Reaction to Jessica Andrade’s slam TKO win vs. Rose Namajunas at UFC 237 | ESPN MMA


  1. Justin Ainsworth

    Justin Ainsworth6 days ago

    Really gay

  2. Shawn Seal

    Shawn Seal7 days ago

    Haha! I'm Looking The title pic of this video, thinkin, wow, wonder how many call ins they had that night that they had to call Frank Shamrock to join DC and Dom.. oh!! Phil Murphy! Gotcha, makes more sense.. haha!! Doppleganger Click Bait!!!!!! Hahaha

  3. fetty_wap's_left_eye

    fetty_wap's_left_eye10 days ago

    I hate these corny ass espn commentators.

  4. Blake Horton

    Blake Horton12 days ago

    This is what people with long reach have to look out for , kinda hate it for rose but she's bad to the bone and much respect to both of them

  5. Alex B

    Alex B12 days ago

    React to this dick

  6. Seth freakin Rollins

    Seth freakin Rollins12 days ago

    So Brock vs DC happening or not??

  7. Leonardo Rodriguez

    Leonardo Rodriguez12 days ago

    Usada has made the Brazilians look mediocre

  8. Nicole Gavriel

    Nicole Gavriel12 days ago

    The thumbnail earned me a second look... thought it was Chris Hemsworth before bodybuilding

  9. Jo Bee

    Jo Bee12 days ago

    Cruz standing on the stage deck other 2 standing on the outer couldn't adjust height difference as funny as that sounds lol Cruz trying really hard to stand tall with them lol

  10. Jo Bee

    Jo Bee12 days ago

    Reminded me of Fedor getting slammed by Randleman ....

  11. Floming

    Floming12 days ago

    Jessica tapped when she had rose on her shoulders

  12. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman12 days ago

    #25 on trending street

  13. Issac Davis

    Issac Davis12 days ago

    Someone is gonna get killed

  14. ThatJustHappin

    ThatJustHappin12 days ago

    Dude I’m the middle look like a small Thor

  15. jonathan miller

    jonathan miller12 days ago

    Where is Joe Rogan?

  16. James Abarca

    James Abarca12 days ago

    Cormier looks just a little bit taller than cruz

  17. ray8uk

    ray8uk12 days ago

    Thumb Rose got Rag Dollied.

  18. Ultra Class Kennels Royce Line

    Ultra Class Kennels Royce Line12 days ago

    Yes I am ....... going to subscribe to Ultra Class Kennels

  19. ENOUGH!

    ENOUGH!12 days ago

    this is so crazy stupididly hilarious. dc and cruz talking like total hardcore mma nerds. but actually they are top ranked fighters 🤣

  20. ZoomeR

    ZoomeR12 days ago

    Dc man damn you THICKKKKK boy!!!!

  21. Janelle Haines

    Janelle Haines12 days ago

    Why does the guy in the middle look like John cena and Paul walker had a baby

  22. Lush Rimbaugh

    Lush Rimbaugh12 days ago

    I'm now a fan of Andrade, holy shit that slam

  23. Michigan Wolverine in L.A.

    Michigan Wolverine in L.A.13 days ago

    I'm no MMA expert, but aren't you supposed to release any submission attempt and play slam defense when you feel yourself being lifted up in the air? I mean, she kept going for her arm and left her head open to be slammed onto the mat.

  24. Richard Sorel

    Richard Sorel13 days ago

    Dominick Cruz and Daniel Cormier are two of the best fighters on the planet and you would never know it unless you follow their fights... how looks can be deceiving!

  25. Shopginhee

    Shopginhee13 days ago

    cruz is so full of shit his commentary is nauseating

  26. Martin Akula

    Martin Akula13 days ago

    Andrade reminds of Rocky.

  27. alissanick2018

    alissanick201813 days ago

    Bull shit WIN !!!!! Wrestling isn’t MMA !!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH UFC!!!! PILE DRIVE ..???!!!! UFC IS NOW WWE!!!!

  28. Faixa Preta

    Faixa Preta13 days ago

    Do you even know what MMA means? if you want to watch only standing fights go watch Kickboxing and Muay Thai ...

  29. sciencestudent88

    sciencestudent8813 days ago

    I learned that roids work...again!

  30. Not Serious

    Not Serious13 days ago

    I learned people make up excuses for their fighter losing... again

  31. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman13 days ago

    #23 on trending street

  32. Zo

    Zo13 days ago

    Lol @ DC ever making 205 again.


    SAMZIRRA13 days ago

    Daniel is always smiling.

  34. david smith

    david smith13 days ago

    Nope she cant be slammed here.

  35. Theclaw Yaww

    Theclaw Yaww13 days ago

    Oh my God DC is so thicc now. I doubt he can make 205

  36. beshar beshar

    beshar beshar13 days ago

    Dominic looks like chris hamsworth

  37. Oscar Tucios

    Oscar Tucios13 days ago

    andrade need to be tested by usada she’s so strong asteroids

  38. Blade Sanchez

    Blade Sanchez13 days ago

    Was dominick cruz drunk ?

  39. The Man

    The Man13 days ago

    Don't lie, Cowboy winning by decision then KO Khaboob, would be like 4th of July, Christmas morning and sex all rolled into 1.

  40. Thomas Take Sports Podcast

    Thomas Take Sports Podcast13 days ago

    The guy did a good job but who the heck is Phil Murphy? Lol

  41. George Bush

    George Bush13 days ago

    So all that talking and they don’t even show a replay

  42. William

    William13 days ago

    I saw Rose's feet twitching and thought she was dead

  43. cheshire cat

    cheshire cat13 days ago

    DC should comment during more fights

  44. Rebecca Red

    Rebecca Red13 days ago

    Why is it 237?

  45. Smellzke 209

    Smellzke 20913 days ago

    Don’t pay for that shit

  46. Daz Kelly

    Daz Kelly13 days ago

    I wish you wouldn't put the results of the fights in your titles. I'm yet to see UFC 237 as ive been at work, and 5 seconds upon opening USwork i now know the results of 4 fights, including the main and co main event. SPOILERS.

  47. pizza 4me

    pizza 4me13 days ago

    Aldo, y u no mix in leg kick? 😫

  48. News that matter

    News that matter13 days ago

    Rose is fighting against a steroid junkie! Jessica Andrade looks like shes on steroids from a mile away. I've yet to meet a single femalenufc fighter that's not on steroids. Rose was picked up and slammed down as though she was 3 weight classes to small. Come on

  49. George Costanza

    George Costanza13 days ago

    *"i was wrong"* - dom cruz

  50. Coletivo Extérpretes

    Coletivo Extérpretes13 days ago

    Nada se compara a ouvir o grande Mauro Ranallo!

  51. Billy Doyle

    Billy Doyle13 days ago


  52. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman13 days ago

    #21 on trending street

  53. Daniel Rainey

    Daniel Rainey13 days ago

    Cruz is salty she got KO by a slam.

  54. blackstarafro2

    blackstarafro213 days ago

    DC is such a liar that he doesn’t want the big payday. Cruz just told it like it is. DC knows the crowd is there to see Nate vs Petis. Nobody is really that hyped about DC vs stipe.

  55. lostInSpace 1

    lostInSpace 113 days ago

    Bad News Brown ..the baddest man in town.

  56. levity90

    levity9013 days ago

    That should have been illegal. She could have been paralyzed or killed. It doesn't fucking matter that Rose was holding onto the kimura. That was essentially a pile-drive. That should have been considered an illegal throw resulting in a dq for Andrade. I hope to God this opinion picks up more steam from people on the inside, particularly other fighters to prevent something like this from happening again. I'm not upset that Andrade won. I'm upset that she won like that.

  57. jamie Mccarthy

    jamie Mccarthy13 days ago

    Watched the fight again. Seems like Rose won the fight for every second it lasted other than the 2 seconds it took to have a freak accident. Rose simply looked like she was on a higher level. Only mistake rose made was not finishing Jessica in the first round. Tough loss for the ufc as Rose was attracted a more upscale, classy type of female fan. Oh well, I’m sure Dana will figure out how to get Rose to fight again soon as she’s a much bigger draw than the others at 115.

  58. Nicholas Tarr

    Nicholas Tarr13 days ago

    Dam ufc going on without the boss Connor McGregor! It's pretty boring without him there's only four five guys better fun to watch

  59. Ross Martinez III

    Ross Martinez III13 days ago


  60. jmcole56

    jmcole5613 days ago

    DC looked like a kid at Christmas when he heard Diaz was going to be on the pay per view. He just kept ka-chinging the old register in his head.

  61. MMAFan

    MMAFan13 days ago

    Usada should test Andrade already.

  62. houda Aziz

    houda Aziz13 days ago

    اعطوتي تعني علي الحب ......لعندى .....لمحني وقتلني. .....وظني

  63. houda Aziz

    houda Aziz13 days ago

    والله مكنكدب ......أما مكنعرفش بندم ......بشار ......ليس ...اختلاف حياتي مكنطلعش عليهم.......مكنبغيش نعرف عليهم...... خصني نسمع اكونو بخير حيت تبقاو فيا... ....مكتدبش مهندس في حد ......

  64. Spills51

    Spills5113 days ago

    Rose was dominating...lets give her a rematch!!!! WHY?? She only had 1 title defense and it was against the same person. She forgot to dominate WHEN SHE GOT DROPPED ON HER HEAD. Literally a FATALITY. Its a 25 minute fight...SHE DOMINATED...SHE ALSO ONLY LASTED 8 MINUTES....How does someone who goes unconscious and doesn't even make it through to the half way point get a rematch?? But...BUT...I LIKE HER>..REMATCH!!! 😑😑

  65. Spills51

    Spills5113 days ago

    If Nate does actually make it back, DC is gonna get paid!! Im not a crazy fan of Diaz but I do enjoy his fighting and relentless zombie chin.

  66. colin chinsammy

    colin chinsammy13 days ago

    The Slam on the head should be banned

  67. Francis Souless Ngannou

    Francis Souless Ngannou13 days ago

    Diaz vs. Pettis?? Pfft I'll believe it when the cage door closes behind them

  68. Killua Fanboy

    Killua Fanboy13 days ago

    Dominick Cruz is a Donkey that talks off his ass, ever since he said conor is trying to tire khabib by getting smash, I'll never take him seriously.

  69. Jihad James

    Jihad James13 days ago

    These UFC fighters don’t know how to dress. Lmfao. Look at Dominick’s horrible looking watch! Doesn’t match the outfit at ALL!

  70. Peter Moncrieff

    Peter Moncrieff13 days ago

    Slams like what happened to Rose should be banned just like hitting the back of the head and head kicks to a downed opponent. Just glad Rose is ok

  71. Black Camer

    Black Camer13 days ago

    That's the way Cormier will lift and knock stipe in their rematch

  72. Pretentious Bear

    Pretentious Bear13 days ago

    its fucking crazy that dc is like the same height as cruz

  73. David Linscheid

    David Linscheid13 days ago

    Lifting an opponent and slamming him/her, head-first, onto the mat should be banned as being a life-endangering tactic.

  74. gregorymjr12

    gregorymjr1213 days ago

    Joanna jedrzejczyk just got real happy. If Rose doesn't want a rematch she'll have the belt back within 6to8 months.

  75. Lucius Clay

    Lucius Clay13 days ago

    I enjoyed all the losses of 237

  76. D D

    D D13 days ago

    Fucking illegal

  77. Alejandro Ramirez

    Alejandro Ramirez14 days ago

    Bethe loss Aldo loss Silva loss Jessica Brazil savior

  78. Stephen Crumley

    Stephen Crumley14 days ago

    Nate pulls out 100%

  79. MaremanPit

    MaremanPit14 days ago

    What could happen to UFC if Rose was dead or paralised after this awful moment. Andrade would be the great killing her oponent or by put her on a weel chair for the rest of her life ? Every body were lucky !!! if course Rose first, Jessica on a second view but mostly the UFC which autorise this type of si dangerous movment !!! Il think this sort of slam must be forbiden if MMA wants to be recognised as real a sport... this is not Art at this point to my own opinion but brutality.

  80. Mastahero Sockureye

    Mastahero Sockureye14 days ago

    Dominic "And he switches stances" Cruz

  81. Stay Sleep

    Stay Sleep14 days ago

    They gotta run this back. If not the winner of Nina and Tatiana

  82. Tarek Elsakka

    Tarek Elsakka14 days ago

    KenFlo strikes again.

  83. Dr evil

    Dr evil14 days ago

    Who the fuck is that on the left ?

  84. Rosana Gillespie

    Rosana Gillespie14 days ago

    What a great job Cormier is doing.

  85. bitet1

    bitet114 days ago

    Manamunas is fuckt nothing more to say. She simply get fuckt on the mat. Amen

  86. Five Finger Full Price

    Five Finger Full Price14 days ago

    How is it "TKO by injury" for Cannonier?! If you Punch someone in the head and KO them it's not KO by head injury? Cannonier kicked him so hard he blew his knee to pieces.

  87. Spinozin

    Spinozin14 days ago

    For the ppv, why should I pay 80 bucks to have ads fed to me for 3 hours? Surely ppv's should be advert free. Do fighters get a cut of the advertising?

  88. Alan WIlliams

    Alan WIlliams14 days ago

    Andrade should be banned from the sport. That was horrible. Then after she almost kills Rose, she starts punching her. Then she celebrates. Doesn't care that she dropped her on her head. Andrade is an awful person.

  89. Anwar Jahjah

    Anwar Jahjah14 days ago

    Dominick cruz looking like a young joe rogan in his early career

  90. CoNnErW 125

    CoNnErW 12514 days ago

    All the underdogs came out on top

  91. Cfun05 Salazar

    Cfun05 Salazar14 days ago

    Didn’t Tyron blast double Carlos then he hurt his leg

  92. KevinDrakeFitness

    KevinDrakeFitness14 days ago

    Pile drives should be illegal in the ufc

  93. KevinDrakeFitness

    KevinDrakeFitness13 days ago

    What exactly is this and why did she land in that way. Very dangerous landing

  94. Not Serious

    Not Serious13 days ago

    They are, this wasnt a pile drive

  95. dolcegarbo

    dolcegarbo14 days ago

    Company men, not a great break down. You actually deserve cave man for a champ.

  96. Johnny Utah

    Johnny Utah14 days ago

    They cut out the part where Andrade was injecting tren into her real delts..

  97. Um Shush

    Um Shush14 days ago

    andrade just got lucky with that slam. she got outboxed clearly and only the roids of the brazilian d(roid) made this shit happen. well well. silva got crushed - maybe retire. aldo did nothing. crowd got silenced lots of time, very well. rose is gonna get that title back. fuck the brazilian fans.

  98. Jake Teixeira

    Jake Teixeira14 days ago

    rose looked so fucking good hate to see the worse fighter win but still a great slam

  99. Adderal Andy

    Adderal Andy14 days ago

    Thud Rose

  100. waalex11

    waalex1114 days ago

    Fuck this idiot on the left.

  101. Mark D.

    Mark D.14 days ago

    Cruz looks like a little boy next to massive 260 lb dc

  102. Kevin Light

    Kevin Light14 days ago

    Its unfortunate. Rose was the superior fighter. We saw that. Does that mean we have the right champion? I think Rose just made a mistake. Funny DC says youd think an immediate rematch would be warranted, poor Stipe.

  103. Ken Bush

    Ken Bush14 days ago

    dc is the man

  104. Anthony

    Anthony14 days ago

    Anderson was once considered the best MMA on the planet. He has nothing else to prove. I hope he retires and passes the mantle to Jon Bones Jones.