Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS! Which Should You Buy?

Hands on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus VS iPhone XS Max! Design, Display, Camera, Speed, Battery, Features & Complete Comparison Review. Also Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR!
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  1. EverythingApplePro

    EverythingApplePro7 months ago

    Drop a 👍 for innovation. I don’t care if it’s Samsung, Xiaomi or Apple. Innovation is everything and Samsung is killing it this year.

  2. Chris Chambers

    Chris Chambers27 days ago


  3. Joshmakey12

    Joshmakey12Month ago

    If the galaxy s10 had apple software I would immediately take it over iPhone XS

  4. Ammar Arshad

    Ammar ArshadMonth ago

    EverythingApplePro Yeet

  5. Slay Laura

    Slay Laura2 months ago


  6. Martina Hesse

    Martina Hesse2 months ago

    Apple is much better Samsung looks a bit ugly at the camera and it has no face ID

  7. Joey Walker

    Joey Walker3 hours ago

    I bet that everyone that disliked, are Apple users 🤣

  8. Park Jimin • 박지민

    Park Jimin • 박지민15 hours ago

    Alright everybody, read the channels name, ya... everything apple pro. Stop tryna roast apple aight? Cuz we not tryna fight with ur immaturity. 🤷‍♀️

  9. RAYEN xd

    RAYEN xdDay ago


  10. Scard4Life

    Scard4LifeDay ago

    I have an iPhone XS but I’m thinking in my head that I want to change to the s10 but I don’t know if I should do or not

  11. s h a n

    s h a nDay ago

    Everyone in my family just upgraded to xr and we love it, but maybe that’s because I upgraded from a 4, my dad and sister a 6 and my mom a 6+

  12. Dark Fox

    Dark Fox3 days ago

    You should say iPhone XS Vs S10+ not S10

  13. PraCtiC_ BOWziE

    PraCtiC_ BOWziE3 days ago

    its now 14 oktober 2019 and the new iPhone 11 doesn't have reverse power share

  14. CaNc3r0uZ d1Ab3t3Z

    CaNc3r0uZ d1Ab3t3Z3 days ago


  15. Reene Otieno

    Reene Otieno5 days ago

    I love the s 10+

  16. TheNewGeneration 2016

    TheNewGeneration 20168 days ago

    Just choose whatever suits you honestly 😀

  17. leah_v21

    leah_v219 days ago

    iPhone is way better

  18. leah_v21

    leah_v219 days ago

    iPhone is the best

  19. Simreet Atwal

    Simreet Atwal9 days ago


  20. Simreet Atwal

    Simreet Atwal9 days ago


  21. Simreet Atwal

    Simreet Atwal9 days ago


  22. Simreet Atwal

    Simreet Atwal9 days ago


  23. Simreet Atwal

    Simreet Atwal9 days ago


  24. Simreet Atwal

    Simreet Atwal9 days ago


  25. Simreet Atwal

    Simreet Atwal9 days ago


  26. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan9 days ago

    *Laughs in Samsung*

  27. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan9 days ago

    Just comments no likes im not one of *THOSE* people who want likes, so just comment what ya like

  28. Bimsara Malindu

    Bimsara Malindu11 days ago

    Fuck apple

  29. itsminty

    itsminty11 days ago

    Dont diss Apple or samsung they both are amazing but i personally prefer Apple I am gonna buy iPhone XS and my mom and dad have samsung galaxy s10 lol

  30. emja m

    emja m12 days ago

    My Dream phone would have the specs and looks of an S10 (but maybe the A13 Bionic instead of a Snapdragon or Exynos) but it would run IOS with its smooth animations and with the Apple ecosystem.

  31. Carlos Vargas

    Carlos Vargas13 days ago

    Samsung i

  32. mitchell toppin

    mitchell toppin14 days ago

    i love iphone i hv a iphone 5s and samsung is trash

  33. elizabeth ramazetti

    elizabeth ramazetti15 days ago

    I want

  34. Multi-fandom satan

    Multi-fandom satan16 days ago

    I came here with hurt pride in search of the "android with good camera quality" The myth became reality 😥😢😰

  35. First Last

    First Last17 days ago

    The only thing apple got on android is the apple games you can send

  36. Mr. Z

    Mr. Z17 days ago

    That s10+ wallpaper looked really nice I need it

  37. RedstoneGodLike

    RedstoneGodLike18 days ago

    S10, just wish i had one tho

  38. Sky Net

    Sky Net20 days ago

    What’s the name of the background on the Samsung

  39. Sarone Nebeyu

    Sarone Nebeyu20 days ago


  40. I know right?

    I know right?21 day ago

    Can someone please tell me how to get the wallpaper used in the thumbnail??😭😭

  41. TechSamsung TS

    TechSamsung TS21 day ago

    Without even starting the video I'm on the ad, im immediately going to reccomend the S10 + or Note.

  42. Savion Lee Washington

    Savion Lee Washington21 day ago

    Can you please get me an S10+?

  43. A.R.M.Y

    A.R.M.Y23 days ago

    *When I take my iPhone7+ to school* My friends: wow, an iPhone ! *When I take my s10+ to school* My friends:

  44. 420blazethejews1945

    420blazethejews194517 days ago

    @A.R.M.Y i mean.....yeah

  45. A.R.M.Y

    A.R.M.Y17 days ago

    @420blazethejews1945 I actually mean that people think a phone is superior just bc it has apple logo

  46. 420blazethejews1945

    420blazethejews194517 days ago

    Iphones.....are those the phones that break the first time you drop it?

  47. Springscare230

    Springscare23023 days ago

    Samsung has always been better

  48. Malintha Herath

    Malintha Herath24 days ago

    and reverse wireless charging didn't come with iphone 11

  49. Odalys Salazar

    Odalys Salazar24 days ago

    Where can I get that case with lights in the back? At the minute 4:48

  50. Odalys Salazar

    Odalys Salazar23 days ago

    @ailurusfulgens9 what shop?

  51. ailurusfulgens9

    ailurusfulgens923 days ago

    It costs 59,99€ in US probably 49,99$

  52. ailurusfulgens9

    ailurusfulgens923 days ago

    Odalys Salazar you mean the led case? You can get at the shop

  53. Akif Ahmad

    Akif Ahmad24 days ago

    It’s funny how this guy says the features that the iPhone doesn’t have compared to the s10 and then immediately says “but don’t worry guys it’ll be on the iPhone 11”

  54. Retrobellite

    Retrobellite26 days ago


  55. Md Mohiuddin

    Md Mohiuddin26 days ago

    Plz do a video on s10 vs iPhone 11

  56. 420blazethejews1945

    420blazethejews194517 days ago

    Better to do note 10

  57. Italion Job

    Italion Job26 days ago

    I need s10plus🙂🙂

  58. Rafi 101

    Rafi 10127 days ago

    "Its called powershare,something that apple's gonna be doing in iphone11"😂😂

  59. Hertimus

    Hertimus27 days ago

    samsung hands down apple sucks

  60. xxfirezxx

    xxfirezxx28 days ago

    is it gonna have the "polish" of the iphone... BRO IPHONE IS TRASH

  61. Hertimus

    Hertimus27 days ago

    apple sucks sooo bad it's not even funny samsung is way better

  62. xxfirezxx

    xxfirezxx28 days ago

    He is trying so hatd not to admit that samsung is better

  63. xxfirezxx

    xxfirezxx28 days ago

    i dont understand why ppl like apple so much

  64. Franky De Cicco

    Franky De Cicco29 days ago

    Bought the s10 yesterday sold it today to buy iphone xs and go back to apple again. The camera is pure shit on the samsung especially the selfie cam. The UI looks so cheap and the screen edges are unsharp. The playstore looks unprofessional as well. Overall apple is and feels more premium.

  65. 420blazethejews1945

    420blazethejews194517 days ago

    You bought an s10 and then sold it....sure lmao salty isheep 1. Bendgate 2. The note 9 and 10 have wayyyyyy better cameras than iphone and the google pixel, do i need to talk about that camera.

  66. Marjorie Cohn

    Marjorie Cohn29 days ago

    Well that sounds like hands down the Samsung but I"ve heard iPhones in general are easier to repair if needed. What's your feeling about that.........

  67. Ben Beach

    Ben Beach29 days ago

    Apple is better

  68. niklas johansson

    niklas johansson29 days ago

    only beef with android is that shit snapchat quality and other apps are also perfected for ios not android and androids often start crashing at least the s7/8 on my friends phone

  69. 420blazethejews1945

    420blazethejews194517 days ago

    I had an s7 edge for years got the note 9 about 10 days ago and never had it crash so what is it with iphone users saying androids crash.

  70. c.m Maria

    c.m MariaMonth ago

    S10 or iphone 7plus/8plus ???????

  71. 420blazethejews1945

    420blazethejews194517 days ago

    Note 9

  72. Jillian Cortez

    Jillian CortezMonth ago

    1:58 LMAO idk why i laughed so hard at this.

  73. Repo ManND

    Repo ManNDMonth ago

    I’ve had iPhone since the second one came out. I’m finally switching to Samsung.. I got a Samsung Chromebook last Christmas and I was pretty sure that I’d be switching phones almost right away.

  74. Smash 72Cutlass

    Smash 72CutlassMonth ago

    How bias was this review ? Did we get a free Galaxy ? I think we did. Who’s a good Samsung boy ? You are.

  75. 420blazethejews1945

    420blazethejews194517 days ago

    There is a difference between bias and having a better phone thats why the note 9 was named best phone of last year and since the iphone 11 was revealed the note 10 is still named the best phone of 2019 :)

  76. 420blazethejews1945

    420blazethejews194517 days ago

    "Everythingapplepro" shut the fuck up

  77. Lewis George

    Lewis GeorgeMonth ago

    If Samsung phones supported Android updates for longer then I would, for sure, seriously consider buying their phones. I love Samsung design and their UI, but their software update support is short for such expensive devices when compared to iPhones.

  78. bammbamm12

    bammbamm12Month ago

    If you're really rich, or really poor and know you're never going to own a house, you would have the expendable income to waste on these passing fads.