Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone XS! Which Should You Buy?


  1. EverythingApplePro

    EverythingApplePro4 months ago

    Drop a 👍 for innovation. I don’t care if it’s Samsung, Xiaomi or Apple. Innovation is everything and Samsung is killing it this year.

  2. Cringe Lemon

    Cringe Lemon2 days ago

    EverythingApplePro 500 comment

  3. A.G _empire

    A.G _empireMonth ago


  4. iTzHyruleGuardiansTTV

    iTzHyruleGuardiansTTVMonth ago


  5. CAPT Jamaica

    CAPT Jamaica2 months ago

    Gimi 1

  6. Gurjit Brar

    Gurjit Brar3 months ago

    @Sumaiya Ripa apple can't count

  7. papi 02351

    papi 0235121 hour ago

    Now you convince me to switch to Samsung s10 from iPhone

  8. DoinkZz Youtube

    DoinkZz YoutubeDay ago

    I dont know why people still think i phones are better. I mean obviously their both great companies dominating the market. But ye

  9. Callum Sinclair

    Callum SinclairDay ago

    The ONLY thing that keeps me with apple is the fact that Samsung and other android phones are terrible on social media (something I use a lot on my phone) and android doesn’t seem as fluid as iOS

  10. Seele O

    Seele ODay ago

    I use a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and I've noticed quality issues on Instagram and Snapchat but the rest of the apps like Twitter and Facebook are basically on par with the Apple counter part.

  11. masum hosen dptori

    masum hosen dptori2 days ago

    like Samsung s10

  12. Johantheking Goober

    Johantheking Goober2 days ago

    Which is better? XS Max: Like Samsung S10: Comment

  13. Justin Rodriguezvlogs

    Justin Rodriguezvlogs15 hours ago

    Comment lol

  14. MrBryan

    MrBryanDay ago


  15. ARK 727

    ARK 7272 days ago

    I prefer Nokia 3311

  16. SLD_RyZe

    SLD_RyZe3 days ago

    Apple : 1 fall = not working anymore Samsung : 162 falls = screen shattered

  17. SLD_RyZe

    SLD_RyZe2 days ago

    @ZGX samsung or apple??

  18. ZGX

    ZGX3 days ago

    SLD_RyZe mine has fallen 100+ times over the years

  19. Kevpx Gilbert

    Kevpx Gilbert3 days ago

    Most people are Apple iPhone freaks that they don't release what they are missing out on until they switch

  20. Leonard Preston

    Leonard Preston3 days ago


  21. Salman Bader

    Salman Bader3 days ago

    Best phones ever

  22. Salman Bader

    Salman Bader3 days ago

    I love samsung and Huawei

  23. Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?

    Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?4 days ago

    im buying a new phone and was curious which was better to buy. i've never had an iOS device before. every time i upgrade my samsung. i have a samsung s6 and was thinking of upgrading but a lot of pictures i see on instagram are taken with iphones and have beautiful quality compared to my s6. but seeing this video made me stay with android.

  24. buckspoppy 98

    buckspoppy 983 days ago

    Well thats because they can take the picture in the app. But if you compare it outside the app then IOS will look much better

  25. Wes & Jeff

    Wes & Jeff4 days ago

    I’ll just get any new phone as long as it’s not laggy.

  26. SAMI

    SAMI4 days ago

    Just wait till Apple drop their iPhone xi this year🤫

  27. Powerix

    Powerix3 days ago

    Um, Note 10?

  28. Anony Mous

    Anony Mous5 days ago

    Mas ok pa den ang iphone na compare ko ng personal, mukang samsung ng sponsor neto eh hahaha

  29. Jordhi Vladimir

    Jordhi Vladimir5 days ago

    Everything Samsungpro

  30. buckshee

    buckshee5 days ago

    I’ve currently got an iPhone 8 and the only thing that’s stopping me switching to the S10 is not wanting to spend money on a non 5G device.

  31. OctaneZy

    OctaneZy6 days ago

    4:39 how do u do this?

  32. Azeem Mulla

    Azeem Mulla6 days ago

    Cant understand why people just want to bash iPhones ? Man I Have iPhone X and I went to see s10 in samsung store but I liked my iPhone over s10 , I mean if u just see camera quality s10 pictures doesnt look real whereas iPhone’s pics look almost real and true to life

  33. The Mobile gamer

    The Mobile gamer6 days ago

    Is 10s or 10s max

  34. Steve

    Steve6 days ago

    To be honest, I think you should compare the Samsung s10 to the iPhone 11(when it comes out). This is because they’re both the latest phones of each company so that would seem a lot more fair. What you should compare to the the iPhone XS is the Samsung S9, then we can have a conversation.

  35. Steve

    Steve6 days ago

    @Vamos Por La XVI well we'll have to wait and see

  36. Vamos Por La XVI

    Vamos Por La XVI6 days ago

    Samsung is still going to be better lmao.

  37. Dimitri D

    Dimitri D6 days ago

    Checked the whole USwork not a single USworkr didn’t even compared xs vs xs max camera, so no one has dare enough to do that, all are scared of apple might sue hahaha, then why the fuck you guys need a USwork channel. Scared assholes

  38. Martell Tha Cool

    Martell Tha Cool7 days ago

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

  39. holet

    holet7 days ago

    All of us iPhone users watching this crying our eyes out lol

  40. Farhad Naqvi Vines

    Farhad Naqvi Vines7 days ago

    In 5:10 see what the colour of it is (s10+) ?

  41. DarkManiac5201 X

    DarkManiac5201 X4 days ago

    Crown silver and it's the S10 5g

  42. vampluv120

    vampluv1207 days ago

    1:58 R.I.P iPhone lmao

  43. divuds muffang

    divuds muffang7 days ago

    ok samsung wtf? a massive battery a frikin 8 gb ram a frikin octa core processor and weighing like 175 oz? Dayum what does Samsung do bruh?

  44. HornyTrolllololololool

    HornyTrolllololololool8 days ago

    S10's speaker, earphone, sound software dolby atmos: overall sound system has improved sustainably. I think it might be the acquisition of the company AKG, that makes high end studio headphones & other sound equipments. I think they might be getting better deal from them as suppliers so they don't have to worry as much about the cost of phone.

  45. HealthyAndrew

    HealthyAndrew8 days ago

    Going to buy a new phone tomorrow. S10 or iPhone XR? Give me some advice here

  46. vitoria regina

    vitoria regina8 days ago

    I've just got the s10 and it's a really nice phone. Has the headphone jack, it is REALLY fast and it's just great to unlock your phone by just touching the black screen. The screen is surreal. Really amazing phone. And in comparison with the iPhone xs is much, much cheaper. In my opinion apple was great but is in decline. Wouldn't get an iPhone rn.

  47. Pavel Aziz

    Pavel Aziz8 days ago

    For 2019 1:HUAWEI 2:SAMSUNG 3:APPLE

  48. XxCluTchGod360xX

    XxCluTchGod360xX8 days ago

    I want it so bad

  49. XxCluTchGod360xX

    XxCluTchGod360xX8 days ago

    I want the ikonik I meant

  50. XxCluTchGod360xX

    XxCluTchGod360xX8 days ago

    I want the free galaxy skin 🙂

  51. Dex Rock Baka Prase Ultras Plays Fan

    Dex Rock Baka Prase Ultras Plays Fan8 days ago

    Iphone= 📱 Samsung= ☎🔫

  52. divuds muffang

    divuds muffang7 days ago

    your mom = bitch

  53. ItsMaying

    ItsMaying9 days ago

    I’m a 10year Iphone user. But this S10 makes me doubt!!! Can u help me

  54. tr. mateo

    tr. mateo9 days ago

    If he seems like hes really into the S10, why does he call himself "everythingapplepro"🤔

  55. Steve

    Steve6 days ago

    tr. mateo He mainly reviews Apple products that’s why and he has been using Apple for a very long time

  56. LxM4nd4t0ry

    LxM4nd4t0ry9 days ago

    Easy, s10 is better

  57. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ9 days ago

    Just switched from apple to Samsung. A lot of people have apple because is the first phone to have a big screen.

  58. Jackeline Frost

    Jackeline Frost9 days ago

    Mom: why are you so anti Apple all of a sudden Dad (through moms iPhone speak): she listens to people on the internet Mom: you’ve only every had an iPhone, you have an iPhone, stop being ungrateful Me (thoughts): my friends had android devices and my friends older LG tablet showed better than my iPhone 6s! I told her I wanted to switch and I’m so close to an update, so why not try something new

  59. Gal

    Gal9 days ago

    The iphone heard what you said and decided to JUMP... Ha ha ha ha sooo funny Imao

  60. Dante Villarreal

    Dante Villarreal9 days ago

    Okay we can all agree that the Nokia is the best

  61. HornyTrolllololololool

    HornyTrolllololololool9 days ago

    iPhone 10x max has just 3170 mah smaller battery? that's a big let down considering it's more expensive

  62. Simon Murray

    Simon Murray10 days ago

    I wish Apple would add a text later function, to send a text at a later time

  63. Ajaan Nur

    Ajaan Nur10 days ago

    i have samsung s8 is worth buying samsung s10??

  64. Stripez

    Stripez10 days ago


  65. Y E E T

    Y E E T11 days ago

    i spent $549 just to get called a fucking android user. please, make it stop!

  66. Uvi - BYTalhaYT

    Uvi - BYTalhaYT11 days ago

    Apple trash samsung best phone apple Apple Shit Phone

  67. Uvi - BYTalhaYT

    Uvi - BYTalhaYT11 days ago

    I hope you understand that Samsung is the king Apple phone for 1 year can not even remove innovation 0 play 100% best phone samsung

  68. kurd stan

    kurd stan11 days ago