Patriots offense is in real trouble after performance in loss vs Chiefs | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright and Chris Canty recap the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots Week 14 matchup and discuss how worried the Patriots should be with quarterback Tom Brady after his performance in the game. The duo also grade the performance of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Chiefs beat the Patriots 23-16.
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Patriots offense is in real trouble after performance in loss vs Chiefs | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First


  1. First Things First

    First Things FirstMonth ago

    Are the Chiefs the best team in the AFC?

  2. Kevin Frazier

    Kevin FrazierMonth ago

    😂😂🤣🤣 thanks for the laugh!!! What a funny question

  3. Don Quixote

    Don QuixoteMonth ago


  4. Sàmañtha Womack

    Sàmañtha WomackMonth ago


  5. Slash Spot

    Slash SpotMonth ago

    @Sean S. u saying a denied td.....and a 90% possible fumble recovered td.....doesnt This is a really biased person @sean.s

  6. Sean S.

    Sean S.Month ago

    As a Chiefs fan, I put the 2nd in the AFC. The Pats were just stomped and everyone keeps saying the refs made the Pats lose when really they helped keep it close since the refs gave my chiefs about 5-6 phantom calls and 2 missed unnecessary roughness calls against Mahomes.

  7. Edwin Tapia

    Edwin Tapia19 days ago

    They lost there did not even get into the playoffs

  8. Kevin Frazier

    Kevin FrazierMonth ago

    Brady loses against both future best QBs...Time for Brady to go sit down before his legacy gets tarnished

  9. timothy hester

    timothy hesterMonth ago

    If you lose to the pats you don't deserve to be in the playoffs. Nicky hate any team that lose to pats

  10. Brian Wroten

    Brian WrotenMonth ago

    Their the best in AFC and NFL.

  11. Slack BomSlack

    Slack BomSlackMonth ago

    Nick is so immature.

  12. Google User

    Google UserMonth ago

    Actually, KC Chiefs is lucky for Patriots. Everytime they beat Patriots; Pat's end up winning a superbowl.

  13. Kuma Shabazz

    Kuma ShabazzMonth ago

    New England Patriots normal record 12 + 4. Its not over two its over

  14. Paul Brunelle

    Paul BrunelleMonth ago

    Nick says Mahommes was outstanding, really? Get off his jock Nick. He was alright far from outstanding.

  15. brian wynne

    brian wynneMonth ago

    Nick is incredible stupid, and I will not even mention that rug.

  16. Nicolas Sproge

    Nicolas SprogeMonth ago

    I guess I was mistaken because when I was there I was booing the refs at halftime

  17. Paul Wilson

    Paul WilsonMonth ago

    I hope they talked later about the shove of mahomes when he was out of bounds. You know if that had been Brady all kinds of flags would have been flying!

  18. flawless footstomper

    flawless footstomperMonth ago

    Their offense looks dismal that's why their back at it again, resorting to spying and lying on teams. They need to beat the bengals, that is why they committed a crime to steal their plays and formations. They have proven more than once you can win again because you spied on teams formations and lineups. Signals aren't the only thing you can, that's just an excuse to make the idols believe their is no other way of cheating and there are a lot of suckers out their.

  19. water

    waterMonth ago

    Yo what is carlton doin on first things first?

  20. Benjamin Joseph

    Benjamin JosephMonth ago

    Did Jenna change her hair...cute!

  21. Trent Friend

    Trent FriendMonth ago

    Mahomes, like Brady, will eventually get older and start being more conservative with plays and not risk taking the hits. Time is inevitable for EVERY player. Bad ref calls or not, Brady is human and will not be the juggernaut he used to be in these next few years...just saying.

  22. Posiedon 81

    Posiedon 81Month ago

    Glad CC isn't on this show anymore with his antics. Lets Go Nick and the crew.

  23. andrew paul

    andrew paulMonth ago

    We will make nick wrong look stupid all over again. Who made the best TD this week? Harris did!

  24. Greg Clark

    Greg ClarkMonth ago

    I was at the game. The fans were not booing the Pats. They were booing the refs.

  25. bmw racer

    bmw racerMonth ago

    The refs beat the Pats, not the Chiefs. And I'm not even a fan of the Pats.

  26. Bryan Randolph

    Bryan RandolphMonth ago

    Let's take away the officiating for a minute...I'm a sold Out Tom Brady Belichick New England Patriots Fan...But let's stop kidding ourselves...The Patriots don't have anymore depth to the Recieving Core and The Front Line is So terrible they can't Block anyone..Defensive .Linemen are Spinning on them pass rushing the heck out of Tom Brady..he has gotten hit more this year than I've ever seen him get hit becasue he has no one explosive and open down field to Throw to...Teams are too tall and fast defensively for what Brady has on his Roster..He can't keep trying to hit Julian Edelman all day they are wearing him out.....Without An Antonio Brown or a Josh Gordon whom they released...even Cordell Patterson with the Raiders now...they Released every deep threat they had except for Dorsett....No one is afraid of them anymore...Every week they keep saying we have to play better or we have to find ways to Win...Stop it!!! (You don't have the Recievers and You don't have a Front Line!!! It's frustrating watching Tom Brady searching in the Pocket taking hits and knockdowns trying to find an open Reciever...

  27. Darren Haselby

    Darren HaselbyMonth ago

    So glad CC is gone. He was always looking down on everything Nick said.

  28. Mike Bizzle

    Mike BizzleMonth ago

    Why is nobody talking about the band wagon fans that were booing their own team 😄 Who does that ? 😄 Band wagon fans exposed 👌

  29. kryticaldv

    kryticaldvMonth ago

    Nick gave Mahomes an A for that game?! NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  30. Dk 3Much

    Dk 3MuchMonth ago

    I like chris canty lol but he doesn't blink at all 😂

  31. S Yeah

    S YeahMonth ago

    Its funny they don't talk about the bad calls against the Chiefs

  32. Coin Collector

    Coin CollectorMonth ago

    Baltimore vs San Fran 49ers in SuperBowl. High scoring, 41-38 49ers

  33. Daniel Eidet

    Daniel Eidet19 days ago

    Coin Collector you silly...

  34. Coin Collector

    Coin CollectorMonth ago

    KC is NOT the best in the AFC period, they have escaped some close games this including this past week. If the calls were made right, KC would have lost. NE is in it but not the best, Baltimore is and 49ers in NFC

  35. FamilyMSV

    FamilyMSVMonth ago

    Patriots Way Pats almost to Bills, Eagles and Cowboys. They should be 7-6 right now with Bills clinching division.

  36. Mandel Harvey

    Mandel HarveyMonth ago

    Buffalo only loses if they're saving themselves for the playoffs. Allen can run through with punishment. He's not Lamar Jackson, but for one game he's relatively unstoppable. But he can't Dodge. He'll get hurt not injured. His hits will muck up his accuracy if he does it enough to win I think.

  37. D H

    D HMonth ago

    Love Nick, but gotta give Jenna a chance to talk MORE!

  38. Real world carpentry Remodeling

    Real world carpentry RemodelingMonth ago

    The pats are no doubt playing their worst football it a really long time. But the officiating in this game was some of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  39. Doeboy Dinero

    Doeboy DineroMonth ago

    The defense gave up about 30 the refs played just as well..

  40. Slash Spot

    Slash SpotMonth ago

    I said it once and i say it again pats got robbed by refs in this march.......chiefs Arent that good now cos of mahomes injury ..... defence has improved but it still sucks.......AND I SAY IT AGAIN PATS GOT ROBBED BY REFS#refs needs to do better job.....brrrre...

  41. madacenyc

    madacenycMonth ago

    Cris carter sounds different.

  42. Rondy Colbert

    Rondy ColbertMonth ago

    The Chiefs are the ones people need to be worried about. They are not THAT good. Get fanboy Nick a saddle,and, a bib.

  43. Heymynamestreyandihavea Basketballgametomorrow

    Heymynamestreyandihavea BasketballgametomorrowMonth ago

    This is an example of why teams need more than 2 challenges per game. These refs are horrible. Like replacement ref level bad. This is a big problem for the nfl.

  44. Heymynamestreyandihavea Basketballgametomorrow

    Heymynamestreyandihavea BasketballgametomorrowMonth ago

    Phil E they also had bad calls in favor of the pats. I’m just saying the reffing was definitely horrible on both sides and that it is a problem.

  45. Heymynamestreyandihavea Basketballgametomorrow

    Heymynamestreyandihavea BasketballgametomorrowMonth ago

    Matt Reese I thought they did but u can only use 2 per game

  46. Phil E

    Phil EMonth ago

    Yeah, they missed Edelman blocking Matheiu in the back on the Harry non TD.

  47. Matt Reese

    Matt ReeseMonth ago

    Heymynamestreyandihavea Basketballgametomorrow Maybe the pats should’ve have whined and cried and used up there challenges.

  48. Chris Bolduc

    Chris BolducMonth ago

    Chiefs got robbed in this game..150 yards in penalties and still won bhahahahha

  49. Mystic Souls

    Mystic SoulsMonth ago

    Come on people don't sleep on new England PATRIOTS in the post season!!!! You crazy to doubt them and I'm Pittsburgh Steelers fan!

  50. Bleed Green Nation

    Bleed Green NationMonth ago

    Says the nerd with a hair transplant 😱🤔😂

  51. Milrok Seeks

    Milrok SeeksMonth ago

    I've herd brady could win with anyone now I'm hearing get him some help. Stephen A is begging for you know who to be re-hired.

  52. Rob Chuk

    Rob ChukMonth ago

    Patriots fans booed because they're spoiled af. They haven't experienced a home loss in literal years. They forgot what it feels like

  53. Duane Reed

    Duane ReedMonth ago

    NOT worried, overall; yes, the offense IS the weakest I've seen since 2002. I see them as 13 & 3...12 & 4 as a worst-case scenario. The defense is carrying them on their shoulders. And...the officiating was terrible.

  54. Yehoshua IsYah

    Yehoshua IsYahMonth ago

    They need younger refs who can actually see what’s going on

  55. Phil E

    Phil EMonth ago

    The Patriots need better players who can overcome a blown TD call with 1st & Goal from the 3.

  56. Yehoshua IsYah

    Yehoshua IsYahMonth ago

    Patriots got robbed in this game, more than once, big time!

  57. Yehoshua IsYah

    Yehoshua IsYahMonth ago

    Well what if was your team?

  58. Mark Quick

    Mark QuickMonth ago

    Aww why don't you call the Whambulance

  59. Oh Scar

    Oh ScarMonth ago

    Am I the only one the misses cc!?

  60. Sarada Sreeram

    Sarada SreeramMonth ago

    So. The Pats had a TD on the O taken from them. Meanwhile the Cheifs scored only 3 points in half #2 and needed some bad officiating to get them a dub and they still almost lost, but there are no problems there. Nick, just please go home.

  61. local joker

    local jokerMonth ago

    The pats should sign dez bryant doesnt hurt hes just at home scratching his belly all day why not give him a chance its better than nothing which is what they have now they just need another presence to get the double team off edelman

  62. S M

    S MMonth ago

    Nick wrong is an idiot. Patriots were robbed 3 legit touchdowns in this game. Technically they won if it wasn’t for the so called “refs”

  63. FamilyMSV

    FamilyMSVMonth ago

    And if it weren’t for the refs, the Chiefs would’ve won the Super Bowl last year. It’s called KARMA. Get used to it.

  64. Dylan England

    Dylan EnglandMonth ago

    I hate the pats but the chiefs barely won nick.

  65. Rexy 1776

    Rexy 1776Month ago

    If Pats lose to the Bills then they are 3 seed. If they lose to Bills and somehow drop another game they are the 5th seed.

  66. david selawsky

    david selawskyMonth ago

    Nick...they winnif refs called game right. We all saw ya dope. They will b fine.

  67. 1EyedTEZZA

    1EyedTEZZAMonth ago

    If you look carefully, you can almost see Mahomes' seed dribbling out of Nick's mouth. It's also the same product he uses to glue his piece to his scalp.

  68. Charlie Barrett

    Charlie BarrettMonth ago

    Nick “AND” Wright

  69. Mike A

    Mike AMonth ago

    GO CHIEFS!!!!!!

  70. happyduck75

    happyduck75Month ago

    The Chiefs needed help from.......the REFS. This is what is so stupid about these sports talking heads....if the Refs make the correct calls...the Patriots win...then guess what???? The conversation here would be completely different. So dumb. But that fact is undeniable.

  71. Jamea Douglas

    Jamea DouglasMonth ago

    This is the wores offense every , a Pats fan

  72. Nissan370Z

    Nissan370ZMonth ago

    Retire already Brady.

  73. Michele Masterson

    Michele MastersonMonth ago

    Patriots are in trouble at 11 and 2

  74. FamilyMSV

    FamilyMSVMonth ago

    Michele Masterson *10-3

  75. Shadow11

    Shadow11Month ago

    Where's Carter? 🤔

  76. Ty Migliore

    Ty MiglioreMonth ago

    You all keep taking the bait. The pats won't lose to any of the teams that they have lost to in the regular season.these games aren't the important ones.