Julian Newman & Jaden Newman VIRAL Basketball Superstars

17-year-old Julian Newman is one of the BEST young hoopers in the world, but his 14-year-old sister, Jaden, might be even BETTER!
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  1. NubDubs _YT

    NubDubs _YT6 hours ago

    Yo why he brown and now white

  2. ツPolumaty

    ツPolumatyDay ago

    Does she relly think that she is a better shooter that steph curry

  3. Angel Ventura

    Angel Ventura6 days ago

    He's not as good as he thinks!!!!!!!!!! This kid has been playing ball since little. I would play him one on one anytime. He might beat me but hes gonna struggle lol 😂😂😂😂

  4. Angel Ventura

    Angel Ventura6 days ago


  5. Georgia Cornelius

    Georgia Cornelius9 days ago

    Why do they think they are so good- They are over rating themselves I-

  6. dentida wetchasit

    dentida wetchasit9 days ago

    He’s the next Kobe Bryan 😂😂😂

  7. marthe oda bjørgaas

    marthe oda bjørgaas10 days ago

    RIP Kobe

  8. idk what to do

    idk what to do14 days ago

    The boy is good but the girl is soooo overated and I can probly beat her ezzzz

  9. Butch5505

    Butch550514 days ago

    When are y’all gunna show the episode when they lose 100-33

  10. Dominic 171

    Dominic 17115 days ago

    I like how all the people talk trash But the people who talk trash probably can’t even beat them

  11. -VersatileEntertainment-

    -VersatileEntertainment-16 days ago

    Jaden way better than Jalen

  12. Yawsツ

    Yawsツ19 days ago


  13. DontComeAtMe

    DontComeAtMe22 days ago

    I would like to see her in uconn, she would have a perfect college to get better.

  14. olivia hubble

    olivia hubble24 days ago

    Julian and his sister likes and loves basketball because thats who they are but they are pros and champions because they are trained to be the best in the world and plus they are not joking they are serious

  15. Phan Quoc Huu Duy

    Phan Quoc Huu Duy24 days ago

    Ríp kobe

  16. Phan Quoc Huu Duy

    Phan Quoc Huu Duy24 days ago

    Ríp kobe

  17. Curlyheadnila InTtV

    Curlyheadnila InTtV25 days ago

    “The girls love it and”💞😭

  18. crazyboyxxx x

    crazyboyxxx x27 days ago

    sırrın hala bende güvende xD

  19. Georgia Cornelius

    Georgia Cornelius28 days ago

    I laughed so hard when Julian said he was *tHe bEsT tHrEe pOiNt sHoOteR iN tHe WoRlD* Hahaha yeah your not even close to being the best kid. Also they need to work on defense and passing the hall if they want to be good too-

  20. Justin Lawrence

    Justin LawrenceMonth ago

    Both of them are so cocky

  21. Aidan Ellis

    Aidan EllisMonth ago

    They shoot way to low , they could get blocked too many times

  22. Clinton Chandler

    Clinton ChandlerMonth ago

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  24. Jair 23_Supreme_24

    Jair 23_Supreme_24Month ago

    Julian is the best basketball player of boys and jaden is the best basketball player of girls

  25. Lorenzo Lello

    Lorenzo LelloMonth ago

    “ I’ve always been one of the smallest players on the court “ bc you we’re playing varsity

  26. Darth maul

    Darth maulMonth ago

    I feel like jaden is dating Julian even though the are siblings

  27. Not Kehcns

    Not KehcnsMonth ago


  28. Paxman

    PaxmanMonth ago

    sad thing is jayden wont get the same pay and the same praise

  29. dee thomas

    dee thomasMonth ago

    The sister is really cocky

  30. GeezyFN

    GeezyFN2 months ago

    She say she gon make the NBA. She not making the WNBA

  31. nicole

    nicole2 months ago

    this is depressing. itd be much easier to appreciate the skill these kids have if they werent both so ridiculously arrogant lmao

  32. Kavitha Shankar

    Kavitha Shankar2 months ago

    they good

  33. DHhodges321

    DHhodges3212 months ago

    I think Jaden is better

  34. Song ZhenZhang

    Song ZhenZhang2 months ago

    you are joking right?

  35. Game Test

    Game Test2 months ago

    cara de cu, sua atitude com o menino foi estupida, vc e um otario

  36. 《CT》 MILLER

    《CT》 MILLER2 months ago

    Vi por causa disso tbm kkkk

  37. 《CT》 MILLER

    《CT》 MILLER2 months ago


  38. Homer Day

    Homer Day2 months ago

    Julian you are the best basketball player I have ever seen people say you are overrated when they are overrated you are not you better than them.i want to meet you but you are to far away I am in kentucky

  39. B L

    B L2 months ago

    He shoots from his chest that’s like the thing u learn not to do 🥶😂😭

  40. Myrna Williams

    Myrna Williams2 months ago

    I love these guys so much... Great influence

  41. Nicholas Agrawal

    Nicholas Agrawal2 months ago

    Y’all can trash y’all all of these ppl on this Whistle “prodigies” show, but at the end of the day they are working way harder than all of us. Yes, they are all kinda cocky, but aren’t we all?

  42. Oskar Ehre

    Oskar Ehre2 months ago

    I think he only played Highschool ball because his dad was the coach and his team sucked

  43. Oskar Ehre

    Oskar Ehre2 months ago

    Still like 5ft6

  44. tay more #

    tay more #2 months ago


  45. FoxDropEmOff

    FoxDropEmOff3 months ago

    Walmart Ball family

  46. Gergg days

    Gergg days3 months ago

    Dude I didn't even notice that you are short

  47. jako2990 jako2990

    jako2990 jako29903 months ago

    How can you play high school basketball when your 8?

  48. Расул Русланулы

    Расул Русланулы3 months ago

    Sheet man

  49. Mga Talisayon

    Mga Talisayon3 months ago

    Jaden: I beat Steph Curry in a 3 pt contest Me: NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!

  50. Balty Fan0

    Balty Fan03 months ago

    She really said she wants to be in the nba ducking idiot

  51. Margaret Ippolito

    Margaret Ippolito3 months ago


  52. Beethovenismymom

    Beethovenismymom3 months ago

    Im pretty sure that julian is the one that people know

  53. LikeSportStar

    LikeSportStar3 months ago

    Work work work work work! Impressive! Here you can watch the game under 11 from Serbia: @0xTY

  54. Samuel Morrow

    Samuel Morrow3 months ago

    lamelo ball 92 points 1 game

  55. Doug Stern

    Doug Stern3 months ago

    They need to be humbled.

  56. Doug Stern

    Doug Stern3 months ago

    These kids are way too cocky... they think that they are the only people who work hard everyday; training and practicing? Being cocky could impact during the games.

  57. Lai Harry

    Lai Harry3 months ago

    Lamelo ball made 92

  58. keecefly

    keecefly3 months ago

    He'll never make the NBA but she will make WNBA only because, well, it's the WNBA. 😶

  59. Chonky Doggo

    Chonky Doggo3 months ago

    Jillian is better

  60. Asher Owens

    Asher Owens3 months ago

    They don’t realize how different the NBA is

  61. OmegaWolf 5

    OmegaWolf 53 months ago

    Bro I’m so glad they haven’t seen there reality show on overtones where they hate each other

  62. Chase Krupansky

    Chase Krupansky3 months ago

    When he said he was the best 3 point shooter in the world 🌎, I took that as a joke, I thought it was funny 😂.