A Fireside Chat with JonTron (Updates, Funny Stories, and YouTube)


  1. JonTronShow

    JonTronShow15 days ago

    Thanks for chatting with me, everyone!! Sign up and comment here and tell me the best deal you got through Swagbucks! www.influencerlink.org/SHfP

  2. Redditt God

    Redditt God12 days ago

    JonTronShow fuck

  3. Landyn Chenoweth

    Landyn Chenoweth12 days ago

    Banjo kazooie for smash dlc

  4. Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    Lieutenant BaconWaffles12 days ago

    Stay flexible, Jon. Like Phelous & Brutalmoose, you can make a video on literally anything & it will be funny.

  5. Kyle White

    Kyle White12 days ago

    I’m spending my $5 on cocaine 😁

  6. 6&b3

    6&b3Hour ago

    9:43 what if we go to war? Us:. The fates have spoken

  7. Chill 1

    Chill 12 hours ago

    It’s nice that he still makes videos he is like filthy frank but still makes videos

  8. Ethan Entwistle

    Ethan Entwistle2 hours ago

    JonTron where is you're bird friend i would love to see me again please add him in 1 of your video please

  9. Owen Perdew

    Owen Perdew3 hours ago

    You should have got Dennis prager in on this because he has vids called fireside chad

  10. Jason Ward

    Jason Ward7 hours ago

    You mean to tell me you are so ingrained with white trash dna your chest hairs grow in all white trashy like that LOL

  11. LEGO Dexter Jettster

    LEGO Dexter Jettster7 hours ago

    Filthy frank is Joji now, John Frank is nonexistent We all miss him


    ERIC ROESE8 hours ago

    through back to 2 years ago *METH BABY*

  13. Francois Smit

    Francois Smit8 hours ago

    More of this.. Just you chatting. Seriously. I will like and comment every video

  14. SmallMailMan Mewthew

    SmallMailMan Mewthew8 hours ago

    the good news is that recently youtube passed something to make copyright harder for companys to do falsely.

  15. JeremyTheLee

    JeremyTheLee9 hours ago

    White supremacist whines about "censorship". lmao this is priceless.

  16. PathosFear

    PathosFear9 hours ago

    And again, censorship is only censorship if its the government imposing the restrictions. Other than that, I agree that the limitations are shit.

  17. Average Joe

    Average Joe9 hours ago

    Would you please come the hell back? I will even join your Patreon if you do! I WILL NOT STOP. I ENJOY YOUR CONTENT. Something I have noticed is that when people are popular is the time to keep going. Those who don’t, lose their notoriety and fame. You only get one chance buddy, don’t blow it.

  18. eldon larson

    eldon larson10 hours ago


  19. Jack Lyons

    Jack Lyons10 hours ago

    Dude two videos in under 3,000 years!!1! Jon? are you ok/?????

  20. Mike0824

    Mike082412 hours ago

    Johnny boi your funny game videos is what brought us to the channel. You made for some really good reaction videos.

  21. byw

    byw13 hours ago

    The "apocalypse" is engineered. Google is the largest ad server on the internet by a factor of 1,000,000. Advertisers either work with google, or don't advertise. No one associates an ad with the content it's being viewed on.

  22. Mr Judas

    Mr Judas15 hours ago

    Nostradam,OJ and R. Kelly wow just weird

  23. No Streamer BTW

    No Streamer BTW19 hours ago

    Do another flex tape,phil swift made another one.

  24. Sam Brathe

    Sam Brathe22 hours ago

    How many likes johns editor gets | | \/

  25. onlypurcells

    onlypurcells23 hours ago

    Please do a movie review for Netflixs "Swiped" It's so damn bad!

  26. That1CPU

    That1CPUDay ago

    What happened to Jacque the bird is he still in jontron videos cuz I haven’t seen him in a while

  27. That1CPU

    That1CPU14 hours ago

    Ok thank you!

  28. Hawkien Yu

    Hawkien Yu15 hours ago

    he explained in an old video (i forgot what it's called) that it's very hard to record jacques as he keeps flying around so they usually avoid recording him but i suspect that Jacques is still very much alive

  29. mccardfan

    mccardfanDay ago

    Current events one they are very biased and demonize opposing views, I saw a video on how college isn't for everyone get demonitized

  30. Vasyl Park

    Vasyl ParkDay ago

    if you hate youtube so much start encouraging other to make the switch to other platforms. great video though.

  31. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfDay ago

    For a second I thought that was a real fireplace😂.

  32. Sauce Noodle

    Sauce NoodleDay ago

    Not related to the video, but I bought the saxophone shirt and when I got it in the mail it smells like barbeque chips

  33. Jango Is Bored

    Jango Is BoredDay ago

    Where is the bird

  34. rex vanguard

    rex vanguardDay ago

    Jon come home. Come back to game grumps

  35. patrick star

    patrick starDay ago

    took me way too long to realize the fire was on a monitor

  36. DavidsaurusRex

    DavidsaurusRexDay ago

    Why am I not surprised? R Kelly, a black man, is responsible for the theft of Jon's money. xD

  37. SaikoTaiko

    SaikoTaikoDay ago

    Alright ya'll stop sharing/watching the "Buying dumb things online" video so the money doesn't go to R. Kelly :'(

  38. SaikoTaiko

    SaikoTaikoDay ago

    Jontron: I want my content to stay relevant Jontron: *Makes a video about workout videos from the 80s

  39. Bottle of Music

    Bottle of MusicDay ago


  40. Karyn Cassell

    Karyn CassellDay ago

    Can you bring back the old intro please.

  41. OG Kakarotto

    OG KakarottoDay ago

    love you baby heat syncope should be arriving anyday now im suddenly confoozed

  42. OG Kakarotto

    OG KakarottoDay ago

    the juice is loose and swagbux still sux if your poor and empoverished winky face ooh did i dooo thaaaayat?

  43. Herr Okokt Blomkål

    Herr Okokt BlomkålDay ago

    Nooo Ads on this video, nope

  44. Domsci 123

    Domsci 123Day ago

    Hey can you do one of these again and I wanted to ask where's Jacque? is he gunna be in any more videos?

  45. HackingDutchman

    HackingDutchmanDay ago

    A few large youtubers should get together and start a new video platform.

  46. BeatBox Gaming

    BeatBox GamingDay ago

    Nice VIZIO fire very nice 10/10 for real fire.

  47. Bob The magic being 2

    Bob The magic being 2Day ago

    Is jaques ok?

  48. Bifo

    BifoDay ago

    well i gotta say, Phil Swift thought it was time to stop the leaks in Jon's upload schedule

  49. Brimsaw

    BrimsawDay ago

    Adorable, JonTron telling the internet to stop doing something, as if he didn't know how the Internet works. P.S.: Is JonTron on Crack or why is he uploading so frequently?

  50. Ziva Doe

    Ziva DoeDay ago

    The real question is when are we gonna see your insight on certain someone who allegedly got cucked, divorce wife on social media and have his shits backfired on his and his side chick's reputation, and sent dick pics to underage grills thus ending his career.

  51. Draconial _

    Draconial _Day ago

    john you thief it was five swag bucks and you need 500 to buy a giftcard

  52. RandomGamerCory

    RandomGamerCoryDay ago

    we alll know the classic wow videos coming

  53. HarvDaMan

    HarvDaManDay ago

    YOU are not a gnome!

  54. Pizza Pie

    Pizza PieDay ago

    I think you need to start wearing a bra. Your nipples are distracting.

  55. Mark Herlihy

    Mark HerlihyDay ago

    It took me 11 minutes to realize the fire was on a tv...


    HEX METALDay ago

    USworkz lazy legz are stumpz. Migrate to Bitchute..