Behind Lady Gaga's Legendary Met Gala Looks | Vogue


  1. rilly kid

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  3. Perla C

    Perla C20 hours ago

    she is the best thats it

  4. Shaika Jarabelo

    Shaika Jarabelo20 hours ago

    💕💕💕💕💕 Love you monster queen👑👑

  5. Laura Kelmendi

    Laura KelmendiDay ago

    Fashion! 😍 @ 9:34

  6. CrazyStacey1970

    CrazyStacey1970Day ago

    I thought it wasn't very camp at all. All too pretty. In her music videos like Telephone and Judas, THAT's camp. This was just over the top.

  7. Matthew0337

    Matthew03373 hours ago

    CrazyStacey1970 Camp is over the top

  8. CrazyStacey1970

    CrazyStacey1970Day ago

    Oh and some of us are wise to you. Maybe you should give credit where credit is due, "it's like a poem..". Just like the video for Bad Romance is obviously based on the poem "The Steambath" by Sufi poet Rumi. Then there's a lesser known poet, who's poem inspired the video for "Edge of Glory"? yeah, I know it was artistic license and as Picasso once said,"all artists are thieves". It's ok I'm flattered, but I wonder where's my cut? I know you're a poetry fan, how you ever got a hold of mine though I'll never know. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm just CRAZY, maybe my poem was a premonition, I am clair voyant. And how are the knives selling? Ha ha. I guess, an artist has to eat, and wear high end fashion, right? I know no one will understand this post but you, that's ok too.

  9. Ri Ranjo

    Ri Ranjo2 days ago

    other celebs wishing this video went out before the the Gala

  10. Invictà

    Invictà2 days ago

    Bet she saw James Charles

  11. Monaka

    Monaka2 days ago

    5:16 That alone was amazing

  12. Ty Lou

    Ty Lou2 days ago

    Gaga killed it🔥🔥

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  15. Gina Sousa Branco

    Gina Sousa Branco2 days ago

    7:18 Someone tell to the ignorant Brandon Maxwell that the bra and panties Madonna made it first 26 yrs ago 7:24 Madonna does underweare fashion style for over 3 decades as Madonna's In Bed With Madonna documentary at Cannes Film Festival - 1991

  16. Matthew0337

    Matthew03373 hours ago

    Gina Sousa Branco Shutup nobody cares

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  19. Mayasheri R

    Mayasheri R3 days ago

    She was lovely, but....did yall see Billy Porter?! Talk about LEGENDARY...and referencing/paying homage to a legendary house mother...amazing!

  20. Leslie Perez

    Leslie Perez3 days ago

    I just love watching Gaga getting prepared, because I can see how genuinely good she is with her team. Look at them, focused but still relaxed, laughing with her, and look at how she acknowledges them. Unlike Kylie Jenner, ugh, I couldn't believe it when I saw her attitude towards her team. Her style was also very thoughtful and represented the actual meaning of Camp.

  21. Vanessa Linn

    Vanessa Linn3 days ago

    First of all, how did she take that T-shirt off while having all those eye make up?

  22. Vanessa Linn

    Vanessa LinnDay ago

    +RaymondHng yh I think so

  23. RaymondHng

    RaymondHngDay ago

    Maybe she cut it off.

  24. Paula Jessicas Cantu

    Paula Jessicas Cantu3 days ago

    Aaaah as luvinhas deram um charme, nao sei pq nao usou no dia

  25. Dione Arlon

    Dione Arlon2 days ago

    Tmbm achei, um luxo, poderia ter usado as luvas pretas.

  26. Bella Atkinson

    Bella Atkinson3 days ago

    Can't get over this!!

  27. Stephanie Tanner, RN

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  28. S2MariaRosaS2

    S2MariaRosaS23 days ago

    I wonder what happened to the gloves 🤔

  29. Melissa Vergara

    Melissa Vergara3 days ago

    Loved those Gladys Tamez's pink hats

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  31. Baatdad 71

    Baatdad 713 days ago

    I'm surprised her #Ball's didn't pop out.

  32. YTmeli

    YTmeli3 days ago

    But how does she take off the shirt without ruining her hair and makeup???? 9:34 GAGA-MAGIC?!?!

  33. RaymondHng

    RaymondHngDay ago

    Maybe they just cut it off.

  34. moomin

    moomin4 days ago

    Lol "the internet is gonna break with me" gotta love her sometimes

  35. Daniel Queiroz

    Daniel Queiroz4 days ago

    This is true ART

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  37. marian arguelles

    marian arguelles4 days ago

    Oh my gosh lady gaga we love you!!! you are an artistic genius!!!! Only you understood CAMP!!! OMG I love the pep talk to your staff, you just let them be themselves.

  38. 3 Hotz N a Cot

    3 Hotz N a Cot4 days ago

    really what's legendary about it

  39. mike reed

    mike reed4 days ago

    The great LADY GARGO!!!😶😑🙁😐😕😳😲😣😵😛😝 😆🤣

  40. RealJoshTv

    RealJoshTv4 days ago

    If you re reading this i hope u get rich 🤑

  41. Angelica Reginio

    Angelica Reginio4 days ago

    oh i wish


    WETDREAM4 days ago

    The bra and panty look is Britney's 07 vma look as well.

  43. shawolmblft

    shawolmblft4 days ago

    what i want to know is how she changed out of her t-shirt to get into her outfit on the day of

  44. Quinten Dillon

    Quinten Dillon5 days ago

    Am I the only one wondering how she took her shirt off without ruining her eyelashes...???

  45. Nina

    Nina5 days ago

    The moment where she laid on the stairs in her last look was the most iconic event of the night

  46. Noona Eliyahu

    Noona Eliyahu5 days ago

    9:46 Illuminati confirmed.

  47. Princess Natasha

    Princess Natasha5 days ago

    I don’t know why I’m laughing while watching, this is just a whole another level

  48. Adolfo Solano

    Adolfo Solano5 days ago

    Corrijo, no me gustaba, ahora la aceptó.y la tolero porque se hizo amiga de Madonna

  49. Adolfo Solano

    Adolfo Solano5 days ago

    Nunca me ha gustado, pero, parece que ya aceptó abiertamente que Madonna es su inspiracion.

  50. Ananya Gupta

    Ananya Gupta5 days ago

    Gaga at the gala

  51. CriptoPower

    CriptoPower6 days ago

    What a bunch of Sodomites. Sickos

  52. Damien Carter

    Damien Carter4 days ago

    And if you don't get off my line, I'm about to feed and you look SWEET!!

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  54. Rusila Liku

    Rusila Liku6 days ago

    i simply love how she treated her staffs...❤❤..i love u lady gaga

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  56. born 2 conqüër

    born 2 conqüër6 days ago

    *And there Deepika in the vogue video gets10 million views and being a barbie buttttt here the queen herself*

  57. Francesca Bucci

    Francesca Bucci6 days ago

    Gaga is wonderful. I haven't stopped loving her since I first listened to Poker Face a decade ago.

  58. Taylor Thompson

    Taylor Thompson6 days ago

    This should've been a full length documentary

  59. Beatrice H

    Beatrice H6 days ago

    09:54 world's largest dress v. world's smallest mirror

  60. Ge Sca

    Ge Sca6 days ago

  61. Azul Osleidy Arellano

    Azul Osleidy Arellano6 days ago

    Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga ??comment I am Mexican but I did it in English so that they understand why here pure gabacho #MexicanoHastaElTope

  62. Princess Sophie Punzalan

    Princess Sophie Punzalan6 days ago

    Lady Gaga's makeup artist looks like her!!! 😲

  63. Erzsébet Cs Tóth

    Erzsébet Cs Tóth6 days ago

    Nem értem pontosan, hogy mi a fene akar lenni ez a TÁBOR kifejezés, amit a kommentelők szerint, csak ez a tyúk tud igazán átérezni....Én persze csak annyit látok, hogy Lady Gaga öltözetei , vetkőzése, viselkedése...a legizléstelenebbre sikerült..Őt senki sem múlta felül. Ha ez volt a "tábor" célja, valóban Ő lett a RIPACSOK királynője.... Az öltözeteiben a szellemesség leghalványabb jele sem volt érzékelhető......Rosszabbul "teljesített" mint Madonna fénykorában:-)))))


    TAHİR ZÜHRE6 days ago

    ne kadar yapmacık bir kadın

  65. Mery

    Mery6 days ago

    the way people smiled when they saw her walking down the street that joy oh my Gaga so good!

  66. luke brennan

    luke brennan6 days ago

    What a beautiful human being she is. The aesthetic is sickening too. She is art.

  67. Lalo Lax

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  68. ya No

    ya No7 days ago

    Only celeb to truly take the theme seriously and was creative enough to come up with an outfit and a performance

  69. sour grapes

    sour grapes7 days ago

    she is such a force

  70. Kitsch &Catch!

    Kitsch &Catch!7 days ago

    Gaga always put her soul and energy in everything she does. She's a complete talented artist! Iconic.

  71. Sithumini Perera

    Sithumini Perera7 days ago

    She is LEGENDARY!

  72. valentina amarillo

    valentina amarillo7 days ago

    Gagged for gaga

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  74. Tinngaiching Guite

    Tinngaiching Guite7 days ago

    Jong satanic

  75. pandannep

    pandannep7 days ago

    My dude with the ripndip shirt heck yea

  76. Caroline Dougherty

    Caroline Dougherty7 days ago

    How wonderful!

  77. help me for the love of shrek

    help me for the love of shrek7 days ago

    Why do celebrities do that at 9:46

  78. help me for the love of shrek

    help me for the love of shrek3 days ago

    Alejandro Herod it’s weird though, I see them doing that or just covering their eye

  79. Alejandro Herod

    Alejandro Herod7 days ago

    looks cool

  80. Robert Wessman

    Robert Wessman7 days ago

    My cousin brandon Maxwell is so amazing

  81. Woof Woof

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  82. tiffsaver

    tiffsaver8 days ago

    I'm a straight man, but I gotta tell you... you guys are FABULOUS!!!

  83. Vitani Jameson

    Vitani Jameson8 days ago

    Y'all couldn't have edited out the fact that this mans buttcrack was showing 0:52????

  84. Renata Silva

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  85. Amanda Share

    Amanda Share8 days ago

    What a beautiful woman Lady Gaga is.

  86. Patriicia Leo

    Patriicia Leo8 days ago

    Lady Gaga started off as a model now she's a known famous celebrity, that's how she got her moves

  87. Natalya Cruz

    Natalya Cruz8 days ago

    Is it just me or do his glasses look like paper

  88. help me for the love of shrek

    help me for the love of shrek7 days ago

    They look like cardboard painted black lol

  89. 人生を去る年_2生涯 〈3

    人生を去る年_2生涯 〈38 days ago

    How do people keep the dress clean??? And where do they store it???I really wanna know especially Lady Gaga's outfits, because there literal art works.

  90. Alejandro Herod

    Alejandro Herod7 days ago

    she has a storage house dedicated to her outfits. It's a very secret location, museum like.

  91. presley gibbs

    presley gibbs8 days ago

    She’s so grounded I love her

  92. presley gibbs

    presley gibbs8 days ago

    Lady Gaga had so much input and it was amazing

  93. Sümeyra Diler

    Sümeyra Diler8 days ago

    Really ?

  94. Linda N

    Linda N8 days ago

    There is painfully big difference between this video and Kylie Jenner's met gala video... Lady Gaga is a true artist, inteligent and who appriciete her staff.

  95. madelines

    madelines8 days ago

    Her presentation was cool but the outfits, all of them were bad bad

  96. Glapstick

    Glapstick8 days ago

    Vogue Editor!!! Do u have to snap that hard cause Fashion! Song was played and we are livingggggg

  97. jgrootful

    jgrootful8 days ago

    How did she get that T-shirt off without ruining her hair and makup

  98. Aish Thapa

    Aish Thapa8 days ago

    She treats her backstage pple more better then Kylie does Kylie said to Kendell oh I'll keep on of these like girl they have names

  99. Christina Trigueros

    Christina Trigueros8 days ago

    Lady Gaga IS camp.

  100. Kayleigh Maher

    Kayleigh Maher8 days ago

    She is so raw these days, extremely lovely inside and out. A true classy lady.

  101. Mariano Spears

    Mariano Spears9 days ago

    the best! She is so inspiring

  102. maryam safari

    maryam safari9 days ago

    بسیار جالب بود

  103. Wilson Machado

    Wilson Machado9 days ago

    perfect !!!!! ❤️

  104. beyoutiful _

    beyoutiful _9 days ago

    Flashing the 666 symbols again🙄those satanists are soooo original

  105. Ronaldo Pino Araya

    Ronaldo Pino Araya9 days ago

    Esperaba otro vestido mas bello de carne. Como sea que se vista, la amo porque siempre la rompe! ❤♥️

  106. Sompa Mahmuda

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  107. Lou Isa

    Lou Isa9 days ago

    Lady is cool, magic, I loved!!!

  108. the emily

    the emily9 days ago

    *After seeing Kylie's video it really makes me happy. Kylie is so fake. The real celebrity who owns it is Lady Gaga.* 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  109. EddaLara

    EddaLara9 days ago

    what a QUEEN

  110. EddaLara

    EddaLara9 days ago

    5:23 "we're here bitches"

  111. Andy

    Andy9 days ago

    Camp queen right there

  112. Maria Juliana Garzón

    Maria Juliana Garzón9 days ago

    I loved loved lovedddd her outfits ❤️❤️❤️

  113. Laure Breton

    Laure Breton9 days ago

    Am i the only one that find that boring af