The Best Steak Quesadilla | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

Want to make the best steak quesadilla? This recipe uses leftover mashed potato & smoked gouda!
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►mashed potatoes
►caramelized red onions
►smoked gouda
►tortilla (i recommend raw tortillas)
►steak (i used ribeye)
►avocado oil
►kosher salt
►garlic powder
►heavy cream
►kosher salt
►garlic powder
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  1. Jeff Solomon

    Jeff Solomon3 days ago

    What kind of cream did you add to the tators?

  2. Logan Carpenter

    Logan Carpenter7 days ago

    love their father/son bond man.

  3. Jesus Ramirez

    Jesus Ramirez10 days ago

    Hasn’t taken a bite ... I love the taste Then takes a bite 😭🤣 hilarious !

  4. Derik Gretzinger

    Derik Gretzinger24 days ago

    Couldnt he have made a giant potato pancake the size of the tortilla to go inside? More crunch and less liquid maybe.

  5. John Botelho

    John Botelho26 days ago

    Fyi. Living on a prayer was sang by Bon Jovi not Journey.. Kids..

  6. Nick Wilson

    Nick WilsonMonth ago

    Why tf that steak raw

  7. Chris

    ChrisMonth ago

    or a little Horseradish to the potatoes?

  8. The Oddity

    The OddityMonth ago

    I want ta eat that

  9. Cars Of Pennsylvania

    Cars Of PennsylvaniaMonth ago

    Today I bought an instant read thermometer because of your videos

  10. Jolie Rivera

    Jolie RiveraMonth ago

    I'll know I've made it in life when I can afford an amazing ribeye like that. Thin, cheap steak from Save A Lot it is for now.

  11. Alex Taroian

    Alex TaroianMonth ago

    19:10 went in for the kiss

  12. Chinky

    ChinkyMonth ago

    Fucking douche

  13. Davis Brady

    Davis BradyMonth ago

    Dude I literally droll over almost all of your vids. Davis Brady- from northwest Indiana

  14. Christian Beltran

    Christian BeltranMonth ago

    “I heard the little corner pieces of fat aren’t good for you. They’re delicious for you” That’s a FUCKING SHIRT!!!! Make it and give me small credit for it selling like fucking hot cakes

  15. Anthony Salazar

    Anthony SalazarMonth ago

    Raw ass 🍖. Dirty ass white man. Eating red ass uncooked meat. You are a dusch

  16. John Cahill

    John CahillMonth ago

    4:18 Sam doesn’t even flip the steak on the other side while he’s talking about flipping it a lot

  17. Anthony Baskets

    Anthony BasketsMonth ago

    19:23 how bout you watch your fucking mouth

  18. Jackson Daniels

    Jackson DanielsMonth ago

    Sam, where do you purchase your meats from in San Diego? Crisp up that fat piece and 🤩😜

  19. _ Cathalo _

    _ Cathalo _Month ago

    There are no rules to quesadilla, you can put whatever the fuck you want on them and it usually works.

  20. Mark-John Clifford

    Mark-John Clifford2 months ago

    Really enjoy watching the videos, Sam. Helps to get me through tough days. Thanks to you and the team! Check this out for boiling potatoes:

  21. Art sanchez

    Art sanchez2 months ago

    Now that I know you smoke weed, this quesadilla makes sense now

  22. James W

    James W2 months ago

    I had a whole piece of leftover ribeye steak from yesterday. No leftover potato but no problem. First time making quesadilla and it was a hit. Everyone in the family loved it.

  23. 86AW11

    86AW112 months ago

    Vidalia or Peru onions.

  24. Roman Zadorozhnyy

    Roman Zadorozhnyy2 months ago


  25. Mudar Alharazi

    Mudar Alharazi2 months ago

    I usually don’t type too much on videos, but honestly, your content is amazing. You’re fun to watch, entertaining, genuine, it’s super refreshing too see. Thanks for your hard work! 🇨🇦

  26. Xavier medina

    Xavier medina2 months ago

    Is this considered medium rare


    HINDUGAS2 months ago

    how do you guys keep away flies when you cook outside?

  28. Mr_Pigfister

    Mr_Pigfister2 months ago

    Never in my life did I think I’d see smashed potatoes on a quesadilla but you make it look like that’s how they’ve always been made.

  29. jokat989

    jokat9892 months ago

    hey max, this video was a great idea and turned out perfectly.

  30. Mronesweetmn one

    Mronesweetmn one2 months ago

    Holy jesus im so making these!

  31. afreeland99

    afreeland992 months ago

    Some shrooms too....mind blower!!!

  32. Barry Schwartz

    Barry Schwartz2 months ago

    Sam "double dipper" zien

  33. Deltron310

    Deltron3102 months ago

    i like your shirt!

  34. Moises Caratachea

    Moises Caratachea2 months ago

    I feel like I can make this out of all the videos I’ve seen on his channel

  35. slpplz

    slpplz2 months ago

    Sam, beef fat is a super food. Don't let the vegans tell you otherwise.

  36. Roman Spivak

    Roman Spivak2 months ago

    Sam, you show is fantastic! Thank you!

  37. Joe Burch

    Joe Burch2 months ago

    I like when they don’t bleep the cuss words it makes it more entertaining

  38. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis2 months ago

    I think Sam would be a great guest on Dave Portnoy’s One Bite Pizza Review.

  39. Chris Tragedia

    Chris Tragedia2 months ago

    add some steak gravy and thats tits!

  40. Mark Brophy

    Mark Brophy2 months ago

    I have 2.5 left over NY Strip Steaks from today (4th of July). This is the perfect plan for Saturday's late lunch!!!

  41. Paul Kern

    Paul Kern2 months ago

    Very good recipe, Sam! The freshly grilled steak made the meal (I used your recipe for tri-tip steak in the oven on a grate, that meal was amazing when I made it!), and one steak was enough for 4 people, so worth it to get a better quality steak. The potatoes in the quesadilla made it so filling even my 22 year old son "the devourer" only had room for one quesadilla, and I layered on sliced avocado on top of the grilled onions because I didn't have the smoked gouda on hand. And let's not forget those potatoes, which by themselves were delicious. I went heavy on the butter, because I was using Indian yoghurt instead of heavy cream. This was for dinner, so I made a side dish of Mexican Rice Noodles and mixed in Fresh Spinach/Spring Mix, so it seemed like we had a complete meal. Search online for a recipe, or if you like I wrote down how I made it:

  42. Abelation Gorgoro

    Abelation Gorgoro2 months ago

    Have you done a shrimp quesadilla video yet? You should do one if you havent. I bet you did make an awsome one

  43. Zack Davis

    Zack Davis2 months ago

    That crunch was amazing

  44. DL VOX

    DL VOX2 months ago

    Haha. Journey Living on a Prayer. That’s Bon Jovi young man.

  45. Occams Razor

    Occams Razor2 months ago

    I was gonna say...

  46. Karlo Tizca

    Karlo Tizca2 months ago

    You should make your videos shorter

  47. james schanback garcia

    james schanback garcia2 months ago

    The final product looks like McDonald’s and Outback did a partnership to create a failure.

  48. Craig Barnard

    Craig Barnard2 months ago

    Journey....Living on a Prayer? Really dude.

  49. jeebus giveoverski

    jeebus giveoverski2 months ago

    I hope max appreciates how lucky he is getting to eat food like this all the time.....just remember to excercise. should be prison level swole by now:)

  50. DJ Ransom

    DJ Ransom2 months ago

    damn dude

  51. onebadwestie

    onebadwestie2 months ago

    Using the same spoon. Dude you have lost it. You talk to much and your cross contamination is on a level 10 of 10.

  52. Beretta Bite

    Beretta Bite2 months ago

    Journey didn’t write livin on a prayer

  53. Holly & Dustin

    Holly & Dustin2 months ago

    While I love this show and this episode, I believe it is unfair to use fresh steak. You state that people will call you a douche if you used leftover steak but that is what this episode is about. We cook our steaks to perfection like yours in this episode, but the next day they are fucking hard and dry. Simply not worthy of being put in a quesadilla. How can it be revived to it's previous soft, juice state? I simply don't think it can.

  54. T. H.

    T. H.2 months ago

    U voted for a Democrat because u are from California but honestly speaking I’m from Orange County California and we are sick of the god damn Democrats here in California Mexican Americans for trump Trump 2020

  55. Cole Mace

    Cole Mace2 months ago

    Trump 2020

  56. Josh Palmer

    Josh Palmer2 months ago

    I was without USwork for a month (don't want to talk about) and this was the first video I had the pleasure of watching. Great show man.

  57. David Scott

    David Scott2 months ago

    Sam I live in Pacific Beach need to rate the food !!

  58. Diego Espitia

    Diego Espitia2 months ago

    Looks so great thanks for the consistent recipes

  59. MrUsmc2085

    MrUsmc20853 months ago

    Astro and Max the most basic names lol

  60. Ass Burgers

    Ass Burgers3 months ago

    WHOLE potatoes in the pan? Chop em into 3 and they take a third of the time

  61. Wes

    Wes3 months ago

    Looks too rare in the thumbnail