We all get hypnotized for the first time and
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  1. AwesomeSean0108

    AwesomeSean0108Hour ago

    James is trying so hard to hold it toget her so they think he’s in hipnosis


    JIVANAVIJ YAY6 hours ago

    James is just laughing

  3. Gloria Bella

    Gloria Bella10 hours ago


  4. Lps Alannah

    Lps Alannah14 hours ago

    James was probably enjoying sleeping on the twins

  5. Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee

    Kaitlynn Elaine Chaffee14 hours ago

    Grayson: he's an asshole. Me: OMG!

  6. Myah Teague

    Myah Teague15 hours ago

    what was emma thinking about😂

  7. student Bria Pete

    student Bria Pete17 hours ago

    why don't u guys just make a account called sister squad and put ur vids on there

  8. student Bria Pete

    student Bria Pete17 hours ago

    when he gave u guys cups it made me thirsty so now i have to go and get water.

  9. Lucy Mortimer

    Lucy Mortimer19 hours ago

    All of them were hypnotised. Then there is James who is faker than Kylie jenner 😂😂

  10. Amani Raine

    Amani RaineDay ago

    What if thanos was a hypnotize

  11. skye pie

    skye pieDay ago


  12. Ava Canales

    Ava CanalesDay ago

    This was already one year ago??? Bruh i remember this first coming out

  13. Peyton’s Meme shop

    Peyton’s Meme shopDay ago

    “i couldn’t find the straw” i wheezed

  14. Miss Sara 21

    Miss Sara 212 days ago

    James was fanning his self like he fans his self after he does his makeup

  15. Angel Green

    Angel Green2 days ago

    You thinking of fried chicken? James charles: definetly not 😂😂😂😂

  16. ItzJemima’s World

    ItzJemima’s World2 days ago

    Who else noticed James got the ‘Kitty Girl’ cup 😂 ⬇️ ⬇️

  17. Mia Garcia

    Mia Garcia2 days ago

    Is it just me or through out the video l raised my hand for no reason Just me ok..

  18. Fatima Martinez

    Fatima Martinez3 days ago

    I mean hypnotize

  19. Fatima Martinez

    Fatima Martinez3 days ago

    I want to get holntesed



    Ethan: fully hypnotized Grayson: 3/4 hypnotized Emma: half hypnotized James: hyp-NO-sis

  21. XxUNICORNxX7

    XxUNICORNxX73 days ago

    I was lookin at Emma the WHOLE time... I was hypnotizeddddddd



    Honestly Ethan wasn’t even hypnotized most of The time you could tell that he faked it when he was like stop being a little bish

  23. XxPaper Scissors xX

    XxPaper Scissors xX4 days ago

    At 12:03 James started laughing.

  24. Wayne Moore

    Wayne Moore4 days ago

    James said he was not scares at all except he was shaking as he said it

  25. Isabella Reyes

    Isabella Reyes4 days ago

    23:37 lol

  26. Master gamer Madi22

    Master gamer Madi224 days ago

    James is definitely faking cause when meme said James always gets under her skin I saw James laugh

  27. scarlet bitch

    scarlet bitch5 days ago

    Bad acting james lmfao

  28. Kailee Hall

    Kailee Hall5 days ago

    I've never laughed so hard at a video 😂😂

  29. ChiWii

    ChiWii5 days ago

    They totally got hypnotized

  30. Avery Fennell

    Avery Fennell5 days ago

    21:56 James: drinks the water after gray puts it up his nose Ethan: offers Glenn the drink haha

  31. Llama Playz

    Llama Playz6 days ago

    ethan everyone is naked. “looks at james and makes a TINY hand gesture” 😂

  32. Mashra Bibir Vinez

    Mashra Bibir Vinez6 days ago

    Guys as soon as James says "ready pretty girls" rewind to 0:00 a lot of times. It's soooo funny lol

  33. Mayowolfs Potato

    Mayowolfs Potato6 days ago

    7:20 she is not hypno

  34. Isaac

    Isaac6 days ago

    12:52 some magic James did

  35. Sia Chokshi

    Sia Chokshi6 days ago

    Ugh I miss this so much

  36. Mal

    Mal7 days ago

    Either Ethan is a really good actor or he’s hypnotised af😂❤️

  37. Dimitri Arcentales

    Dimitri Arcentales7 days ago

    The hipnosis guy: you like that sweet treat. Emma: ehh !

  38. Mal

    Mal7 days ago

    Pause at 1:50 look at emma’s nose😂😂❤️

  39. Sarah McHendry

    Sarah McHendry8 days ago

    22:41 BROFIST

  40. Sithy Siri

    Sithy Siri8 days ago

    7:00 James face🤣😂

  41. Sithy Siri

    Sithy Siri8 days ago

    am i the only 1 who actually felt a lil chilly when he snapped?

  42. Jessica Sexto

    Jessica Sexto8 days ago

    Glen :a lost puppy or dog cars coming narre it In grays mind :haha idc they nearly kill me like if u agree

  43. yee boi

    yee boi9 days ago

    James trying to be hypnotized is actually making me cringe.

  44. Claire Fentress

    Claire Fentress9 days ago

    Dollan twins and Emma :shooting at their face James:fixing hair and eyelash I live you lol 7:09

  45. Pick Your polish

    Pick Your polish9 days ago

    Who else want to know what Emma was thinking 🤔 Just me? Ok Bye

  46. Joshua Cosmas

    Joshua Cosmas9 days ago

    I call bs

  47. Just _ Emily

    Just _ Emily9 days ago

    7:19 Emma's eyes are open

  48. Allison Guion

    Allison Guion9 days ago

    "i love him because hes my brother but hes a duchebag" i felt that

  49. Lucy Trevelyan

    Lucy Trevelyan10 days ago

    21:30 VSCO girls are QAkiNg

  50. AOA Everyday

    AOA Everyday10 days ago

    This is so fake 😂 lmaoooooo

  51. Logan Nye

    Logan Nye10 days ago

    Who else saw the mouse move when he dropped it

  52. June Nelson

    June Nelson10 days ago

    LOL 😂 21:36 and when he stuck the straw up he nose Am I the only one who enjoys this Yes No Ok

  53. June Nelson

    June Nelson10 days ago

    Does anyone want a part two No Just me ok

  54. June Nelson

    June Nelson10 days ago

    Omg I love this guy aww the sad puppy on the street aww

  55. June Nelson

    June Nelson10 days ago

    And kitten

  56. Elizabeth Jr.

    Elizabeth Jr.10 days ago

    Who else misses the Sister Squad?

  57. Jane Octaviano

    Jane Octaviano10 days ago

    22:25 James opened his eyes lmao


    THE QUIZZER10 days ago

    Ethan hypnotized Grayson pretty much having ties Emma sometimes hypnotized James Charles......Wtf

  59. Killersamarah12 Quinteros

    Killersamarah12 Quinteros10 days ago

    When James was smiling when he drank the cup

  60. Claytoons Animations

    Claytoons Animations11 days ago

    cenors hole and doesnt censor ass

  61. Aabir Chahal

    Aabir Chahal11 days ago

    lmao emma’s eyes are open at 7:20 this is so fake