Julian Newman & Jaden Newman VIRAL Basketball Superstars

17-year-old Julian Newman is one of the BEST young hoopers in the world, but his 14-year-old sister, Jaden, might be even BETTER!
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  1. Conner Snyder

    Conner Snyder11 hours ago

    overrated there all highschool hype that will not make the nba

  2. Supereme Highlights

    Supereme HighlightsDay ago

    Tbh Julian’s jump shot is pretty wack

  3. Chelsea Andersen

    Chelsea AndersenDay ago

    Is it just me or does she look like cardi b with no makeup on?!? 🤷‍♀️🤔😂

  4. Gabshta Gabshta

    Gabshta GabshtaDay ago

    what song is this

  5. PutaFrickOF

    PutaFrickOFDay ago

    if u guys say they are bad then ur not gonna be a nba star

  6. LachstarX

    LachstarX2 days ago

    My last name is Newman

  7. Trickk

    Trickk4 days ago

    They need to be humbled

  8. roberttomorttera

    roberttomorttera4 days ago

    Kidd Keo y Cardi B :v

  9. The_Ghetto_Otaku

    The_Ghetto_Otaku4 days ago

    I don't think the league is lookin for Muggsy Bogues height, I doubt he can even match Muggy's skills

  10. Peedp Gaming

    Peedp Gaming7 days ago

    To be honest they are overrated but they don’t deserve the hate they get

  11. Jonathan Owen

    Jonathan Owen7 days ago

    Julian looks like jafar from Aladdin

  12. a rag44

    a rag4410 days ago

    Can you say, busts...

  13. Ian Werito

    Ian Werito13 days ago

    I would lace up and win these kids

  14. Felix D Guillama

    Felix D Guillama16 days ago

    When you forget about devin booker ,lamelo and like 20 college players:jaden

  15. Bot Josh

    Bot Josh18 days ago


  16. Uriah

    Uriah22 days ago

    the only people who scored more then 70 isn’t just Kobe and Wilt, it’s Kobe Wilt Robinson and booker 🤦‍♂️

  17. Abby Hubbard

    Abby Hubbard28 days ago

    Julian is so cocky and thinks he’s the best but his sister is so much better than him💀

  18. Graffitigeest Geest

    Graffitigeest GeestMonth ago

    The only thing she can say is that she’s the best😒

  19. Ryker Santiago

    Ryker SantiagoMonth ago

    Julian: My skills are better than most NBA players LaMelo: *im about to end this whole man's career*

  20. Nemo Tran

    Nemo TranMonth ago

    when I watch this, I just don't want to be in the NBA anymore

  21. Luke Deskins

    Luke DeskinsMonth ago

    No wonder he set the record for points in high school he played in fifth grade

  22. Luke Deskins

    Luke DeskinsMonth ago

    Four more years than the others

  23. Luke Deskins

    Luke DeskinsMonth ago

    They may be good but they brag so much

  24. It’s me CP

    It’s me CPMonth ago

    What about Lamelo 92 points

  25. Logan Brancaccio

    Logan BrancaccioMonth ago

    I'm 12 and 5'10

  26. SyNc Clan

    SyNc ClanMonth ago

    I love the fact that she "beat" Stephen curry in a 3 point contest in middle school and she is still flexing it now smh. (Ik he let her win)

  27. Sudhish Prayag

    Sudhish PrayagMonth ago

    Meanwhile im 13 and just started playing basketball... U kidding me.??

  28. -?

    -?Month ago

    I love how he shoots lmao

  29. bible buddy

    bible buddyMonth ago

    This girl inspires me so much, I’m 12 and where I live I can’t practice as much and I don’t have a coach but I am joining the team this year, I’m also a girl, I grind about 4 hours a day and I watch this girl and she really inspires me. Keep working ;)

  30. cupcake925

    cupcake925Month ago

    Not even good ....bootlag bbb

  31. Mix Up

    Mix UpMonth ago

    I have always wondered he puts more work into basketball more than me and I’m better than him that’s tuff 😂😂

  32. Ryan Beall

    Ryan Beall2 months ago

    I'm gonna just pretend that Jaden did not just compare herself to Kobe or Wilt

  33. xx XXX

    xx XXX2 months ago

    Julian should be able to play D1 collegee. But not in a power conference school

  34. Uriah

    Uriah2 months ago

    Work on your shooting form

  35. Uriah

    Uriah2 months ago

    I think there names should be swapped

  36. Uriah

    Uriah2 months ago

    Nobody works harder then you? Say that to Kobe’s face

  37. eastern2western

    eastern2western2 months ago

    Judging from the patents, they will be happy if they are over 5 feet 10 inches.

  38. Dajuan Will

    Dajuan Will2 months ago

    Check out Dashaun will#3 football and basketball very talented

  39. Great Value

    Great Value2 months ago

    Does Jaden have serious mental illness. She thinks she’s competition to Steph curry? She thinks she’s in the company of wilt and Kobe cuz she scored 70 against shitty competition. Also Julian is insane. He thinks his skills are better than nba players. wtf he’s not been close lol

  40. Deanna Alvarez

    Deanna Alvarez2 months ago

    He’s not even good enough to be overrated tho.... I don’t get it. He doesn’t look like a baller when he is playing. He looks like a soccer player playing basketball.

  41. Deanna Alvarez

    Deanna Alvarez2 months ago

    The way they are practicing their shots won’t even help them in a game.... They are standing straight up and setting up the shot. The way you practice is the way you play. Foundation is everything.

  42. Malte Niss

    Malte Niss2 months ago

    did Julian say he was the best 3PT shooter in the world?

  43. Aubrie Pitts

    Aubrie Pitts2 months ago

    Not to sound like I’m hating but they look like average athletes to me lol

  44. Joshua Snyder

    Joshua Snyder2 months ago

    Will top out at 5' 7" and 130lbs. JC bound.

  45. Yair Hameiri mutay

    Yair Hameiri mutay2 months ago

    Wilt chamberlain,Kobe, and melo ball

  46. Trust Valentino

    Trust Valentino2 months ago

    His crooked chin hair is bothering me

  47. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode2 months ago

    Do they have a permanent cold??

  48. Wilt Chamberlain

    Wilt Chamberlain2 months ago

    This cockroach wont even come near the nba. He has no athletic abillity and he is cocky

  49. Karine Alvarez

    Karine Alvarez2 months ago

    kill your self trash can

  50. Entertainment Purposes

    Entertainment Purposes2 months ago

    Atleast he is taller than Jaden 😂

  51. chandra pulluru

    chandra pulluru2 months ago

    Curry didn’t even try and she doesn’t even realize it in the contest

  52. Tayla Brink

    Tayla Brink2 months ago

    10 or 8 year olds playing varsity and now both of them are average players against competition😓

  53. Noel Sinambela

    Noel Sinambela2 months ago

    Only if they were taller a bit and julian’s personality should be better


    TIGER NINJA2 months ago

    How can he be overrated if he is not rated

  55. Zentoro Quatic

    Zentoro Quatic2 months ago

    Just saying I know what they're saying but julian is a better player and even at grade 9 he was the same or better

  56. Aidan

    Aidan2 months ago


  57. Ty Sam

    Ty Sam2 months ago

    Tell me how jaden thinks she’s nice but only scored once in the overtime movie “ The Takeover”

  58. fort gamer

    fort gamer3 months ago

    Ntbr she not better

  59. Logan Marquis

    Logan Marquis3 months ago

    offbrand ball family?

  60. John Troche

    John Troche3 months ago

    Steph curry let jaden win y’all 🤦🏾‍♂️

  61. Ana Sophi Farah

    Ana Sophi Farah3 months ago