James Corden's Electrifying 2019 Tony Awards Opening Number Salutes The Magic Of Live Broadway


  1. Cj Low

    Cj Low2 hours ago



    INFOCOOL2 hours ago

    If we're honest, Corden's singing is pretty sad.

  3. Konstantinovich1

    Konstantinovich12 hours ago

    Needs voice training.

  4. Perry Cooke

    Perry Cooke5 hours ago

    the voice really isn't there but the attitude is!

  5. Bea Panda

    Bea Panda5 hours ago


  6. Luisa Yeomans

    Luisa Yeomans5 hours ago

    James! you are awesome!! *And of course the people in the team behind you are awesome too.

  7. Rob Klarmann

    Rob Klarmann6 hours ago

    James Corden had to work damn hard to get where he is today. This was an exceptional opening! Perhaps he could bring that same fun back to the Academy Awards. :)

  8. Scrosseh

    Scrosseh7 hours ago

    This was awesome 😂

  9. Salar Khan

    Salar Khan7 hours ago

    The cuts undermined his message a bit

  10. Tremain Bowman

    Tremain Bowman8 hours ago

    Bruh! The show stopping opener...! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  11. Tavio Co

    Tavio Co9 hours ago

    Brilliance & talent 🔥 🔥

  12. Princess Lollypop

    Princess Lollypop10 hours ago

    James has to host the oscars

  13. Monica Browne

    Monica Browne12 hours ago

    That was absolutely brilliant😃😃😃🌸🌸🌸Well done James and Company ☺️☺️☺️

  14. Kurtis Blow

    Kurtis Blow12 hours ago

    Does James Corden even do Keto?

  15. Catherine Catherine

    Catherine Catherine12 hours ago

    This just made me want to watch a Broadway show. I wish I can get a chance. It's awesome!

  16. Gibson White

    Gibson White15 hours ago

    Truly, Broadway dancers steal the show for me. They are amazing!

  17. Gibson White

    Gibson White15 hours ago

    The LEGS on these ladies. 😍

  18. EverythingisEverything

    EverythingisEverything15 hours ago

    this is corny

  19. Corgenia Salas

    Corgenia Salas17 hours ago

    That was awesome!!!!!

  20. Stephanie Fairley

    Stephanie Fairley18 hours ago

    AMAZING! I totally get it!

  21. Bobby Roach

    Bobby Roach18 hours ago

    24,601 shows left on his queue... Les Mis reference!

  22. Anthony Patterson

    Anthony Patterson19 hours ago

    James corden multi talented...

  23. KEEPINGIT100

    KEEPINGIT10019 hours ago


  24. Laura Hurst

    Laura Hurst22 hours ago

    “8 times a week we go GAY to The Prom!” Write this on my tombstone

  25. cataa mardones

    cataa mardones23 hours ago

    I love this. He's great! This opening is great!

  26. Juliet Koi

    Juliet Koi23 hours ago

    The dedication, sacrifice, commitment. Mahn. 👏👏..inspiring!!

  27. Hey Daton

    Hey DatonDay ago

    James Corden I fucking love you with all my heart ❤️😍

  28. Arty Zara

    Arty ZaraDay ago

    This year had the lowest rating in the history of the Tony Awards :( It just makes me so sad that people put all this effort into the ceremony and don't get back what they deserve

  29. Paula Marie

    Paula MarieDay ago

    James, Thank you for that awesome performance and especially for including a dancer that uses a wheelchair. My son was in a wheelchair since being born with a birth defect. We were told at his birth to treat him as if he had no physical disability. When people with disabilities are included in things this makes it so much easier. Because of people like you this was possible. Thank you

  30. Amir Mullick

    Amir MullickDay ago

    9:38 I stopped. I felt emotional and shed a tear. Your achievements are remarkable. You have worked hard and stayed humble. You are a gem of a human and I am so very happy for you. Great work man.

  31. Courtney Bell

    Courtney BellDay ago

    I think that the "break" was actually pragmatic! Dang!!

  32. Essence Thomas

    Essence ThomasDay ago

    YALL.....One girl told me i had *"low standards"* in the comments for sayin that james was a goood singer....and i said that "i was just complementing him for being a great singer for a late show host and i didnt mean to bother your little *"high"* standards..can u even sing?".......And im just over here thinking like, *BIHH* u can't hate because u prob cant sing ur ABC'S in the right tune...go sit down somewhere.

  33. Kavele Kilonzo

    Kavele Kilonzo10 hours ago

    Essence Thomas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Lily Gazou

    Lily GazouDay ago

    I just got home from the Fifth Ave Theater in Seattle- I forgot how great a live performance can be. After the show, you can stay for a question and answer session with the performers.

  35. Victoria Theodore

    Victoria TheodoreDay ago

    That was sooooo fun!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I see you #katherineroarty !!!

  36. Robyn Ruttenberg

    Robyn RuttenbergDay ago

    who is the person wearing the gold and white glasses at 9:57?

  37. Ella Mariano

    Ella MarianoDay ago

    I almost cried omg james u did great

  38. Practical Law Channel

    Practical Law ChannelDay ago

    Yowsers. Did he mention Rick and Morty? Nice! @RickAndMorty

  39. Erica Riley

    Erica RileyDay ago

    Great performance.

  40. ocd 12354

    ocd 12354Day ago

    Pretty good

  41. Walter Mosca

    Walter MoscaDay ago

    Great performances ....live theatre live music Live life great

  42. Becky Halvorsen

    Becky HalvorsenDay ago

    I was busy seeing a live show at the same time this was happening down the street!

  43. Tee Mac

    Tee MacDay ago

    Well deserving of the ovation. He is such a talent! If I'm being honest though, it lacked the complete cheekiness of Neil Patrick Harris. Sorry James Corden x

  44. Belle Marini

    Belle MariniDay ago

    He's so talented and he's really cute....

  45. Mark Newman

    Mark NewmanDay ago

    Nailed. The. Absolute. Bejesus. Out. Of. That. Wow. X

  46. Adriana B.

    Adriana B.Day ago


  47. pam0626

    pam0626Day ago

    I wish the Oscars were this relaxed.

  48. Joe Gamba

    Joe GambaDay ago

    The BEST.....the BEST.....I'm 77 y.o. and laughing my ass off. This was the highlight of my day....Thank you both so much. I agree with another commenter.....have Lance tell some double entendre jokes...PLEASE?

  49. Scarlett Witch

    Scarlett WitchDay ago

    Omg I'm tearing up..... Like him🤣😂😐

  50. jennifer curtis

    jennifer curtisDay ago

    On boring....Narcissistic James AGAIN!!!over the top, repeated comedy...

  51. Bar Rez

    Bar RezDay ago

    I got emotional in the end when James finally got therespect admiration and gratitude from the audience. He is Broadway's greatest ambassador! People need to see his talent and encouragement of theater inspiring so many. If hed loseweight he'd be on every magazine cover and tv show but, image is everything in this business and he is overlooked and under-rated. His smile lights up a room.

  52. Chris Tenzis

    Chris Tenzis2 days ago


  53. enrique iglesias heartbeat

    enrique iglesias heartbeat2 days ago

    WoooooW...!!! "I Love you, did I ever tell ya? You make it Better like that.. "

  54. Reading is Magic! TV

    Reading is Magic! TV2 days ago

    Wow, James! You got through all those lyrics and choreography - what an opener!

  55. Sue Allen

    Sue Allen2 days ago

    This was such a fantastic opening! Loved every second of it. James Corden you are MARVELOUS!!!!!

  56. MS

    MS2 days ago


  57. M3 m3 m3

    M3 m3 m32 days ago

    That was simply sensational!!!!

  58. HiLucyHere

    HiLucyHere2 days ago


  59. yeni toy

    yeni toy2 days ago

    DoDo I see Corbin Bleu???? At 6 min I see Corbin Bleu???? At 6 min

  60. Kobina Mbeah

    Kobina Mbeah2 days ago

    I pray I have this Broadway and Tony's experience one day 😪💕❤️

  61. Sanfranshelley & Jolie

    Sanfranshelley & Jolie2 days ago

    Awwww the ending was like," They like me, they really like me!" Sweet ✌️😍🤟

  62. Sanfranshelley & Jolie

    Sanfranshelley & Jolie2 days ago

    That was nostalgically Fantastic! Ironic that I could only see it on youtube!

  63. BigJetPlane13

    BigJetPlane132 days ago

    Damn James. That was fking awesome and epic!!!

  64. Edmund Singleton

    Edmund Singleton2 days ago

    Lately I’ve been very busy blogging about every subject under the sun, I know to one who is not one, blogging can seem like taking only a few minutes to post, in reality that is all it takes, not the weeks of prep, research and thought that govern the most successful postings. So, its little wonder I fell a little behind my DVR viewing from which I glean most of my posted subjects. Finally, I got caught up to the CBS News Sunday Morning program to the day of the Tony awards, that featured most subjects that was flavored with most aspects of “show business”, like, acting, singing, wigging. make-up, dancing, music and lyrics, directing, lighting, costuming, staging, writing, book adaptation, and most importantly, “journalism”…

  65. krys meg

    krys meg2 days ago

    james was made for this

  66. Lofty Standards

    Lofty Standards2 days ago

    Electrifying? Really?... oookay...whatever u say....

  67. George Rady

    George Rady2 days ago

    Tony Awards... WHO CARES!!! As a guy who takes in at least five shows a year... WHO CARES ABOUT ACTORS VOTING AWARDS FOR THEMSELVES!?! Worse that the Oscars because it’s a much smaller audience. How is this different from tech gurus voting themselves awards at the end of every year? Or food services? Or Uber? Or Porn “stars”?

  68. deoo iopg

    deoo iopg2 days ago




    I miss Neil Patrick Harris or Hugh Jackman hosting, I do love James but they are better.

  70. Ian dlV

    Ian dlV2 days ago

    Bloody Hell, what a performance. James Cordon was brilliant. An all round performer.

  71. joeh tom

    joeh tom2 days ago

    James is amazing but tbh no one can top neil patrick harris

  72. PoppyCorn144

    PoppyCorn1442 days ago

    This is ok, but NPH was so great I want him to do it again. I’m not disparaging this offering but it’s not what we need.

  73. TheBrabon1

    TheBrabon12 days ago

    cheesy and boring

  74. Lyrics n Stuff

    Lyrics n Stuff2 days ago

    8:00 wtf this some black magic

  75. Northern Woman

    Northern Woman2 days ago

    PERFECT!!!! Thank you James and crew. ❤️❤️❤️ Pay TV was originally supposed to be commercial free because we were paying for it.

  76. Casey Sterling

    Casey Sterling2 days ago


  77. Sue ojeda

    Sue ojeda2 days ago

    Yuck 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  78. foolsgo1d

    foolsgo1d2 days ago

    coolcoolcool im not crYING

  79. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker2 days ago

    Do I see Corbin Bleu???? At 6 min

  80. Sylvia Mckinley

    Sylvia Mckinley2 days ago

    Brilliant Outstanding Performance! ... Bravo James Corden!!

  81. Paulina Undurraga

    Paulina Undurraga2 days ago

    I love a fat guy who can dance! What a superb performance, electrifying through the monitor!!! Well done James!

  82. MeyerVision

    MeyerVision2 days ago

    whoa nelly

  83. iamthebatmads

    iamthebatmads2 days ago

    that was so awesome to watch. and the happiness at the end. amazing

  84. Maaike Buning

    Maaike Buning2 days ago

    It looks like a copy of Neil Patrick Harris his opening a few years ago! And that was brilliant! This was.... not original.. sorry

  85. Lynn Hamps

    Lynn Hamps2 days ago

    Oh how far he has come..amazing really.

  86. Ali Delgado

    Ali Delgado2 days ago

    This man is simply brilliant.

  87. Sue Edwards

    Sue Edwards2 days ago

    This is slightly cringeworthy....I guess he’s just adapted to the demands of US showbiz

  88. warriorcatsfan14

    warriorcatsfan142 days ago


  89. Carolina Ines De Vivo

    Carolina Ines De Vivo2 days ago

    Wonderfull, you are the best, James !!! 👏👏👏🎉🎉❣

  90. James Smithe

    James Smithe2 days ago

    That was good but, you know, he's no Neil Patrick Harris.

  91. DAwu不是大大

    DAwu不是大大3 days ago

    James is amazing but tbh no one can top neil patrick harris

  92. AwesomeAlex! Adam

    AwesomeAlex! Adam3 days ago

    James Corden has a Gift even with All those homo's, that was entertaining to watch.

  93. T Stanton

    T Stanton3 days ago


  94. Artistic Endeavors

    Artistic Endeavors3 days ago

    One of the worst. Right up there with Allan Carr's Rob Lowe & Cinderella fiasco!

  95. Samir Jani

    Samir Jani3 days ago

    someone send this guy a diet plan.

  96. GuideBeauté Jeu

    GuideBeauté Jeu3 days ago

    Man, to memorize all those lyrics and routine, and then perform it all live... that kid's got it all.

  97. ll c

    ll c3 days ago

    I like the other guy better

  98. A.J. 232737

    A.J. 2327373 days ago

    He would sing a lot better if he would to lose weight. Plus, he's English with that accent...couldn't understand anything. When you have seen one opening, you've seen them all.

  99. Steph Ho

    Steph Ho3 days ago

    Do I see Corbin Bleu???? At 6 min

  100. david bradley

    david bradley3 days ago

    i always thought Corden was garbage ,now i'm conviced ,anyone who thinks he is talented needs their head examined

  101. panggop jio

    panggop jio3 days ago

    Ugh! That look on his face right at the end - priceless ❤️

  102. paul w

    paul w3 days ago

    this is why people want to bomb the USA.....