Binging with Babish: Larb from Spider-Man: Homecoming

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To Aunt May's delight and amusement, her mild-mannered nephew Peter orders Larb at their local Thai place. Despite her pun-centric lampooning, she'll soon discover that larb is the meat salad that'll make you less grossed out by the concept of something called 'meat salad'.
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  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish4 months ago

    I hope I did a better job pronouncing stuff this week. But I'm pretty sure I didn't.

  2. Z3R0

    Z3R018 days ago

    Why do you hate Cilantro?

  3. Jonathan Vogt

    Jonathan Vogt19 days ago

    Yeah, your mispronunciation of coriander was egregious! :P

  4. xavier Barrera

    xavier Barrera20 days ago

    Binging with Babish we larb you either way🥰🥰

  5. The Solder_Elite Gaming

    The Solder_Elite Gaming28 days ago

    Hey,I'm from Thailand we don't really eat larb like that but I like it it better than normal larb :)

  6. nap013

    nap013Month ago

    Binging with Babish I noticed the Steve1989MRE name drop and reference. I have an awesome suggestion, do a video with him. Begin with trying an MRE then make a better “babish” version.

  7. Thedarkinsignia *last name missing*

    Thedarkinsignia *last name missing*Day ago

    eat the soap

  8. Shrimron Denny

    Shrimron DennyDay ago

    You should invite mark Wiens and sunny side from best ever food review show to your show. 😂

  9. zemar's 51 backwards guys

    zemar's 51 backwards guys2 days ago

    Do any of you guys remember when he said "lets say inebriated friends" and later just said they're stoned on a different occasion in a different episode? I think it was a nacho one

  10. laura nugent

    laura nugent4 days ago

    I will eat your cilantro if you eat my coconut. 🤢

  11. Mackenzie T

    Mackenzie T4 days ago

    This man needs a larger whisk

  12. praewphan wongsuriya

    praewphan wongsuriya4 days ago


  13. Will Huberty

    Will Huberty5 days ago

    You watch Steve1989 mre

  14. Will Huberty

    Will Huberty5 days ago


  15. Kim_Brdl

    Kim_Brdl6 days ago

    Ps if you're going to visit Thailand. They sell these food menus in the airport, in duty free.

  16. the batman

    the batman10 days ago

    Marisa Tomei is looking good in her 50s

  17. Watson and Daughter

    Watson and Daughter11 days ago

    When you find someone who hates cilantro as much as u do

  18. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee11 days ago

    I was about to say something like 'great another white person making asian things' then you shit on cilantro like no tomorrow and now you're my best friend.

  19. ItsZEUSI Gaming

    ItsZEUSI Gaming11 days ago

    You forgot the tray!!! ;)

  20. Gabriel Carvalho

    Gabriel Carvalho16 days ago

    Cilantro is deeeeelicious

  21. Martimus Prime

    Martimus Prime18 days ago

    I can tolerate a lot of bullshit in my life. I can handle people disagreeing with me on many topics mostly political or religious. The one thing I cannot goddamn abide is a man who supposedly enjoys cooking and hates cilantro. I hope bullet ants swarm your testicles one day.

  22. Zei33

    Zei3319 days ago

    Maybe you’d stop being allergic to “cilantro” if you stopped calling it cilantro.

  23. HybrydATP64

    HybrydATP6419 days ago

    “Steve 1989 style” So you know of the great lord of “Nice”

  24. Kaylee York

    Kaylee York20 days ago

    No no no Babish... that’s not Devil’s Lettuce 😂😂 but it does taste awful 😂

  25. Kayla Egas

    Kayla Egas22 days ago

    Loved the rimshot in brackets!

  26. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker22 days ago

    Your gay if it's gray

  27. Ivy He

    Ivy He23 days ago

    put some sea salt in the coconut sauce, that would make it even better.

  28. Dale Hagen

    Dale Hagen23 days ago

    How did I miss this video! I love sticky rice pudding!

  29. USHERFAIL 851

    USHERFAIL 85124 days ago

    Sir banish I’m Thai and with the Thai sticky rice pudding it might go nice with banana . Try putting banana on grill then add ie cream trust me it’s amazing

  30. Rafael Alvarez

    Rafael Alvarez25 days ago

    What’s wrong with cilantro

  31. iamphil159

    iamphil15927 days ago

    As a Thai I have to say you are the first foreign youtuber that re create the dish so accurately. Good job man!

  32. bumble bone

    bumble bone27 days ago

    I don't get why bald Jesus hates cilantro

  33. Greg Zemke-Smith

    Greg Zemke-Smith28 days ago

    Wait, you don't like cilantro? You are my new food hero!!!!

  34. Jane Renalds

    Jane Renalds28 days ago

    Oh yes. Devils lettuce is um. Cilantro

  35. batsykins925

    batsykins92529 days ago

    Yay!! Mark Weins reference!

  36. Nerdvana North

    Nerdvana North29 days ago

    You are a true man of the people Babs! Steve1989 MRE style! I laughed out loud! Awesome!

  37. Jordan The Awesome One

    Jordan The Awesome OneMonth ago

    Y dont you like salontro?

  38. A salty sailor

    A salty sailorMonth ago

    Steve 1989 MRE Style, your a hero for that reference 😂

  39. Web Head

    Web HeadMonth ago

    Whats so bad about cilantro?

  40. Zhakakhan Xiong

    Zhakakhan XiongMonth ago

    Fun fact. There is a variant of Larb, which features raw beef. Similar preparation, and similar to Poke. The acidity from the lime is supposed to kill the raw flavor, but it's an aquired taste.

  41. Weebo VV

    Weebo VVMonth ago

    Isn't Larb that thing Sims yell when they take a good shit?

  42. Minesh Nissanka

    Minesh NissankaMonth ago

    How dare you?!! Cilantro is delicious!!!

  43. David Carrillo

    David CarrilloMonth ago

    It’s pronounced “erbs” not herbs!

  44. Akida Switch

    Akida SwitchMonth ago

    "Making sure that every grain is saHaturated"

  45. Ninja saw t

    Ninja saw tMonth ago

    I larb you 3000, damn it just found the other comment. My stupid self thought I made a good remark. You can hate me

  46. Mike Wood

    Mike WoodMonth ago

    this larb has a hint of rancidity to it

  47. Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Vegetarian Soylent-GreenMonth ago

    I larb you and your channel

  48. Zzzetsu Live

    Zzzetsu LiveMonth ago

    Why the ewwwww on cilantro

  49. Devon Leybold

    Devon LeyboldMonth ago

    😭😭😭 my mom walked in when you said “just keep cranking it up and down until it feels good” aaaa

  50. tyler thomas

    tyler thomasMonth ago

    I like cilantro

  51. Heritic Slayer

    Heritic SlayerMonth ago

    Steve1989 vid collaboration when?

  52. Indicteronomy

    IndicteronomyMonth ago

    Wait what? I thought this was a rice dish. Nope, just seasoned pork. Huh.

  53. That One Guy

    That One GuyMonth ago

    Make som tum.

  54. Amelia Davidson

    Amelia DavidsonMonth ago

    So larb turned out to be much more than I thought it was....and it looks so much more appetizing now. Thanks for lesson! I just thought it was a simple lettuce wrap. And I never thought about trying to make rice pudding since I do not have a rice steamer either but...this preparation makes it seem doable. Might have to jot it down as another recipe to test out.

  55. Ryan Gunnip

    Ryan GunnipMonth ago

    Cool, a recipe that someone with Celiac disease can eat! BOOM!

  56. jdzencelowcz

    jdzencelowczMonth ago

    I don't even remember this scene from the movie! O__o

  57. Mike nazzal

    Mike nazzalMonth ago

    I'm so happy he knows Steve1989, this makes him even more likeable :D


    Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITIONMonth ago

    The Perfect cross over doesn't exi... *Babish references steve1989* My god, it does exist!

  59. hugo balder

    hugo balderMonth ago

    you dont pronounce the r in larb. ist more like laaab, and when its with chicken its laaab guy (larb gai)

  60. Jamey Todd

    Jamey ToddMonth ago


  61. Rikaria Margatroid

    Rikaria MargatroidMonth ago

    As Thai I think you make two of this menu really perfect. One recommend, Larb really going well sticky rice. If you have a chance please try it next time.

  62. Alex Mester

    Alex MesterMonth ago

    @0:41 Steve1989 reference ! Nothing more wholesome than to see your favorite youtubers like eachother !

  63. DarkXenith

    DarkXenithMonth ago

    +1 on the "Euurgh...Cilantro"

  64. Fantasy_studio :D

    Fantasy_studio :DMonth ago

    Thai foooooooooood🇹🇭 I’m only Thai people;-;

  65. Anna Johnson

    Anna JohnsonMonth ago

    The variety of mango that is typically served with mango sticky rice and the mango you used in this video are very different in taste and texture. I did use the Mexican kind when I lived far from any Asian grocery and it still tastes okay but much more sour and more stringy.

  66. Scott Bradley

    Scott BradleyMonth ago

    :50 let's get it on a tray, Nice