Binging with Babish: Larb from Spider-Man: Homecoming


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish14 days ago

    I hope I did a better job pronouncing stuff this week. But I'm pretty sure I didn't.

  2. Trae Hammond

    Trae Hammond4 days ago

    Can we please get a kelp shake

  3. Cupcake Queen

    Cupcake Queen6 days ago

    Binging with Babish You pronounced everything really well! For the khao kuah you don’t have to say the “h” as much though

  4. Trevor Gibson

    Trevor Gibson6 days ago

    Larb is such a weird name for a food that it made me think it wouldn't be good, but after seeing this video, it is clear that I was wrong

  5. Sean Pipatkhajonchai

    Sean Pipatkhajonchai7 days ago

    Genuinely curious about how you keep relatively in shape with all the amazing but seemingly calorie dense recipes you make. Been trying to lose weight and have been making some good progress but have been forced to keep a relatively plain diet. Is it just going to the gym more often?

  6. Alan Benzo

    Alan Benzo18 minutes ago

    Make the Broodwich from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  7. Alex Klein

    Alex Klein4 hours ago

    The only people disliking are cilantro farmers

  8. metal shadow

    metal shadow5 hours ago


  9. Bridget Melson

    Bridget Melson8 hours ago

    what can I substitute for fish sauce. Allergic to all Fish and Seafood products.

  10. Tito

    Tito9 hours ago

    How do you not like cilantro? I can eat an entire bag of that stuff in two days.

  11. Diallo Wilson

    Diallo Wilson13 hours ago

    You don’t like CILANTRO 🤬. Triggered.

  12. Kriegguardsmen129752 89

    Kriegguardsmen129752 8913 hours ago

    Nice, let’s get this out on a tray

  13. idk wonder7

    idk wonder713 hours ago

    Ooo so i did eat rice pudding in my life cuz in thai i bought the mango rice ting in malay its called something else so i had no clue its was rice pudding and i was begging my mom to taste rice pudding

  14. dimitris klg

    dimitris klg13 hours ago

    the steve1989 mention made me giggle heh.. another favorite channel! " Btw is "look at that. nice!" taken from steves vids?

  15. Patrick Sparks

    Patrick Sparks14 hours ago

    That steve1989 shoutout though... nice

  16. Kisuke Flame

    Kisuke Flame15 hours ago

    So glad I'm not the only one that hates cilantro.

  17. Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Vegetarian Soylent-Green17 hours ago

    Larb < Barf

  18. Raven Francis

    Raven Francis18 hours ago

    Fun fact: Larb is actually pronounced "Lahb".

  19. LOLMANGUY Ps4 and Moblie Gamer

    LOLMANGUY Ps4 and Moblie Gamer19 hours ago

    *OH MY GOD* Thank you for cook Thai Food. This Larb is So Poppular at every Resteraunt. Also That Sticky rice Pudding is Sticky Rice and Mango Though

  20. TI Bayonex

    TI Bayonex20 hours ago

    Do the Sandvich from TF2.

  21. Ashleigh Miller-Hayes

    Ashleigh Miller-Hayes20 hours ago

    We always eat the larb on a whole cabbage leaf. Very yummy

  22. Vexs

    Vexs21 hour ago

    So it was expensive?

  23. Brian Yim

    Brian Yim23 hours ago

    That Steve shootout though... Nice...

  24. Erron Black

    Erron BlackDay ago

    Honestly want to try it.

  25. Micah Waller

    Micah WallerDay ago

    I agree with you on everything.... Except that cilantro is SO GOOD

  26. greg vy

    greg vyDay ago

    Steve1989MRE reference.. Nice..

  27. tired_ben

    tired_benDay ago

    what about the banana in ffh-

  28. schmerzen

    schmerzenDay ago

    God please do a collab with Steve1989

  29. brotherhoodz97

    brotherhoodz97Day ago

    The last time I went to brown town, I got my wallet stolen and my tires slashed. This in and of itself was strange, considering I never went slower than 45 mph.

  30. Gilbert T

    Gilbert TDay ago

    Im thai and I couldnt finish this fucking video watching everyone call this LaRB lmao it’s pronounced LAAHB

  31. keybearer26

    keybearer26Day ago

    What type of pan do you regularly use?

  32. Penguini

    PenguiniDay ago

    Delicious food, ugly name.

  33. ShadowX

    ShadowX2 days ago

    My family makes larb a lot and we make it thai hot to make it very spicy

  34. Jacob Halifax

    Jacob Halifax2 days ago

    OMG Mango is so yummy!

  35. ShowMeh YaMoves

    ShowMeh YaMoves2 days ago

    2:12 *"ROOLLL 'EM UP!"*

  36. D'heuvel Tappin

    D'heuvel Tappin2 days ago

    Did Andrew just peal a mango with a peeler, the disrespect is too unreal.

  37. Derpy Dimentio

    Derpy Dimentio2 days ago

    one shallot for man, three small onions for mankind

  38. mali mali

    mali mali2 days ago

    that wasnt right way to cook larb :( we dont cook meat with oil!!!!!! this one is a big mistake...........

  39. Yogee Bear

    Yogee Bear2 days ago

    Thank god i'm not the only one who hates cilantro

  40. Max Frezen-Latynin

    Max Frezen-Latynin2 days ago

    that "nice" reference tho

  41. James Thompson

    James Thompson2 days ago

    He mentioned Steve1989!!! He did the thing. All hail our Lord and master Steve1989! All hail the Nice!

  42. Perennial Rhinitis

    Perennial Rhinitis2 days ago

    I love it when my favorite USworkrs make references to each other :)

  43. EngRos

    EngRos2 days ago

    Glad you feel the same way about coriander as I wish more cooks would

  44. leadbones

    leadbones2 days ago

    Nice. Love the shoutout to Steve.

  45. Toby Baldwin

    Toby Baldwin2 days ago

    I love watching steve 1989

  46. ShadowFlame006

    ShadowFlame0062 days ago

    We love ya dude. Keep the good work flowin ^-^

  47. OP jrfalko

    OP jrfalko2 days ago

    sorry but I cringed on the clip

  48. Michael Farrelly

    Michael Farrelly2 days ago

    Good stuff as always babish. Would love a raw larb maybe in the future! Raw larb is the "manly" larb ;)

  49. Taylor Sharpie

    Taylor Sharpie3 days ago

    Loving these steeve1989mre references

  50. Wesley Jones

    Wesley Jones3 days ago

    stevemre1989? interesting

  51. Logo J.S.

    Logo J.S.3 days ago

    No babish no! That mango is the worst mango you could have used for a thai dish! In my family (we are Thai), you don't use those bright red and yellow mangoes. They are far too tart and fibrous. You want to use the small, yellow, delicate champagne mangoes. They are so sweet and soft they're almost more like a custard, but they're fruit, and they are perfect for mangoes and sticky rice.

  52. Nemo TheEight

    Nemo TheEight18 hours ago

    Yeah, but not every country have access to every type of mango. Or any fruit. Once I've tried to bake cake, and recipe included meyer's lemons. Sure, no problem, but they sell them only as tree in my country and I had only 2 weeks to bake whole stuff. Foor yellow mango Google sohw me only yellow tracksuit called "Mango" and yellow mango seed.

  53. Anant Sananikone

    Anant Sananikone3 days ago

    I see no siracha WHERES THE SIRACHA

  54. Aenide11

    Aenide113 days ago

    Please make the Stinky Sandwich from Home Improvement!

  55. Jasmin Beisteiner

    Jasmin Beisteiner3 days ago

    I can't eat cilantro too... Tastes like soap