Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3


  1. CinemaSins

    CinemaSins5 months ago

    Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

  2. AlekWheeler

    AlekWheeler11 days ago

    Oh hush up

  3. Noah Clark

    Noah Clark15 days ago

    Why is the video no longer viewable?

  4. Plague _

    Plague _20 days ago

    Two maybe three more weeks to see you get humiliated by birdman who isn't lazy and actually does his research.

  5. Doubtful Guest

    Doubtful Guest26 days ago

    The problem with uploading old content alongside new content is that it highlights how much of a parody of yourselves you've become. Earn that pay cheque, lads.

  6. Fred Coon

    Fred Coon27 days ago

    @Spring Weenus hey anyone see john wick3 or is that what you are looking for.

  7. Jared San

    Jared SanDay ago

    Fuck your video bitch

  8. The Star Nerd

    The Star Nerd2 days ago

    R.I.P Stan Lee!

  9. David Jr

    David Jr3 days ago

    Bro gave Stan lee a sin

  10. Anonymous Boi In Northern Europe

    Anonymous Boi In Northern Europe4 days ago

    venom movie

  11. Maro Rušin

    Maro Rušin4 days ago

    Why i can change?! LOL

  12. Tony's World

    Tony's World4 days ago

    God this movie SUCKED...... toby was the worst spiderman EVER

  13. GamingChamp_ 02

    GamingChamp_ 025 days ago

    Dance scene -100 sins just saying

  14. I am a loaf of Bread

    I am a loaf of Bread6 days ago

    11:07 another sin for a crowd of people disregarding their own safety just so they see spiderman fight a sand giant

  15. Wade Langner

    Wade Langner7 days ago

    As much as I actually like this movie, even I think you went a little too easy on it.

  16. Darkstar Darin

    Darkstar Darin8 days ago

    *gives you the bird for sinning Stan Lee* Also no sin removal for Jameson tellin' Betty she wasn't hired for that position?

  17. acheron16

    acheron169 days ago

    Original release date: 28/4/2011 *Confused old screeching*

  18. TheInside

    TheInside11 days ago

    Spodermon is goooooooooodd

  19. Synergy_ Posinv

    Synergy_ Posinv12 days ago

    Why do you son Stan lee that is a sin that can not be forgiven

  20. Eli the one wheeler Yt

    Eli the one wheeler Yt12 days ago

    Answer: the movie

  21. bluebary 69

    bluebary 6912 days ago

    Bro he's a dick to aunt's because he Spider-Man mind blown motherfukers

  22. TheLobsterClan

    TheLobsterClan13 days ago

    I love this Fortnite gamemode!

  23. hiitoast242

    hiitoast24213 days ago

    Probably the only one who liked this movie

  24. Aaron Bradley

    Aaron Bradley13 days ago

    Wtf other than I guess maybe Sandman that was some convoluted nonsense

  25. MysterioBerlin

    MysterioBerlin14 days ago

    People get up and drive your funky sould 😎

  26. Sachin Raghavan

    Sachin Raghavan15 days ago

    Everything in the world is wrong with this movie.

  27. Aaron James Reece

    Aaron James Reece16 days ago

    Flight of the Navigator

  28. Luke Devine

    Luke Devine16 days ago

    I'm so happy this doesn't have more sins than the emoji movie

  29. Mello

    Mello17 days ago

    5:07 Stan Lee In Heaven: Dont make me come down there you punk ass bitch!

  30. Thicc Sexy Senpai

    Thicc Sexy Senpai17 days ago

    So you’re not going to sin Peter Parker dancing like a jackass

  31. Luke Devine

    Luke Devine16 days ago

    Nah those moves are fucking the bees knees

  32. Tortoise_Rights Activist

    Tortoise_Rights Activist18 days ago

    I love this movie but holy shit this is one of the best and most accurate videos I've seen on this channel.

  33. Joan Dewing Dewing

    Joan Dewing Dewing18 days ago

    do hang over

  34. Terril Basquine

    Terril Basquine18 days ago


  35. lauro guerra

    lauro guerra18 days ago

    Bitch disrespecting Stan lee fuck u

  36. Bluedog79

    Bluedog7918 days ago

    Something always bugged me about this Movie,Sandman's mail says his name is Flint Marko,but that was just his criminal alias. His real name was William Baker. Why would he use his crime name to send letters to his family?

  37. Joshua Thaddeus Lutz

    Joshua Thaddeus Lutz19 days ago

    Do “As good as it gets.” I’m not gonna give up.

  38. Samuel Sims

    Samuel Sims19 days ago

    Hey @CinemaSins what software do you use for your channel?

  39. Joseph Veron

    Joseph Veron20 days ago

    I dare u to sin mother! ;)

  40. michael halim

    michael halim20 days ago

    First time since longtime ago i agreed with almost all of those sins. This film was indeed a mess.LOL

  41. Dylan Norris

    Dylan Norris21 day ago

    Anyone else wonder why they've been making remakes of their older videos and even saying the same lines too or is it just me?

  42. Walter Burton

    Walter Burton21 day ago


  43. Asif Rahaman

    Asif Rahaman22 days ago

    did you just completely skip over the dancing scene wtf

  44. DarkFireMonarchy

    DarkFireMonarchy22 days ago

    7:34 this is just dumb, symbiosis is a mutually beneficial situation, if it was parasitic then you wouldn't won't it on you, but symbiosis is a good thing.

  45. j2thashaw

    j2thashaw22 days ago

    nice try, we all know there's nothing wrong with this cinematic masterpiece😤

  46. j2thashaw

    j2thashaw22 days ago

    nice try, we all know there's nothing wrong with this cinematic masterpiece😤

  47. j2thashaw

    j2thashaw22 days ago

    nice try, we all know there's nothing wrong with this cinematic masterpiece😤

  48. Joseph G

    Joseph G22 days ago

    Cinemasins: 5:08, insults Stan 'The Man' Lee and his cameos Everyone dislikes that

  49. JFM Roa

    JFM Roa22 days ago

    No dancing emo peter??? What the fuck?

  50. Filliam H Muffman

    Filliam H Muffman23 days ago


  51. Angel Carrasco

    Angel Carrasco23 days ago

    This video is 12 minutes to long

  52. Cornelius McMuffin

    Cornelius McMuffin23 days ago

    do ERW Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I had a hard time finding anything to criticise, so I'm wondering if there's anything I missed. Great movie, tho.

  53. prince

    prince23 days ago

    Do the peanuts movie

  54. SebbyPlayz004

    SebbyPlayz00424 days ago

    The sandman confession scene is the saddest scene I’ve ever watched in a movie

  55. SebbyPlayz004

    SebbyPlayz00424 days ago

    You put Stan lee as a sin *shame on you*

  56. Volle Kanne

    Volle Kanne24 days ago

    What you forgot the Meme sequence of Peter and didnt sin it 100 Times???