Post Malone - Goodbyes ft. Young Thug (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video by Post Malone featuring Young Thug performing “Goodbyes.” Download the song here:
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“Goodbyes” Lyrics:
Me and Kurt feel the same
Too much pleasure is pain
My girl spites me in vain
All I do is complain
She needs something to change
Need to take off the edge
So fuck it all tonight
And don’t tell me to shut up
When you know you talk too much
But you don’t got shit to say
I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I can save you
Because I need to be saved too
I’m no good at goodbyes
We’re both acting insane
But too stubborn to change
Now I’m drinking again
80 proof in my veins
And my fingertips stained
Looking over the edge
Don’t fuck with me tonight
Said you needed this heart then you got it
Turns out that it wasn’t what you wanted
And we wouldn’t let go and we lost it
Now I’m goner
I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I can save you
Because I need to be saved too
I’m no good at goodbyes
I want you out of my life
I want you back here tonight
I’m tryna to cut you no knife
I wanna slice you and dice you
My heart gets possessive
It got you precise
Can you not turn off the TV
I’m watching a fight
I flood the garage
Blue diamonds no shark
Your Barbie life doll it's Nicki Minaj
You don’t need a key to drive
And your car's on the charger
I just want to see the side
The one the unbothered
And I don’t want you to ever go outside
But I promise if they play my n***a sliding
I’m fuckin her and the tour bus still riding
Yea yea yea yea yea
I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I can save you
Because I need to be saved too
I’m no good at goodbyes
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  1. person 32805

    person 328054 hours ago

    Young thug is trash you cant understand a single thing.he says but posty is fire

  2. Deshay Masters

    Deshay Masters4 days ago

    Perfect song when you know your relationship is ending but it's hard to actually go.

  3. Deloss92

    Deloss926 days ago Thank me later.

  4. Josan Cabrera

    Josan Cabrera15 days ago

    Second artist music I can relate to❤❤

  5. CarloSuperior Gaming

    CarloSuperior Gaming19 days ago

    And then you got Young Thug and his verse. Almost ruined the song for me

  6. Allana Vasquez

    Allana Vasquez23 days ago

    no matter how many times i listen to this song it still hypes me up

  7. rocky

    rocky26 days ago

    producers: how vintage do you want the lyric video? post malone: yes

  8. Hassan Account

    Hassan AccountMonth ago

    What if post malone play a role of JOKER

  9. Doublechin Gaming

    Doublechin GamingMonth ago

    Post does great making lyrics, the animation and how he set it up its amazing, no doubt about it

  10. Morde Kai

    Morde KaiMonth ago

    no cap young thug verse is lit tho

  11. Kinley

    KinleyMonth ago

    Young thug - 1:30

  12. macska ceca

    macska cecaMonth ago

    my favorit music

  13. Terry Hurt

    Terry HurtMonth ago

    now I'm a goner, it gets to me?


    BEN POTTERMonth ago


  15. 9000 views with no video Bruh you stupid as hell

    9000 views with no video Bruh you stupid as hellMonth ago

    Young thug turned this song into 💩💩💩

  16. Thomas.m.b

    Thomas.m.bMonth ago

    I actually hate every feature in his new album but everything else is perfect

  17. Fast Life

    Fast LifeMonth ago

    There's no way I can saaaaaave you cuz I need to be saaaaaave to! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

  18. D12 Life

    D12 LifeMonth ago

    When @Yung Hustle stole my comment... I felt that ah haha 😒

  19. tashy260291

    tashy260291Month ago

    Young thug ruined the song. His squeaky voice. Nope.

  20. Benja xd

    Benja xdMonth ago

    I'm 11 and i like post Malone .. he is the best. He sing beautiful. This Song is brilliant 👏👏💪🍀🔥🔥

  21. ky kyd

    ky kyd2 months ago

    Ye ye ye ye ye

  22. Kliwenad

    Kliwenad2 months ago

    Do a Kid-Friendly version cleaning the following: 1. So f**k it all tonight 2. But you don't got s**t to say 3. Don't f**k with me tonight 4. I'm tryna c*t you no k***e 5. I wanna s***e ya and d**e ya 6. I f***d the garage 7. This n***a being honest 8. I'm tryna d****e your love 9. Ain't tryna d****e your love (love) 10. I promise if I play n****s slidin' 11. I'm f****n' in her bous tour still ridin'

  23. Leon Clarke

    Leon Clarke2 months ago

    All I do is complain

  24. Caleb York

    Caleb York2 months ago

    When Post said "There's no way I can save you cause I need to be saved too" I felt that

  25. DailyRapFacts

    DailyRapFacts2 months ago

    New Post Malone on our youtube


    JAMSENSEI THEGREAT2 months ago

    2:09 I thought young thug said yeet,yeet,yeet lol

  27. AceCosmicNova 65

    AceCosmicNova 652 months ago

    Love this song man

  28. WeirdozChannel

    WeirdozChannel2 months ago

    post really censored niggas but not fucking. bro its a black guy saying its ok

  29. ITzSoapy

    ITzSoapy2 months ago

    I want you out my head , felt that 😔🥺😞

  30. PC Revolt

    PC Revolt2 months ago

    I don't think I've ever heard a great song butchered so quickly by a featured artist. Young Thug's goofy ass high pitched voice completely ruins the song.

  31. grâce komba

    grâce komba2 months ago

    Je vous adore mais je suis gabonaise et vois ne me connaissez pas mais je suis votre plus grande fan👏👏👏💕💕💕 je vous adort j aimerait vous rencontrez ,un jour mais je sais que jamais😭😭😭😂

  32. Joey

    Joey2 months ago

    I enjoyed this song all the way up until Young Thug started to whine like a cat in heat.

  33. Valerie Simpson

    Valerie Simpson2 months ago

    Ugghhhhhhhh! Love this song POSTY! We all need to be saved! Those quivery notes! Ugghhhh! MELT!

  34. David Welde

    David Welde2 months ago

    Another amazing song!!! Don't say you feel the same as Curt. He ate shotgun barrel!! Two young ????? Your just as fucked up as me!! Keep it up bro!!

  35. David Welde

    David Welde2 months ago

    Wow that girl hates here life. Posty. Let up!!

  36. David Welde

    David Welde2 months ago

    That girl feels so small. I feel bad for her. He made it a point to destroy her. Posty let up!!! It hurts me. Stop. She paid her dues!!!

  37. AffiqKimiLer

    AffiqKimiLer2 months ago

    Add this song to "Almost 5'oclock" playlists

  38. 키욤리

    키욤리2 months ago

    형 진심 들어도 들어도 안질린다 사랑해

  39. P JILLA 03

    P JILLA 032 months ago

    This should’ve played for stranger things 3 finale

  40. Amber AMBER

    Amber AMBER2 months ago

    My parents always tell me to turn the speaker off when Thug's part plays. It sounds really bad.

  41. Lild3m0nkinq小鬼王

    Lild3m0nkinq小鬼王2 months ago

    young thug : i want you out of my life i want you back here tonight im tryna cut you no knife i wanna slice you and dice you skdfhsldkfsdlkfsdfjsdkofj sfjds;fsdjfsdjfsdfkljsdfklj sfl;js;dlfkjsd;fksd;fkwoptgirpto

  42. ohhitstheshizz

    ohhitstheshizz2 months ago

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY YOUNG THUG HAD TO RUIN THIS SONG... because Post is no good at goodbyes

  43. ViperVenom2u

    ViperVenom2u2 months ago

    Could we get a version of this without young thugs part? Great song other wise.

  44. Natalie Ujiie

    Natalie Ujiie2 months ago

    Yea, young thug kinda ruined it

  45. Amber AMBER

    Amber AMBER2 months ago


  46. Lucia Reiter

    Lucia Reiter2 months ago

    Ikr?! He smh ruined it

  47. Tie_ xd

    Tie_ xd2 months ago

    post malone:i have no ideas so imma go on vacation his director:im no good at goodbyes

  48. skunky bass

    skunky bass2 months ago

    It was good til young thug

  49. zarreona griffen

    zarreona griffen2 months ago

    bad quality ANYONE it's still good tho... right?!?!

  50. Eddy nator69

    Eddy nator692 months ago

    Young thugs part killed this song for me ngl.

  51. Sunshine

    Sunshine2 months ago

    Don’t read this. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Now you’ve started reading this don’t stop this is so freaky. But if you read this and ignore it then you will have very bad luck. Put this on 15 songs in 144 mins. When you are done press space and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen this is so freaky it actually works! I’m so so so sorry

  52. Joshua Dilly

    Joshua Dilly2 months ago

    Great track, wouldve been better without Young Thug, though.

  53. Tucker F

    Tucker F2 months ago

    Die a slow and painful death for that

  54. AnonymousJon

    AnonymousJon2 months ago

    The video by Mr. Shades had 11 million more views than the official lyric....

  55. Justin Henriquez

    Justin Henriquez2 months ago

    "We both acting insane, but too stubborn to change" FELT THAT !!!

  56. Travis Hunt

    Travis Hunt2 months ago

    Whoa high pitched screaming i want to cut you with a knife I want to slice and dice ya lol ..

  57. 방탄소년단Ciara

    방탄소년단Ciara2 months ago

    Temazo !!

  58. Valeria Zavala Arevalos

    Valeria Zavala Arevalos2 months ago

    like si la escuchas en el 2019 :v XD :) :^V

  59. Ight Imma Head Out

    Ight Imma Head Out2 months ago

    Without young thug I’d like it a lot more

  60. fortnitelover!

    fortnitelover!2 months ago

    I'm not good at saying goodbye

  61. SirEriol

    SirEriol2 months ago

    We all have someone who made us feel like this song. Sadly, we all made someone else feel like this song, too.

  62. Mahyar gharehdaghi

    Mahyar gharehdaghi2 months ago

    young thug ruined it so fucking bad im pissed

  63. Ryan Brandt

    Ryan Brandt2 months ago

    Young thug more like castrated pug

  64. 熵值

    熵值2 months ago