1. AshBread cake

    AshBread cake4 hours ago

    Freeze dry something that's not food,Deep frind something that's not food and Vacuum cleaner something that's food that is what I want to see you can pick what to Freeze Dry,Deep frind and Vacuum Cleaner thing

  2. Rene Avila

    Rene Avila5 hours ago

    Put melted metal in oobleck

  3. Hathsh Black

    Hathsh BlackDay ago

    What happens if you freeze dry oobleck?

  4. Tease Official

    Tease Official2 days ago

    Itโ€™s a lolsquid

  5. Katie Taylor

    Katie Taylor2 days ago

    Can you run across oobleck?

  6. Arlene Lopez

    Arlene Lopez2 days ago

    Is Ooblek edible? like if you want to see it

  7. Rebecca Vandenburg

    Rebecca Vandenburg2 days ago

    Try dropping oobleck into a pool

  8. Natasha Powell

    Natasha Powell2 days ago

    I normally call it yak

  9. C Harman

    C Harman3 days ago

    Freeze dried cow are your can you reconstitute it to you and what will do really want to knowโ“โ“โ“โ“

  10. BalloonAlpaca 10

    BalloonAlpaca 103 days ago

    Great vid Nate

  11. Lolcat

    Lolcat3 days ago

    Vacuum chamber, then frying it? Wow you guys have no ideas, not random at all

  12. Steven Acevedo

    Steven Acevedo3 days ago

    Ooblek vs bullet

  13. Dish Dude

    Dish Dude4 days ago

    Drop oobleck on oobleck and on water

  14. Dish Dude

    Dish Dude4 days ago

    Freeze dry and dehydrate ooblec

  15. B Poor

    B Poor4 days ago

    Can you deep fry makeup? Please and thank you

  16. pattyabo

    pattyabo4 days ago

    You should try making slime with clear glue and shaving cream. It makes a โ€œfluffyโ€ slime

  17. TheNickBrick

    TheNickBrick4 days ago

    What would happen if you freeze dried oobleck?

  18. What am i doing? WAID

    What am i doing? WAID4 days ago


  19. DarkDragon MadLion

    DarkDragon MadLion5 days ago

    fried obleck nugget o'w'o

  20. Trevor Patterson

    Trevor Patterson5 days ago

    What happens if you put oobleck in a blender?

  21. Chloe Mantzouranis

    Chloe Mantzouranis5 days ago

    You should see if gum flavors any tipe of drink.

  22. Seth Hayes

    Seth Hayes5 days ago

    Can you put a water balloon in a vacuum chamber

  23. Garrett Bushman

    Garrett Bushman5 days ago

    I want to eat it

  24. Sรฉ Blake

    Sรฉ Blake5 days ago

    Anyone else still waiting to see the dried out spray paint?

  25. Beats By Bass

    Beats By Bass5 days ago

    Hey can you try leaving something in the vacuum chamber for 24 hrs and see how it's changed?

  26. Laya Bell

    Laya Bell5 days ago

    Vacuum chamber dried ice

  27. Nicole Jennings

    Nicole Jennings6 days ago

    Deep fry dry ice

  28. Ava Lynch

    Ava Lynch6 days ago

    i did this for a science fair project once and called it bob the dancing glob ๐Ÿ˜‚

  29. harvard bss

    harvard bss6 days ago

    what about freeze drying oobleck?

  30. Kaidyn Rountree

    Kaidyn Rountree6 days ago

    8:29 it looks like a green chicken nugget

  31. iris zanni

    iris zanni6 days ago

    I would like to see a pool of it

  32. Alex Redwing

    Alex Redwing7 days ago

    Freeze dry Oobleck!!!

  33. Jesse Sippl

    Jesse Sippl7 days ago

    Please put oobleck in a blender

  34. Emily Johnson

    Emily Johnson7 days ago

    Light oobleck on fire freeze dry it and put it in your forge do the same with slime and putty.

  35. NOOBTUBE o

    NOOBTUBE o7 days ago

    can you make dryice outof normol ice

  36. Masc Wintle

    Masc Wintle7 days ago

    8:26 Looks like a chicken nugget

  37. Peyton Holt

    Peyton Holt7 days ago

    Oobleck is my mood you pay attention to me im fun to play w you dont give me attention i melt and die

  38. Carter Melson

    Carter Melson7 days ago

    6:06 reminds me of the swamp in sly cooper3

  39. ArtSis156

    ArtSis1567 days ago

    5:11 sliding into your dms be like

  40. Jackson Freeman

    Jackson Freeman7 days ago


  41. Tray Squad

    Tray Squad7 days ago

    You should try putting this in a tire and bust the tire and see will the air stay

  42. timber dawn

    timber dawn7 days ago

    you could still see bit of bouncy balls on the end lol

  43. Ryan Hillam

    Ryan Hillam8 days ago

    the oobleck in the deep fryer locks like a McDonalds chicken nugget :):) :) :)

  44. dead pool Jeff

    dead pool Jeff8 days ago


  45. RavenHawkTech

    RavenHawkTech8 days ago

    Can you sweep Ooblek?

  46. Alden Kalbfleisch

    Alden Kalbfleisch8 days ago

    10:31 shatter + splash = splatter Right?

  47. poobare67

    poobare678 days ago

    You should freeze a turkey with liquid nitrogen and drop it from 35 feet up

  48. Zoey Swindle

    Zoey Swindle8 days ago

    Can you make a of slime like a water bed

  49. Sonja Wright

    Sonja Wright8 days ago

    Cornstarch is used in Asian cuisines as an ingredient of batter coating for deep fried foods which is why it solidified in the fryer.

  50. Aaron Bowden

    Aaron Bowden8 days ago

    You should build a glovebox vacuum chamber that will allow you to manipulate objects under vacuum