Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3

*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 4/28/11*
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Forget everything you think you know about sinful Spider-Man movies... this one's the sinniest. But you already knew that, right?

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  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins9 months ago

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. Skippin

    Skippin8 hours ago

    @christopher Katranas "he had it unlisted for a couple of months" cliche

  3. Odin Satanas

    Odin SatanasMonth ago

    I grew up with these and even back then neeeever liked Tobey McGuire, he's such a douchebag, even before we got the current best one Obviously they're better than Amazing, since raimi is a good director, but Garfield was a better Spidey still The writing in this is so cringey I saw this one on mushrooms back in the day, and it made it more entertaining, except his Russian neighbors face looked super bizarre and distorted haha Venom is a joke, it's bloated and janky.. 2 is still classic though

  4. Stephen Beasley

    Stephen Beasley2 months ago

    Beby turtles

  5. AlekWheeler

    AlekWheeler4 months ago

    Oh hush up

  6. Noah Clark

    Noah Clark4 months ago

    Why is the video no longer viewable?

  7. Ryan Morrison

    Ryan Morrison3 days ago

    Not only is Peter Parker a dick do Aunts... CinemaSins is a dick to movies.

  8. Reed R

    Reed R5 days ago

    Wow I'm glad I didn't watch this movie.

  9. Tonic Shea

    Tonic Shea11 days ago

    I like spiderman 3

  10. Alaskan Savage

    Alaskan Savage21 day ago

    Can’t believe that you didn’t sin the dance scene

  11. Chris Allie

    Chris Allie23 days ago

    Venom is too weak and scrawny in this one

  12. Tim Yac

    Tim Yac26 days ago

    Rikers is actually in Queens

  13. Lady Onikara

    Lady Onikara29 days ago

    The Grim Reaper himself saw Emo Peter and said "Nope, I'm out!"

  14. Andrew Blanchard

    Andrew BlanchardMonth ago


  15. Bhamm 904

    Bhamm 904Month ago

    Your a fucking savage bro😂😂

  16. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto TodorokiMonth ago

    This is the best movie

  17. Spider-Man

    Spider-ManMonth ago

    you need to put some dirt in your video JK EDIT:the movie is crap

  18. Hunter Schultz

    Hunter SchultzMonth ago

    Its the onion news network

  19. Hunter Schultz

    Hunter SchultzMonth ago

    Qwen is super hot in jurrassic world not my girlfriend lol

  20. Ludwig

    LudwigMonth ago

    Go fuck yourself Spider-Man 3 is a masterpiece

  21. Jordan Eggerman

    Jordan EggermanMonth ago

    That was the first Stan Lee cameo I saw after he passed. Not saying that I enjoyed the movie, but that cameo was a gut-check, on that week...

  22. Julian Cruz

    Julian CruzMonth ago

    There should be another 20 sins for this movie EXISTING, another 400 sins for that God awful emo Peter dance scene, and an additional 1,000,000 SINS FOR THAT POOR EXCUSE FOR A VENOM THAT IS TOPHER F*CKING GRACE!!!!!

  23. Chris Allie

    Chris AllieMonth ago

    I thought that little girl was just a really ugly little boy

  24. Chris Allie

    Chris AllieMonth ago

    U really nailed the cliches

  25. Chris Allie

    Chris AllieMonth ago


  26. Benny Marx

    Benny MarxMonth ago

    He should've got a sin for the polo under that sweater lmao

  27. james gilmour

    james gilmourMonth ago

    C'mon Spider Man 3 isn't that bad

  28. Hoaxy

    HoaxyMonth ago

    There is nothing wrong with spiderman 3 damnit

  29. Cool Corner

    Cool CornerMonth ago

    What happened to his voice? Why is it smooth af in this video?

  30. Stephen Holtom

    Stephen HoltomMonth ago

    The wound that killed willam defoe came from the glider. Even if we could know that, how exactly does that prove he wasn't murdered?

  31. Stuff with Eli

    Stuff with EliMonth ago

    Who came here just to see how they would react to Dancing Peter?

  32. Nicholas Salmons

    Nicholas Salmons2 months ago

    I just winced at Mary Jane's singing...

  33. Albert Appouh

    Albert Appouh2 months ago

    SUPERHERO FANS: Batman & Robin has got to be the worst superhero movie ever made. No other superhero movie can possibly be worse than this sh*t! SPIDER-MAN 3: Hold my beer.

  34. PK Lo

    PK Lo2 months ago

    Look, I know the Pizza's Late. But the Spiderman Memes are good bro. I mean, the Meme scenes are funny in the movie already without it being a Meme lol

  35. Daryal Bond

    Daryal Bond2 months ago

    Rikers is in Queens

  36. 1989Nihil

    1989Nihil2 months ago

    Dude, how did you not slap on a bazillion sins for that Emo!Peter Dance number?

  37. Jake April

    Jake April2 months ago

    Why people hate this movie? It is the best ever, spm 4 isnt out because of hater stfu already old weirdos.

  38. Shon Baby

    Shon Baby2 months ago

    Damn, forgot sony killed uncle Ben one more time even before the MCU split 7:10

  39. Alvaro Turci

    Alvaro Turci2 months ago

    I’m waiting for hellboy 2019

  40. Joshkid 2000

    Joshkid 20002 months ago

    Wait.... So if he's Spider-Man why didn't he like give her a shout out, like saying she's cool or whatever, then she happy, and can get fame

  41. Warrior on north

    Warrior on north2 months ago

    You're trash cinema sins

  42. L K

    L K2 months ago

    "three shooting stars in a row?! Are you f*cking kiddin me?" - not to upset you, but that's totally possible LMAO actually i've already seen a non-stop sequence of shooting stars. I think it may happen at elevated locations.

  43. paoluvable

    paoluvable2 months ago

    Polite debris

  44. Alex Khalil

    Alex Khalil2 months ago

    The three other asteroids could be the other symbiotes?

  45. Yōshanai

    Yōshanai2 months ago

    10:07 What's up with Peter's face lol

  46. Jóhann Kumara

    Jóhann Kumara2 months ago

    9:08 peter is a dick to people walking on the streets of new york. Ding

  47. Andreyu 44

    Andreyu 442 months ago

    Still better than MCU Iron Junior ...oops I meant "spiderman"

  48. FM LR

    FM LR2 months ago

    Comments like "you didn't sin this" i bet you don't even realize its a re-upload,lazy sin police and its late sin holidays

  49. Appleboy78165

    Appleboy781652 months ago

    I'm getting so tired of USwork taking down your videos. They really need to get their shit together

  50. Zain Butt

    Zain Butt2 months ago


  51. Mini_Marauder

    Mini_Marauder3 months ago

    Just starting this. I am questioning whether the dance scene will add or remove sins.

  52. OlympusTOP10s

    OlympusTOP10s3 months ago

    this was the greatest spiderman movie of all time

  53. Black Rose

    Black Rose3 months ago

    I feel like things would've went smoother with MJ and Peter if they would've just attempted to communicate with each other

  54. Joshua Radjavitch

    Joshua Radjavitch3 months ago

    Cinema sins be like: spider man climb wall when not gravity good!

  55. Harper Hehir

    Harper Hehir3 months ago

    The fact that there was no black suit scene or sin removal for it is beyond me.

  56. Buster

    Buster3 months ago

    I’m pretty sure he pays he’s money on movies just to make more videos xD. Copyright cliché

  57. TacoCatGaming

    TacoCatGaming3 months ago

    Im sorry the dance scene was not in this for like 85 sins why

  58. Jason Juneau

    Jason Juneau3 months ago

    Every second of this movie is a sin. It should have permanently broken the sin counter!

  59. thebeast619

    thebeast6193 months ago

    Ok I'm starting to think about the background story of how Bruce Campbell's character, from the first three spiderman movies, went from being an underground wrestling announcer, to an usher at Broadway, to working at a an extremely fancy hotel. What the hell is on his resume? What was the pay like? Why'd he leave the other jobs cause I'm sure they paid well, did he just want some weird excitement?? Or what if he was moonlighting in those roles cause he'd just fought and knocked out the guy that was really in that position because there were deadites still around and he was chasing after the necronomicon in some forgotten episode of Ash vs the Evil Dead?! The Evil Dead is in Spiderman confirmed.

  60. Raqibul Amin

    Raqibul Amin3 months ago

    9:28 Movie critique jokes about walking into the wrong auditorium for Spider-man 3 which obviously has not been in theaters for 12 years

  61. Unholy Ravioli yt

    Unholy Ravioli yt3 months ago

    Idc what u say this movie was friging amazing

  62. Makaylax-x

    Makaylax-x3 months ago

    Just enough Spider-Man, not enough pizza time.

  63. theforklord

    theforklord3 months ago

    11:30 uhh... trigger discipline much?

  64. Johnny Skyfire

    Johnny Skyfire3 months ago

    Topher Grace was an awful choice to play Venom

  65. Conn Benn

    Conn Benn3 months ago

    Did you know Stan lee was actually a shady cunt his whole life and is basically the zuckerberg of marvel, cuz he took credit for everyone else’s work