1. SSSniperWolf

    SSSniperWolf26 days ago

    helllooooo friends ur fav French USwork might make a comeback soon ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘

  2. Omar Quezada

    Omar Quezada6 days ago

    Hello thx for being there for the geratest to the cringeines sorry for riding

  3. FGS Spiral

    FGS Spiral12 days ago

    SSSniperWolf you have the best vids

  4. Wild Dogs

    Wild Dogs17 days ago

    SSSniperWolf I love your vids they are the best

  5. Natasja Thompson

    Natasja Thompson23 days ago

    i love you so much u r my fav French youtuber.

  6. Dylan Dylan

    Dylan Dylan25 days ago


  7. The Dreamer

    The Dreamer4 days ago

    I want her to get assoulted

  8. Jaden and michel Dover

    Jaden and michel Dover5 days ago

    It would be cool if they put a video game machine in America

  9. Jaden and michel Dover

    Jaden and michel Dover5 days ago

    Yeah teaaa

  10. Bunni- bot

    Bunni- bot6 days ago


  11. Lowツ Really

    Lowツ Really7 days ago

    Where I live I got a smoothie machine or a milkshake machine all you gotta do is put it in and you can get a spoon and straw AnD ItS OnLy 3.25$ HaHaHaHaHaHa

  12. Calibaby80

    Calibaby807 days ago

    These food vending machines should be at our jobs and schools 😜

  13. Voin Barker

    Voin Barker8 days ago

    save the crabs

  14. Wynter Lay

    Wynter Lay8 days ago

    i went to vegas and i think me or my mother got one pair of the shoes to try because we are so tired with the heat and walking .~.

  15. Silly Kitten

    Silly Kitten9 days ago

    The vending machines at my school literally don't work until after school is over

  16. eilish tea

    eilish tea9 days ago

    pick one: lia sssniperwolf your favorite french youtuber your favorite gluten-free youtuber tracer

  17. Matt Sullivan

    Matt Sullivan10 days ago

    The coolest, that I would die to try you ask? You of course!

  18. Alaina Laprise

    Alaina Laprise10 days ago

    Where I live there’s live bait at gas stations

  19. galaxy squad

    galaxy squad11 days ago

    i swear japan is in the year 4093 and the rest of the world s in the year 2008

  20. freethinking123

    freethinking12312 days ago

    So damn irritating to listen to her.

  21. unknowndeathwolf _chan

    unknowndeathwolf _chan12 days ago

    There's a money one put a 1.00$ in and get. Stack of money

  22. Maldonado Family

    Maldonado Family12 days ago

    Can't you use old Chuck-E-Cheese coins

  23. Stop Polluting

    Stop Polluting12 days ago

    You know why people haven't done the burrito box?? Because you'd have to refill it.

  24. U.P.S

    U.P.S13 days ago

    Like who doesn't like Donald Trump Comment who likes him

  25. me bandae

    me bandae13 days ago

    I love how youtube said *SHE'S* making the future with this when she's just looking at it

  26. DogLife_ Xoxo

    DogLife_ Xoxo14 days ago

    At the end you said die to try but if you die you can’t try it :/

  27. Trinity B

    Trinity B14 days ago

    Love you videos❤️❤️❤️ LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHH

  28. Joshua Neziah Watts

    Joshua Neziah Watts14 days ago

    I love her dramatic whining voice😂😂😂

  29. Esme M

    Esme M15 days ago

    That’s so weird I can’t have gluten either!!!!!

  30. isabella wyrick

    isabella wyrick15 days ago

    am I the only one that notices that in a vid she wears glasses and in the thunmnain she don't and the oppisit

  31. Daelynn Mitchell

    Daelynn Mitchell15 days ago

    In Disney world water from a stand is $5 and from a vending machine it’s like $6😒 it’s good water tho

  32. Lachad Branch

    Lachad Branch16 days ago


  33. allievolgs !!!!!!

    allievolgs !!!!!!16 days ago

    They need to make a veny machine to buy iphones 😀😀

  34. Alexi Gonzalez

    Alexi Gonzalez16 days ago

    WHY DONT WE have this 🙋‍♀️😂. I love why don’t we. If you’re reading this, and you have Instagram, and you love why don’t we, follow my account @fallfor._.wdw and comment on one of my posts, “I’m from the comment section” and I’ll make sure to follow you back 😁

  35. Chris York

    Chris York16 days ago

    OMG can't have gluten??? What a WaCkY way to start your video!

  36. Making sure you no lie

    Making sure you no lie16 days ago

    In Asia Country we have Orange Juice vending machine :D You could actually see the progress of the orange becoming a juice :0

  37. Sjplayzgames

    Sjplayzgames16 days ago


  38. Voices OfJustice

    Voices OfJustice17 days ago

    I would die to try a pizza vending machine. I mean shoo you can get frozen pizzas for a 30 min warm up at Walmart, but freaking 2.5 minutes. Sign me up and put it in my room.

  39. Erika Bisesti

    Erika Bisesti17 days ago

    Italian machine

  40. Oliver RiShift

    Oliver RiShift17 days ago

    sooo why did youtube tweet out this useless boring bimbo?

  41. Aracely Garcia

    Aracely Garcia17 days ago

    i saw your choose your character tik tok

  42. Inphulse The Goat

    Inphulse The Goat17 days ago

    We have a cup cake vending machine

  43. Khushi J.

    Khushi J.17 days ago

    I know a vending machine that dispenses happiness and FRENCH its SssniperWolf

  44. jagdeep bhagat

    jagdeep bhagat18 days ago

    The crab one is so cruel it should be banned ASAP !!

  45. nate nate

    nate nate18 days ago

    Wtf why these dumb bimbos videos keep coming on my stream

  46. The pataco gurl

    The pataco gurl18 days ago

    I knew about the live bait because my dad would always buy from

  47. Alphafoxgirl 101

    Alphafoxgirl 10118 days ago

    My friend ate a gold fish ;-; 4:08 he thought is was how u made gold fish

  48. Cactus Clan

    Cactus Clan18 days ago

    I have a vending machine for u a milk shake machine that makes a custom milkshake in any thickness in Grayson GA at the RaceTrac

  49. Alex Vasquez

    Alex Vasquez18 days ago

    1:07 tatatrangrandjjdkeczjsbe

  50. cat25 mool

    cat25 mool18 days ago

    I hate McDonald fries because the first time I got some someone DECIDED IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO DROWN MY FRIES IN SALT.

  51. GamerGirl5688

    GamerGirl568818 days ago

    *HOLD MY PINKITY DRINKITY -Sssniperwolf 2019*

  52. Gwyneth Mitchell

    Gwyneth Mitchell19 days ago

    Oof yah grrl

  53. B L X I R

    B L X I R19 days ago

    Boi You were in MARSHMELLOS VIDEO.

  54. ITZ_YA_ BOY

    ITZ_YA_ BOY19 days ago

    XD I miss super smash bros XD btw how do you know I would 100% do that with alcohol but as you said this mission is impossible😢

  55. Pooki Paider

    Pooki Paider19 days ago

    The Waldorf Astoria in Vegas has sensors so if u get one of the bottles of water of the desk it charges $10! FOR ONE BOTTLE

  56. Aaron Zhang

    Aaron Zhang19 days ago

    According to my parents, there a vending machine that dispenses disappointment. Guess what/who it is? :/

  57. properlyxo

    properlyxo19 days ago

    Lia there’s a Farmer’s Fridge in Chicago at an airport!!! I almost tried it....

  58. Alexis Clair

    Alexis Clair19 days ago

    The farmer fresh ones can be found in Chicago

  59. MJ Torres

    MJ Torres19 days ago

    Is it bad my hair is actually Pepsi brown?

  60. Turk

    Turk19 days ago

    Poor delicious crabs.....Asian countries are fucked up.... They were selling live baby turtles as keychains in this little round container.... Imagine that existence.

  61. Um Rya

    Um Rya19 days ago

    This yt is on YT twitter

  62. Crafty Chloe Sanders

    Crafty Chloe Sanders19 days ago

    She want every vending machine 😂😂😂😂

  63. Cody Jones

    Cody Jones20 days ago

    I ❤️ u

  64. McKenzie Clinton

    McKenzie Clinton20 days ago

    honestly i wouldnt be surprised if in the future someone invented a puppy vending machine. we would all love that

  65. Kaitlyn *

    Kaitlyn *15 days ago

    Yah but they would be in a cage

  66. L.G design

    L.G design20 days ago

    Wouldn’t the wine glass break when ur hits the floor

  67. Kausik Kar

    Kausik Kar20 days ago

    You are my favourite youtuber!!!! Love from INDIA!!!

  68. Ethanortiz _YT

    Ethanortiz _YT20 days ago

    Why can't you eat gluten?

  69. Meah Shumpert

    Meah Shumpert20 days ago

    i'd shake the machine

  70. Noemi Garcia

    Noemi Garcia20 days ago


  71. Miranda Bert-Brown

    Miranda Bert-Brown20 days ago

    I got a cheese burger from a vending machine at the YMCA in New York

  72. Miranda Bert-Brown

    Miranda Bert-Brown20 days ago

    Does anyone remember "Lemonade Mouth" and the lemonade vending machine that they had in the movie

  73. Fredrick Cooks

    Fredrick Cooks20 days ago

    Hi your my favorite Fortnite streamer

  74. Ashley Liu

    Ashley Liu20 days ago

    I've seen a vending machine that squeezes oranges for orange juice for u (it's expensive tho)

  75. Kaitlyn *

    Kaitlyn *15 days ago

    That’s so cool

  76. Ebony Smith

    Ebony Smith20 days ago

    Imagine when you invite friends over for a sleepover and one of them wants a burrito. You be like *I got you fam. -3-*

  77. Msp SimSims

    Msp SimSims20 days ago

    with the wine vending machine and the gold coin THERES A FLAW! what if a adult drops a coin and a kid finds it and uses it!?

  78. James Guildford

    James Guildford20 days ago

    Lia: this is making me see all things were missing out on Me: try living in New Zealand

  79. Connor Pugh

    Connor Pugh20 days ago

    I would love a vending machine which has games for consoles

  80. pippa johnson

    pippa johnson20 days ago

    Guys Goldfish are as edible as any other freshwater fish. If you choose to eat it, know these facts first: That gross flake and/or pellet stuff is what your fish has been eating exclusively. Pop a pellet or two, that's what your fish will most likely taste like

  81. pippa johnson

    pippa johnson20 days ago


  82. Eni A.

    Eni A.21 day ago

    Farmers Fridge is only in Chicago 😭

  83. Bentley

    Bentley21 day ago

    Now let’s trying speaking like an adult!

  84. K3NNY O

    K3NNY O21 day ago

    you are just waaaaaaaay to freaking cute. damn i lov u

  85. Edward Leas

    Edward Leas21 day ago

    Why are you in my recommended content? Get off my youtube lawn!!!

  86. RayKit

    RayKit21 day ago

    Great , another youtuber who pretends to be someone she's not. Nice.

  87. david S

    david S21 day ago

    1st time viewer... Suggested by Bixby 😁damn girl you're awesome, and soooo beautiful 😍

  88. Happpyaudrey1234 Unitcorn

    Happpyaudrey1234 Unitcorn21 day ago

    Mmmmm my brother drinking shapan and he is only 15 I’m so disappointed ☹️

  89. Kotoko's Kookies

    Kotoko's Kookies21 day ago

    3:00 Someone call Namjoon!🦀

  90. Kotoko's Kookies

    Kotoko's Kookies21 day ago

    2:53 Lia: "I know Ebay don't let you do this " Me: *Thinks back to Shane Dawson's 'selling my underwear for $100,000' video*😂

  91. joshua johnson

    joshua johnson21 day ago

    the goldfish vending machine

  92. joshua johnson

    joshua johnson21 day ago

    the cra thing is cruel.

  93. Kittyunderscorelover YEET

    Kittyunderscorelover YEET21 day ago

    I saw the potato mashed potato Machine and I am eating mashed potatoes right now

  94. Alex and Alishs

    Alex and Alishs21 day ago

    you know the wine one? The kids might just steal the coins and put them in! lol.

  95. Evan Moise

    Evan Moise21 day ago

    0:46 Dominos should take notes and invest in this

  96. Happy gnome

    Happy gnome21 day ago

    Please SSSniperWolf SUPSCRIBE To me at happy gnome slime

  97. my_bunnyjk

    my_bunnyjk21 day ago

    The mashed potato really tasty you guys should try it...... It was the most soft potato

  98. Elyse4point0

    Elyse4point021 day ago

    We had a salad machine at my college on Chicago. Was pretty nice, but I always worried I’d get wilted lettuce

  99. Shaked Halperin

    Shaked Halperin21 day ago

    im a simple man, i see youtube promoting a channel i leave an unlike

  100. Emeraldwolf gachaalpha

    Emeraldwolf gachaalpha22 days ago

    I need the fries one in my room I love I mean LOVE FRENCH FRIES.

  101. Savana Groups

    Savana Groups22 days ago

    Pew news?

  102. Kristijan Angelovski

    Kristijan Angelovski22 days ago

    I think the mini food vending machines for your room already exist... called mini fridge

  103. João Lopes

    João Lopes22 days ago

    Here from pewdiepie's video? Yea me too... im leaving

  104. Xvercy

    Xvercy21 day ago

    João Lopes me

  105. Arjev 4747

    Arjev 474722 days ago

    I don’t get why pleeps hating on her it’s USwork’s oopsie she didn’t do any thing her content isn’t bad ur all just hating cause youtube gave her a shoutout she didn’t ask for it

  106. Isaiah Taylor

    Isaiah Taylor22 days ago

    Wait did you say lose queif tea?

  107. Jj Cable 3000

    Jj Cable 300022 days ago

    The coolest was the pizza

  108. Brendan Brown

    Brendan Brown22 days ago

    Thank you for being you! I love watching you when I work a slow overnight shift! You’re so entertaining!!

  109. Jonah Masur

    Jonah Masur22 days ago

    I can't have gluten either