More please.

  63. Sirius Enigma

    Sirius Enigma27 days ago

    Yes, both Apple engineers did a good job. The marking people should be proud of them.